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A few hours later... - Skies above Potsdam - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"Alright everyone, lets land onto that ridge over there." A pointed finger is more than enough for my little entourage to follow the order as we all made our descent onto soft ground."Tyrone, where are we?"

"Just a second boss... gotta take a breather from that superspeed flight." He did just as he said, one of his hands placed onto his own chest as the other made its way into one of his pockets. The man pulled out his android and quickly opened up google maps."Erm, were currently due south of the ... I'm sorry to everyone if I say this wrong but: Glienicker... Brucke? Its an iron bridge that once served as the border point between Potsdam and Berlin."

We all turned towards the bridge in question... through the darkness of the night and the insane amount of smoke and ashes, it was difficult to see it with normal sight. However, my eyes revealed a myriad of people, one group to the north-east and the other to the north-west. Clearly, one of these armies was the enemy and the other... a potential ally."If the espers managed to push the Germans back this far... then this might not be as easy as I originally thought. We-no I, am going to need an army."

My closed eyes caused my companions beating hearts to quicken."Anna, Belle, where is the German undercity? Is it in Berlin or someplace else?"

"As far as I remember, its entrance was within the depths of Nikolasse, but even if it is not, it shouldn't be difficult to find. Why?" Anna questioned my intentions as I grinned."If I'm right, then thats on the way to Berlin, right? I want you to rile up the Inhumans, as many as you can rally to yourself and make them cause chaos upon your enemy."

With a silent nod, she replied."As you wish, my lord."

And with that, the black winged maid thundered across the ashen skies once more as I turned towards Tyrone."Ty, I need you to make contact with the German resistiance. See if you can rally them to our cause just as Anna will try with the Inhumans."

"Not bloody likely, boss... Unless, I had someone to ahem, charm the higher-ups." He pointed towards Belle who grinned and bowed."It would be my pleasure."

She answered Tyrone's unsaid question with bloodthirst clear in her tone."Then go."

Without wasting a moment, Tyrone placed a hand onto Belle's shoulder as her magic and wings took them both to the skies."42, you're coming with me straight into the fighting. Can you connect to my nanomachines?"

The unit shook its head in negative."This unit was unaware the master had nanomachine upgrades."

Makes sense. Hmmm... Adolf, can you guys build an uplink node into 42's structure?

It should be possible.

Please place your hand into direct contact with the units body.

"42, come here. I, or well we, are going to try something." The robot ninja complied."Affirmative, master."

Placing my hand onto the cold metal of my subordinate, I feel my flesh twitch in agony as blackened tendrils of metal, created out of thousands of nanomachines, erupted from my fingers and dug into the robot. "EE-ERROR, invasive entity detected. Orders?"

"Be patient, 42." Again the poor robot complied to my command. Thankfully, the nanomachines pulled back soon after, much to the relief of us both.

Operation successfull.

Unit 42 is now part of the Collective.

T-thats not what I meant by-... ah fuck it."Can you feel them now, 42?"

"I... I am one of them now. I am part of the Collective... so many... who do I report to..?" He seemed to be bugging out a bit.

We are built in such a way that we require an organic host to survive, master.

We have done our part. Now you need to do yours.

"Ah, you should have said so before.. but what exactly to do I do?" My question sent the collective into a spree of laughter.


Give him a heart.

A blink.

Make that several.

I ... how exactly do I do this?

Maybe if I just imagine a heart and use fleshweaving to grow one on my hands or something?"Nothing ventures, nothing gained!" My tone betrayed my uncertainity as I forged a heart, a living beating organ into the palm of my hand, grown out of my own flesh and blood.

That was it!

Yet, something was missing. The heart was beating, but there was no life flowing through it.

Then give it life, master.

This time, I laughed alongside the collective.

A singular thread of life-energy poured out of my own heart and tied itself to the created one before I ripped the organ off my hand and placed it inside of 42's suddenly opened chest. The uplink node created by the nanomachines had a holder in place, something which perfectly fit the hearts proportions.

How the hell did you manage to do that?

Would you believe us if we told you that we followed our instincts?

A smirk etched itself upon my frame. Why yes Adolf, I would indeed."Are you okay now, 42?"

"This unit is fully operational. No... more than fully operational, improved by the masters hands. This unit is ready to serve." The Robot saluted me, its metallic hands moving in very inefficient and humanlike motions, causing me to smile.

This robot has just gained life."First sentience, now life itself. Truly, your existance is an exceptional one, 42."

"Perhaps one day, this unit shall earn an entire living body, mind and soul?" His question formed a myriad of others in my own mind."We'll see. For now, we are going straight into the conflict and while I will be on the frontlines, I want you to isolate and eliminate sole targets. Anyone who seems to be a commander or an elite, kill them without mercy."

"But how will this unit differ the human ally from the human enemy?" A nod."Do you have one of those scanners that Maxima and Aria made?"

42 seemed to imitate blinking before taking out the same kind of scanner that my own mother used on me a few days ago."Adolf, can you calibrate his hunter-seeker protocols to help 42 target espers more efficiently?"

Only if we had the programming of the [Omniscanner], which we do not.

However... please consume the scanner, master.

If we take it apart, we may discover enough of the code we need.

Taking the device from 42's iron hand, I watch with clear interest as the nanomachines surge forward once again, devouring the inorganic object without any problems.

Insufficient code acquired.

Forming base code...


Calibrating psionic energy signiature...



A few moments later... - The Bridge - Leonardo's Point Of View...

After a short flight, we found ourselves at the front of two massive armies. To our left were a myriad of tanks, helicopters and marines. To our right was what appeared to be a horde of... zombies?

Also theres a trio of people behind the zombies, most likely the espers controlling them. I promptly made a hero-landing in the midst of the human side, that is to say the left."W-what the fuck?! An esper's here! SHOOT HIM!"

Perhaps leaping right into a combat zone wasnt the best idea. Oh well.

Calling upon my gravitational powers for the first time in a while, I forged a massive anti-kinetic shield which did its job rather nicely, blocking all of their bullets with ease."He has some sort of kinetic shielding! Use laser weaponry!" A commander exclaimed from the backline.

A familiar voice. Hey, isn't that the same guy whose eye I partially fixed back in Rome?

With a final sigh as the soldiers prepared their laser pistols and rifles, I yelled out at the top of my lungs."IS A MAN NAMED JEREMIAH ROGERS HERE?!"

The people around me blinked in confusion, temporarily paralyzed by the outburst. Much to the commander-in-question's approval, the soldiers still carefully aimed their weaponry at me, even if they didn't fire. The man could be heard sighing, as if excessively tired."You... you're that esper who healed my eye the other day."

"A pleasure to see you too, Commander." He approached me and shook my hand, dispelling the aura of violence for the moment as the soliders resumed their regular activities."Huh? Not even a single quirked eyebrow? No questions?... this goes beyond mere discipline."

"I'll take that as a compliment, Mr Zatara. Now, I'd like to ask you as to why you are here since you said that you wouldn't be joining the conflict but we can honestly use all the help we can get." He explained, his previously tired expression returning.

I nodded towards the man, deciding that mystery and drama will only cause me problems in the future. So.. how about a half-truth, half-lie?"The espers attack on Rome wasn't solely physical. Whatever they did caused a massive psionic backlash to tear through the city, causing quite a lot of people's heads to explode or give them a massive, eyes-bleeding migraine. It hurt a lot of people close to me, Mr Rogers. A lof of people that it shouldn't have hurt if the espers didn't want me fighting against them."

The men around me each adopted an expression of understanding as they've all likely suffered at the hands of the espers. Now, all I had to do was top it off."And that isn't even the end of it, y'know?"

"... you didn't say what the psi blast did to you." He concluded, shivering slightly as I offered him an bloodthirsty smile, very much radiating fury all the while."Their little power play made me nearly rape my little sister to death." I told them with a smile.

But they knew that the smile only indicated the deaths of those responsible. The commander, to his credit, only swallowed once."And believe me when I tell you this, there will be hell to pay, Commander."

A nod from the man as the mood suddenly brightened and I exclaimed."That said; I sure could use some allies in this fight. Any wounded?"

"Pretty much everyone, sir." One of the soldiers adressed me with a strange form of respect as I nodded."Gonna help us by healing our guys?"

"Oh I'm going to do much more than that." My eyes closed as the people around me stared in wonder and excitement, my rising hands grasped at the ashes sky and then burst in crimson blood."WHAT THE FU-?!"

The commander exclaimed in horror and leaped away before noting the blood collapsing unto itself, weaving both crimson and gold and pure white cloth into existance."Its been some time since I used this thing." My voice echoed, seemingly calming everyone as the Candle Of Life finished forging itself into reality, its pure golden flame carrying light for miles on end.

It feels... powerful.

Much more so than it ever was before.

Most likely an affereffect of my joining to the Life Engine. A smirk etched itself upon my lips as I called forth as much pure life energy as I could muster through the portal within my heart, causing my body to adopt that same pale-white glow that it did in the church.

Adolf, please make sure to use enough energy to heal our body.

Yes, sir!

Using the candle as a medium, I spread the life energy around, tendrils of white ripping into people and causing quite a few uncomfortable screams before the soldiers realized that their wounds and fatigue were being removed by the second."URGH! WHAT IS-?!"

One woman in the backline, an experienced soldier who appeared to be one of the other commanders on site, started screaming suddenly as one of the tendrils entered her body through her chest. She appeared to be missing an entire left arm but...

Blood burst forth and out of the ancient wound and the people around her watched in amazement as the womans arms began to regrow, pushing her millitary clothing aside as meat and bone reforged themselves.

The womans warborne scars were next, pure-white flesh regaining a more natural coloring."W-what the hell? You... you didn't use your full power when you healed my eye..." Commander Rogers spoke in both terror and excitement, eliciting a satisfied nod from me as my candle continued to do its work.

"You! Esper! What is your name?" The female commander approached me, standing at around one seventy five tall and having a rather robust physique as any true soldier should have."My name?"

My inquisivite glance caused her to nod for some reason."It was an espers power that took away my arm and gave me my scars. It was also an espers powers that gave them back. The former mans name is Nathaniel Mourne."

"Only fair that you know mine, eh? Sure, the names Leonardo Zatara, a pleasure." We shook hands for the briefest moment before I turned my attention to the battlefield."Anyone here that can tell me the situation? Short version if possible."

Commander Rogers stepped forward, giving me a salute before saying."The army keeping us from using the bridge is a zombie horde of animated american and german soldiers. People who died back home and the ones who perished in this invasion, controlled by an esper named Zeig or something along those lines. You see the fool waving his hands in thin air on that truck in the distance? Thats him."

"Why havent you sniped him down?" They turned to look at each other for a moment."We don't have any snipers on site as the higher ups didn't expect this place to end up in a skirmish. The mission was to secure the bridge and set up a guard outpost from which the troops in Berlin could be resupplied."

I turned back towards the horde."Alright. One thing before I go; you're absolutely sure that everyone in that horde is dead?"

Before they could answer me, a massive explosion rocked the ground and the bridge shook from it."SHIT! They're using C4 to blow up the bridge! It won't be able to handle much more of these. We have to do something and fast!" The yet-to-be-named woman turned and ran into a nearby bunker, most likely to report.

"Commander, please answer my question." Rogers swallowed and nodded."Yes, they're all just psionically animated corpses..."

"And if they arent? Will you take responsibility for whats about to happen?" He closed his eyes for an eternal second before steeling himself."Do what you can."

A nod as I turned towards 42, who remained ethereally silent all this time for some reason."42, I want you to stay here for now and support the resistance as best you can. Also, if anything important happens in the meantime, please report the situation to Adolf."

"This unit accepts its task with graitude!" The robot ninja immidiatelly unraveled its massive sniper rifle and aimed towards Zeig-whatever but I stopped him."No. Leave him to me."

Then, as I turned back to face Jeremiah for one last time, I smiled."When you see Zieg's skull fall onto the ground, charge forward."

"His sk-HEY WAIT!?!" The commander screamed in confusion behind me as I used my ether-walk to warp myself to the forefront of the battlefield.

Rising my arms sky high and calling upon as much of my psionic might as I could, I rose the zombie horde into the air, their echoing screams and moans thundering across the horrid battlefield."H-HEY! What is going on?!" The esper controlling them exclaimed in fear as his duo of companions suddenly regained their focus from whatever they were doing.

My hands then moved to the left as I promptly threw the collected horde straight into the body of water arond the bridge."W-what kind of p-" The esper began to yell once again but was silenced as he found my hand sticking through his abdomen."Good evening..." I spoke, my voice resounding in fury and bloodthirst, the duo behind him beginning to gape as their brains failed to comprehend the situation.

As I thought... these guys.. they're just fucking kids, not soldiers at all.

True to my promise to Rogers, I channeled my powers through the body of Zeig, causing it to burst into ashen flames as his life-force was consumed, leaving only his pearly clean skull behind.

I turned towards the remaining espers just as they began to run away... and smiled. The skull fell from my fingertips and eternity seemed to switch with seconds as the duo ran faster and faster..

Yet, as soon as the skull broke upon the ground, I extended my hands forward and psionically wrapped my power around their hearts... before pushing my hands backwards, ripping their hearts out of their bodies in a splash of gore and blood."CHAAAAAAAAAAARGE!" My dramatic war cry seemed to revitalized the formerly exhausted soldiers behind me, causing them to begin a reckless rush forward, shooting down what few zombie stragglers were left in the process and taking up defensive posistions all around me.

From my perspective, the battle for the bridge was over as quickly as it began.

Not to be outdone, the espers who stood on the other side of the bridge immidiatelly sprang into action, fortifying their own frontline within an instant.

And soon, the entirety of the bridge was once again covered in bullets and laserfire.

I had a feeling that the world itself was not very far behind.

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ZhangY @ZhangY ago

"Its an iron bride that once served as the border point between Potsdam and Berlin."

'Steel bridge', 'Iron maiden', 'Iron bride': metal stuff.