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The following evening.. - The Zatara Family Mansion - Leonardo's Point Of View...

Finally, after like seven more minutes needlessly wasted on random idiots trying to get their personal questions in my way, we made it home. Walking into the garden which I had come to know so well over the years made me feel quite nostalgic.

All the people I drowned in the fountain, all the assassins whose heads I bashed into trees, all the unruly servants suffocated by forcefeeding them flowers... Good times, good times indeed.

Looking around the place as my team of misfits did their work, already exchanging greetings with the stationary guards at the gate, I found myself drawn to one particular spot right at the entrance to the mansion.

For there, at the highest marble step, stood my younger sister, Audrey. Her head turned around, towards me.

And as soon as our eyes met....

Meanwhile... - Audrey's Point of View...

"Right then, is everybody ready?" I asked the group of ten wonderful abominations who had decided to diligently and loyally follow me everywhere after our last joined outing.

Yesterday was fun! I can only hope that my good friend Millie will prove equally as etertaining as Theodora. Hmm, wonder if I should text her that I'm a candidate just in case?

Maybe she could lure some other prey into my tra-"Huh?" I suddenly felt something horrifying very close to me. Everyone around me tensed as I slowly began turning my head around.

Only to meet the burning, golden eyes of my brother Leonardo, gazing directly at me with ... intent.

What kind?

I .. I honestly couldn't tell.

What I could comprehend however, was the pained scream of my ever-so-friendly vampire caretaker Ned, as a gunshot tore through my ears."AAAAAAAAAAAAR-gh! W-what the fu-" Another bullet was fired, this time blowing a hole in Neds neck, causing blood to spurt out by the liters."U-ugha-"

The vampire fell to his knees in pain as we all turned our heads towards the shooter, my brothers personal bodyguard and de facto best friend, Tyrone. The giant man, wielding a laser submachinegun in his left hand and a plasma pistol in his right hand, was currently gnashing a cigarette with his teeth, all of which appeared to belong on some sort of shark rather than a human."Boss... I dunno if yer feelin' dis shite, but I really wanna kill that group over there."

My brothers eyes were wide, but not in shock... no, his expression was that of pure, implausible rage."Do it." A simple answer, more than enough for Tyrone's expression to switch into a bloodthristy grin and charge forward faster than was humanly possible, a giant fist appearing right in front of Ned's face within a split second. Thankfully, a certain gentlemen managed to intervene, as a plume of dark smoke forged itself into existence in front of Ned, catching the fist and protecting the vampire from an early last death.

The figure turned out to be Lord Istvan Helix, the very gentleman who bought me all of those books a few days ago."Now, I'm sure that whatever caus-" He was rudely interrupted as Tyrone sent a kick to his chin, leaped backwards and shot the older vampire through the chest with his laser sub, only to hit thin air as the beams of hot light crisped the stone walls of the mansion. Thank god that father isn't here right now...

The older vampire reappeared in mid air and called out."Anna! Belle! WHAT IS THIS?! I COMMAND YOU TO AID M-" A blast of something purplish tore through the skies as Istvan was sent flying backwards, the evening sun tearing into his skin as he was forced into the light."AAAAAAARGH! IT BURNS!"

"Belle?" One of the vampire twins questioned the other, who shot the bolt of what could only have been arcane lightning, chantlessly might I add."Dearest sister, don't you think its time we moved up in the world?" The black haired woman shrugged and then openly released her own bloodlust, each fully intent on annihilating Istvan.

I rushed to his side, channeling everything I had into a shield of darkness and shadow as the twin vampires crashed against it, easily evaporating every last bit of power I had on me, but this was enough for Istvan to recover."Little lady!" He yelled out in panic and, as he pulled me close to himself, teleported us both some distance away. A blink on instinct, that must've cost him a lot of mana.

But this was only delaying the inevitable...

Back with Leo...

Wordlessly, I charged forward as I gathered my energies into my legs and right hand, blood spurting from the latter and forging Eadom into existence."Yomi, shield. Aria, take control of the mansions defense systems."

"O-okay, L-Leo..." Yomi's voice made me pause for the briefest second for her tone indicated fear, something which I was not very used to.

Right. On it.

Aria, on the other hand, appeared to be exhuding just the same bloodthrist, anger and feelings of pure betrayal as my companions.

As I did.

For as soon as my eyes locked with my sisters, I saw the grotesque filth, the darkness she had become in my absence."W-wait, m-master!" A young gorgon rushed to my sisters side, casting a shield of pure mana around the trio in order to protect them from me.

But my blade easily cut through the shield and yet, as soon as I was about to reach the gorgons pale serpentine flesh, I was knocked into the air by a pillar of stone."Walls of the labyrinth!" A minotaur exclaimed in panic as he channeled magic into the ground, erupting several stone pillars from it and making me land away from my target.

I scoffed."A worthy effort, but FUTILE!" Channeling QI into my blade and arm, I swung the superheated thing in a horizontal arc, easily slicing through the mana-risen stone wall like a hot knife through butter."Says you!" The gorgon from before exclaimed proudly as her silver eyes shone with magic, causing me to laugh and pull one of the mansions many hallway mirrors out into the open and in front of me, watching with curiosity as the mirror defied reality itself, crashing and breaking through other physical objects without a care in the world.

The gorgon screamed as her eyes blasted her own petrifying gaze upon herself and fell to the ground, writhing in pain but not quite stone."MOO!" A thunderour roar nearly ruptured my ears as the minotaur rushed to my flank, lifting his massive axe overhead and fully intent on cleaving me in half.

Due to my recent impulsive mirror pull, I found myself unable to react on time, most likely due to the limitations placed upon me by the Curse Of Vulnerability. However... I am not alone.

A sickening sound broke through the minotaurs roar as his skull was shattered by a rather beautiful roundhouse kick to the face, courtesy of belle. Several gunshots rang in unison with the breaking of bone, as Tyrone pummeled the minotaurs guts with his own desert eagle, causing the man-bulls insides to spill onto the pavement."Blguarl..." Blood gathered in the minotaurs mouth and within moments, he breathed no more."Y-you bastard! YOU KILLED JERRY!"

A duo of vampires, much like Anna and Belle, rushed towards me, seemingly intent on getting revenge for the death of their boyfriend or whatever he was to them. But...

With Audrey...

It all happened within moments as the two vampire lesbians rushed my brother, there was a thunderous crack striking against the ground.

When my mortal brain finally managed to comprehend reality again, the vampire girls were no more... No, all that remained of them was a splatter on the ground, meat and bone, old and withered, turning to dust and ashes.

"NO! THEY WERE MY FAVORITES!" Istvan screamed in fury as he rudely tossed me aside and brought out the full power of his vampiric self. For a few seconds, eternity seemed to take the place of moments, as Istvan launched his attack, a massive formation of magically summoned bats, carrying a plethora of diseases and flesh melting acids with their passing.

A carrion swarm. The massive spell had cost the old man, as all magic has a price. Techinically, so long as you were willing to pay its price, all magic could be chantless... dust rose from the ground as the carrion swarm tore through everything in front of us.

And then... it fell back down.

With my brother and everyone else who was on his side... still alive.

Unharmed, with only two words being heard through the shock."Spell Break." Two simple words, yet each as stupid as it is impossible."WHAT?! That cannot be! Carrion swarm isn't some stupid fireball that can be broken!"

Istvan screamed again in both horror and growing fear as the two vampires on Leo's side approached him and grinned as the light of the sun shined upon their backs."W-wha, h-how can you... Anna, Belle, what has happened to you, my beautiful wives?!"

"The masters blood..." The black haired Anna began, her grin reaching ever greater heights as she and her sister lifted Istvan into the air, each impaling one of his shoulders, rich dark blood flowing down their hands."Urgh!"

Istvan grunted in pain, seemingly unable to move due to the cost of his spell, one so grand and yet, so easily broken. Is..

Is this.. the power, of Chaos?

"... has returned the life to our veins." Her sister Belle, finished as both of them threw the man onto the ground and devoured him alive within seconds, so quickly that the man couldn't even scream. When they were done, they turned their gaze upon me.

... And I lost myself to the dark, conscious but utterly paralyzed.

Leonardo's Point Of View...

"Pitiful..." The twins muttered out in dissappointment as the rest of the mansion rushed outside to watch the scene unfold in horror. Humans and Inhumans alike bore faces of shock and awe at the pure might displayed by us all.

And we felt pride in our actions, despite murdering our own family. I grit my teeth, finally managing to regain some of myself as I stood before my younger sisters broken form, yellow liquids flowing from her thigh.

Dominate... Subjugate...

"A-ARGH!" I fell to my knees in pain as the soundless, toneless voice of Chaos tore through my mind, more painfully than ever before.

Take her!... Rape her!...

"Urgh!" I grasped my head with both hands as my eyes were forced open, each corner of my sight wrought in red.




Channeling all that I had, every bit of power I had ever been given, taken or mastered along the way of my entire yet relatively short life, I put it all into a compressed ball of energy within my right hand."Fuck..."

And I turned my head around, more angry, more furious than I had ever felt before in my entire life."YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

Chaos was trying to assume direct control over my body, this forced a piece of it into our reality. And there, in the skies above the mansion, just outside of Yomi's magic shield, was an enourmous skinless eye, each vein pulsed with crimson energy, each one of its countless iris's gazed with a will of its own. However, this semi-physical form allowed me to do something I had been wanting to do for quite a while now...

Hurt. It.

Damage Chaos.

My blast of concentrated everything tore through the skies as a crimson beam of psionic energy, Qi and mana alike, forged and fused together in unimaginable ways and slammed into the countless eye.

"IRYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" Chaos itself screamed out as my blow reached its vulnerable form, or a miniature piece of itself, aynways. This horrible, twisted scream caused a psychic backlash powerful enough to send everyone to their knees, making several people give out their own final screams as their heads blew up, splattering the entirety of the mansion in blood, bone and gore.

Meanwhile... - Audrey's Point Of View...

As soon as I felt myself fading away into blissfull unconsciousness, I was suddenly forced awake by the presence of something...





And brutal.


I looked up, first to my brother who seemed to be gathering an enormous amount of energy into his palm."Fuck..." He cursed, somewhat comically as he pushed everything he had into that simple ball of pure chaos."YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

His voice, distorted and furious, more so than I ever heard before, tore through what seemed to be the entirety of the world as he blasted something in the sky with everything he had. The energy which collided with the invisible thing managed to form a simplified outline of the thing he was aiming for and...

It was immense.


There was no end to it.

A look to the right, and one could see its tendrils reaching to the other end of as far as my eye could see. The left was the same.

Up, down, right and left and every side and angle, nothing was different. Everywhere I looked, the thing encompassed it ALL!

Yet, as the blast connected with the thing, something tore through my ears, causing them to bleed and making me lose all form of cohesion. People around me began to scream, some blowing up in a show of gore, others with bleeding ears much like mine.

No, it wasn't my ears that were bleeding.

My brain...

My poor mortal brain...

I felt the vessels inside popping one by one. Yet, as I laid there, on the ground, I forced myself to look back down towards my brother.

And I saw it... the face of success. He was grinning, but not in bloodthirst or rage, but relief and sheer joy.

... I see now. That thing. Its Chaos, isn't it?

Void and Chaos are not exactly allies, eh?

That thing told my brother to kill me, most likely. But, he resisted.

He rebelled against its will, against the will of what could very well be called a god!


For me?

Perhaps the event itself has awakened my own insanity, but I couldn't help but feel... special, right now.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

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