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Meanwhile... (during the same time as previous two chapters) - Grand Hotel De La Minerve - Audrey's Point Of View...

"Mistress, we have arrived." My current personal vampire taxist spoke silently from the front row of the limousine we were in. How he managed to both basically whisper and yet say something loudly enough for me to hear through the closed limo-window is beyond me."Right. The others?"

"Everyone's here, milady. It took us a while to gather all the required wedding rings and other disguise resources, but all ten of your entourage has been properly outfitted and given training in basic etiquette." Ned, the same emotionless vampire who brought me the shadow-stained letter of inviation, spoke with a sickening grin upon his frame. Taking a look around as I walked out of the car and into the streets in front of our destination, I note the motley crew of twelve, him and myself included, that he gathered.

Werewolves, vampires, minotaurs, gorgons and ghouls... all in human form, all hungering for human flesh, souls and blood alike."Heh." I chuckled to myself, thinking of all the ways I could use them after this little... excursion.

My gaze then went upwards and onto the massive hotel where the slaughter will be held, ah- I meant the *friendly party of friends*.

This polished hotel housed in a seventeenth-century mansion is a two-minute walk from the Pantheon, one point eight km from the Colosseum and two points four km from St. Peter's Basilica. The upscale rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and minibars. The posh suites add additional flat-screens, sitting areas and desks. Other amenities include a rooftop restaurant and a sophisticated bar designed by the architect Paolo Portoghesi.

Not quite the... unpopular area I expected to be driven into. In fact, despite the contents of the letter being drenched in shadows, maybe Theodora's intent wasn't nearly as horrifying as I originally thought?

Hmm, yet denying my inhuman entourage their promised slaughter may lead to unforeseen consequences. Oh well, lets see whats in store for us all first, then I'll make an appropriate decision.

Walking into the hotel revealed a rather stunning area, with polished wood and criminally expensive cloth making up every single table. Some of my allies could not stop themselves from gaping, making them the silent laughingstock of the entire place. Shaking my head out of my stupor, I finally noticed a rather cheery looking Theodora waving at me with her right hand as her left hand was busy shoveling delicious food into her mouth, much to the dismay of her female companions."A-ah! Over here! Auds! We're here!"

"I see you. No need to make a scene." I deadpanned her as I made a few hand sings towards Ned, telling him to follow me and commanding the others to scatter. They've been given a good amount of money each via access to my personal Omnicard, so I may as well let them enjoy themselves before the feast begins.

Just like that, my entourage scatters around the busy hotel, yet I could still feel all of their eyes intently gazing onto my back, each eager to leap at any food that would dare to attack me."Wow, didn't know you were into old guys, Auds! Gotta admit I can see why you'd look behind his age though." Theodora brashly commented as Ned appeared stunned, yet also flattered."N-no, I am merely working for her father as one of their butlers, acting as part of Lady Audrey's entourage for this... party."

Letting out a deep sigh, I promptly pulled out a chair and sat at the overly dramatized table. Why dramatized? You wouldn't understand even if I told you.

Wait, who're you anyway?

Oh god, have I begun talking to invisible readers?!"Uhh, are you okay there, Auds?"

Shaking my head out of my stupor, I replied."I.. I'm fine, I think. My brothers been away for so long that some of whatever was making him go insane may have passed onto me."

Theodora and her girlfriends laughed at me."Got a bit of a brother complex, do you?"

I deadpanned them, causing the other girls to shiver and look away as Theodora smiled."Never mind. That's not what we are here for."

"And why are we here, Theodora?" The darkness in my tone could be heard resounding through the room, causing much of the hotels patrons to become paralyzed as everyones attention was focused onto our table. Meh, thats cool. I did always like being the center of attention."I-.. We.."

She swallowed down hard and sent her female friends away with the wave of a hand as she stopped eating and took a deep breath, her stupid rainbow-colored hair waving as she turned her head towards me."I want to offer a sort of... non-aggression pact, to you."

A blink, nay make that five, as I attempted to comprehend her actions. A quirked eyebrow was her answer."Oh? A non-aggression pact? Do go on, girlfriend."

Now, everyone looked away with a great deal of patrons leaving the hotel as members of my own entourage grinned, each one filled with growing blood lust."I-I.. Argh... I didn't think this through, to be perfectly honest. Being able to summon Kingsley would be amazing right about now."

"Kingsley? I assume that is the shadow who chose you, eh? Come to think of it, while you were always a sucker for millitary strategy, books and pretty much everything else considering warfare... you were never really great at deceit or diplomacy." I said, tone still leaking shadows as my own emotions focused upon her lithe, muscled body.

Theodora, you see, was a girl who preffered physical activity over everything else. Something her father approved of in stride as he believed that her muscular structure meant that he would not have to deal with boyfriends and unwanted pregnancies."So tell me Theodora, why should I let you live?"

She gulped."Uhh, let me live?.. you do know that killing me will remove your claim, right?"

I blinked."What?"

She breathed out, seemingly managing to bite down her fear."Do you know Milicia? The stupid blonde girl we used to bully together?"

"I do, but what does that have to do with this?" I asked her, my tone finally switching to one of dangerous curiosity. Theodora was little more than an antelope on the verge of death, telling an interesting story to a not-so-hungry lioness in order to preserve her own pathetic little life. Incase you couldn't tell, I am that lioness."W-well, shes one of us.. t-the candidates, I mean."

"I see..." I closed my eyes for the briefest moment, letting her breathe as I relaxed into my chair. Now there is only two reasons as to why she would be telling me this. Either she wants me to kill Millicia and spare her life in exchange which is highly implausible considering what she told me mere moments ago, considering that it is true.

Or, she herself had already made an attempt on poor little Milli's life and was reprimanded for it."So the shadows won't let someone who kills another candidate become the regent? How droll... but I guess thats just how democracy works."

"Y-yeah, I thought the s-s-same... yeah..." She muttered, her terror quickly resurfacing because of how easily I deduced her intentions which caused me to sigh as I signaled Ned to come closer."Y'know, I'm okay with that. However, a non-aggression pact is something signed by two opposing forces of equal power... you and me are not of equal power, girlfriend."

"H-huh?" She croaked, her tone twisting with delicious fear as I grinned much the same way my entourage did beforehand."Yes, milady?"

Ned leaned into my ear and asked with an eager tone."I assume that you are capable of creating a barrier around the hotel that will prevent people from hearing, seeing and attempting to enter inside, yes?"

"Why yes, milady... I most assuredly can but, to what end?" He asked mostly in jest as I felt my own hunger for souls gnawing at me... and this hotel was full of fresh souls, ripe for the plucking."Well, I figure that my friend Theodora here requires a... demonstration of the diffrence between us."

I rose from my seat, hunger clear in my eyes as they gleamed against the chandeliers light."Cast the barrier."

He nodded and as soon as I felt his magic encompass the entirety of the hotel, I yelled for all to hear."My friends! My dear, dear guests!"

All of the people around us turned their heads towards me, making them ignorant of the eagerly transforming monsters behind their own exposed backs."Its time..."

My closed eyes and dramatic pause made everyone quirk an eyebrow and I spoke just as a woman noticed the gigantic minotaur next to her reaching for her throat with an overly-muscled arm, causing her to scream."LET THE FEAST, BEGIN!"

A scarlet chorus of screams filled the entirety of the place."W-wha-.. WHAT IS GOING ON?!" In horror, Theodora leaped off her chair and stumbled as a table was thrown in front of her."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIE-rg!"

A womans scream thundered across the hotel as I turned around to find that the aforementioned minotaur had begun enjoying himself, eagerly devouring the womans flesh from the neck up as he pounded her behind as if there was no tomorrow. With a few more strokes and a good portion of her neck torn off, the woman gave out one final screech before the sheer force of the minotaurs orgasm tore through her lithe body, hot blood-stained cum leaking from her ruptured eye sockets.

Theodora lurched, the contents of her previous meal spewing onto the floor as I grinned and knelt next to her... some distance away from the vomit, of course. Grabbing her by the back of her rainbow hair, I spoke as she grunted with tears in her eyes, mouth agape in horror."You see, while the laws of the shadows may prevent me from killing you... there are things worse than death." I pointed towards another part of the room, where the two vampire sisters I had met before were currently enjoying themselves, ripping bits out of a handsome young man who was most likely flirting with them mere moments ago, half of his face stuck in a stupid grin while the other was... missing.

"Grrh.. fuck you, you sick bitch!" She spat in my face, instinctively causing me to transform into my Shadow Form as I dodged the bolt and laughed."Oh? Still have some fight left in you?"

"Y-y-you fucking m-m-monster! How many people do you think are in this hotel? ARE YOU GOING TO KILL THEM ALL?!" She screamed at me in disgust, causing me to rise an eyebrow."Well, yes? Certainly wouldn't be the first time that I've ordered the deaths of so many people at once."

"D-dad was r-right about you! You and your sick family are the scourge of mankind!" She leaped to her feet, kicking me off of herself as she transformed into her own Shadow Form. A stupid tank-top and yoga pants were all the clothing she had, as boxing gloves appeared on her hands."I'm gonna fuck you up!"

Yet, despite her bravado.."Perhaps you should look before you jump, darling." I calmly told her as my frame twisted itself into a savage grin."MOOOUUGH!" The minotaur, bless his perverted soul, had recovered from his orgasm and promptly sent her face first into the floor, immidiatelly dissipating her shadow form as the energy used to maintain it was transferred elsewhere in order to quickly heal her wounds.

I laughed at her as the minotaur jumped on top of her, cock at the ready. Approaching my fallen friend, I cupped her cheeks with both hands and raised her head up so that I could look at her directly in the eyes."Y'know, I can't kill you... but my friend here seems to be in quite the rut and I'm sure you wouldn't wish him on any of your other girlfriends."

A singular finger pointed towards the group of five women who were with her before I arrived caused Theodora to scream."AUGUSTINE! RUN!" She yelled out in desperation as I watched one of the girls, a much younger one, shake herself out of her stupor and leap out of her own pool of piss as she made a beeline for the nearest exist. Too bad for her, the door just wouldn't open."N-NO! DON'T HURT HER! I'LL DO ANYTHING!"

Theodora screamed towards me as I rose from my kneeling posistion and created a hand out of pure shadow, its clawed form eagerly leaping into existence as it extended my reach, grabbing hold of the poor little girl."Ah, I recognize her. This is your little sister, isn't it?"

"I'LL DO ANYTHING! PLEASE! DON'T HURT HER!" She pleaded pointlessly as I tsked at her."You don't have a choice either way, Theodora."

The little girl then kicked my cheek."Ow, that hurt you little shit!" Reacting impulsivelly, I slammed her onto the ground next to Theodora."NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! HOW COULD YOU?!"

The little girl still moved though."S-s-sis.."

She tried to say something, her voice exotically weak, full of suffering and torment!

I already knew what I wanted with the girl."HehehehahahahhahhaahaHAHAHAHAHHAAHH!" My maddening laughter caught the attention of the entire room, although most of the people within were either dead or dying, as I reached for a chair which wasn't stained in any form of bodily liquid and dragged it in front of the two.

My minotaur friend grunted as I approached, my sickening behaivor apparently exciting him even further."Oh my.. you're just RARING to go, aren't you?"

He snorted at my joke, causing Theodora's eyes to grow wide as he posistioned his massive cock right at the entrance of her tight butthole, ready to tear her a new hole from it."N-No..!" She whimpered, closing her eyes as the minotaur awaited my approval. Such a good lit-ahem, big boy, isn't he?

"Don't worry, darling. You've still got some time left in you... your sister, on the other hand..." I spoke, each word resounding with horrifying, beautiful darkness as I grabbed her destabilized and immobile little sister, the girl was maybe five years old at this point, pulling the twerp up into the air by the hair."Now, I'm sure that, what with you being a hero and all, you've never done something like this... but you see, while we are in our Shadow Forms, we gain the ability to devour the souls of others."

Calmly explaining to her as I reached for a steel knife from a nearby table which seemed to be miraculously untouched by all the partying, I began slowly drawing a line on her little sisters right arm, blood pooling, dripping onto Theodora's face."N-no!"

She screamed again, twisting and turning her arms, attempting to re-enter her Shadow Form... but this just caused the Minotaur to tighten his hold over her, which caused him to promptly break both of her arms in the process."AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEI-hhgn..."

"Now, souls are a very special kind of food, meant to be eaten as soon as they're done cooking..." I laughed even louder as I continued cutting her little sisters body, her tortured flesh had long since given up on screaming, but her twitching proved that she could still feel the pain."How does one cook a soul, you might be asking?"

My grin was now stretched from ear to ear."Well, its not really cooking, you see..." Little Augustine's body twitched again as tears flowed endlessly down her shattered cheeks, the revulsion of it all making me shiver in anticipation at the eventual devourment of her soul."Its just that... souls become tastier the more tormented they are before death. Naturally, prolonged torment gives out tastier souls, kind of like aged wine... but we don't have that much time, sadly."

Calling upon the shadows once more, I grabbed a goblet from the aforementioned table as I created a second claw of darkness which grabbed the girls body while I used the original one to grasp around Augustine's tiny head."N-N-NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

And twisted it, causing the little girls neck to rip apart like a corkscrew, with rich, deliciously crimson blood bursting out of it and filling up my goblet."Now, don't misunderstand, I'm not a vampire myself but..." My second claw lowered itself, the tortured soul of Augustine being mixed into the goblet of her blood, her own body liquids acting as a makeshift soul container."I find that the souls of the tormented go rather well with the red..."

With that said and done, I promptly swallowed the entirety of the goblets contents in one huge gulp. Theodora's eyes widedened for the briefest moment and then she lost all consciousness.

A plume of darkness rose from her body, the sigil of her dark power. It turned towards me and, within that same moment as I felt the blood and soul of little Augustine rushing down my throat, leaped into my body."A-AAAAAAhn!"

Unable to stop myself from moaning out, I fell onto my knees as I lost the ability to stand, causing my minotaur friend to become unable to stop himself anymore as he impaled Theodora's unconscious body again and again."MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

His immense moo of pleasure made me burst out laughing as I watched her broken flesh jumping up and down from the force of his mating fury."My, oh my... That was splendidly done, milady."

A blink, no make that several as Arsene finally decided to manifest himself next to me, watching the minotaurs work with quite some interest as I replied."Oh? So you aren't here to reprimand me for killing her?"

"Technically, its not you that dealt the final blow, milady. That honor belongs to your... bull-friend over here." He explained as the minotaur finished once again, ripping Theodora's body in half and staining the ground before me with semen. Arsene and I shared a laugh."Let me guess.. the rule is that you can't direcly murder one of the candidates, but everything else is fair game?"

To my surprise, he shook his head in negative. Which means Theodora lied, right?"Your rival here did not lie. Rather... this requires an explanation on my part. You see milady, you are one month late to the party."

"Huh?" I quirked an eyebrow at him in utter confusion as I threw the bloodied goblet on the floor and left the minotaur to his own devices, taking a calm walk through the glorious carnage as we spoke."As I said, your introduction came... late. Your brother and his connection to Chaos prevented me from contacting you directly as .. well, Void and Chaos are not exactly allies and I am sure that doing so would not go so well for me."

Void and Chaos are not allies?... What does that mean for me and Leonardo, then?"I see.. so you waited for him to leave before you approached me."

A nod."Indeed. And by the time that managed to happen, a month had already passed. This first month of the elections is one where all violence is prohibited... but that month is over, ended with the first dusk of October.."

First dusk, eh? So the shadows measure day... or night, the opposite way around? Wait.. wouldn't that mean the dates are the same?

I guess its just an ego thing, then."Anyways, I guess this is so people can awaken their Shadow Forms before the thing actualy begins, yeah? Because I doubt I could have consumed her power like that otherwise."

"Once again, you are correct in your assesment. This is indeed why the first month is one of peace. Thankfully, you managed to awaken within the first hour of your ascension!" He proclaimed with a tone full of pride."That said... Kingsley is nowhere to be found..."

"Kingsley? You mean the shadow who chose her as his... erm, charge?" I questioned him as I watched my entourage finishing up their meal, gore and butchery all around me."Indeed... him not being here can only mean that he had already foreseen this happening and had abandoned his charge. This means that he may have already chosen another to take her place, thus making your efforts here mostly meaningless."

"I wouldn't call this meaningless..." Muttering out in ecstacy as I rose my hands upwards, the dark energy around them visibly thickening as my power grew by the second, seemingly feeding off the horrors I had commited here."True. I suppose that you aren't someone who would see gaining another prey as meaningless."

"More food for me... but you seem dissappointed. Could it be that you are supposed to eat Kingsley's power as I ate Theodora's?" He nodded in approval yet made no verbal reply as his physical form slithered back into the darkness and I turned my head around, transforming myself back into human form."Alright, everybody! Funs over, time to go." My entourage of ten promptly cleaned themselves off the gore as we all left the butchered hotel in unison, leaving no survivors as we did.

We walked out of the hotel, each grinning in euphoria as I took one look at my phone... and formed a wicked smile."You guys up for another feast?"


"Right now?!"


The chorus of hungering inhumans eagerly responded to my question with glee as I punched a number into my phone and felt my smile widening."Y-yes?"

"Hi Millicia! I'm coming for a visit so you better prepare your best behaivour for my arrival." My former bullying victim was soon to be turned into a killing victim.

Not that she had the slightest idea."H-hu-What?! RIGHT NOW?!"

"You are in Pula, right? That one Croatian city on the coast? I'll be there in two days time so you better get ready, hehe!" My smile turned into a wicked grin as I turned towards my entourage."Lets go home, sleep this off and then go fuck up another little shit tomorrow. What do you say, guys and girls?"

They didn't respond verbally, only with sickening grins and savage smiles, much like my own. Geeze, I might get attached to these people if they keep this up!

Now wouldn't that be fun? Hehe!

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Aaaaaaaaaaaah, I love Audrey.

She lets me dig out the deepest, darkest corners of my soul and lash it all out into text format.

How do you feel? Revulsed? Disgusted?

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