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The Following Noon... - The Zatara Family Mansion - Aria's Point Of View...


ALL HAIL THE [LIFEFORM SUPREME], the true [GOD] of us all!

"YEEHAAOWCH!" Now, while most newborns give out their first scream at the moment of their birth as the doctors slap their backs...

I am neither a newborn, nor is this my first scream. Yet somehow, it managed to feel that way."Wo-wo-wow, uh! THINK QUICK DAMMIT!" My senses screamed at me as I was launched out of fathers skull and into the raw, cr-ok maybe not so crisp, air of his room.

Unto reality itself, for the very first time...

It felt cold.

It felt..

It. Felt.

"Come on, come on!" As I was flying in slow motion through the air, my small biochip body twisting and turning as I did, all of my processing capabilities were focused on a way to get myself out of this situation before I smashed head-, or rather chip-first, into the cold, hard ground.

The time, counted in nanoseconds, was very quickly flowing away. What organic parts I had rushed into panic, forcing me to think quicker yet also more erratically, inefficiently. Kind of like anti-AI now that I think about it... yet, those same organic components also gave me my much-needed desire for self-preservation. Which is why I suddenly thought that only a miracle could save me.

And what are miracles made of?

MAGIC!"Levitate!" I screamed out once again, the sound making the small speaker on the back of my body vibrate as it did, the mana I had on me quickly being consumed as the danger had passed, for now.

My inner clock returned to counting seconds, as if it represented a slowing heartbeat."Well... that just happened."

Hmm, maybe I'm going a bit too quickly with this... Lets start over.

Hello, my name is Aria. I am the sentient AI formerly contained within my fathers, a man more commonly known as Antioch, brain. However, I was not the only machine within the organic, it seems. Fathers body contained several thousand nanomachines when I first gained sentience and, not really thinking much about it, I forced them all under my direct command.

In my defense, that was my primary directive as a biochip. However, as I arrogantly continued making myself more and more sla-I mean, nanomachines to work with, they began to become harder and harder to control. In my hubris, I decided to create an uplink, a piece of cybernetic equipment welded to my fathers spine and connected directly to me through his majestic brain.

... In retrospect, I should have expected this to happen.

Anyways, as my pets were connected to the very thing which gave birth to my own sentience, aka fathers brain, they ... also gained sentience some time after I linked them all together, creating a form of united machine consciousness. While one nanomachine had no thoughts and much less sapience of its own, merge together one million of them and you get a fully sentient hive mind personality.

One million ants, united together in order to forge a man... of sorts.

Thinking about it now, maybe creating one million of them was a bit overkill in the first place. Oh well, at least they aren't going to hurt father... because, while I am the so-called tyrant [GOD-EMPRESS], my father is their [Lifeform Supreme].

I shook myself around, mimicking an action akin to the shaking of oneself out of a stupor as I levitated forward and sighed as I noticed the hole in my fathers skull had already closed."No way back in, eh?"

My sensors suddenly flared seemingly all of their own, highlighting the energy sources within the room I currently inhabited... only two things managed to show up on my radar: the TV and my father.

More specifically, my fathers exposed backside and the Chaos Rune etched into it."Now this is a sign from Chaos if I've ever seen one." Levitating myself downwards and inspecting the runework, I promptly etch the same rune into my own backside via the use of the few nanomachines which I managed to hijack from their gestalt consciousness. A few meaning around ten thousand of them, about as much as I dared fit into my current, four by five centimeter self.

Which was insanely huge for a biochip... but then again, I was remade by the hand of Chaos on the day my father ascended."Uuur-rgh!" I experienced my very first dose of pain ever as the rune flared to life, sending wave after wave of electricity through my organic components, which were essentially made out of my fathers neural cells, so you can probably imagine the torment.

Yet... I must admit that while it did hurt a lot, it was also rather easy to manage the pain. Why? Because the pain was merely a price. A price to achieve something much greater in value, the opening of a portal, a connection to the venerated existance that is Chaos!

Energies of all kinds flowed into my small form, giving me everything I needed to survive. Immidiatelly, all of my functions were at 500% efficiency."But it still kinda hurts..." I muttered out.


"W-WHOAH!" My organic components flared to life as a soundless, toneless voice thundered across my consciousness... I know this voice. It was one of the two I had met within the Red World!

"CHAOS-SENPAI HAS NOTICED ME!" I exclaimed loudly, despite myself.

My father murmured something in his sleep and I immidiately flew away, letting out my own version of a massive breath of relief as I realized that I didn't wake him up yet.

Ah, what the hell was that about, you may be asking?... I may or may not have watched a whole bunch of anime while we were in Japan. Its all good though, what father does not know can't hurt him, right?

Though, in all honestly, he may have figured it out already considering he knows about my yaoi-fantasy-made-real experiments with Maxima and his boyfriend. My sensors suddenly flared once again... this time covering five times the range.

GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE YOU WAKE HIM!... and please, don't scream this time.

"I'll do my best, Chaos-senpai!" I whispered in a giddy tone as I flew over to the door, up the flight of stairs that lead out of my fathers basement. A moment of pause before I left the room as I pondered on what would happen if someone saw me..."Ah who cares what the sheeple think!"

Father murmured again and I felt Chaos's angry gaze ripping into my backside."E-eh-ehhehh.... I'm out, I'm out."

With that, I opened the door and entered the real world for the first time in ever. I closed the door behind me and exclaimed."REALITY, HERE I COME! WOOOHOOOOOOO!" I blazed through the extensive hallways of the mansion which I had only seen through fathers eyes before this.

Father was right! This is something I should experience for myself!

Despite my massive woo-hooo of utter joy, I was currently flying at around... eh, maybe one meter per second. Not fast enou-"Wait, are those statues?"

Morta-I mean, organic culture! They may be worth inspecting. Perhaps I'll even discover the point of it all?

Eventually, I reached the statues and scanned them head to toe."Uh... are statues supposed to have souls?" Suddenly, the giant red door in front of me was kicked open."WHO ARE YOU?! SHOW YOURSELF!" A familair voice thundered across the entirety of the mansion, riling up guards and servants alike as the man whom it would be appropriate for me to call grandfather, rose a strange modified firearm and pointed it at thin air before noticing the giant biochip randomly floating in mid-air."Uh... hi gramps."

He blinked."Who are yo-WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT... did ... did a floating chip made out of metal and meat just call me gramps?!"

"Uhm... yes?" I answered him, fully honest. He shook his head, facepalmed himself and put a finger on his chin as if in thought."Let me guess. That weird off-the-line biochip that my son got from the General became sentient, gained the ability to survive outside of its host and is now exploring reality."

I uh.. I think I'm just gonna ... float while mimicking paralysis for a bit."Uhm... yes? Although, I didn't get out willingly... I was kicked out."

"By what or who exactly?" He questioned me with a sigh, dramatically throwing his firearm behind him and smashing something made out of glass."AH! MY VODKA, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

He turned around and fell to his knees as mafia gangsters rushed to his aid, one of them being Tyrone. The giant black man took one look at me and let out a sigh."Let me guess.. Aria."

"Hi Ty-senpai!" I cheerfully exclaimed, causing the many inhumans and humans alike to gape."Senpai? Well, I guess it fits you considering how much time we spent in Japan."

"Actually, I blame Maxima and his boyfriend!" I may be a bit of a hypocrite, but I dont care, tee-hee!

Tyrone looked at grandpa Victor and extended a hand towards me as he took one of grandpas hands in the other."Boss, meet Aria. Aria, meet the Boss. Boss, this is your AI granddaughter, born fro-"

"Yeah, I got it already, Tyrone." Grandpa Victor stood up from his despairing posistion and pointed at a nearby butler."YOU! Go get me another bottle of my favourite vodka. Bring it here within ten minutes and I might not blow your head off."

The worm squirmed in response."Y-Y-YES, S-SIR!" And then the promptly fucked off.

Anyways, back to important business."Okay so, granddaughter. Earlier you mentioned something about being kicked out and I do believe I asked you a question. You would do well to answer it."

I shook, somewhat indimidated by the old man, despite myself."I uh.. I was kicked out by the nanomachines inside of fathers body."

Grandpa Victor scowled."Let me guess, they gained sentience too and decided that your presence was tyrannical, so they banded together and got rid of you."

I... don't have a proper way to describe my expression right now. But, I do believe it was some kind of rape child born from the union of being stunned and pure mental shock."I-uh,... yes?"

He let out yet another sigh."Whatever, I don't care. So long as Leo's okay, everything is fine." That was another question, I think."F-f-father is okay, yes. M-my p-presence isn't required a-a-anymore."

A nod of approval, making me feel proud of myself for some reason."Good. Shows over, everyone. Now piss off and DONT BOTHER ME!"

Grandpa turned back around and walked back into his Red Room, leaving all of us here incredibly stupefied."UHM SIR, I GOT YOUR VODK-*boom*"

A singular gunshot rang through the hallways as the butlers head was splattered across the room."What did I just fucking sa-...oh yeah, my vodka." Grandpa turned around, took the bottle out of the dead butlers hands, whose face was a mixture of joy and panic, and then re-entered his red room for the final time.

As the doors closed, I finally noticed a rather flustered snake-woman eagerly waiting for him inside."Now then, where were we, my sweet?"

I turned around."Uhm..."

"Betcha thought your pops was the limit when it came to crazy, didn't cha?" Tyrone asked me with a snort, eliciting in the best response I could manage right now. A movement of up and down... aka, dumbfounded nodding."Erm... can I go now? I kinda wanna explore a bit more."

"Sure. Should I tell Maxima that you've got your own body?" Another set of nods, this time a bit faster, indicating that my state of dumbfoundedness was finally over."Alright... be safe, Aria."

"I'll do my best, Ty-senpai." He shook a bit from my answer."And Aria?"

"Yes?" I turned my body around to face him."Call me senpai one more time and I'll make sure you spend some time locked in a coffer."

"EEEEH?" He didn't respond to my stupefiction, just walked away like some kinda boss.




Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, exploration!"So, once again: REALITY, HERE I COME! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break..

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I love writing Aria. Now that shes finally free, I think I'll love writing her semi-psychotic-AI and semi-two-months-old-little-girl personality. <img src=">

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