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Midnight... - The Zatara Family Mansion - Leonardo's Point Of View...

A deep sigh escaped me as I sat down cross-legged in front of my personal plasma TV.

It wasn't tuned into any programs and I wasn't watching it. I was just... staring right at it.

My mind was a mess right now. Aria and Yomi are still reeling from the psychic backlash of the event prior to this.

In fact... you could say that, for the first time in weeks, my mind is silent.

But for my own thoughts, nothing else is being processed... and that opened up some very interesting new quirks...

Turns out that, while it isn't being used as a processor by and for a certain AI daughter of mine, it can focus that processing power onto other things. Who would've thought?

Anyways, I can feel emotions now... like clouds of color around a person, or perhaps auras would be more like it? And each one has its own stench too.

Why stench? Well, the smells are really... strong. Its often said that animals can sense emotions in others and if this is the shit they go through all the time then I feel sorry for each and every one of them.

"Huh?" I sniffed the air for seemingly no reason and very suddenly, only to discover a rather large amount of something pink, like a pulsating mist, entering my room from above. It trailed from me, onto the stairs and behind the door to the upper floors.

Another intake of air.

My ears seemed to twitch as a furious drumbeat began playing. It was a familiar beat, yet it was not my own.

I could hear the heart of the person outside my door, beating rapidly, fast, fast and faster as the moments went by. And each of them felt like an eternity.

Man, this almost feels like one hell of a trip, yet sadly I know that it is not.

Or maybe not sadly. Yeah, thats a bad way to put it. Its more like... weird."Heh.." I chuckled as a multitude of sarcastic retorts made their way into my head, my brain instinctively forging the things Yomi would say to that. Something along the lines of: What? You've been an eldritch monstrosity for a month now and a drug trip is the first thing you've found to be weird?!

... maybe not phrased like that, but thats the general gist of what she'd say.

Anyways, I finally turned my head around to look towards the door, my auspex flaring into existence as I did. And there, beyond the door, stood a lone female figure. She appeared to be naked... or not, I couldn't tell from this distance.

What I could tell however, was that the figure belonged to my sister. Oh, and that pink mist around my room? Its coming from her.

And pink, my dear friends, is the color of lust.

She opened my door, finally starting to move after gazing at my door for a minute or two, entered inside and closed it as quickly as she could. Then, she cast some form of spell, to make herself levitate I think, as she made no sounds while she descended the flight of stairs. I turned my head around, fully intent on playing her delicious little game.

My mind seemed to cool at her presence, the headache dying down, as if it was drowned in shadows. The lights in my room went out one by one and soon, the entire room was coated in darkness, only the light of my TV peering through the darkness, the static it caused making my ears itch, had remained. She approached me, light as a feather and then stopped within a meter of reaching me, her heart beating even more rapidly.

Ba-dum, da-dum....

The melody of her beating heart made me want to fall asleep, just drown in a pool of black, of coalescent shadows and let myself drift. That sounded like an improved version of my dream to melt into a puddle of goo and simply exist.


My dear little sister, since when did you become so..."Intoxicating."

"Eh?!" She yelped quite adorably, as what was most likley an inner monogolue of her own was interrupted by my sudden exclamation."L-leo?" She stammered, nearly falling onto the ground, the pinkish mist turning somewhat yellow. A mixture of fear and embarrassment.

Fear of what? Me?

And embarassment?

Not managing to stop myself, I turned my head around to see her... and in the bright, static light of the TV, there she stood. Wearing naught but a pair of black panties and a bra of the same style."Intresting choice of clothing..." I smiled at her still paralyzed form and stood up, walking around her like some kind of lion pacing around his prey.

My.. prey.

My smile twisted into a grin as I leaned down to her ear, stopping behind her and placing a hand onto her left shoulder, feeling her body shiver at my touch."... for a sister to be walking into her brothers room, ever so silently." She shivered again as I continued."Why, its almost like you want to do something illicit, something..."

Now I had hands on both of her shoulders."... naughty." I felt something inside of me awakening, some terrible hunger and urge.

It was difficult to be certain as to what it was telling me to do, but at this moment I really didn't care. Audrey took in a quickened, deep breath, causing her chest to expand, to rise and to fall as I gazed down, entranced.

The heat of the room was rising, feeling like all it would take was a single match to set things ablaze.

And then, she turned around to face me. Her eyes were full of steel and passion, like her mind was finally made up on something. She no longer cared for anything... but her gaze, her almost ethereally mesmerizing pink eyes shone in the darkness of the room. Come to think of it, her hair was pink too and her eyes had cracks of energy leaking through them.

Much the same... as my own.

My hunger rose to unimaginable levels and another joined gaze with my dear little sister was more than enough for me to understand: enough talking, no more thinking. Just, feeling.

She leaped onto me, making me catch her bare back with my arms as we joined our lips for the first kiss, what little clothing she had seemingly evaporating into the shadows, exposing her lithe flesh to me fully.

Audrey wasn't exactly gifted when it came to the ahem, *qualities* that men usually sought in women. She had neither large breasts nor an ass which would cause heads to turn.


She did have one thing; she was tiny. Where I stood at around one meter and eighty centimeters, she was just around one fifty. And that meant only one thing.


Very, tight.

And I was about the experience just how tight.

We separated our lips and she wasted no time in removing my upper clothing, taking more than a few moments to enjoy my scars and trail with her fingers across every muscle she could find. Her steeled expression turned hot and heated as she continued exploring and I leaned into her neck, leaving bitemarks and kisses everywhere my lips could reach.

Then, she looked back up and found a certain scar, one of the many upon my body... one whose origin she was well aware off. Right on the lower end of my neck, stood a thin scarred line, quickly regrown skin.

A wound, caused by an assassins blade, a old-fashioned dagger meant to kill. To kill her.

Stopped, by me. She swallowed down as the memory replayed in her head and hugged me closer to herself, pulling me in as strongly as she could, almost as if I would dissappear if she let go... then, she began licking the scar, her hands still trailing around my body, feeling every fiber and clawing at my back.

I could feel her liquids flowing down my pants, causing me to swallow down hard as I carried her over to my bed and put her down there. Our eyes met for the briefest moment again and immidiatelly, I was upon her. My body pressed against hers, rejoicing the feeling of her soft, giving flesh.

I kissed her again, biting her lower lip as my hands reached downwards, feeling every inch, nook and cranny that I could as they did."Ahn!" Audrey let out an uncracteristic moan as my fingers reached their destination, their wet, flooding goal. Unable to stop myself, I pushed in a finger."MN!" She moaned again, louder this time.

Oh my lord... the pressure on my finger... and yet, not a smidge of blood on it. I beamed an inquisitve smile towards Audrey as she gulped and looked away in adorable embarrassment."I use toys.."

I leaned down onto her again, reaching for her cheeks with both of my hands."You won't need them anymore..." I cooed, placing my arms around her head and pulling her in for another deep kiss. My raging lust had reached its peak as I explored her mouth with my tongue, her own inexperienced one trying in vain to fight back.

A minute of frenching later and I could no longer hold myself back."A-Audrey..."

She swallowed, my eyes following the liquid flowing through her bare neck and going down into her lithe, supple body. Then she offered me a a silent nod as I stood off the bed, with her quickly following by sitting upright. Her small hands reached for the uppermost parts of my pants, her lips gasping for air as she took note of my enraged hard on. Even through my pants, she could clearly see what awaited her... her expression turned into a mixture of fear and excitement as she pulled my remaining articles of clothing down."W-Whoa!" I had to supress a chuckle at her amazement as my junior was finally freed from the confines of my pants.

"I-.I uh.. thats.. big..." She muttered, mostly to herself as I let out a cheery laugh and breathed out, the sound seeming very much alike to a lions, about to punce on a vulnerable gazelle. Onto a delicious peice of meat, onto... prey.

I leaned back down onto her with a massive grin on my face and said."Well, its going to be in you soon." She bit her lip and swallowed down again with a nod of finality."You're gonna break me."

She replied with a curious tone, yet her legs were already spreading for me, revealing her pink, unspoiled cavern. Wasting no time to posistion my crown right at her flooded entrance, I reveled at the sight, resisting every urge to just ram it in like a maniac.

No, this was my adorable little sister. I don't want to hurt her and, as such, I must retain control.

She grasped my arms with her own, coiling her wet fingers around my wrists in preparation, her uncertain yet excited gaze focused downwards. I decided to tease her a bit, as I moved my crown around, spreading her vaginal lips one after the other."Mnmm....."

Another moan, as her hips began moving on their own, eagerly pushing forwards and yet not managing to embrace my member, but coating me in her liquids nonetheless. I could feel my inner hunger gnawing at my throat, urging me to slam into her.

Yet, as I laid back down onto her, I put my arms around her once again and embraced her fully. Holding her close like this, I could not just hear, but feel her healthy, beating heart, her body trembling in excitement, shivering at my every touch."Auds-"

"Do it." She commanded and closed her eyes shut, biting her own lip once more. And who was I to deny the lady her command?

Slowly, ever so carefully, I began to move, pushing my crown into her tight cavern. A myraid of sparks passed through me with every centimeter I covered, her walls constricting around me as her entrance seemed to vacuum more of me inside."L-Le-h!"

My crown was fully inside of her now, the entirety of it being carresed by her walls and I could no longer hold myself back as I began pushing through her. Every inch felt like pushing through concrete, yet each inch covered offered pleasure like nothing I've ever felt before.

Audrey's eyes rolled backwards for every inch of me that was inside of her, continuing on for what seemed to be an eternity as every moment saw us writing in pleasure and pain, mixed together in a twisted form of senseless euphoria.

Finally, I reached the entrance to her womb, causing Audrey to give out a deep breath, each gasp of air quickening her already heaving breaths, leaving me mesmerized as I watched her chest rise and fall once again. Her lithe body shivered and squirmed as my sisters flooded cavern released even more fluids, her hips shooting upwards as she reached her silent orgasm.

Her breathing eventually cooled and she turned her gaze back towards me. A few more breaths were taken by the each of us."Move." She commanded me again, causing me to grin as I realized that her commanding me was a way to keep her pride in tact.

She probably wasn't used to being prey. And I loved every second of being the hunter.

I hugged her closer to myself again, with one hand around her shivering back and the other grasping her ass, eagerly feeling each bit of her generous, giving flesh. Finally, I began to move, her love cavern pulling me back inside with all of its might, the sheer pressure, the pleasure making me grit my teeth as I started moving my hips up and down.

Her legs, spread wide in a V-shape, trembled slightly every time I reached her sweet spot. I felt my crown kissing the entrance to her womb again and again, each time leaving it open wider than before. My member pulsed again and again, as I could feel my own first orgasm coming up.

Releasing her from my hold and taking hold of her hips, I let myself lose control for the first time in this intoxicating encounter. Roughly, I pushed myself back inside of her, causing her eyes to widen once again as I started moving as quickly as I could, her tight walls becoming even tighter around me as my speed went up, seemingly intent to keep as much of me inside as they could.

Grinning at her, I placed a finger into my little sisters mouth, to which she immidiatelly responded to with a smirk and began suckling on it. Watching her suck my finger made me swallow down hard as I began to pound into her, my hips moving up and down in the same rhytm as hers.

Then, I leaned back down and picked her up with my arms grasping her butt, her flowing liquids drenching the bed sheets as she caught me in a leg lock. We kissed once more, our lips joined in a passionate battle of tongues and saliva.

I leaped off the bed, startling her as we landed infront of it. The fall had, much to my pleasure, the intended effect of forcing my crown into her womb."Iyahn!- W-wha.." She looked down, swallowing hard as she massaged her own stomach with a hand, feeling the outer shape of my cock as she did."D-did you j-just...?"

Another grin was her answer as I leaned into her ear."I'm inside of your womb, Audrey." She yelped, her eyes going wide once more as I began pounding in and out of her at full speed.

Her walls began constricting around me even tighter as she experienced orgasm after orgasm, sending wave after wave of euphoria to me. I could feel myself growing inside of her as my orgasm was approaching.

And then, I finally found my own release."AHNM!" Audrey screamed out as I continued slamming into her with as much force as I could muster, delivering splurt after splurt of hot seed right into my little sisters womb, her greedy cavern milking me for all I was worth as she tightened around me each time I pulled back and relaxed as I went back in.

Our squirming bodies caused us to both to lose control of our functions, causing us to fall down into a sitting posistion, cross-legged, much like I had been prior to all this. Her legs released me from her leg-lock, each shivering and carelessly moving to its respective sides.

We remained there, experiencing unnatural pleasures as darkness and essence coalescent around us, mixing and twisting in equally unnatural ways. Audrey's gasping form then fell onto my chest, every one of her breaths sending sparks through my skin. She looked up to me with those amazing, glowing pink eyes of hers...

And we kissed once more, this time not out of passion, but love. It wasn't a quick kiss, it was deep and loving and hungering all at the same time. Like our souls were joined together for the briefest moment. Something which I hadn't experienced with any other girl.

Most likely because I actually think of Audrey as my sister... Though this may seem a bit unfair to Yuko... I didn't actually see her as a sister but a woman. Or, maybe that is fair? The correct way to see it?

Whichever may be the case, what I feel for Audrey now...

We separated, our lips trailing a line of saliva as we did, heated breaths escaping us both."Wow... why didn't we do this before?" She asked in a joking tone as I chuckled."Don't know, don't care. We are doing it now, though..."

She beamed a smile towards me as she realized the meaning behind my words."Gimme a sec and I'll be ready for you again... big brother."

Her words sent shivers up and down my spine as a tinge of red uncharacteristically formed on my own cheeks, but I grinned and lightly nibbed on her ear as I replied."Then I'll be ready to pound you into blissfull unconsciouness again... little sister."

A gulp was my answer as she let out a euphoric sigh of relief and used my shoulders as support to stand up, looking down and enjoying every moment as her velvet cavern tigtened around me once again, not wanting to let go at all. Finally, after several moments of pure bliss, she managed to pull me out of her.

My seed slowly began dripping from her wet cavern, flowing down her thigh as I beamed her another smile and rose my head slightly to kiss her stomach, right above her womb. Her embarassed frame was more than worth the act, as she said."I.. y'know, I might get pregnant from this." She said in an uncertain tone as I quirked an eyebrow and stood up, hugging her close to myself as I replied."Guess I'm gonna be a dad then."

She blinked, make that twice, before bursting out in merry laughter."You really don't think about this kinda stuff much, do you?"

"Do you?" A quirked eyebrow was her reply as she took in another breath and then shook her head."No. You're right. Who cares?" She questioned with another chuckle.

"Who cares." I replied again as she walked over to the bed and closed her eyes, joining her hands together as if in prayer of some sort. Wordless, soundless chanting echoed in the room, defying reality itself as darkness began to move and mold itself into tendrils as it began entering her body, seemingly healing and rejuvenating her entire self.

The room we were in was temporarily brighter because of it. Seems like while shadow is the absence of light, light may also be the absence of shadow. I turned my head around and towards the grandoise amount of essence, QI, of the life energy which sourrounded us at this moment.

I reached out to it to find that it wasn't directly mine, but more like it was descended from mine. From that of Chaos... it was... like pure life itself. What .. caused it to exist?"Huh.. the shadows.... they're.. I've never felt any be so... thick? Powerful..." Audrey whispered as the darkness infused her very being, returning stamina to her body.

So both the shadows and the life around us were different to what we were used to? Could it be that they were formed from our ...

I shook my head, a thought for later."There.. I'm ready."

She grinned at me, eyes full of life once again. Grinning back at her, I promptly inhaled as much of the strange life-force around me, feeling it restore me as the dark restored her."Whoah.." She said as she watched the event happen."What? If you can cheat, so can I."

My answer was a full blown smirk, a lick of her luscious lips and a sexy catwalk as she approached me."If this is your definition of cheating.... then lets cheat all night long, dear brother."

My hunger returned once more and before I knew it, we were already embracing each other again, my lips on hers in another passionate kiss.

A quick look around the room made me notice the couch I was sitting on beforehand and a pleasurable idea formed in my mind as I walked over to it, raising her up by putting my hands on her tight ass once more and then laying her down onto the outside back of the couch."Uh, Leo?" She questioned me as she found that she couldn't lay down onto anything. My response?

An instant plunge right into her womb."G-guhmnnn!" She moaned and grunted at the same time as her eyes went wide and she let her head fall onto the couch, her legs spread wide as I grasped her hips once again."I'm gonna fuck you silly, sis. Hope you're ready!" I said with a laughing tone as her tongue went out of her mouth.

I began slamming into her, in and out with as much force as I could muster, her tiny pussy squirming with every blow, our fluids blasting all over the couch as she clawed at the leather, her lithe fingers twisting as her hips rocked back and forth with pleasure.

Gritting my teeth as I sped up even more, her giving pussy being much easier to penetrate now that its been properly pummeled, I felt myself becoming harder and harder.

"MNYAAA!" Audrey moaned out loudly as she came once again, seeming immesely pleasured by my rabid advance as I continued pounding her into blissfull unsconsciousness, her stomach rising and falling as my member plumbed her ever-tightening depths.

Finally, I managed to enter her womb once more, stopping my advance brieftly in order to enjoy the sight of my little sister being impaled on my cock, before returning to my merciless slamming with even more fervor than before.

Raising her right leg up to my shoulder and thus, twisting her to one side, I gave it a long lick as I pushed myself even deeper inside of her, the outline of my cock becoming even more apparent on her stomach as she grinned back at me, slightly drooling from the euphoria.

With one final thrust, I felt myself explode inside of her, this time not continuing to pound her but rather fully enjoying being inside of her for the entire duration, filling up her greedy womb with even more of my seed."Mmnnn!!" Audrey's moan sent shivers up and down my spine as I felt myself; as they say: popping a nut.

Chuckling at my own internal monologue as I finished my release, I let out a breath of relief and pulled her back up, her lips eagerly meeting mine in another passionate kiss."You are wonderful..." She whispered, her sweet, silken voice echoing through my mind as I smirked."Same to you..."

Offering a smirk of her own to me, she promptly created two hands of darkness and pushed me down, my member still inside of her womb as we fell down onto the ground."My turn!" She exclaimed in a joyful tone as she pushed herself up, posistioning herself cowgirl style."Be my guest." Was my reply as she smiled and placed both hands onto my chest, feeling my muscles and scars once again before beginning to move.

Pushing herself up and down without pause, I rejoiced in the feeling of her velvet cavern constricting around me, her walls sucking me in each time she rose and tightening with every fall."Ahn!" Another moan echoed throughout the room as she reposistioned her arms behind her and began riding me faster, more wildly than before.

Her glowing eyes shone in the darkness, mesmerizing me as I watched her cute face twisting in pleasure every time my cock penetrated her gaping, flooded womb. Within an instant, she sped up her advance, her walls greedily milking me as she did.

Then, she stopped for a moment and rose her right hand with a smirk."Dont panic." I quirked an eyebrow at her as shadows rose my body up so it looked like I was laying down in mid-air. It was a weird feeling, but I could see why she would do this, as Audrey created two pillars of darkness to use as supports, allowing her to quicken her ride.

Gritting my teeth as I felt her speeding up, becoming rougher and rougher, her silken walls scraping against my member with every push and rise. Then, she slowed, eliciting an eyebrow from me."Hmm?"

"Not... not yet... I want it.. I want it all." A grin plastered itself onto my face."Oh? What all?"

An uncracteristic blush etched itself onto hers as she realized what she just said."I-Uh,.. oh fuck it, I. WANT. YOUR. CUM!!!"

Her sudden change in demeanor sent shivers up and down my spine as I put my hands behind my back and smirked at her."Then come and get it."

My reply caused her to speed up to her maximum, her reddening ass cheeks becoming even redder as she did, slamming herself onto me without stopping even for a breath. My prideful tone was quickly crushed as her advance forced a grunt out of me as I broke the shadow constructs she had made and pushed her into a wall. The cold stone caused her to shiver in contrast to the intoxicating heat of our love making."Change of plans, I'm gonna give it to you!"

She grinned at me, catching me into a leg-lock once again as she let herself fall, causing me to grab her ass once again as I began to pound her dripping pussy with everything I had, fully intent on giving her that same everything.

Our rabid love-making caused the wall to crack and made me realize just how much force I was using, yet Audrey appeared thankfully unharmed as I continued slamming in and out of her. With one final slam, I came inside of my little sister for the third time today, bursting splurt after splurt directly into her womb.

The bulge on her stomach was more than simply visible now, making her look as if she was pregnant already. Something about that made me feel even more pleasure as I continued releasing inside of her.

Eventually, as we both let out a breath of hot relief, I pulled out of her and somehow managed to walk over to the bed. Throwing ourselves onto it and locking fingers with Audrey, I felt myself breathe out again. This was... relieving.

More so than that..."Unnatural..." Audrey whispered in a euphoria all of her own as she turned around towards me, her pink eyes locking onto my golden ones."Intoxicating." I replied to her assessment.

"Amazing." She continued as I chuckled."Illicit..." We both grinned at that as she leaped on top of me once again."Lets do it again!" She exclaimed with a full smile as I out a sigh...

And kissed her, yet... again.

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