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The following morning... - The New Mansion - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"Haaaa.." Hui Jun the cultivator channeled the Qi from our sourroundings into his fist as he punched my blocking hands.

I felt as if the bones in my body shattered as his fist dug into my skin, yet the pain wasn't nearly enough to cause any sort of reaction from me. Throwing my broken left arm to the side, I quickly landed a strike into his ribs with as much force as I could muster.

He easily dodged it though, let out a massive sigh and leaped backwards and next to Mislav, the flaggelant supposed to teach me meditation.

My two would-be teachers looked at one another and nodded grimly."Its like fighting an age old beast which believes itself to be immortal." Hui concluded.

Mislav nodded, much to my annoyance."Indeed. The young master fights in a way which shows that he has no regard for himself or the damage he receives... it is inhuman, shocking even to the point that it may allow him to defeat foes far greater than himself but..."

"It is not a way of battle which requires skill. He is clearly a berserker in every sense of the word... but how do we teach such a person? How do we train him?" Hui asked his companion with a worried glare towards me.

Mislav, once again, nodded sagely."Hmm..."

"Would you two stop acting like I'm not even here?" I said with annoyance clear in my tone as the duo chuckled."We can't help it, young master. Fighting against you is ... like fighting nothingness."

I tilted my head in confusion."Like fighting nothingness? What the hell does that mean?"

"An indominable, unbeatable void. An enemy you cannot see, hear, feel in any way, shape or form. Something you are supposed to avoid at all costs. An empty shell.... Master, fighting against you feels just the same as fighting an undead abomination... with the exception that even they have some sense of self-preservation. You appear to have lost this, though I cannot fathom why... Your pride, your hubris would surely not allow for something like that to ever happen and yet..." Hui explained while staring seemingly right into my soul, trying to find a way to do something.

Mislav walked over to me and raised my hands, watching them regenerate within seconds."Master, while the way you fight is clearly effective against foes at least twice your level of power... And devastating against anyone below that level, not everyone in this world can kill you within an instant."

He poked a finger into several of my muscles and sighed."Your self-destructive tendencies and perpetual regeneration have caused your body to ... stagnate, for a lack of a better word. Though you may fight and are currently using the power of this Ashura fellow as your own... your muscles have not improved at all. Of course, nobody is going to get any stronger from one battle, but you have been fighting for a while now. Your muscle, even if it can't get stronger immidiately, should be showing signs that, once you are fully asleep, it plans to... tighten and rewound itself, you know, get stronger basically. Your muscles however, are getting destroyed so often that not even regeneration can make them remember what they're supposed to do."

"So you're saying that my regeneration is stopping my body from getting stronger? How the hell does that even work?" I quirked an eyebrow at him. That makes no fucking sense to me."Young Master, you do know that a person can only train one part of their body to be stronger than the rest of it, correct? You are basically doing the same thing. Your regeneration now is far stronger than how it was when we first met, how this is possible I do not know nor wish to understand, but this has had the detrimental effect of ruining the progress of the rest of your body. We need to find a way to either completely disable your ability to regenerate or slow it down to a point where it becomes something plausible."

"But why? Can't I just train?" Another quirked eyebrow at Hui who merely sighed again."You don't get it... let me put it this way young master, you are regenerating SO FUCKING QUICKLY, that the strain of training, which is meant to make one stronger, would just get healed and nothing would come out of it no matter how much you trained."

Ooooh..."Well, shit?"

"Indeed. However, I may have a solution to your problem... this is most likely why the living flame ensured that the both of us are here to take care of your training." Mislav closed his eyes and channeled mana through my body... it was a kind of mana which summoned Chaos Energy. He drew some kind of runic symbol onto my chest which then burst in flames and imprinted itself onto my flesh.

"ARGH!" I cried out, not because of the flames etching a rune onto my skin, but the terrible weakness which came over me. I could feel it, my energy seeping out of my body... no, my power was being limited, stolen away by none other than Chaos."This, young master, is a Curse Of Vulnerability. Though previously, it has always been regarded as a power of God brought into this world in order to punish those who would fight against Gods church, I now know what it really is. It is a plea, a call for Chaos to open up a gateway into its infernal bowels, allowing it to freely feast upon the person this is cast upon."

Father, that spell just created a second portal into The Red World on your body... Yet, instead of it being like your heart which is constantly dishing out more and more energy for us to use, this thing is sucking it out.

"Yeah, I got that much, Aria... don't do anything to it." The two in front of me quirked each an eyebrow as I replied to Aria as stood up. I walked over to a nearby wall and punched it with all my current might.


A resounding tone echoed from the moment my fist connected to the wall, yet the thing that cracked... well both the wall and my fist cracked. I felt my bones reeling in pain as I clutched my fist on instinct, feeling it healing even though the curse... no wait, this is the technology I got in me.

The nanomachines, even without the power of Chaos."Okay then.. Aria, heal up my fist as best you can but don't heal anything else."

As you wish, father.

"This will be fun." Yomi's ever-so-amused voice echoed in my head as I snorted."Maybe for you, darling..."

The duo in front of me figured that I was done with whatever I was doing."Are you ready for the true suff-I mean training to begin, young master?" Hui suddenly got a dark sheen around his eyes.

I'm not totally sure I like this."Miss Aria, can you hear me? If you can, please do continue healing your father after he is done training. My curse would usually have dispersed by now as the attention of Chaos is not nearly focused enough for it to last long, but I have a feeling that this particular one will not go away quite so soon." Mislav spoke while looking at the ceeling.


"She agrees. Now then, what do I we do first?" I asked as Hui approached me with a dark smile."First, I must see how weak that thing has made you."

Suddenly, he moved far faster than I ever saw him move before... no, my weakened body just couldn't comprehend that kind of speed anymore. His fist connected to my abdomen and I felt myself being actually damaged for the first time in weeks.

A wound which I needed to care about.

I forgot this feeling...

Yeees... this rush.

This chill!

My current situation... it is life-threatening, isn't it?

Life or death?

I will survive."I MUST SURVIVE!"

Even at his current speed, my sudden exclamation caused Hui to misstep in shock, allowing me to suckerpunch him in the face... to which he turned his punched face around to show me that not even his skin was moved from my blow."A worthy effort... but futile!" He spat somewhat condenscendingly before kicking me into a wall.

Normally, the strength of his kick would easly showe both me and the wall several meters away if he was holding back.... Right now the wall didn't even crack, but my back sure felt like it did. Throwing myself up and onto my feet, I felt the bones in my body shaking.

I could already barely stand and the fight had only just begun."RAAAARGH!" I let out an uncharacteristic howl of rage as I forced my body to move, yet it did not respond. In fact, the muscles on my legs shook even harder before forcing me to fall onto my knees and have to stop myself from faceplanting with my hands."W-what the f-fuck?"

I questioned myself... was I really this weak without the power of Chaos rushing through my veins. Did I really take this power for granted?


My pride has blinded me to a great deal of things, it would seem. I grit my teeth, gnashing them against one another in one last act of rage before closing my eyes and calming the fuck down.

I must... survive?

No, thats not right.

I must get stronger.

My eyes reopened and I found myself staring into two equally shocked teachers. Hui suddenly grinned again."Good. You've managed to catch yourself rather quickly. Now, you are ready for the true training to begin."

A golden flash of light burst in front of my eyes, some of it entering me as the rest of it collapsing on top of itself. Suddenly, what appeared to be a clone of Hui Jun forged itself into existance as I felt my aching body focusing my gaze onward."I have just inserted a small amount of Qi inside of you. Sit down and try to find it."

Doing as I was told, I felt myself crash to the floor and close my eyes once more. I searched deep within myself, starting at the point where I saw the energy entering me, aka my abdomen. There, in one of my many dantians, lied a lake of unfamiliar golden Qi. It just... stood there, resisting any form of consumption by my dantian.

It was posion.

It was like a rabid deer which decided to attack the hunter and got lucky enough to begin an intimate meele. There was a good possibility that the hunter, or in this case I, would die from its rabid assault.

But it was still a deer. Killed and well-prepared, it could still be eaten. It could still be nothing more than... prey.

Understanding this was only the first step, now I must figure out how to cleanse the Qi. Focusing onto it did not revel anything, only caused me more pain as the ravenous Qi ate away at my dantian.. wait, aren't dantians like centers within the body. Perhaps if I channel some of my Qi inwards, it would negate or even consume Hui's Qi?

Quickly attempting to do what I just envisioned, I found that the curse did more than I originally expected, as my own dantian, which was currently being eaten, promptly shoo'd my will away. I was rejected... yes this was one of the ways to go but my...

My own dantian rejected it.


"You are merely one in a billion, a person whose Qi naturally flows outward rather than inward, giving you the ability to channel it outward of your body far more easily than others. In fact, people like you are the ones who were the first to develop cultivation... Hmm, now that I think about it, they were also often referred to being insane. Or, perhaps more accurately, attuned to hondon, rather than jumun." Hui Jun's words echoed inside of my mind as the memory of our first meeting replayed in front of my eyes.

I am a person whose Qi is naturally flowing outwards rather than inwards. Where others consume and assimilate, I expunge and infect.

I understand now.

I have been continuously devouring others, going against my very nature as a Child of Chaos. This is what it truly means to be one of us, to give all you've got and not take any more than you actually need.

I have been greedy.

No, fuck that, I have been gluttonous. More so than ever before in my life.

I must change. I must... sacrifice.

This is what I was born to be. A sacrifice for the ascension of humanity... and others. Yet all I've been doing so far is take, take, take and TAKE!

No wonder Chaos is pissed at me.

Suddenly, my mind shook as a terrible headache tore away at my soul, as toneless, soundless words broke into my mind for the very first time... at least in the outside world.


Chaos screamed in relief inside of my head, its voiceless voice thundered and caused my ears and eyes to begin bleeding... yet I felt no pain from this.

No, I was... happy.

I connected myself to my dantian once more and willed my essence outwards, easily expunging all foreign energy as it seeped into my wounds, healing and yet, somehow not regenerating them.

No... this wasn't mere regeneration.

This is... creation."M-master!? What are you doing?!" Mislav yelled out in panic as I reopened my eyes and followed his gaze to find that the freshly planted roses at the entrance of the pool were blooming far out of their pots. My essence, this is what it is meant to do... everytime my Qi flows outwards, it will infect and infuse any and all living things, changing their very core, making them stronger.

Surprinsingly, I did not seem to have an effect on my two teachers... in fact, it only affected the plant. Perhaps the amount of energy I released was not enough to affect them because they are, of course, far stronger than a mere plant?

"Suppose I'll have to call this my Living Aura now..." I muttered out in a somewhat ironic tone as I remembered the name of this particular ability from my time in Euphoria. Gonna have to thank Gaia and Harold for coming up with the names.

I closed the gate I opened when I reached into my dantian... no need to waste all of that power here. Hmm, I wonder if I could do this somewhere particularily empty of life, like The Valley Of Death? Could I terraform the very Earth itself?

Either way, I now understand the true desire of Chaos. It is a power which was born to destroy, yet what it desires most is to create.

The Opposite of the Void."M-master, are you alright?" This time it was Hui who asked, his tone wrought with worry as I let out a chuckle."I'm fine. Thank you... lets continue the training."

To my surprise, he shook his head in negative."N-no, this will be enough for today. I must take what I've learned here and create a proper training schedule for you first... then we can continue. Now, I leave you to my good friend Mislav here."

"Good friend? We only just met... though I do share the sentiment." They shook hands with grins on their faces as I remained silent."Wow... what just happened to you? You're like an entirely different person."

I shook my head in negative as Yomi's somewhat worried remark."I'm not. I'm just... happy? I guess. Didn't you say the same thing the last time I was happy too?"

"Probably... I mean, its not like you get this way often. Most of the time, your bloody *edge* is darker than most shadows and demons I know." Her anime-like sweatdrop caused me to snort as Mislav approached me once again."Alright then, young master. It is time to delve into your own mind."

Blinking in confusion at his words, I promptly followed his signs to sit down cross-legged as he placed a hand onto my forehead and closed his eyes."In. Sig. Maut."

A strange chant was suddenly spoken as I felt my eyes closing, my consciousness following behind them soon after...

A few seconds later... - Within Leonardo's Mind... - Leonardo's Point Of View...

Opening my eyes revealed a strange, blackened realm...

As if everything here was scorched by a terrible flame. The blackened earth I stood upon reminded me of that time I was summoned to the Centipede's devoured world... No, this was that same earth.

I was standing upon the same precipice I was back when I woke up in that devoured place. I turned my head upwards and found the monstrous centipede staring right at me, its jaws and claws bound, in rusted and weathered chains...."AROG. UZ. ULMNI! YOUR FATE IS SEALED. YOUR WORLD WILL BURN SO THAT MINE MAY BE REBORN IN ITS ASHES!"

The thing screamed at me, the chains rattling with its every movement. It was only a matter of time before its eventual arrival and I knew this to be true as much as I wanted it to be otherwise."Hmm... that thing is one of our siblings, is it not? So why is it that its supposed arrival is so... stressful for you, master?"

Mislav asked me as his form was made manifest within this place, making me remember that this was all inside of my head once again."This thing... it is a child, a rampaging beast which seeks to do nothing than to devour our world. Granted, nothing connected to Chaos is quite so one-sided. The destruction of our world would also mean the resurrection of the race which makes it up."

"I see... so you are worried that our world would follow in their footsteps?" He asked me with a quirked eyebrow to which I shook my head in negative, surprising him."What I am afraid of... why this thing is so stressfull to me personally is.. well, one who was the same as me tried to ascend his race as was his given task by Chaos. He failed and instead caused his entire race to be consumed into that thing... should I fail, the same fate awaits humanity and possibly everything else on this ... planet."

 A nod was my answer as we turned around, my own words resounding in my head. That's right, the thing I am terrified of the most is myself.

It has always been myself.

Will always be myself... In the end, this fear of my own being is the only real limitation I have. The only piece of me which may be considered... human.

Although, humans do not often fear themselves. When they do though, they usually end up either insane or insanely depressed.

I am neither.

Well the first is actually debatable.

Continuing on to see the wonders of my mind, I watched in awe as the shadows around us manifested as none other than Eadom."You...! YOU BETRAYED ME! YOU EMOTIONLESS, PARANOID FREAK! IS NO ONE YOUR ALLY?!"

He screamed at me, his tone filled to the brim with dissappointment and yet, no rage whatsoever. This thing... it isn't Eadom, is it?

The shadows shattered their current form as Eadom dissippated to form a brownish... mass of flesh. It has a thousand mouths, screaming endlessly and yet, making no sound whatsoever."Doubt."

Mislav suddenly said as he approached the ceaselessly discharging thing on the floor but made no effort to touch it."This, young master, is your own self-doubt."

"Then the Centipede represented my fear?" A nod was my answer as we continued onwards. The things I see here are my emotions...

Suddenly, we reached into a land made up of meat and rivers of blood, with gravity-defying bones floating in mid-air.. and there I was, fully transformed by Chaos, screaming in ecstacy."POWER! YES! LIMITLESS POWER! I ... MUST... HAVE... MORE!"

This thing..."Greed." I whispered into the rotten air as everything around us turned to gold, an endless hunger for more... more of something, ANYTHING, filled my stomach and I heard its greedy, hungering grumble. Yet, because of my previous lesson, I ignored it and pushed it back deep inside of myself.

But not before telling it that there will be another time to fulfill its needs."Chaos may have taught me its desire, but we both know that one cannot survive without eating, cannot create without taking. Something must be sacrificed in order for something else, prefferably better, to be created."

"Life, feeds on life. In your quest to save the world from annihilation, you consume those who stand in your way as well as those who rally to your cause and, in doing so, both quicken the worlds demise as well as bring its salvation closer to your eventual reach. This... is as it should be." Mislav spoke words which resounded with a wisdom far, far beyond his own mortal capabilities.

What exactly did Chaos show him through my blood? I shook my head in disagreement."That merely ensures the eventual consumption of all life and its inevitable return to the thing that spawned us all. The return to Chaos... but Chaos has grown stronger over time. It is not the same thing it was a thousand years ago... so there must be a way to create something out of nothing."

A surprised look of shock etched itself upon his face as our gazes were drawn to my minds skies and I felt an immense headache tearing away at my soul as crimson letters forged themselves into the sky.


A single word, made up of four letters. Left there by Chaos as if it was the answer to everything in existence.

It is.

Another thunderous voiceless scream as Chaos continues the conversation as best it can... I guess this is what happens in the real world when it talks to me.

Literally shoving the words into my head.

Well, at least now they have a meaning I do not need to completely decipher.

You have grown. Do not stop now.

The headaches came again, though far lesser than their predecessors... perhaps this direct interaction is something an immunity of sorts may be gained?

In any case, the word which matters most right now is Void.

What exactly is the Void?

The skies turned red with the blood of the rivers flowing in this strange, convulted land as a picture was drawn in the skies.

It showed a person. A young girl around the age of sixteen, currently scrolling on a phone and dressed up like a doll.

I recognized the person... my younger sister, Audrey.

She will show you... the void...

There was no pain this time.

Chaos sounded tired, weakened, exhausted even.

Perhaps this connection, this direct conversation is tiring to one such as Chaos? After all, trying to limit ones power when fighting, trying to hold yourself back in front of someone you hate or love, it exhausts you on both the spiritual and the physical level.

This is probably much the same.

We reached into the next plot of land... there appeared to be...

My human self. A much younger version of me, that is.

One which was still using a regular computer... playing some kind of video game I no longer recognized. it didn't seem to matter however, as a small ghost me created out of angelic light floated down to my younger selves back and pulled out a single needle.

Then my ghost self started poking my younger, physical self.

I watched in shock and surprise as my physical self shut the game, scratched its back and opened up an internet browser of some kind. The words it typed into the search engine were: "How do I donate money to charity?"

"Aaah... Caritas, the third of the virtues and a most chivalrous trait for a person to have. It would appear yours is always poking you with a needle in the back. This is the most persistent of its own kind, though not the most powerful... Have you ever actually donated money to charity before, young master?" Mislav asked me with a quirked eyebrow as I sighed and raised my right hand upwards.

The thoughts I had just now manifested in a single black card which currently held all of my money. My omnicard..."I did. In fact, I've pretty much donated around a millions worth in dollars to charities around the world... Money I earned through assassinations and otherwise taking lives, mostly."

"Mostly?" Mislav asked with an inquisitive tone."A bunch of it was the leftovers of whatever father gave me in order to complete my missions. He often overpaid me, in a way... I didn't want to deal with the money, so I just forwarded it to the nearest charity."

He gave out a deep, deep sigh."I see..."

Wordlessly, we continued onwards, an awkward silence taking over the atmosphere as we reached into what appeared to be a dry, empty land. A black, infinite void of nothingness and endless, empty dark."Hmm... I did not expect you to be this... hopeless."

"Hopeless?" I tilted my head in confusion as we looked onwards, Mislav simply pointing towards something in the distance as I turned towards him. And there, inside of the infinite blackness was my prone, naked form...

Flashes of the moment when my destiny to save the world was revealed to me suddenly began appearing and I clutched my fist so hard that it began to turn blue. I remember that feeling.

That utter, ceaseless hopelessness which was born within me at that very moment.

How, what, why was I the one forced to do this?

Couldn't it have been someone else?

I remember those feelings, those questions.

... I remember crushing them under heel."Hopelessness cannot be crushed or removed. It is a hunger, an endless void which, once opened, can only be sated and closed for a time. This however, requires the inflicted to have hope... you appear to have none, young master."

"Hope will not save me or this cursed world." I muttered out in clear anger as Mislav rose his hands in defense."Yet, this void will not stop devouring you from the inside, young master. Left alone for too long, it will reach your limit and devour you."

The world around us twisted and turned as my anger surged forwards, a massive volcano rupturing the earth from beneath that hopeless void, bursting with hot lava with every second of its ascension. The lava reached for the skies and enveloped my hopeless self in fire.

In that fire, my hopelessness transformed into sheer, undending fury."YOU ARE A FOOL, MISLAV! I. CANNOT. HAVE. LIMITS!" My other self, my rage screamed out in anger and fury as it crushed the Void with ease, filling it up with hot magma.

Mislav's gaping mouth was quite the sight to behold as he blinked."Guess I am wrong... it can be crushed. It can be beaten... by rage. By unending fury.. but, this begs another question... what fuels your fury, what is the origin of such endless anger, young master?"

"The same hopelessness which threatens to devour me. The fact that I am set up against such impossible odds makes me angry. Makes me feels as if I am meant to lose... which also makes me want to win and spit in the face of whatever desinged such a fate for me in the first place." I replied with a smirk upon my face.

"So anger, supported by pride. Wrath coerced by Hubris. Ira by Superbia." He concluded, seeming satistfied as he continued."This is not something a normal person could ever wield. Wrath and pride do not go as well together as one may think..." He said as I was left confused."What do you mean? Wrath and Pride go perfectly together."

He laughed at my confusion and shook his head in negative."Do not confuse Wrath for Hatred, young master. Anger, is not the same as Hate... Because Hate is the offspring of Wrath and Pride mixing together and causing a storm inside of a persons mind."

I blinked in momentary stupefaction before I realized that he was right. Being angry is not the same thing as being hateful, yet it was very easy to mistake the two for being the same... this was because of a persons pride.

We walked onwards, reaching a realm which was split in two...

One, a grotesque table made of meat and bone, filled with the most delicious looking dishes I have ever seen.

And the other, a mere carpet upon which appeared to be little else other than bread and water.

Gluttony and Temperance... yet neither seemed to be winning."It would appear that your soul is equally pulled by both of these. You are gluttonous when it comes to some things in life and temperate in others.... finally, something normal about your mind."

Mislavs comment was filled with sarcasm, yet he did not appear sarcastic at all.

Suddenly, a fat version of me appeared... he was missing a backside."I MUST EAT! MORE AND MORE! DEVOUR IT ALL!.. but.."

The fat me dispersed and his flesh moved to the back he was missing, transforming into a version of me which seemed to be clad in monk clothing."... but I have already eaten far more than my fair share. I must give."

Then the fat one returned."BUT I AM SO VERY HUNGRY!..." He reached for the food on the table... yet, stopped himself just moments before grabbing the food and pulled back his hand."But if I eat this now... others will suffer... I am gluttonous, but I refuse to become greedy!"

Then, the duo merged into what appeared to be a buddha statue of myself, even if it had only two arms. Its left hand held aloft a plate full of food raised high while its right seemed to be holding the same plate lower, a strangers hand reaching out from the darkness to take some food of the plate."You know what I said about something normal being inside of your head? Fuck. That."

I merely nodded towards him wordlessly as he continued."A sin and a virtue, mixing together to form something new... what exactly do we call this?"

"A monster." Was my rather simplitic, if incredibly condescending reply."I... see."

"No you don't. And hopefully you never will." This was something that only true monsters could have. No real pull from either side, only doing what I wanted, when I wanted. I can be gluttonous, but I must also be temperate. I can never be one and one alone.

Simplification is not the way of Chaos and it never will be.

We continued onwards...

We then came across something which I did not expect to find here... myself, being a massive couch potato.

Behind me were many items, pictures and colors. Each of them represented something... something which I pushed back in order to enjoy myself.

There was an endlessly black pit in front of the me who was currently merging with the couch, which looked incredibly comforting, by the way."Ahh.. sloth. How interesting."

Mislav grinned at me and snorted as I looked away in shame. Yes, I am somewhat slothful... especially if there is nothing that I deemed interesting enough to do."Sometimes... I wish Chaos would just... grant me the power to melt into some kinda primordial ooze so I can just... ooze and ... do nothing."

With that said, my slothful self promptly melted, alongside everything else and fell into the hole.

However, he stopped right at the top as the light shone and revealed his currently gelatinous form somehow glued to the edges of the hole. Understanding that the bottomless hole represented laziness, I watched as my slothful self let out a massive sigh of relief."A-aaah... this is the best..."

My face appeared on the top of the goo before melting back into the rest of the ooze."Damn, but that does look kinda nice." I grit my teeth as I suddenly blurted out, causing Mislav to burst out laughing."Out of all the weaknesses you could have had, sloth takes the day!"

He promptly fell onto his arse, laughing so loudly that my ears resonated. I just rubbed the back of my head in shame, more than a little embarrased about the situation."Looks like Diligence isn't my best virtue."

"More like you have none at all. Everything you've done so far was only because it interested you!" He exclaimed while still laughing before eventually standing back up, wiping tears from his eyes."Anyways, thats enough for today and the last time I will be here to help you. Your minds gate has now been opened to you and you will walk through this world whenever you begin meditation... do not let it confuse you and chip away at your perception of reality please, young master."

With that, he made a strange hand sign which pulled the both of us out of my mindscape.

Well, that could have gone better, I think...

Thankfully, or perhaps sadly, he will not be here the next time I do this.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

And that is it for this chapter of EUPHORIA!

If I was proud of the last chapter for Destiny: Infernal, then my ego just skyrocketed because I LOVE THIS CHAPTER.


Naturally, I'll remain online for a while to edit out the mistakes and stuff and reply to comments.

Stay tuned friends!

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