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The Following Morning... - The Zatara Family Mansion - Audrey's Point Of View...

"Hnyaaanm!" I stretched my arms and legs as I woke, pushing the sheets of my own brothers bed away as I did.

One look towards my left, to the still-sleeping frame of my elder brother and the events of last night and early today morning played themselves out to me. It was all so...


More than it just being an illicit union between a brother and a sister.. this ...

I shook my head as I looked around the room, taking note of the very visible traces of dark energy still floating around, dancing in unison with its crimson partner.

My energy.

And that of my brothers.

Void and Chaos, flowing as one.

Everything around me felt like it should not be. Like what we did yesterday was the same as giving the bird to the entirety of reality.

Void and Chaos are not exactly allies...

But what does that mean for me and Leo?

I turned my head back around to face him... and smiled.

Just because Void and Chaos are not allies, does not mean they can't be more."Worse than forbidden. Unnatural."

Another beaming smile etched itself onto me as I leaped to my feet and off the bed, darkness weaving itself around me within the same instant that I touched the floor. I just felt great today!

And when I feel great, people tend to die.

.. to be fair, they're even more likely to die when I don't feel great...

Anyways, lets go upstairs!"Ough.."

Raising my legs up the stairs seemed to be rather... eh, difficult.

I did have a nine inch pole repediately stabbed into me yesterday.. Here's to hope it wont inhibit my powers, as I'd like to do it again sometime soon.

Walking out of brothers basement revealed an entirely empty corridor... this place used to give me the creeps, like a thousand wailing souls were continously screaming in torment."Heh, if only I knew how true that was."

My brother has a thousand souls chained to him, each one screaming its own twisted crescendo... just being near him, I could feel my power growing. That said, I wonder where everyone is?

"Hahaha, right then, you guys have fun!" My father left the so-called briefing room. Just a random place within the mansion where people come to chill-out and/or get missions. Its usually full of people.

Father then noticed me approaching him... he took one look at me and another at Leo's room before giving out a sigh."Welp, I guess it really does run in the family."

I blinked."Huh?"

"You two fucked all night." He deadpanned me as I blinked and felt heat rising to my cheeks, but only for the briefest moment."You seem... rather fine with it?"

He shrugged."I've fucked my fair share of sisters, Audrey."

"We have aunts?" Tilting my head in confusion as my father laughed, a cruel and somehow terrifying laugh."You have five."

"So how come we never met them?" He laughed again."Oh? But you see them every day, darling. I've always wondered how the artist could make such wonderful statues... must've been a gorgon. Speaking off; Hey Medusa, get yourself to my office. I could use some company."

I found myself gaping at father as I turned around to look at the five female statues in front of fathers office... and sure enough, five souls could be seen petrified, paralyzed in the darkness."Holy fuck."

"Thats what happens when you betray your father-sssss...." A familair woman slithered out of the briefing-room and next to me, her elongated tongue reaching for my neck."Pull that thing back into your mouth before I rip it out, Medusa."

The poor girl basically leaped backwards, striking a wall in the process."R-right! Sorry, mistress! It won't happen again!" She slithered away, following my father into his Red Room with the speed of a hungry hooker.

Finally, I made my way to the inside of the briefing room, only to find that all eyes landed on me within seconds. To my right were Ned, another gorgon and.."The Minotaur? Thought you died back there..."

He grinned at me and pointed towards the gorgon to his right."Ma baby here used the ashes of the vampire twins to resurrect me. I's undead now, but I's still got it." He flexed, his greying muscles pumped with might as the gorgon swooned from the display."Oh.. right, might as well learn your names then, since you've lived this long next to me."

"Name's not really important, but ma tag is Big G, or just BG, if you're feelin' lazy." He replied with a bright smile on his face as I turned towards the gorgon."My tag is Sizzy. Its nice to finally introduce myself to you, milady."

"Likewise, Sizzy, Big G." Finally turning my head to my left... there appeared to be one of Leo's vampire maids, a strange asian man with glowing eyes and some kind of ninja robot who was currently sharpening his blades."You guys still feel like killing us?"

The vampiress shrugged."Nah, since you and the master fucked, we've all been... sedated." I blinked in momentary confusion."Were we really that loud or something? How come everyone knows?"

Tyrone, who was sitting in the middle in a chair of his own with a strange android and cyborg standing next to him, replied to me."You werent. Bossess room is soundproof, made sure of it myself... but whatever you two did yesterday, all of us.." He pointed towards my brothers allies, the people he brought here from Japan."We could all feel it happening... it was like... like drowning in shadows. So fucking relaxing man.. like the best, biggest high you could ever dream off."

"I... see." A blink, no make that several before I decided to just let out a massive sigh and sit down with my group."Ned, are you alright?"

"Aside the fact that I must now serve two queens in comparison to one king, everything is fine." He replied with a grumble as he threw a nasty look at the vampire maid on the other side of the room."Watch your tone, boy. Or I might just rip your throat out."

To my surprise, the emotionless Ned felt fear from this."R-right, forgive me, milady..."

Turning around towards Big G and Sizzy, I asked."Well, despite everything thats happened recently, do you guys think you can pull off another feast?"

"We could, little miss... but honestly, your enemy has had a couple days extra to prepare now. Maybe we should recruit some more people first? After all, only the three of us are left in your group." I blinked in confusion."But only like.. two people died?"

"Others had their heads blown up by whatever your brother did before the shitfest ended." Big G said with some disdain as I fell into thought."Heads blown up? By Chaos, eh?"

"Wait, how dafuq do you know about Chaos?!" Tyrone stood up and immidiatelly pointed his gun at me. With a wave of my finger, I blasted it away from him and paralyzed him by coating his body in thick shadows."Why would I not know about Chaos?"

Turning my head around to face Leonardo's group, I let my power out of my body, effectively paralyzing everyone in the room for the briefest moment."Do you people even know what happened yesterday?"

The atmosphere was suddenly dispelled as the asian man waved his hand, breaking my power with the slightest movement."You'd do well to not aggravate us, little lady. The only reason why you are still alive is because you are the young masters sister."

"I'm well aware." He nodded and went back to leaning against the wall as I released Tyrone from my grasp, letting the suffocating fool drop onto the ground."Yesterday.. you have an explanation for it?"

The vampire maid asked me with a curious tone but I ignored it to the best of my ability as I began my explanation."The moment you people arrived back home, you were all sent into a murderour rage by that thing you call Chaos. My brother eventually fought against its will and rejected its mind-control, sending a powerful attack of some kind to strike against it. He succedded and made that gigantic eye give out some kind of psychic scream which was powerful enough to make some peoples head explode, apparently."

"The young master defied the will of Chaos?" She asked, somewhat terrified of the notion."But why would he do that?" The android next to Tyrone suddnely spoke, creeping me out somewhat."Because the thing wanted him to rape and mutilate me?"

The entire room went silent at that for a few minutes."And after this horrifying event, instead of running away as far as possible, you went to fuck him? ... kinda seems like Chaos got what it wanted in the end." Tyrone said, apparently gaining some kind of deep insight as he placed a finger onto his chin."No.. if I know anything about bossess... benefactor, then this shit went exactly as it expected. As it wanted this to go... looks like boss was forced into another test of some kind."

"You mean like the time he nearly killed us all?" The vampire maid turned her attention to Tyrone, who nodded approvingly."Hmm, looks like the masters flesh has given you more insight than the rest of us, my friend." The glowing-eyed asian spoke in a tone of respect as Tyrone lamely rubbed the back of his head."Ah, w-what can I say, I do my best."

"Wait-wait-wait-wait! The masters flesh? What the hell?" I tilted my head in utter confusion as Tyrone let out a sigh."Some time ago, the boss went on some kinda Chaos-induced frenzy and tried to kill us... managed to kill one of us, actually. Thing is, after he woke up from his shit-on-everything phase, he also did his best to heal us... I was kinda missing some bits of myself at that time, so the boss used his own to replace them."

"And my brother survived this how exactly?" He shrugged."Dunno, regeneration probably. Chaos, otherwise."

A blink."I.. see... anyways, I-we, should really go."

My group gathered outside, each surviving member somehow eager to get the fuck out of that room."Huh.. and here I thought your powers were supposed to be the freaky ones, misstress." Big G said with shock etched onto his face as I blinked several times more, my brain hopelessly trying to process the events moments prior to this.

"Trouble, little miss?" Butcher Joyce suddenly appeared, having been instructing some guards next to the entrance to the mansion, the stairs which lead to it were cracked and broken. In fact, the same could be said about the entirety of the garden... how come father didn't mention any of this?

I let out a massive sigh."No.. just... freaked out a bit, I guess. Anyways, I need more people for my group. Interested?"

"In joining or to act as your recruiter?" He asked me with a quirked eyebrow."I got Ned to do the recruiting, asking you to join."

He promptly shoved his twin butcher knives into their sheaths beneath a massive overcoat and nodded with a shrug."Sure, could use the diversion."

"We all could, Joyce." Ned replied with a sigh of his own as I took out my android, only to stop and slap myself as I realized that my purse was dead. Yes, I do mean Mr. Helix by *purse*.

Its how I named him in my contacts."Any of you guys know a thing or two about dark magic?" My entourage blinked in confusion and I let out a massive sigh just as another little icon found itself in the corner of my eye."Huh, wonder if the taxist would know a few places?"

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break..

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And if someone says how Audrey seems out of character here, then lemme remind you that she had a near-death experience. Any twitchiness or pacifism is validated by that alone.

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