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A few minutes later... - Potsdam Northern Hill - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"Alright people, finish setting up those defenses! The flyers are going to be here soon." Resounding footwork began to fill my ears as I slowly woke from my meditative trance only to find myself already inside of the newly-established base on the hill."Huh? How did I get here?"

"Some of our boys carried you over since ya didn't move even after being called." Commander Rogers was, as always, seemingly ready to answer my questions."Ah, well thanks. I'm still not done recovering though."

The man nodded towards me."So what the fuck was that hand of god, kamehameha bullshit you pulled a couple minutes ago?"

"Kamehameha? I guess you could call it that. Its basically me condensing around twenty-percent of my total power supply into one dense ball of doom and then making it blast in a direction." A look of understanding etched itself upon his frame, albeit a smidge of curiosity and confusion remained."Okay, I get that part... but ... endsieg? Really?"

"My butler named it." A grin was his answer as I regained my focus and closed my eyes once again as a memory replayed in my mind. A piece of wonder: what happens when you use other energies to interact with the pure Life Energy?

Channeling my QI made me realize an interesting piece of previously-known information. I have twelve dantians within my body, with the main vortex being my Heart. The sheer mass of collective QI is creating far more heat than should be around a normal human heart, which is most likely the real cause of the implausibility discovered by mothers scanner. Although, I really shouldn't deny leaking hellfire a chance.

Not that I've ever noticed it producing any sort of heat."Enemy flyers inbound! Ready the Annihilan!" My focus was once again broken as the myriad of soldiers around me quickly took up defensive posistions and I couldn't really allow myself to stay in the open either, but as soon as I stood up from my sitting posistion, I felt two hands being placed on my cheeks.

However, before I could question this person, my neck was promptly twisted sideways and broken with a crunching sound that alerted my human allies."SHIT! Assassins!" Rogers didn't spare my supposed corpse a second glance as he and his soldiers immidiatelly readied their weaponry.

"SHEEP!" The formerly invisible esper who snapped my neck proudly stood over my body with one foot on my back. As incredibly insulting as this was, I found it in myself to just watch for now."Your traitorous ally was the only way your pitiful race could have been victorious this day! And you have let him fall! Now, you shall face the full might of the espers!"

He removed his foot and walked some meters in front of me, laughing nearly directly down the barrels of my allies guns. Unable to help myself, I gave out a toothy smirk. Something that my allies noticed and were subsequently creeped the fuck out by but managed to stay silent nonetheless.

Our joint esper friend firmly believed that their uncomfortable states was due to his presence alone."Tremble in fear, sheep! Tremble and grovel before us! For Lucifer himself comes to take you this day!" His incessant screeching was brought to a sudden stop as I began laughing, standing up with a twisted neck as if we were in some kind of horror movie."Guess you werent kidding about people calling themselves Lucifer and the like. An elite of theirs, I take it?"

"You could say that." Commander Rogers replied as the esper assassin turned around to stare at me in utter shock and disbelief."W-what?! IMPOSSIBLE! Nobody can-URGH!" My right hand quickly found itself around the assassins neck, a singular wave of gravity promptly pushing the other dozen assassins out of the shadows and allowing my allies to quickly mow them down in a blaze of gunfire.

My left hand reached for my own neck, twisting it back into place with a sickening crack that send the already terrified esper into full panic mode. He tried to kick me in the stomach as he was raised into the air by my hand, strange yet familiar purplish energies coating his foot as he did. Laughing at his poor attempt, I merely use the psionic powers I had stolen to turn the skin of my abdomen into bio-titanium, causing the esper to break his foot in the process."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGFBHH!"

His immaculate scream forced his remaining allies, those who had somehow managed to survive the gunfire, to turn back towards him and stare."You know... one of my many powers is the ability to heal mortal wounds. The way I do this is by feeding life to life, in the simplest of terms."

Commander Rogers now focused himself, straining his ears to hear every word as I seemingly began revealing my dirty little secrets. Sadly, this would not go according to his hopes and dreams."This, is as it should be. Life, feeds on life after all and in doing so ensures that its cycles are never broken, self-sustaining. Capable of nothing but continuous growth and decay."

I began walking, my hand still around the mans throat as he continued to struggle. I squeezed it harder, making his already pale flesh begin turning cobalt blue."So, how do these cycles manage to keep their own growth in check? How exactly is unwanted life made to wither and die?"

My savage grin turned bloodthirsty as I stopped and began channeling life energy into the man, forcing him to stay alive through all this and increasing his pain tenfold. My chest and his started glowing white, causing the soldiers eyes to widen and the espers to quake in fear."Feels good, does it not? To be alive and yet feed on life?"

"Uughghd!?!" The man, choking and fighting for dear life, grunted out in what was a mixture of ecstacy and horror. This made me laugh somewhat as I began channeling the QI around my heart, stopping the flow of psionic energy and coaxing the Life Engine by the use of QI alone. The white coloration turned a twisted crimson, not unlike the power of Chaos that has become so familiar over the last few days to me. As this newly-formed energy began flowing out of me and into the man, I found myself smiling even more wickedly as he began to choke once more, the power I was feeding into him no longer the healing type."You see, while life feeding upon life is a natural thing... sometimes, life tends to feed on too much life."

My grip on the mans throat tightened even further, causing his eyes to roll backwards in the process for the briefest moment, only to reopen wide and shocked as pain wracked his entire body."And when it does, it achieves an excess."

A turn of my head caused the espers behind me to shriek as I asked."And does anyone know what the excess of life is?"

They and my human allies remained quiet, a dreadful silence covering the entirety of the hill."No? Well, let me show you what happens when life becomes excessive, turns cancerous..."

The man I was holding suddenly gave out an immaculate scream as his skin burst into bubbles, his muscled frame becoming fat and distorted, his flesh sloughing off his bones, eyes bursting with blackened pustules.".... and dies, painfully so." My words echoed with a tone of finality as the man exploded in a shower of gore and blood, covering me in an entirely new shade of red as I turned around, my crimson-drenched clothing still shining from the white beneath."You better start running, friends."

Experiment concluded.

New energy, created from the combination of Life Energy and QI, causes severe and uncontrollable mutations within a living body, quite literally reforging them into a colony of cancerous cells and killing the host within seconds.

Conclusion: further experimentation required. Would it be possible to control this new energy using psionics as you do with the pure Life Energy itself? If so, then there is no telling as to what kind of lifeforms we may be capable of creating via the usage of [PRIMA].

What shall we name this new source of power, master?

"I think I'll call this: Sanguinite." Satisfied with my work, I consumed the blood and gore on my clothes, returning them to their pale white.

Latin; sanguis, blood.

We approve.

The remaining espers did not need a second warning as they stood up on bullet-ridden legs, throwing their bodies away, away and as far away from me as they could muster. Alas, a single gravitational anomaly brought each of them to me, lifting them up into the air and choking them in front of my audience.

Summoning Caedes, I line the espers up and slowly drag the blade across their necks, leaving only a trail of ash and dust in my wake."You should not have dragged me into this."

And then, I turned back around to face my rather horrified allies and exclaimed cheerily."Right! Anyone in need of healing?" My sudden change in demeanor caused my friends to gape before a couple of them rushed over with bleeding arms.

"Okay seriously now; what in the actual fuck are you?" Commander Rogers approached me with a raised weapon which made me give out a sigh, but I wasn't angry since this was kinda... logical to do by now."I dunno, why don't you tell me, Commander?"

"Don't you dare pull that shit with me, boy. I've been fighting espers for ten years now and nearly all of them made sense or were limited somehow, making them seem at least somewhat human in the process. You... do you even have a limit, a weakness?!" He exclaimed as I summoned the Candle Of Life and began healing the wounded, not even bothering to care about the killer rifle currently poised to blast my head clean off."Limitations... Well, you saw one of them just a few minutes ago. I need to recharge every so often."

"Yeah, uhh.. thats pretty normal but, y'know, the rest of us do it by fucking sleeping and not meditating like some ancient hindu or whatever the fuck those things are called." He lowered and relaxed his stance, yet appeared to retain his aggression nonetheless.

A tinge of respect has been building up within me for this guy. I'll admit, he has the balls for this line of work.... maybe because hes an actual soldier and not a fucking kid like the espers we've been slaughtering today."Well I.. don't have an explanation for myself, so uh, fuck?"

He sighed and closed his eyes."I'm going to have to ask you to come with me after this is all said and done. My higher ups are going to want you catalogued."

"Can I just rip off an arm or something and give it to you? Because that sounds fucking boring." My reply send the man into a spree of strained chuckles."Figured you'd say something like that. I'll bring it up with my boss, but I doubt you'll be allowed free roam anymore..."

"Not like you guys can take it from me." This sent the soldiers into an uncomfortable silence as I let out a sigh."Listen here you fuckwits, I'm currently your ally. The path you're trying to force here will eventually result into making you my enemies. Do you want to end up like this?"

I promptly pointed a finger towards the butchered and cancer-ridden corpse of the assassin that tried to kill me. They all shook their heads in negative, the commander included."Thats what I thought. Now get into posistion, those flyers are going to be here soon!"

Almost as if they collectively represented one restarted car engine, the soldiers rushed back into motion, reloading and resupplying themselves, setting up defensives and preparing for the coming bombardment. With one last look at the ashes skies, I walked over to the bunker of the Annihilan and returned to my meditative stance.

I haven't really recovered my full strength yet... and I feel like a worthy foe might just appear sometime soon.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Thats it for this surprise chapter!

I had to finish up the last one as this was meant to be its part two but.. I really needed some sleep.

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loliZ321 @loliZ321 ago

well waking up to a chapter is nice shame i have work in a little bit

imnotverysorry @imnotverysorry ago

Thanks for the chapter, it was great

ZhangY @ZhangY ago

Lol, this novel has all kinds of faults: grammar, questionable morals, chaotic plot, MC that gives actual cancer to poeple... It's just that self-fulfillment isn't one of them.


    Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

    Grammar? Meh, it does its job well enough! Very Happy

    Morals? What are those? Food?

    Chaotic plot? Ye, no shit sherlock XD

    MC is the best thing I've ever made.

    ... good God that ... just thinking about that review makes me so fucking angry.

      ZhangY @ZhangY ago

      Food for thoughts "Morals are an overrated incentive to behave well. The incentive is that when you die you will have a large group of meaty virgins you can screw for all eternity. There is an obvious problem that one month after you arrive in heaven all your virgins will be, well, devirginised. A rather less obvious problem is whether the virgins find it heavenly to be deflowered by you. And futhermore, heaven seems to exclude gay men and straight women."

      And the review? Opinions. You're just secretly mad at RRL cause you can't leave an explicit reply next to his review. And him? He's mad at you because he's not sure who had the last word in this. It's indeed sad that it's doomed to get more attention with equal up/down votes. Now, this is just a troll review, you shouldn't take in to heart. Heck, it may even bring readers to the novel. I know you're not confident about the first volume but it was okay.

      Just imagine that of instead of him, I granted you a splendid poopy troll review:


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Actually, I think you confused morals with religion, which is ok since religion is the one thing thats trying to keep morality in check. Science being the thing that is slowly but surely destroying them.

      And I honestly aint totally sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, progress is always nice.

      On the other hand, I've seen what fanatical "atheists", feminists and sjw's will do just to prove a point. Just because you enjoy being a total whore and walking naked out the street for children to see, BECAUSE FUCK YES A 3 YEAR OLD DOES NOT NEED TO SEE A DRIPPING VAGINA YOU FUCKING MENTAL TWAT, does not mean that the rest of the world should adhere to that insane idea.

      --- Hell yea, I'm mad. I want people to see exactly what I said cause he edited in complete bullshit. Yes, I told him to fuck off. Kinda bloody expected from someone like me, dontcha think? But my reply to him was longer than his shitty arse review and held alot of points with it that basically made other people laugh at the guy for being retarded.

      I didn't just take it to heart. I took it as a personal insult. Not understanding my story and leaving is one thing; fine, your choice friend, I hope you have a nice day!

      But SLANDERING it like that, purposefully to make other people decide not to read this story makes me sick on the inside. I wanted and still want to choke that idiot to death, painfully slowly.

      ZhangY @ZhangY ago

      Well, I already downvoted it so there's nothing more I can do. But this will be a thorn in your side because he will not delete his review. I mean his ego, 50+ people supporting him or you and whatever point you have? Like most people, he has set an exception to self-sacrifice: self.


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      The fact is; some people actually gave him upvotes when I asked for it to be booted back down.

      I mean, I get trolling, but why are you even here?! 100+ chapters later

      Its like some people are forcing themselves to read my story and hating it. Kinda like wolf, lol-.

      ZhangY @ZhangY ago

      Troll review TROLL REVIEW People will only downvote when the upvotes outnumber it. The story has what? 1,430 followers. I guess that means 70 active followers. You can count on 70 downvotes MAX. And upvote? Anyone can do it, especially when they see the balance shifting. This review has 50 Downs and 48 Ups? Count on me bro! ==> 50 Downs and 49 Ups. Yes, they may be reading for 100+ chapters and be total assholes.

      But they may also be, most likely, just random passing plebs out of your 7,784 average views -- and what 100-400 reading RRL members with the right to vote?


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      LoL. My active followers are around 110 if the polls are anything to be believed.

      Why would random people just upvote or downvote shit for stories they havent even read?!

      ZhangY @ZhangY ago

      110 hey I was really near with my guess :) missing only 40 ppl out of 1430!

      As for random people...

      Well first, some just react to the review and not the story, that's espacially true in mixed reviews (well, if I trust my troll review that got more love that the actual novel) where some just agree to the reviewers way of thinking/rating/brave standing against the author (even just 1 element of the review) or just punish him for being an idiot.

      Next, you have some that just quit after some chapters and see a review that's too long to read but give a bad rating and seems to have many upvotes so they go along with it.

      Of course, there's the trolly son of bitches -- like yours truly -- that may just vote for the heck of it. I mean out of 7784, there's bond to be more that only a few assholes. Plus the cover of anonymity... *But Im not included 4 dat 1 coz 1 sAID i downvote.*


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      I'm kinda certain that the "assholes" you talk of and the actual "trolls" here are the guys who are on my side though, all things considered. XD

      Its the normals that are my enemy.

      ZhangY @ZhangY ago

      Then prepare for 7700 upvotes. XD

      No, I mean no Joyde of course you're normal. We are all sane people here. It's not like we're a jerk sect here, are we? No. I mean, I don't think you steal from the church donation basket and I most certainly never go to brawls, right?


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Well, to be perfectly fair, I dont go to church.

      ZhangY @ZhangY ago

      And don't go to brawls Wink


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      ehhh, depends on the brawl

      ZhangY @ZhangY ago

      You're speaking for you or for me? Me, I'm a saint, I go to church.

      *prays dutifully* May the Lord pardon Lord Joyde.


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Oh so you are a saint just because you go to church, huh?

      Me, I believe in God, I don't believe in the bible though.

      And I'm speaking for myself.

      ZhangY @ZhangY ago

      Okay, times up. I was kidding. If the church is right I'm sure I'm going to hell. So everything is a lie and god is a flying spaghetti monster.

      Spoiler: Spoiler


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      that looks like a snail with nuts.

TralliE @TralliE ago

[Votedown] of [Didn't read past the initial game arc] comment innitiated.

Two entities identified.

[Votedown] succesful.