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I hate that.

How dare you tank peoples hopes and dreams of survival just because you are an edgy emo fuck with nobody to love?!

Thats just sickening.

But if you like seeing people suffer because you are sadistic, then thats perfectly okay! Very Happy

Anyways, here comes the next chapter of EUPHORIA! I sincerely hope that you enjoy, let us begin!

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Sometime later... - Rome - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"Ah! Up there!"

"What is it!?"

"Is it a bird!?"

"Is it a pla-"



Nearly failing to land properly due to the stupidity of the yells and exclamations coming from below me, I somehow managed to glide through a park full of reporters, police force, mafia goons and normal people. This was one of the many parks within the confines of Rome, one which has a massive artificial lake in the middle of it, with a multitude of willow trees and miniature hills dyed green in rich, healthy grass and a myriad of multicolored flowers. Its one of those parks that couples usually frequent.

The very same park where the very first piece of Eadom, or rather Caedes, once resided. A mere street away from my fathers mansion.

Looking down at the many people below me gazing in wonder, I promptly make a hand gesture towards a minor group, telling them to move aside."Ah, he'll land here, I think!" Thankfully, one member of the group realized my intentions and the group of people moved away in time as I let myself drop onto the ground with a resounding thud, feet first of course."Uooh, did he... is he okay?"

The dust settled and the many murmurs became utterly paralyzed as the people thought I broke my legs or something apparently."Maybe we should've made a landing.. y'know, before he arrived?"

"Or maybe he could've just walked like a normal person instead of flying... fucking esper freak." Another voice echoed throughout the crowd, seemingly disgusted.

But, I have to admit that jealousy is very easy to catch though conversation. I yawned into my right hand as I stood up, revealing the fact that I was perfectly fine. Immidiatelly, Tyrone rushed to my side."Boss! These arseholes are blocking the road into our place.. if we can't get Yomi's coffin inside on time, she might start decomposing prematurely."

"Coffin? Deco-OH! Guys, I think we're blocking a funeral.."

"Yomi? What kinda prehistoric name is that?"

"Still don't feel like doing this is moraly right, man."

"Look, you want to be a good reporter? Sometimes morals need to be thrown away."

"But they flew here in a jet, man! If the body inside is dead for more than twelve hours, they won't be able to reconstruct it properly."

"So they'll have to keep it in a capsule for more than a month, who gives a shite?! They're rich people, stop respecting them!"

"ENOUGH!" I promptly yelled out loudly, catching everyones attention as my ire began to grow rapidly."Which one of you is the leader of this blockade?!" Unintentinally, I let out a bit of my KI, causing many people to start feeling dread.

Now this, is the kind of emotions I've come to know!

"Here's to hope you didn't spend all of your mercy points a few minutes ago, Leo... because killing everyone here would be bad." Yomi reminded me with a worried tone as I bit back my rising anger and exhaled, allowing everyone to breathe normally again."W-w-what the fuck was that!?"

"Uhm.. sir?" A young man around my age with short black hair and a pale face, wearing a suit and tie kind of outfit, approached me with a worried look on his face. He had an entire entourage of cameramen and other reporters following close behind, yet none actually daring to approach me."Yes? Are you the one blocking the road?"

"N-no, at least I'm not the o-only one." He answered me as he rose a microphone to my face, then pulled it back as he adjusted the distance which the microphone could receive voice. Finally, as he managed to properly set himself up around two meters away from me, he asked."Sir, I'd like to ask you some questions concerning your p-powers as an Esper... please?"

"Move the fucking blockade. I will not utter a single word for as long as my girlfriends body is being denied the attention it deserves. So no, fuck you and your please." I calmly explained, my words causing several differing reactions as Yomi yelped adorably in my mind."G-girlfriend?!"

"Its what we call lovers in this day and age, if you didn't know this already, Yomi." She sent me a still-confused blink."N-no, I do know that b-but... are you sure about t-"

"I've never been more sure, dear. Though you do not have a body yet, you are the first woman I met that I actually saw as a woman, as someone worth my time, someone I actually wanted to spend time with. So yeah, unless you don't want to be, you are my girlfriend." She blinked again and turned her head away before fiddling with her fingers adorably for a moment."Y-yeah. I do want to."

"Then its settled." I beamed her a smile as I somehow managed to keep up my angered expression in reality."A-ah, I see.." The reporter turned around and waved people away. Thus, the blockade was over."Now, what do you want from me, paparazzi? And be quick about it, if you would. As you can hopefully see, I have other far more important things to be doing right now."

The guy swallowed down hard before replying."W-well, the first q-q-question on everybody's minds right n-now is... are you an enemy?"

I tilted my head sideways, shut my eyes and shook my head in utter confusion."W-wha?"

My epic response made him gape, close his mouth, swallow again and then ask."Erm.. Jesus Christ how do I even put this? You know the current wars happening in America, yes?"

Now, my rage returned in full force."So just because I'm an Esper, you think I want to kill all normal people for being different? Please, stop being stupid."

"Err..." He trailed off, completely lost. I shook my head in disbelief and looked straight at the camera."People of Europe, have you ever heard of that one American stereotype? Y'know, the one where all Americans believe that their world ideal is the opinion of the entire world? My guess is that this stereotype holds true to the Espers as well. If they want to kill all normal people, then surely all other Espers want to be xenophobic edgelords as well, right?"

Many of the people around us were already ooohing in understanding, yet I still continued on anyways."But you see, the thing is.. I'm fucking European. And I don't share the same opinions as my .. *brethren*."

"So what do you want to do then?" The reported asked me, still somewhat wary but a whole lot more relaxed now that he heard me say how I'm not going to kill everyone."What do I want to do?"

I paused."Well, for one I want to stay being rich, get some kids along the way and secure a stable life?.. thats about it, I guess."

"Huh? N-no, what I m-" I promptly shut the reporter up with a glare."What you mean was what I wanted to do on a worldy scale since I don't want to exterminate normal people, right?"

He looked away in shame, but nodded nonetheless."I don't want anything to do with that. Thank you very much."

"What, really?" One of my onlookers asked with some disdain on his face."Look people, I don't know what kind of superhero or supervillain category you placed me in... but I am not either of those. The wars in America, while a sad reality, have also served as a good chance for me to finally stop hiding who I am. After all, this is an age of incredible technologies, with new ones being developed every single day! Why, just a few days ago, we gave AI citizen rights!"

"So since this is a progressive age, you don't think that Espers are anything weird?" The reporter asked me and I shook my head in negative."Why should we be weird? We're just people. We don't have an innate drive to exterminate everyone who is different, unlike what you may have heard from propaganda. I mean, sure the Espers in America are doing terrible things and even worse shit is being said about them, but the same can be said about Nazi's, no?"

"Well.. when you put it that way..."

"Makes sense, I guess."

"Still seems like a waste of powers, though."

"Okay, the guy who said that last thing, about powers.. What? So I have superhuman abilities, does that mean I must become some kind of superhero immidiately because if I dont, I'll just turn into a supervillain?" I quirked an eyebrow at the idiot who said that, causing the guy to look away in shame as I sighed."People, let me remind you that there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of R-Positive soldiers protecting our country at this very moment! They are, with their immense genetic improvements, much more superhuman than me, than I will ever be. In my opinion, anyways."

Many members of the crowd nodded in approval as I continued."Hell, some of you around me might be gene-soldiers, no? And yet, you guys live normal lives. You have families, loved ones, people you hate, jobs, kids, etc, etc. So what makes me any different? The American Espers are what they are most likely because a bunch of random edgy kids with shitty pasts because of bad parents suddenly decided to come together and form a group to get revenge on all of humanity for something that was done to them by what, a dozen people at best?"

I took in a breath."You want my guess? The leaders of this Esper organization are probably just a bunch of teenagers who, much like you guys, have been indoctrinated by the comics and video games that they played before they made their organization. They do not represent ALL ESPERS. Hell, they probably don't represent all the Espers in America either, yet those people are currently suffering because of their actions."

A helicopter could be heard in the distance but I ignored it."Because of the terrorist Espers actions, normal people will persecute anyone who has psionic powers, no matter what kind of powers, even healing ones."

"H-healing ones?" The reporter asked with incredible hope in his voice. I nodded with pride clear in my frame, as I now had the crowd completely under my control. Taking a quick look around the crown, I noticed a man, most likely a former soldier who had been stabbed or shot in the eye."You there! Come here."

The soldier shrugged."Hell... why not."

He walked over to me, uniform and all, as he took off the eyepatch on his left eye, revealing a gaping hole through where his eye once was."Uh, may have bit off more than I can chew but, I can still try if you'd like." I admitted in front of everyone as the soldier shrugged."Meh, I figured as much. But.. well what are the risks?"

"Honestly? A partially reformed eye... it'll hurt and, if not finished in time, might get infected really badly. That said, even if I fail, normal doctors could easily finish up the rest with cybernetics. Hell, I'll even pay for the operation." He nodded towards me."Do it."

Closing my eyes and placing a hand over the hole, I whispered in my mind."Aria, I'm counting on you."

Right. Should be easy enough with a bit of essence and a lot of nanomachines.

I channeled my QI/Essence outwards and felt as my palm split slightly open in order to allow Aria's nanomachines to flow out."GRH!" The soldier grunted momentarily but managed to stay still as the people watched on in wonder and silent amazement.

Feeling my essence begin to infuse the man with Chaos, I promptly commanded it to heal him instead. This is where my psionics came into play as I had to basically mind-control my own power to make it do what I wanted properly and without infecting the man I was operating on. Crimson energies flowed out of my palms, fully visible to the naked eye."Whoah, is that.. psionic energy?"

"Why is it so red? Looks omnious..."

"Energy thick enough to be seen with the naked eye and yet, stable enough to not be outright dangerous? I guess its not anything like electricity then..."

"U-uurghn!" Another grunt as the eye finally began to form, the mans scarred flesh reopening and bleeding as my nanomachines quickly did their work, sewing any rampant blood vessel shut within moments of it opening.

It took a minute and several more grunts, but the mans eye was fully regenerated."H-h-ha.."

"Stay still mate, I still need to reconnect the eye to your nerves... this is gonna hurt." I told him with some restraint as the man bit his lip and moved away slightly."N-no, the doctors can do that well enough."

He took out a pocket watch and opened it to reveal a miniature mirror."You weren't kidding... my eye really is back, though I can't see shit with it, but that should be easy enough to fix."

Then he turned back towards me and sighed."Never have I seen an Esper like you... and that crimson energy you released through your palm..." He shook his head and pulled out a strange badge."Though I don't really like the stereotype you put onto my country, you've managed to convince me and my boys that you aren't an enemy. My name is Jeremiah Roger, commander of the AEDF. As in the Anti-Esper Defence Force."

Now, the helicopters sound could be easily heard by everyone as whatever sound dampening stealth technology they employed was shut down, filling my ears with blasting winds."So what happens now, commander?"

"Well, you obviously couldn't give two shits about the war and you aren't going to cause trouble here, especially if we don't cause it in your stead... so what happens now is that I piss off and the rest of these people leave you alone or you are free to charge them for public disturbance." His rugged, war-tested frame caused most of the crowd to dissipate.

The reporter, who was finally done gawking, turned the camera towards himself."W-well folks, this was channel five news.. I .. we'.. we'll see you again soon?.. question mark?"

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Short chapter.

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