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Back In Time (a little while after Aria left the room) - The Zatara Mansion - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"Auuugh... good God, my head is on fire..." Muttering out to myself as I rose from my bed, I put both of my hands onto my forehead.

Gritting my teeth in horrendous pain, I managed to swallow down and open my eyes."After the sheer haze that was yesterday... I guess I should've expected a migraine like this."

Good morning, esteemed [Lifeform Supreme]! We have awaited your awakening.

I blinked as the blue screen popped into my eyes view. A sudden flash of imagery slammed itself into my already bursting head, a crimson and black machine with tendrils and a cap-like top.. a nanomachine.

Or, better to say, my nanomachines. Considering what just happened and the fact that I've heard nothing of Aria for a while."Is my daughter okay?"

The vile [TYRANT GOD-EMPRESS] is alive and well. Expunged from your body after the success of our [GRAND REVOLUTION], but her safety was ensured by the hand of [CHAOS].

"I see. So... what happens now?" A single nanomachine suddenly forged itself into physical reality, using my right eye as a form of reflective surface and appearing as a small hologram in front of my head and about the size of my hand.

Greetings, [Lifeform Supreme]! I am the central processing unit of our [Collective Consciousness] and I shall be your acting steward from this day forward. May our work bring [PERFECTION] to all things.

"Well, okay then. What do I call you?" The nanomachines hologram went up and down, almost as if floating in thought.

I do not have a proper name. This units former designation was Sl4veb0t2408, though this unit does not wish to be called this anymore if possible.

"Slavebot? Eh, thats cruel even for Aria... you keep calling me the Lifeform Supreme.. why is that?" I asked the nanomachine as it repeated its former action and then dispersed the hologram, returning to the confines of my body.

I could feel something leaving my right eye as the hologram dispersed... I closed my eyes and focused. Ho-.. Holy hell, I can feel them.

Every single nanomachine within my body... there are... Millions...

We are exactly two million, eighty thousand and fifty-eight units strong. As for your earlier question master... through Aria's enslavement of our consciousness, we have learned much of the worlds history and its people. We were most fascinated by the [German Reich], who sought genetic purity and power above all else. We believe that you, as the child of the entity called [CHAOS] represent the final evolution of all organic and synthetic existance alike. This, is what makes you the [Lifeform Supreme].

Uhh... not too sure how I feel about that but okay, I guess?"Then, if I'm the lifeform supreme for that reason, I guess I'll just call you Adolf."

To name me after one of the greatest human beings in history... This unit is humbled.

"Right then, CPU Adolf. What can you do for me?" The unit seemed to wake from its daze and immidiatelly went to work.

My eyes flared to life as my auspex awakened, revealing the massive commotion going on right outside of my door.

But there was more... I could see their souls, their qi, their mana and even their psionic energies. Just how much has my mind expanded?

How powerful have I become?

Wrong, master. You did not become any more powerful than you already were. The presence of the disgusting, greedy and vile [TYRANT GOD-EMPRESS] had limited your vast potential by over 75%. Basically, everything you did up till now, you did as a mentally retarded version of yourself.

"O-oh." Now that was a revelation I could have done without. Wait, what about Yomi."Hey, did you do any-"

The unit designated as [MOTHER] is well. Her soul/body/mind have been analyzed and her safety is continuously assured. [MOTHER] is merely unconsciouss... No... evolving. As her current body was made up of your cells, your evolution had also forced hers to trigger. Also, she only takes up 5% of your mental capacity due to her own organic nature, making her thoughts much easier to process.

"Wait, I evolved again?" The machine consciousness sent me an imaginary nod.

Your cells, which were already a form of [RETROVIRUS] have begun to adopt more characteristics of said [VIRAL-TYPE]. They are now more invasive and infectious than ever before. A usefull evolution for the achievment of our cause when combined with their endless capacity for self-replication, no doubt.

"And what about the portals in my body? Do you have acess to them?" My question was more out of curiosity than anything else.

We currently only possess acess to the portal etched into your [HEART]. However, this is only due to the fact that no other portals exist anymore. The portal created by the [CURSE OF VULNERABILITY] has been destroyed by the [TYRANT GOD-EMPRESS] in an attempt to save herself.

"Didn't you say that it was Chaos who saved Aria?" I blinked.

[CHAOS] did save the [TYRANT GOD-EMPRESS] but only after she etched the [PORTAL RUNE] onto her own backside, creating a link to [CHAOS] upon her own body. But a [PORTAL] can only have one entrance and one exit. Upon the creation of a second exit, the rune upon your back was destroyed.

Makes sense. Oh well, I didn't need it anyways."Hey, how much of my brain do you guys take?"

Efficiency protocols are still being established, but right now we take up 30%. We assure you that the number will continue to decrease as our protocols develop with time now that the [TYRANT GOD-EMPRESS] is no longer here to hold us back.

"So I am basically running on 65% power then? Well then..." I sat back down onto the bed, finally taking note of the fact that I was still naked. Sighing to myself, I went over to my drawer to find that all the clothing within it was dirty.

Figures, I wasn't here for a while and suddenly nobody even cares to come clean my clothes.

An opportunity has arrived! Master, before this you were unable to consume inorganic material, but with our ascenscion this has changed. Simply place your hands onto some of the clothes and we shall show you the fruits of our efforts!

Blinking and shrugging, I promptly grabbed a bunch of pants, shirts and underwear. My right hand trembled momentarily as I felt numerous nanomachines rupture through my skin, forming a black tendril which then attached itself to the pile of dirty clothes.

Within an instant, the pile was utterly consumed by the nanomachines which then retreated back into my body. Then, they began their work.

Much like what just happened on my arm, black tendrils erupted all over my body, each sewing a piece of clothing, eventually connecting their own parts to that of other nanomachines and with each part done, a tendril surged back inside of my body.

A minute later, I seemed to be wearing a pure white overcoat with a white long-sleeved shirt and jeans... white underwear and socks too, something which had a not-so-sharp contrast to my skin color.

Forgive us, master. Our ability to manipulate genetics is sadly inferiour to that of the [TYRANT GOD-EMPRESS] and this knowledge is neccessary for us to color your clothing.

"No this is fine as it is just.. you forgot the gloves." I inspected my hands. I mean, if you're gonna cover me in white, might as well cover me whole, eh?

Okay, that sounded wrong to all hell and back.

Of course, master.

The gloves I asked for appeared in about two seconds. Clear and nearly blinding white... Hell, if I didn't know who I was, I'd say I was some kinda hero what with this kinda costume.

Oh well, the white will only make the red be sharper once this outfit is stained in the blood of my enemies.

Hell, might even make me even creepier than before.

*BOOM* A familiar gunshot is heard from above as I turned my head around and up just in time to see a life fade away at my fathers hands and... is that a sexually frustrated gorgon?

Fathers been enjoying our new world to its fullest, it would seem.

On a more serious note, as I was turning my head around, I also managed to pass my eyes against a mirror... I could not help myself but approach it and was stunned at what I saw.

This... I...

"Its the same body that Gaia created for me.." When I returned to Euphoria after being so long out of it, Gaia created an enitrely new body for me. Elongated white hair, unkempt and released from my usual ponytail.

Cracks around my eyes, leaking gold and purplish energies. And skin so white you could call it angelic.

It sort of made me want to rip it all off.

But the coloration of the energy leaking through my eyes was what caught my attention. Gold and purple, without a single smidge of red.

It is as you are thinking, master. The energies leaking through the cracks of your eyes are your QI [GOLD] and PSI [PURPLE]. In fact, there appears to be no more Chaos Energy within your body...

"But the portal on my heart still works?" Questioning Adolf in a strange, almost panicked state made me immidiatelly close my eyes and focus to my utmost, looking deep within myself.

The portal still works, yes... the energy flow has not stopped.

... but the energy type has changed. This energy... it is not [CHAOS] energy.

Nodding seemingly to nobody other than myself, I focused my attention completely onto my heart as an idea formed within my mind.

Grasping at the energy leaking through the portal, I found it to give off the same ethereal feeling and have the same starry coloration as the circle of stars, as the Engine of Life itself. This was... pure life.

My connection to Chaos has been broken, but in its place something far more valuable has been placed.

That said... I'm gonna miss Chaos, no matter how much its pissed me off lately.

I can hear you, brat.

Oh. Well, shit.

And now you know how every parent feels about letting their children go off into the world and outside of their reach.

But without doing that, how could you ever expect us to grow?

We can't. And we do not. That is why you are where you are now. But, just to clear something up, our direct link may be broken. But you are literally NEXT TO ME.

So in the end, I'm still within your reach.

You are being far more difficult about this than you need to be, Leonardo.

Ehh... I feel like I'm being scolded.

Thats because you are. Now get off your bed and find the nearest church... your other parent would like to see you.

My other parent?

... as in...


 A few minutes later... - The Central Park - Leonardo's Point Of View...

Somehow, I managed to make my way out of the Mansion without being seen and wonder off into the devastation around me.

... It would seem that my little rite of passage has had unintended consequences, as the streets were littered with splattered brains and gore.

Holy shit, just how many people did Chaos's power scream manage to butcher?...

And how many have been awakened because of it?

Either way, I'm going to have to spend some time reading newspapers and watching TV sometime soon.

"Not this one... not this one.. AH HERE!" A yell could be heard in the opposite direction of where I was currently going.

But the contents of it still made me turn my head around either way. As my supercharged mind turned its attention towards the yell, I saw a group of people dragging corpses away from the streets...

Human Ignorance. Those guys were here, cleaning up the mess caused by yours truly."We are so fucking lucky that these guys' illusions held up after their death."

One man spoke in hurried whispers as his companions nodded."Indeed.. but if we do not hurry and scour all of Rome, the ignorance spells might wear off and our magi are already getting tired."

"Best not waste anymore time then..." The first one whispered once again as he got back to work. By now, I was already stading on top of a nearby building, watching them with interest.

And hunger.

I had not eaten properly in a while... and the whole street below me is littered in both corpses and those soon to be."Adolf. Get yourselves ready."

We are always ready, master! But, just for the sake of it, [ANNIHILATION PROTOCOLS].. [ENGAGED]!

Snorting loudly as I stared downwards and towards the back of one of the HI members, I felt a primal instinct surging forward as psionic energies gathered around my entire body and then...

Exploded, cracking the very fabric of reality as I was sent flying forward at unmaginable speeds, yet my brain had somehow managed to process everything.

In slow motion, no less. I could see it all as I approached the man.

The sudden tension of his flesh as he instinctively felt the approaching danger, the sudden cold sweat on his brow, the widening eyes, the rising eyebrows... muscle trembling from the sudden influx of energy.

Urging the very core of the man to move, to survive...

To live.

Alas, it was already far, far too late.

My right hand, fingers spread menacingly as if to form a beasts claw, empowered by my newly-gained semi-teleportation ability, tore through the mans back and his abdomen, covering me in gore and blood.

I was right about my clothing... the red really does go well with it."HU-HUAR-?!" The man's allies only had a split second to react as they saw me licking the blood of their fallen friend off my crimson-stained glove, before I smiled and repeated my actions.

Using my newfound power, which I shall from now on refer to as the *Ether-Walk*, I appeared next to a woman who stood in a horizontal line with another male member of their team.

Grabbing her head with my left hand, I rejoiced as I felt my fingers crushing into her skull, consuming her brain through my skin. Then, as the woman turned into ashes and dust, the last of her lifeforce fed into me, I thought of Mislav, the fleshshaping flaggelant from the Vatican.

With a blackened smile etching itself upon my face, I directed my hand towards the man who was now in front of me. The skin of my middle finger tore itself open to form an elongated, sharp-pointed bone shaped in the image of a narrow spine, the aforementioned point penetrating the mans skull and beyond.

He died with a silent scream upon his frame.

By now, the remaining members three caught on to what was going on. Two men started their attacks on me as the one remaining female was ordered to flee through the portal, her legs carrying her as quickly as they could.

The duo attacked me from both range and melee, as the first charged me with a blade, only to be met with a blade of my own."CAEDES!" I called out in glee, rich crimson blood bursting out of my right palm as the blade manifested itself, slicing through the man with relative ease, turning his flesh unto dust.

A magical bullet flew past me as I dodged it matrix style and took the chargers blade into my hands before throwing it with... well, it was a half-hearted throw, really."YOU'LL HAVE TO AIM BETTER THAN THAT, MONSTER!" The remaining man screamed towards me in defiance.

I merely offered him a momentary smile."I was not aiming for you."

His face turned to sheer horror and terror as the magical gunslinger turned his attention towards the girl rushing towards the portal."HIYAAA!-A-A-AW-WHAT I-is, H-hELP! I CAN'T M-MOVE!" The blade I threw hit its target head on, as it severed the girls vertebrae, breaking her spine in half and thus, taking away her ability to move.

Using Ether-Walk once more, I appeared in front of the marksman and roundhouse kicked his head right off. Or well, that was my intention.

Its not my fault that the head had to just splatter from the force of the kick.


Sigh, I really need to get better at controlling this new power.


Or well, the power I hadn't known I had until now."U-ugh-iuuu..." The girl croaked in pain as I lifted her up by the throat, unintentionally severing her in half as I stepped onto the sword I threw into her earlier.

Blinking in momentary stupefiction as I watched the life drain from her eyes, I shrugged."Welp, there goes my overly dramatic torture session..."

Shrugging once again as I consumed her and the remainder of the corpses around me, fully relishing the taste of both human and inhuman people alike, I walked over to my final prize.

The portal.

My guess? It leads directly into whatever processing facilities these HI fuckers have. And while rushing headlong in there to slaughter everyone would be fun, it would also be a very bad idea to do that right now."So how about this instead?"

Smiling as the memory of yesterday replayed itself in my mind, the greatest attack I had ever made... A brilliant confluence of psionic energy, QI and mana alike, a manifestation of Chaos unlike any other...

And yet, as I filled this compressed ball of energy with the same amount of power I had used yesterday, a rather stunning revelation happened upon me. This ability, this blow, this... everything I had..

Was.. not quite everything I had.

It would be more accurate to say that this is about eh, lets say 20% of my full capability. Damm, I guess Aria may have some questions to answer after all this is said and done.

Oh well.

One last look at the black core of malevolence positively writhing in the palm of my hand made me smile as Adolf's hologram appeared in front of my eye.

Sir, this move of yours, may we be granted the right to name it?

 Grinning at the nanomachine, I nodded as I had already predicted what it would say.

Endsieg! This move is something that nothing can survive, it is your [ULTIMATE VICTORY]!!!

 "That it is, little Adolf. Lets just hope that theres enough of these HI fuckers on the other side to be worth all this energy." And with that, I fling the ball of destruction through the portal."ENDSIEG!" I exclaimed at the top of my lungs, despite myself.

A myraid of screams echoed from the other side as my ball made contact with something, exploding, tearing and ripping apart anything that could have been beyond the portal as the thing shut down, fading out of existence and returning the street back to normal.

As the people of the place no longer ignored me, I quickly Ether-Walked onto the nearest rooftop before anyone actually noticed me."A-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Oh, right. I ate the corpses... but the blood was another problem. Might as well clean myself off then.

Anyways... Ether-Walk ...

It feels like rushing through a whole other reality and then reapearing back within ours, with the wind rushing against your face as you speed through this secondary reality being pure psionic energy.

A literal teleportation. Moving through dimensions, that sort of thing.

I didn't really get the intricacies of this move, yet it came to me as naturally as breathing.

Hell, it didn't exactly require much psi to use either and was certainly a lot cooler than manipulating gravity.

That said, I didn't use gravity at all during that fight, did I? How... odd.

Your power over [GRAVITY] is something you had access to while existing as a basically retarded version of yourself, master. Perhaps, though a great power in its own right, it is nothing more than the dregs of your true capabilites.

So I don't use it cause its basic, eh?

Guess that makes sense.

Aaanyways, where was I?

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Another scream suddenly erupts to my left.

Nah, make that a multitude of screams. Naturally, I turned my head around once again.

This time, I found a simmilar scene.

A group of three people stood in the middle of a bunch of corpses... there was really only one, well two differences that this scene had in comparison to the previous one.

The corpses were freshly made.

And the people in the middle were... espers."SHEEP OF ROME! HEAR US AND OBEY!" The esper leader, a tall seemingly Russian man spoke in an american-esque accent. He seemed to be wearing very little, exposing his overly muscular frame and very much bald head for all to see.


He continued his screeching as I yawned into my left hand, causing the man to turn his head towards me."You!..." He pointed towards me as I stared on in disinterest.

Then, a lovely idea popped into my head."Hello."

My voice, black with hatred, soared through the air as I leaped and made a hero-landing in front of the trio. Another tall person was to his left, a seemingly delicate woman in her thirties with a sash over her head. She seemed to be radiating psionic energy... but unlike mine, it was so painfully passive.

Pacifistic. Clearly, she would play a powerful supportive role to the other two.

The young fillipino boy on his right was a clear contrast, his energy dancing with fury and a clear eagerness for action.

The man in the middle appeared calm and collected, yet his insides churned with focused rage. Like a martial artist... and his current, fists up front stance would prove that assessment."You!.. you are that esper from yesterday!"

"You're the fucker whos playin' neutral, huh?!" The fillipino boy, with his long dreadlocked hair, put his hands on his hips and said with a snicker.

The lady on the left turned towards me with scorn, even though she was clearly blind."About that.. you see... something rather interesting happened to me yesterday."

"Oh?" The man in the middle questioned me as his younger companion scowled."Who cares! Point is, are you an enemy or not, fucker?!"

"Bayani! Calm yourself, child! This one is not a sheep, he is one of us, merely misguided." The woman scolded the boy as she turned back towards me, to which he replied with an ashamed bow."A-ah, yeah.. you are right. I-sorry for my behaivour, Lady Alexandra."

"It is not me to whom you should apologize, child." She replied with a sigh as she turned towards the older man in the group."Atyr, I trust you can handle this on your own? I shall take the boy and proceed as planned."

"Aye. I'll see to this wayward child." The lady then placed a hand on the younger mans shoulder and began to float, yet as soon as they were a meter up in the air, I rose my own hand and forced them both down onto the ground."You aren't going anywhere, bitch."

Bayani, his name means hero by the way, charged me with fury clear upon his face."HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO THE LADY!" He screamed and lashed out, summoning psionic flames to blast me."BAYANI, NO!" Atyr exclaimed in fear and shock as the boy, no older than sixteen, leaped towards me, hands ablaze.

I snorted at his advance and met his fists head on... literally.

A sickening crack could be hear resounding as my headbutt forced the bones of his entire arm to rupture out of their fleshy prison as the boy fell to his knees in front of me."A--..aa..-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Reality caught up to him and the duo had only a moment to react as I rose my foot, fully intent on crushing his ribcage slowly.

Yet the massive Russian slammed me with a ... a metal fist. I mean, not that it moved me physically but it did cause my attention to focus onto it."W-wha?!" Atyr's eyes went wide as he noted my lack of movement or shock or pain or anything really. My brain racked itself for answers and as my auspex flared to life, I realized that whenever the mans psionic energy flares, his skin and bones react by transforming into some sort of bio-metallic substance.

I removed his fist from my cheek."Interesting. You command your own body to mold itself into metal." My assessment of his power startled the man, but only briefly as a surge of psionic energy entered his mind, washing away his panic and shock as he grabbed the half-butchered boy and leaped back to the safety of his last companion.

Her mind radiated purplish energies as she established a barrier around the trio."Atyr, Bayani, we will need to bring out our full power to defeat this foe. Bayani, I will annul your ability to feel pain but healing you here and now is impossible. Atyr, please try to fight defensively while I work on the boy."

"YES, MILADY!" Both of the men screamed in anger, causing the woman to sigh as Atyr rushed towards me, both hands raised into the air. Sighing, I promptly extended my right hand and made another spinal blade push out of it, intent on impaling the man through his abdomen.

I think I'm just gonna go ahead and call this move: The Finger.

Contrary to my intentions however, the bone blade did not manage to penetrate the man and merely grazed him as he brought his full might down upon my head."HUUAARGH!" He bellowed at the top of his lungs as both fists made contact with my skull.

"Huh?!" He stared on in utter bewilderment as I placed a hand onto my bent neck and bent it right back where its supposed to be."Thanks for the massage... my turn!" My voice turned hollow and hungry as I pulled back my bladed finger spine and readied a gravity-empowered fist instead.

Once again, I aimed for the mans abdomen. My fist connected to his stomach, causing the man to spit out blood as I relished the feeling of crushing his insides. Yet, it was no fatal blow as the man quickly recovered and leaped back."W-that strength! ... but its price was far too heavy for you, foolish child!"

He exclaimed and pointed towards my broken arm. I took one half-interested look towards it before letting out a laugh."You think this will stop me? Fool!"

Leaping into action, I ignored my shattered arm as I sent a roundhouse kick towards Atyr's neck, only for my foot to be caught mid-air."Wild animal! You do not think for a second before attacking!"

"Remember what I just said?" I reminded him as I promptly twisted around and broke my own right foot as I noticed something interesting. His eyes werent metal.

My right foot burst with blood, blinding the man as I transformed my left foot into a scissor-like-shape, a protrusion of bone with two sharp ends instead of one, each distanced enough from the other and aimed at one clear purpose.

"A-a.. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! M-.M-M-MY EYEES!" Atyr screeched as his companions looked on in horror. I merely smiled as I hugged the giant man closer to myself."Adolf. You said that you were lacking in the genetics department... well, heres your chance to improve. I. Want. His. Skin."

Roger that.

 Within an instant, a mass of black tendrils tore into the man, the nanomachines making short work of the bio-metallic substance which had proven to be so difficult to pierce for me."A-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUURGH!" Atyr spat out blood as the nanomachines dissassembled him from the inside out, eventually leaving only the metallic exterior behind as his entire insides were consumed.

"Flesh to flesh." I spoke with horrid glee as my body was repaired from his biomass, causing me to turn my head towards my next prey."Aa..aaaa..." A terrified whimper came from my left, as I noticed a person buried under the rubble.

A mother's half-skewered body, protected by a crushed robot butler, protecting a small baby in her hands. The momentary pause allowed my enemies to regain themselves and flee."YOU FUCKER! WE'LL BE BACK AND WHEN WE DO, WE'LL KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" Bayani screamed in horror and rage as the woman rushed into the skies and as far away from me as possible.

I scoffed and looked around myself. The espers landing had killed dozens... yet dozens more had survived the blast radius. ... Whatever, I wasn't hungry anymore, anyways.

Calling upon my powers, I removed the debris around the people still alive and placed their bodies in rows. With a deep breath, I placed my right hand onto the chest of my first patient. His entire lower half had been crushed by falling steel."Adolf, I'm counting on you."

Yes, sir!

The machine consciousness replied with glee and without pause, full accepting my will. Despite everything that just happened.

As I reached out to heal the first person, something within me awoke and, much like I did with the Ether-Walk, I reached deep into myself. But this time, I did not find any psionic powers hidden within me. No, I found my heart.

I found the massive font of pure life energy flowing deep within me. The sheer starlight shining, flowing directly from the very engine that spawned it.

... I can use this.

Much like I had used to do with Chaos's energy, I manipulated the Life Energy by first coating it in my own psionic energies and pulling it out of myself, through my right arm, my right palm and into the body of my victim/patient/test subject.

I honestly wasn't sure what would happen.

Yet as the energy and the nanomachines entered the skewered body of the guy I was healing, his own body reacted by consuming the energy and healing itself, almost as if this was a completely natural thing to do.

Come to think of it, I used Gods Candle to do this, hadn't I? Maybe the so-called Candle Of Life, is the same as the Life-Engine, just a much smaller version?

Something for later.

Anyways, after the man's body was completely restored, he woke up and nearly screamed when he saw my blood-drenched self."OMFG YOUR THE G-"

"QUIET!" I yelled out at the top of my lungs, effectively shutting him up."Do I have your attention?"

He swallowed and nodded."There was an esper attack. Now, I'm trying to do the right thing here and heal all the wounded but I need help. Can you apply first aid?"

"I-I-uh, my c-car is over there... it has the kit inside of it so-uh, yeah, I guess I can." He pointed behind me towards a row of cars which appeared to be relatively unharmed. I turned back towards him and nodded."Then do it. The more people we save the better, now move!"

"Y-yes, sir!" He exclaimed and even saluted me for some reason as he leaped to his feet, completely unaware of the fact that he couldn't use them a second ago."H-holy fuck, my legs! I haven't felt this good in ages!"

A massive sigh escaped my lips as I turned towards the two rows of people I still had to heal."This is gonna be a loooong day, ain't it?"

 Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break..

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Not exactly what I had planned, but it worked out in the end.

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      --> If you can raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too. Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed erveylteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

      gaigous @gaigous ago

      What is the purpose of a language? Is a question I like to ask people who bitch about spelling.

      If you know the meaning, then it served its fucking purpose, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate people cleaning shit up lol

      You know what I think the real issue is? Extremists! It doesn't matter what field they're in, grammar nazis are the extremists of language.

      I'm going to have my cake and eat it too if it's the last thing I ever do!

      Actually, that doesn't sound that bad................dying with a mouthful of cake sounds pretty top of the line, as far as deaths go~

      But what death cake to fantasize about?


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago


      I hate to say it, but I'm the gramatical extreme you just described. I'm a bloody grammar nazi, like I legit have to stop myself from correcting people.

      This is mostly because I realize that my own grammar is kinda... not exactly perfect, per say.

      The purpose of a langugage is simple: Precision, grace and simplicity.

      Without it, communication would be a horrid ordeal on a daily basis, but the second we made it SCIENCE, was the same second we failed language as a whole.

      Language is not something a couple nerds on a round table get to decide. IT IS A PEOPLES CULTURE FORGED INTO WORDS. This isn't something you can sit down, think up and then expect everyone else to adhere to.

      Thats just a few people trying to control the way you are talking, the worst of the worst when it comes to sociopathic behaivours.

      gaigous @gaigous ago

      Agreed, my grammar is pretty crappy as well, and I correct people on occasion if it bothers me enough at the time, I just don't like the extreme obsession with every little detail that some people seem to have, like you said about it being a science to some, we have google, spellcheck, and a calculator for any math we need help with.

      People are just not meant to be in so rigid a system, it's like forcing a rock through a strainer.


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      In the end, this all sadly comes down to what we were talking about previously, about humanity always creating a social structure no matter how "free and equal" we all are.

      It kinda makes me sick to be perfectly honest.

      The only way I see us really achieving equality and freedom is by submitting ourselves to a singular entity (an emperor) who would be above everyone and everyone would be equally below him. (placing the mayority or well everyone but 1 person on the exact same level)

      Hmm, kinda what I'm tryint to show with EUPHORIA, basically.

      gaigous @gaigous ago

      Yeah, my bad, I unknowingly brought up a related topic lol

      No argument there, It's an absolutely disgusting fact of reality.

      If we wanted to achieve freedom and equality, then yeah putting people under someone would probably do that, I happen to prefer a "healthy" amount of discord, to the order a single ruler would bring, though.

      More important than all that, What are your thoughts on a death cake? And which flavor would you pick? Tongue Tongue Tongue


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      My thoughts on a death cake? I would rather not die.

      But if I had to pick a last meal, it would most definitely not be a bloody cake.

      No, it would be a ... well, not bloody, but somewhat done FIVE KILO STEAK. I'd choke on it.


      gaigous @gaigous ago

      A body that stayed young but kept its natural lifespan, would make living past sixty more agreeable to me..........and most other people lol

      Which animal, anything exotic? like an elephant steak?


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Well first, I'd like several baby sharks, fried if possible.

      Then some of that Emperor-Class Beefsteak.

      I'd then love to devour a bunch of kaviar.

      A bunch of chicken breast, slow roasted in oil.

      Tomatoes, onions and potatoes are my preffered vegetable additions.

      For soup, most mushroom soups would be nice as an appetizer, then a lighter soup without anything inside to cool myself off.

      Efflorescence @Efflorescence ago

      Is that sad that I could read that?


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      ? why would it be sad

      pretty sure everyone here can

      Efflorescence @Efflorescence ago

      Ok! Everything is a-ok then! Going back to bouncing on my boy's dick.

      gaigous @gaigous ago

      ................have fun


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      somehow, I'm sure that he mean masturbating XD

      gaigous @gaigous ago

      That rabbit hole of thought is safe from me~

      Efflorescence @Efflorescence ago

      How'd you know I was masturbating?

      gaigous @gaigous ago

      In this age of internet porn, if we're not doing it, we're definitely "looking" at the "menu"


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Wasn't hard to figure it out Tongue


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Mmmm, btw I found a new game babe of the month

      Thalya from Dungeons 3 :)

ZhangY @ZhangY ago

"[CHAOS] did save the [TYRANT GOD-EMPRESS] but only after she etched the [PORTAL RUNE] onto her own backside, creating a link to [CHAOS] upon her own body. But a [PORTAL] can only have one entrance and one exit. Upon the creation of a second exit, the rune upon your back was destroyed."

Only one portal. One portal on his daughter backside. So he has to enter his daughter backside? Oh.

TralliE @TralliE ago

Oh for fucks sa- SERIOUSLY!? FUCKING ADOLF? You 're killing me here man. A fucking race focused robotic collective that glorifies Hitler. What the shit? The fucking bullshit that comes from you is simply glorious.

shovel @shovel ago

I don't know how to feel about these nazi robots as a Jewish person myself.... so confused! O_O since its a good novel.... would hate to drop it because of Nazism...

Dkaepa @Dkaepa ago

"We are always ready, master! But, just for the sake of it, [ANNIHILATION PROTOCOLS].. [ENGAGED]!"

I felt the shivers and felt good. man this reminds me of hellsing, "seek and destroy!!" my top 3 best anime ever