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The following evening... - The New Mansion - Leonardo's Point Of View...

Turns out that meditation happens in real time and not some strange, convulted thought-process-time as many books describe it. After all, your mind needs to process and imagine the world you enter, even if it is a reflection of itself.

Despite having been brought out by Mislav, I didn't really have anything much to do today so I just continued training... or well, meditating and fighting against the Hui Jun's clone, which he created to be a perfect match for my weakened self.

Suddenly, the mark which Mislav cast upon me pulsed and ignited itself in flames before the fire died down as quickly as it came. Momentarily stunned by the action, I was struck with ecstacy and nearly moaned out embarrassingly as the power of Chaos suddenly returned to me.

The living flame which I had grown so used to these past few weeks had re-filled my veins with its blazing glory and I felt my body growing stronger by the second... yet, it wasn't the instantanous power up it was before.

No, this was.. tame.

"Ooh.." I stared at the muscle on my hands and saw something crawling through it, a form of worm or parasite, something that coiled around my muscles. Every movement it made hurt like hell...

Father! A strange new organism has entered your body.

I fell down onto the ground as the worm traveled .. everywhere!"Ugh, fuck.. Yeah, I can feel it, Aria." It felt like my insides were being transformed.

Like my body was being molded. The worm then caused me to fall face first onto the floor as it reached my spine and caused my nervous system to go into full shock mode. Bright, nonexistent lights formed in my eyes view as it continued whatever it was doing.


The soundless, toneless voice of Chaos thundered inside of my mind without any warning, no headache, nothing. Perhaps my meditation had allowed it easier access to my being?

And, a gift?

Erm.. father, the worm is gone now, went into the rune's portal... its been...

Rewounding your muscle and strenghtening your bones. Basically, the reward for your training, I guess?

But why?

"I have no idea... but if I had to guess something bad is gonna happen soon and I must be ready." Was my rather curious reply as I stretched myself, feeling my regenerative powers returning.

Something ba-....


A click resounded in my head as the doors to the pool opened, revealing a startled looking Yuko."Brother! The synthetics you sent to put our clan to sleep have failed. There is fighting and since our family has no idea whats going on they're panicking!"

Yeah.. a message just arrived from Maxima.

He and his team are experiencing difficulties dealing with the strange, mana-based powers that the clan members wield.

A nod was my answer to the both of them as I rushed into the living room where my followers waited."Mislav, Hui Jun and Tyrone. I want you to help each other get us a private jet back to Italy."

"What about going to Russia, boss? Our boys could still be trapped there." Tyrone asked in a somewhat uncertain tone."We are getting one of our main objectives completed tonight, something which will need to be delivered to Italy in order to assure that its safe."

"Naturally, what I mean here is your body, Yomi." I added in my thoughts with a grin as I continued talking to Tyrone."As for our boys... well if they're still alive, they'll be alive for a few more days. Were getting the fastest jet possible, no need for something that can carry more than twenty people."

"Right, boss. We're on it... but why are those two with me?" He asked with a tilted head and I laughed."Our enemies are everywhere, Tyrone. Its unlikely that they still don't know that you are on my side. The two are charged with protecting you from any unknown threats."

A nod of approval was his answer as the other two rose from their seats."We could also use my passport for easier access to the flight. Penniless or no, I am still a member of the vatican." Mislav dug out said passport from one of his pockets, which caused Tyrone to give him a thumbs up.

"One last question, boss.. what the fuck do we do to this mansion?" His question made me laugh as Yomi finally replied."Oooh, so my body has to be somewhere nice and safe, eh?"

"Burn it." That was more than enough for him as he booted a kitchen locker open to reveal several napalm charges, took around five into his hands and started placing them all around the mansion."And what about us, master?"

The twin vampires approached me as Belle handed me my precious Omnicard back. I blinked, where the hell did that come from?"You two will be coming with me alongside Yuko. We have some problems to solve and last second matters to attend to."

They nodded as I guided them to the outside."Yomi.." I whispered into the air."On it, Leo."

A massive storm of magic twisted and tore away at the skies around us as we were made invisible to the normal eye... for the first time in forever, I could actually see the amount of mana Yomi uses in her barriers.

It is, to simply put, gigantic. The magic contained in those barriers is much greater than everything I have at my disposal."Oooh? Whats this? Finally admiring my handiwork?" She cooed into my ears, her voice resounding and making me chuckle."I suppose I am."

Turning back around to my confused friends, I said."My friends, hold on to your hats." The girls tilted their respective heads in confusion as I channeled forth all of my psionic capabilities, inadvertedly awakening my Chaos Form alongside it. Come to think of it, my power over gravity did not dissappear from the curse of vulnerability.

Perhaps this is because its origin is from my own mind and not from Chaos itself, even when it was directly responsible for my psionic awakening? How strange."W-w-whoaah!"

The vampire twins and Yuko yelped quite adorably in surprise as they and I were lifted into the late evening sky, which was slowly turning black, as night should be. When we were all safely floating around two hundred meters up in the air, I asked."Aria darling, please act as my GPS in this time of need." The last part was added in for the drama, I will admit.

Aria chuckled and sent me an imaginary nod.

As you wish, father.

Sometime later... - The Clan Compound - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"FOR THE NAKATOMI CLAN!" One of my presumed cousins screamed at the top of his lungs as what appeared to be a synthetic ninja blocked his blow with a high-tech, folded metal katana."Nakatomi; descended from the kami Ame no Koyane no Mikoto; origin of Fujiwara Clan." The robot ninja replied in a stoic, but not quite robotic voice.

I turned towards Yuko."Nakatomi?"

She scratched the back of her head lamely."Uhh yeah, I forgot to mention this but uh... our clan name is Nakatomi. So, as a direct part of it, my full name is actually Nakatomi Yuko and not mothers surname." A nod was her answer as I landed us all down onto the ground with a rather loud thud as the gravitational anomaly I created dispersed, directing the full force of its dispersal onto the ground beneath our feet.

This caused the remaining fighters to stare in our general direction."Anna, Belle, I want you two to go around and magically put people unwilling to stop fighting to sleep. Yuko, please assess the damage."

"Hai/Yes, master!" The trio of women leaped into action as I approached the two fighters. The human takes one look at me before his face is wrought with horror and the robot scans me first."Scan completed. Target of sight; Antioch. Antioch; master of this unit. Initiate protocol: Give Respect." The machine bowed and I nodded towards it in recognition, somewhat interested in what else it could do."Please go find Maxima for me, would you?"

"Affirmative. Commencing search." The robot ninja sheathed his weapon, splitting the katana into two separate blades, bowed again and left as I turned around towards the human."Now, if only you would prove equally as compliant."

He shook his head out of his stupor as the clan houses around us burned and directed his katana at me."Haaa!" He exclaimed with fervor and swung towards me, only to become even more shaken as I easily caught his blade with my hand."W-what?! Thats impossible."

"What is your name, kinsman?" He recoiled at being called that, but seemingly remembered something."W-wait, kinsman? Yuko was there with you when you came here.. so you must be the lumberjack! You're here for Yomi's corpse!" He managed to deduce, making me quirk an eyebrow and nod in respect."Right, you got me. Now, I'll ask you once again; what is your name, cousin?"

Finally giving up as he realized that he was no match for me, he sheathed his katana."Momori, Nakatomi Momori." I extended a hand towards him in an attempt to shake it, but my skin-sewn glove seemed to disgust him as he took a step back. I merely smiled at him and pulled my hand back."Leonardo Zatara, pleasure to meet you. I'm Yuko's mothers son from her first marriage. In any case Momori-san, could you lead me towards Yomi?"

He closed his eyes in thought before eventually nodding."Right.. you know what, your robots seemed to be trying to put us all to sleep rather than kill us which means you might not neccessarily be an enemy and that fucking thing has been a blight on our clan for thousands of years, literally."

A deep breath was taken as he opened his eyes."Fine, I'll take you there... but first, I want to make sure everyone is alright."

A nod was his answer."Believe me, I do as well." An uncertain tone left my mouth as I felt Chaos raging against my back. I could not allow anyone here to die."Grandpa!" Yuko's voice could suddenly be heard, her scream echoing in my ears through the flames.

Following the voice in a panic of my own, I found a rather strange scene... you see, there was this random old man fighting a familiar white werewolf. As I approached the scene, a bright flash of reflected light struck the corner to my eye, causing me to look upwards and to my left... My inhuman eyes could easily make up several shapes overlooking the entire ordeal from a nearby hill. It would seem that Maxima was followed.

Whatever, I'll deal with that later."You fool! I came here to bargain for peace! Why would I be the one behind this attack?" The werewolf, whom I realized was none other than the guy whose son I saved, exclaimed in a tone wrought with panic.

"YOU FUCKING INHUMANS CAN'T BE TRUSTED! The day I invite you to begin peace talks is the same day that my damn clan is attacked by soulless machines! Its a bit too much of a coincidence, don't you think?!" The old man bellowed in rage, but even as I was the true culprit behind the attack, I had to admit that he had a point.

A simple gravitational anomaly was more than enough for me to stop them mid-attack. If I didn't, my supposed grandfather would be impaled on werewolf claws and the white wolf would have been skewered in two by a katana."Now now, gentlemen. Its time to stop this."

They were both wounded and bleeding already as I set them both some ten meters away from each other."Ugh.. hack.. haa.." My old man coughed blood into his right fist as his left hand held his katana.

It would appear that I am already too late.


Chaos refuted my dreadful assessment as the image of that chaos-infused rose formed inside of my mind.

A brief flash of the candle of life followed soon after.

In this moment, I realized that I had a choice. Would I use the power of Chaos to save the old mans life? Or would I use the power granted to me by God?

.. to no surprise, I chose the first. A resounding click played inside of my mind, making me feel like I just lost some points with God or whatever.

Instantaneously leaping towards the fallen old man, I reached into my dantian, the one around my heart as I placed a hand onto his chest."W-w-what are y-y-you?!"

Wordlessly, I channeled my essence outwards and into the old man, causing his eyes to go backwards for a moment as all of his wounds are instantly healed... and a connection to Chaos established. His grey hair turned white and his eyes golden as his weathered old body became.. younger.

It would appear I have the ability to not only heal, but extend peoples life."W-w-what is this?"

"Grandpa? You look... young." He rose from his kneeling posistion and stared at his own reflection."Huh, its like I'm fourty all over again."

Well, younger does not mean that I made him twenty again... that said, he looks around twenty years younger than he did before."Leo? What the hell did you do?!" Yuko asked me in a somewhat scared voice as she and Momori watched on in fascination."I healed him."

"C-c-could y-y-you do the s-same to m-me, then?" The werewolf, now a kneeling young man with a rather splendid goatee asked me with a quirked eyebrow."Oh, hi."

I said somewhat lamely as I remembered that he was there."Momori, please explain what is going on to your grandfather while I heal the werewolf. The fighting seems to be stopping."

"Hai." A nod was my answer as my cousin rushed to his grandfather's side, both him and Yuko helping him stand up. I repeated my actions after placing my hand onto the wolfs chest."A-aaargh!"

It didn't seem to make him any younger, only grit his teeth in pain as his body was forcefully regenerated. Huh, he didn't completely blank out..

Must be because hes already used to the pain brought by regeneration.

His white fur turned even whiter as he transformed back into his wolf form for some reason, so much so that you could see the shine of white even through the blood stains. He turned his body around so that he was on all fours as he took in deep breaths."T-thanks!.. you s-saved my son the o-other d-day.. now you've saved my l-life. You already rejected my service but is there anything I can do to return the favor?"

I merely blinked at the man.. wolf."We'll see. If you're still willing to follow me then today might be your lucky day."

It was then that Maxima finally arrived, his ... new body appeared to be that of a rather attractive young man. Wait, don't tell me...

You know that modified sex-bot body that I cooked up for myself?

I kinda forced Maxima to use a male version of it.

"And why did you do this?" I asked Aria with a quirked eyebrow as Maxima laughed, apparently capable of hearing her as much as I did."The young lady is exploring her sexuality, master. I am, of course, more than eager to comply as the benefits of this new body are far too numerous to count. Isn't that right, Striker?"

His cyborg assassin/guardian seemed to cough into his fist as he turned away in shame."Indeed... master."

Is it just me or has there been a strange increase in really hot, gay men ever since I arrived to Japan."Sounds like Aria isn't the only one interested in exploring." Yomi's ever-so-amused voice echoed in my mind.

I nearly lurched from the disgust and bile rising from my stomach."Oh hell to the fuck no!"

Maxima seemed to perk up from something."A-ah! Is that Miss Yomi? It is an honor to meet you, mother of Aria." He apparently heard Yomi too, something that caused the fox to recoil in surprise."Oh my... the technological progress of humanity is truly astounding."

Not humanity.


Also dad that sentece was really gay.

The follow up is also very much true.... I wonder why.

"Screw you, Aria." Shaking my head out of my stupor and turning my attention to the stupefied non-mind-readers around here, heavens bless their souls, I spoke."I suppose that means everyone is alright now?"

"Erm, yes?.." Yuko replied, somewhat uncertain and utterly confused at what the hell was going on."Yes, miss Yuko, I am indeed as you think, a gay robot." Maxima chuckled as he threw her a look which caused the poor girl to turn away in embarrassment.

Oh god, looks like my sister has yaoi tendencies. How... utterly dangerous for me."Err... can someone explain what the hell is going on here? Younger or not, I'm afraid my ... mortal, human brain is incapable of comprehending the current situation."

"Hey, its not like I can piece this shit together either, Sakamoto." The werewolf continued to stare at me slack-jawed and wide eyes. Completely and utterly confused.

I sighed and promptly undid my Chaos Form, returning to a more human appearance."Anyways, lets keep this simple. I ordered this attack on your clan in order to put you all to sleep as I didn't want anyone to die. We are family, despite everything."

"But why? What the hell did you hope to gain from this?" Surprisingly, the werewolf was the one to ask this as I continued my explanation."I was about to get to that point.. I want Yomi's corpse."

Grandfather Sakamoto and Momori exchanged glances and sighed at the same time."My wife ain't gonna be happy about this but... thankfully, she was one of those who your robots managed to put to sleep so you know what? Fuck it."

He finally managed to stand up on his own two feet."Follow me."

The old man guided both my entourage of followers and myself to a seemingly empty garden... yet the thick scent of rampant mana flowed everywhere in the air around it."Unknown energy signiature detected... Conclusion; possibility of magical presence is 99.999% percent." The same robot ninja whom I met before said with a tone of annoyance.

Seems like he didn't like unknowns much. Heh, I like this guy."There, in the center of the garden... its a giant sealing rune. If you can break it, you can dig out the coffin she was placed it. It has no real seal of its own, yet the magic of the runes has held her body preserved and protected from thieves for centuries."

"Good thing I don't need to break it then. Stand back." Literally everybody quirked an eyebrow at me as the two vampire sisters finally returned from their given task."Everyone's asleep or subjugated, master!" They cheerily exclaimed."W-w-what?! V-v-vampire Queens?! Here?!"

Momori exclaimed in fear as literally all of my clan members nearly pissed their pants, for some reason including the werewolf."Vampire Queens?" I tilted my head in confusion at the two as I rose both of my arms and started channeling psionic energies into the earth below us."Oh yeah, we never told you... basically, as were both over a thousand years old, the Inhuman community has designated us both as Vampire Queens." Belle said with a finger placed onto her own chin in thought."I see. So you have a lot of influence over said community, yeah?"

Anna tilted her head."I suppose we do.. but if you are thinking about using that influence to grow your power in Europe, you can forget it, master."

"And why is that?" I asked them as I began pushing the ground upwards, carefully coating Yomi's coffin with another layer of gravitational anomalies so as to not crush or damage it in anyway."Aww, you're so sweet and careful!" She cooed gently into my mind, but I could sense her growing excitement."Well because Europe is... a very strange place. Though the most xenophobic human organizations were born there, somewhere along the line sleeping with an inhuman of any kind became extremely appealing to humans.. you may not know this, but the hybrid population in Europe actually dwarfs both the pure human and pure inhuman populace..."

I nearly dropped the coffin once I heard that, a tremor blasting the earth."W-W-WHOAH!" Some people fell onto their asses from the miniature earthquake, most managed to keep themselves up though."W-what? Really?"

Belle nodded sagely at my flabbergasted expression."Correct. While most of the hybrids are actually quarters or even less genetically inhuman, their population surpasses anything else within Europe. This is mostly due to the incredible power and influence of the Vatican but the Orthodox ecumenical councils and the many Caliphs throughout time have helped push this agenda... God does not really care who worships God, after all. So once Gods priests finally figured that one out, they started preaching to everything and anything they could find... Naturally, the relationships between humans and inhumans was tense at first, but as many vampires were originally catholics, muslim or orthodox in origin, our kind managed to push others into Gods service."

"Aren't vampires repulsed by churches and crosses, though?" Now that was a question which did not come out of my mouth, but Yuko's. Anna and Belle chuckled at her stunned stare and promptly each took out a wooden cross of their own."Not if you prove to be a good worshipper. Naturally, those who reject God will not only be repelled by crosses, but sometimes outright deleted from existence by merely coming into contact with one."

"So basically most vampires worship God in order to save their own hide?" Momori asked as he seemingly remembered something from his past."That's why they usually start to... but you'd be surprised how many of us turn into fanatics at the end of the day. Sadly, our kinds vulnerability to the sun in a problem beyond even Gods omnipotent powers."

Then they threw a look towards me."But we may have found our salvation in one of its allies. In Chaos."

Yuko's eyes grew wide as the uninfected remained confused. Our grandfather however, rose his right hand in wonder."Is this.. the living fire you were talking about, Yuko? The one burning inside of your veins?"

She nodded towards him and promptly slit her own wrist with her katana, causing flames to erupt from the heat of her blood, burning the air and seemingly purifying it."This is the same fire that now courses through yours..." She turned her head towards the werewolf."And mister George's blood."

They both stared at themselves at them turned to look at me as I decided to finalize my work here. Massive bursts of psionic energy ruptured the ground as I rose the garden up into the sky."M-M-MY G-G-GARDEN! AAAUUOOH..." A granny suddenly walked out of one of the houses half-asleep, only to fall back into sweet, blissfull unconsciousness once again as I ruined her garden.

Sakamoto's could be seen fidgeting."I hope you can help me reverse the damage before you leave."

I blinked."I'll do my best."

The massive amount of earth that was risen from the ground nearly caused the nearby infrastructure to collapse, but I stopped it with another set of anomalies... keeping this many active at the same time was rather taxing on me, which meant that I needed to finish this quickly. I promptly ripped out Yomi's enchanted coffin and laid the ground back down as I began to work on restoring the garden.

"Come on, y'all. I don't know what this place looked like, help me!" My plea did not go unanswered as we all quickly restored the garden into a sensible condition.

A quick look to my left ensured that the presences I felt before were still perched onto the hilltop."Would anyone mind if I tore that hill over there apart?"

"Huh, why would you do that, master?" Maxima asked me, his voice utterly confused."Because it seems that you were followed, Maxima."

His android eyes scanned the area I was looking at and he scowled as he noticed the beings hiding within the tress on top of the hill."Damn. Max and Redhand must've caught on to me somehow... I am sorry, master."

"Its fine." I rose my hands once again as we all walked over to another place, a training area which provided more than enough space for what I was about to do.

Channeling my psionic power once again, I decided that instead of ripping the earth apart like I did in order to gain access to Yomi's coffin, I'd just bind the synthetics and cyborgs up there in gravity and make them float over to here. Their panicked movements were quickly stopped as they were all paralyzed.

When they were finally brought here, it showed that my old friend Max the peaceful robot who dreamed of Utopia and his supposed rival, the legendary Redhand himself, named so because his right rist was literally just colored red while the rest of his body was just uncolored titanium, alongside four other synthetics, were floating in mid-air.

I promptly dropped all of them but Redhand onto the ground to which they fell with a rather loud thunk."Oh, hi Max."

"You! You. are. the. superintendents. s-s-son!" The stupid butler-bot squeaked out like a terrified duck as Maxima looked away in shame. Well, if my successor was like this I would look away too."H-hey! LEMME DOWN TOO YOU BASTARD."

I turned around towards the Redhand. He.. it, was a man. A mans head plastered onto a metal body. A cyborg whose only human bits was his head and most likely his intestines.. though I'm honsetly not very sure."Ah, we finally meet, mister Redhand. Now, while I promised Maxima to leave Max alive as he is the only chance you guys have to achive Utopia and peace, he didn't make me promise anything about you."

Father, I have a request.

I quirked an eyebrow at seemingly nobody."Oh? And what would that be, Aria?"

W-w-well.. mother always says how souls taste... amazing...

I'd uh.. like to have his soul so I can play with it...

If thats possible.

Oh yeah... I totally forgot that I could shove a soul into my daughter. Perhaps what remains of my common decency prevented that thought from ever reaching me. I turned over to Maxima."You alright with this, Maxima?"

He nodded ecstatically."I am very much interested in recording the event!... if I may." A nod was his answer as I called out to my sword."Caedes."

"W-w-w-what is? The hell are those statistics!?" One of the four unknown synthetics screamed out in confusion and panic and blood burst out of my right hand and manifested my sword into reality. Redhand reeled at the sight of it."W-w.. p-please d-do-GUUARGH!"

My blade was promptly showed through his mouth, quickly devouring him and forwarding his soul towards Aria.

My daughters pleasured scream echoed in my mind and caused me to grin somewhat savagely as the remaining, lifeless and souless metal fell onto the ground with an even louder thud."Oh my... someones a screamer, ain't she?" Yomi laughed at Aria with a smirk on her face.

F-f-fuck you, m-mom!

That w-w-was j-just s-so...

"Oh don't worry darling, you will fuck me one day, I'm sure of it." Yomi cooed secuductively, causing Aria to promptly shut her mouth and me to bust out laughing as Yuko and Maxima snorted."Again, something implausible for us normal people to comprehend is going on." Sakamoto grumbled as his new-best-friend-George the werewolf grumbled alongside him."Indeed, old friend... the times have changed so much, so quickly."

"You won't be normal people for long with our blood flowing through your veins." Yuko reminded them both, causing the two to nod in appreciation as I turned around towards a startled Max and promptly sliced my left wrist open."W-what?!"

He squeaked again as I handed him a vial forged from the nearby window."H-hey! Those are fucking expensive, young man!" My grandfather exclaimed and I chuckled."You are from now on my servant, capiche?"

He took the vial of blood into his badly-designed hands and asked."I.. er.. okay... but. why. give. me. this?"

"That blood is a gift your fragile code will not be able to decipher even if it was given centuries, but I suppose thats fine. Experiment with the blood and you will reach a state much like my own, Max. Make sure to use it in order to truly achieve sentience for all Ai-kind." Maxima answered splendidly in my stead. He bowed towards me appreciatively."Thank you for the compliment, master."

I ignored him, making a silent wish that he would stop reading my mind."A-ah, I would if I could, young master... but this body's capabilites are not fully witihin my control yet.. and your thoughts are loud, like thunder slicing across our minds."

Yuko nodded towards Maxima, seemingly agreeing with the robot."Yeah brother, your mind is incredibly loud for some reason... its like you're one of those people who are brutally honest because they think that they have nothing to hide. Its literally impossible not to read your thoughts... though, I think that it would be equally impossible to control your mind through magic for that same reason. Your thoughts are chaotic and erratic while also being horrendously loud to the point of basic ear-rape..." She explained, causing me and several others to blink in surprise.

"Now thats a trait I'd like to have for myself." Momori muttered out, envy clear in his tone as I chuckled and replied."Well if you drink my blood, you might just get your wish."

"Come to think of it, what the hell even are you, youngster? What did you turn us into? Some new kind of vampire?" My grandfather asked with a quirked eyebrow as the vampire twin chuckled in his general direction, but I shook my head in negative."I'm the same as Yuko. A chaosborne human... and now, so are you... well, most of you."

The werewolf blinked."So what, I'm a chaosborne werewolf?"

"Just as we are chaosborne vampires, yes." Belle replied to him with a smile, causing the old wolf to shiver in fear. I really have to look into who exactly those two are for him to be shivering like that.

Turning back towards Max and causing the poor sod to quiver once again, I made my final verdict."Listen you all, I need to go back to Italy in order to enure that Yomi's body is safe and sound. After that, I'm going to Russia in order to investigate The Valley of Death. However, this is unimportant right now... what is important is that you understand that, despite my actions on TV, I am actually trying to save the world."

"Bullshit." Momori replied as our grandfather shook his head."N-no, he speaks the truth.. I can feel it." This caused Momori's eyes to widen in surprise and shock.

A nod was sent towards him by Yuko."The blood will show you all the truth, in due time. For now, please listen to Leonardo."

"As I was saying, I'm trying to save the world from destruction and, to that end, I'd like you all to join me. Will you?" Sakamoto and George exchanged glances and eventually the wolf replied."Well, we were already going for peace talks so we might as well.. and nobody in my clan will defy you, hell nobody in the enitre Inhuman community is going to defy the will of someone like you... Despite what you might be thinking, the rest of the world is nowhere near filled with superpowered monstrosities as Europe, China and perhaps Korea are. You alone could probably dominate everybody in this place, with your only compettition being that fox-clan up north and the despicable members of HI... and one of those is supposedly your ally already."

The fox clan? Ah, he must mean Yomi's clan. Oh yeah, I gotta go pick up her brother too before I leave. Gonna do that right after this."Good. I want the three of you to work together to annihilate any and all HI compliant organizations within Japan and take it as your own territory while also working on improving the relationships between humans, synthetics and inhumans alike, capiche?"

"The three of us?" The duo then turned to look at the synthetic Max who recoiled in fear."Max... if your dream of Utopia is truly one you wish to achieve, you'll not only need the help of these two, you'll also need to become braver than you are now. Much, much braver."

He lowered his head and clutched his robotic fists before raising his head, clearly full of confidence."Then. I. shall. become. braver! I. promise." A nod of approval was given from the duo behind me as I turned towards my sister."Well Yuko, your presence here has made my trip to Japan more than fun... I have to ask if you wanna go with me to Italy or not, though."

She tilted her head in surprise."Wait, you're giving me a choice?!"

I blinked."What is it with the women in my life always wanting me to make their choices for them?" I could feel Yomi, Aria and Yuko alike turning their heads away in shame."Its just easier that way for us girls... and they've come to expect it off you, master. Your aura is full of pride so they probably never thought you'd even give them a choice in the first place." Belle replied for them with a knowing look on her pale, life-full face.

"Is that so? Well screw that shit, I still stand by my decision. Yuko, do you want to come with me or not?" My tone showed clear finality as she swallowed down hard and turned to look around, meeting the eyes of our grandfather and the werewolf before nodding to herself."No... I.. I can't.. My family, my clan is here. If you ever need me, I will of course leap across the earth to aid you in whatever you want to achieve... but I need to stay here for the time being in order to protect our family. If they are really going to go up against HI then they'll need me here to ensure everything goes as best it can. Also, moms pregnant again, someone needs to take care of her in the meantime."

I let out a sigh but nodded."Very well. I promise I'll visit you sometime, okay?"

She nodded somberly and threw her arms around me in a hug, but surprisigly did not reach for a kiss. I guess shes still conscious about it being incestual."Aww, sibling love!" Anna exclaimed while holding her hands to her cheeks, causing Yuko to leap off me instantanously.

I laughed at her antics."Well, we got what we came for everyone. Maxima, get everyone to come here, were gonna have to make one last stop before our flight to Italy."

"Wait! Even if Yuko's staying here, can I go with you!?" My newest cousin Momori, exclaimed with a panicked tone as our grandfather turned to look at him."Are you sure about that, sonny? I mean, I'm not against it but..."

Momori shook his head."I .. I can't stay here, grandfather. Just... wasting my days away for nothing. At least, if I follow him, I feel like I can be useful to a worthy cause."

The old man harrumphed and nodded."Well, if its like that then, you have my approval... your grandmother is really going to kill me when she wakes up, though."

"I'm fine with it too but... well everyone who follows me right now has my blood flowing through them. Are you sure you are willing to drink it yourself?" I asked him with a questioning glance.

He hesitated, but only for the briefest moment."I-I... Yes, I will do it."

I promptly broke another window and handed the guy another vial."H-hey! What did I say about those windows?!"

"Do you have an Omnicard?" I asked the old man to which he quirked an eyebrow and replied."Y-yes? Why do you ask?"

"Give it to me." He did as he was told with suprising obedience. I promptly took my own card out and transfered a million US dollars onto it."There, that should cover any damage we caused here."

He blinked at that insane number."Uh.. yeah, cover. Sure."

"Master, everyone is here... but how excatly are we going to fly to the airport or wherever we are going right now?" I smiled at Maxima's confused look."Well gentlemen, you'd best hold on to yer hats!"

The duo, as well as many others snorted at my joke as the trio of women who experienced the same thing just an hour beforehand tilted their collective heads in confusion."What?! What does that even mean!? Is it some kind of movie refference?!" Belle screamed out in frustration as I transformed once more and lifted us all up into the sky without another word.

In the end, while the clan of foxes was sad to see him go, Suburo was already waiting for us as we landed into one of his temple gardens, luggage packed and ready..

Something which caused poor old Momori to gape, slack-jawed."W-wait! MY STUFF! I DIDN'T TAKE MY STUFF!"

Oh well, I guess that means we're gonna have to make yet ANOTHER small, hopefully really final stop before we fly to Italy... maybe then, I can rest easy...

For a time, at least.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...


We finally did it!


It only took me what, fifty chapters? XD

Well, you can expect the same length for all the other arcs.

Its been fun!

It will remain being fun, I hope!

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!!!!!


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