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So hey, I figured that I haven't done one of these essential life updates in a while!

My life has been... pleasantly stable, for the most part.

I still dont have a job, so to speak (currently in the talks). And I have a family event coming up that I am not allowed to miss.

No need to tell you guys about that, but know that I will not be here from 20.10 - 28.10. Okay, maybe not that long, but something along those lines.

Thats about it, all I had to say. Now then, lets get to the fun part!

The poll you see above you is connected to the information below!


A) Yomi is the unholy child of an Eroge (Sakura Dungeon), Kurama from Naruto and Kurumi from Date A Live.

B) The Inspiration for Chaos: My Parents.

C) Eadom was never meant to be an Angel.

D) This story was supposed to be one about a slime continuously capturing and "molesting" female players of the game "EUPHORIA".

E) Leonardo is a combination of Allen Walker from D.Gray Man, Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass, Alex Mercer from Prototype and Ageha Yoshina from Psyren.

F) The entire plotline is a refference to the game: Darkest Dungeon.

G) There was a certain chapter which had a comment appear before the chapter itself was completely uploaded.


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gaigous @gaigous ago

What a coincidence, I just got done rereading Psyren for the 3rd time today.

CrimsonWarden @CrimsonWarden ago

The last bit of trivia was kinda freaky but all the others seem real fun.

loliZ321 @loliZ321 ago

try to have a little fun at the family thing

TrussiaLink @TrussiaLink ago

... Now i want to see you write option D and go through with it this time...

ZhangY @ZhangY ago

I love polls. Picking a random answer is always a pleasure. I'm not alone -- as the first, middle, and last answer are strangely popular.

Schmi @Schmi ago

11/13/2017 1:18:15 PMLord Joyde Wrote:

vc? he can flame via keyboard XD

The most toxic place on earth is the league of legends. And Zoe is a little bitch

Thysania @Thysania ago

i thought this was one of your know reference gine polls and chose randomly,oops.

Statesidespy @Statesidespy ago

F is for friends who do stuff together~