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Mere moments later... - A lot of places... - Leonardo's Point Of View....

An incredible burst of power erupted outwards, sending pretty much everybody flying as I had to keep myself grounded via gravity.

Yuko seemed to be drawing forth an infinite amount of power... power, incredibly similar to mine.

In fact, I'd even call it my own power, shaped and wielded by another person, another mind.

Anothers point of view.

Yet, it was Chaos nonetheless.

The blade in her chest melted into her body, infusing my sister with an incredible amount of energy as her hair broke out of its ponytail and colored itself crimson, like mine. Her golden eyes turned an equally crimson color as Chaos Energy burst forth all around her.

Her skin then peeled itself off of her in a mess of gore and splashes of blood, as that very same skin forged itself into a new set of clothing. She wore what appeared to be much the same high heeled combat boots, a long white dress with a pantyhose visible underneath and a set of gloves. All colored blood crimson and made out of her own skin.

What remained of her visible flesh suddenly turned a bright red color, as if it was a metal infused by a tremendous amount of heat. Her eyelids seemed to stay as they were though, discoloration aside.

Her horrid look made others lurch from the sheer brutality of her transformation.

As for me... I just stood there, stupefied."Well?"

She asked, amused by my flabbergasted stare."Are you gonna transform or what?"

"T-t-transform? W-W-WAIT A MOMENT, YUKO! How are you able to control yourself?! And what is that form?!" Her grandmother, or well our grandmother, yelled from above as Yuko rolled her eyes and rose her skinless fist covered in a glove made of skin."You know, I always found it funny how heroes feared their darkside... how power such as this was liable to bring it out..."

She laughed, a horrid and magnificent sound, like the sweetest music to my ears."Yet, whenever I tried it myself, I always retained full control... why, it was almost as if..."

She smirked and grinned as she turned her head upwards to look at me, urging me to finish her sentence."There was no monster to wring out. No darkness that wasn't already there." I finished with a smile of my own as I closed my eyes, the revelation sending shock and awe through our public in waves of unrestrained anticipation and ecstasy.

I took in a deep breath and smiled again."Well, I best not keep you waiting then, sister."

Her transformation, for all of its horror and terror... its the same as mine.

And that makes me so... happy."Hhehehehehehehahhahahaah...." My laughter began to turn maddening once again as I rose myself into the air and closed my eyes again, looking once more into the furnace of my soul.

I've done this quite a few times already and yet.. it feels like I'm transforming for the first time. An insane grin etched itself upon my frame as blood and fire erupted from my flesh and bone, yet none of it splashed onto the walls of the arena.

The blood of Chaos, the Hellfire of God, both danced around me in a crescendo of rabid energies, each transforming and melting and reshaping and breaking and ripping and tearing away at my whole existance. Ceades, much like Yuko's cursed katana did to her beforehand, melted into me, granting me full acess to its awesome power.

Then, my flesh burst once again as I was flayed alive by my own power, the infinite energies reshaping me to my very core as I took upon my Antioch form. My overcoat, surgical gloves, pants, shirt made of skin, all my own just as hers was...

Now, this form made sense. Before, I only used it for fun and games.

But now, do I finally understand.

This skinless, horrid form brings us closer to the glory Chaos. It would be what we would have looked like if we failed the Maturity Ritual, if we became a part, just another extension of Chaos.

Now, as its blood yet flesh of our own, we use these very forms, etched into our souls, as a way to acess the near limitless power of Chaos much the same way as the failures do.

With one main, yet invaluable diffrence.

It is our own decision to do so.

My transformation finished, my power surging, my soul reeling in anticipation of continuing this incredible battle."W-w-wait, h-h-hes t-th.. f-f-from t-t-the T-TV!" Someone screamed out from the crowd of onlookers as me and Yuko shrugged, decidedly ignoring the public as we made the barest movement with our feet.

Yet it was enough to send us both upwards with such incredible strength, that our power tore though the concrete, iron, steel and rock as if they weren't even there, breaking the academy and its underground apart within moments of our ascent.

Back at the arena...

"Ah, were finally here!" Belle exclaimed as she somehow managed to hold onto the massive bags full of popcorn that she and her sister bought.

Her sister however, remained utterly silent despite them reaching their destination."Uh.. Anna? Is something wrong?"

"Drop the popcorn and look up, you dimwit." Her sister replied in a rather unladylike and uncharacteristic manner, so Belle looked up past the shattered ceeling and into the skies where two incredible entities were currently levitating.

She let out a very dissapointed sigh."Aw, shucks."

With the duo of Super Saiy-ahem, Chaosborne Beings...

Father? Should I blo-

 "There's no need for that... and you don't do anything to prevent the normal people from seeing this fight either, Yomi." I say with a huge, bloodthirsty grin on my face."If you say so..."

My sister nodded in approval."Indeed. It is high time that the world bore witness to what two unchained Children Of Chaos can really do!"

With that, the fight began anew. Within an instant, we locked fingers with one another, our skinless faces, our glowing, superheated flesh striking against one anothers as we did. With a grin and a smile, she sent a massive kick into my chin, ripping it off and causing blood to spurt out.

My right fist connected with her left shoulder as I felt her bone crack, her flesh contorting inwards.

Taking me by the waist, she promptly slammed me into a nearby house, crushing it and the family inside as the building collapsed and we eneded up on a street. I tore a stop sign out of the ground and slammed it into her neck, the pathetically weak metal it was made off melting at the touch, yet still managing to crack her neck.

As her head flew sideways, her eyes turned towards me and soon I found her right fist lodged into my stomach, gushing liters of blood out of me and coating the street road behind me in crimson.

I rose my arms into the sky and pummeled both of her shoulders with closed fists, her own blood decorating the entire house behind her.

Sizzling concrete and screaming iron filled the streets as our blood melted whatever it touched. Still stunned by my blow and yet, grinning at me non the less, I grabbed Yuko by the throat and threw her farther into the city.

She flew and flew and I followed after her as she struck a skyscraper, bending one of its many steel beams as she connected with it and then promptly ripping said beam out before impaling me with it.

Not that it stopped me in the least, as I sucker punched her away and tore the beam out of myself, throwing it behind me and squashing some poor sod who was getting coffee from a machine. My momentary pause allowed her to leap right back as she punched me in the chest and out of the skyscraper.

A resounding blast of sound tore through the city as I slammed both hands onto each of her ears, causing us to fall onto the road below with her fist still inside of my chest, as the cars crashed into buildings and people screamed in horror. Babies cried and animals whimpered as we rose from the dust, her body in the air again as I kicked her out of me.

Turning to look at the skyscraper we just came out off and her stunned frame, I promptly called upon the infinite powers I now wielded to rip the skyscraper out of the ground and caused it to fall onto her. Not even a second after she was suppoedly crushed by its weight, my sister burst out of the wreckage and struck my right shoulder so hard that my arm came off.

A savage grin etched itself to my frame as I bit down onto her neck and tore off the flesh and bone which remained."AIIIIIIRGH!" She screeched in temporary pain before gathering white-hot fire into her left palm and using it to blast me away. The flames, they were so hot that I couldn't even scream...

Yet I was sure that I would have, for the only thought which ran through my mind at this very moment was; Is this what true pain feels like?

I could feel my neck crack as I rose from the flames and gathered a ball of energy of my own as my sister leaped forward, apparently eager to feel the same pain I felt moments ago as the concentrated plasma hit her with terrible precision, melthing her already superheated flesh and sending her away, allowing me a moment to breathe.

As if I even needed one. We both regenerated and charged towards one another, ripping and tearing, regenerating and healing flesh and bone alike with horrendous ease as parts of our bodies flew in all directions, crushing and melting people and robots alike without regard for race or affiliation.

Leaping backwards, Yuko grabbed a toyota and spun around before flinging it in my general direction. She missed me, or better to say that I dodged it by predicting the path of the throw, but she did however mow down a whole bunch of civilians in the process. She rolled her eyes at the ensuing screams but seemingly remembered something from the event.

I quirked an enflamed eyebrow at her as she opened her left palm and pointed it towards a group of people."Say, how about we have a snack?"

A blink of confusion was her answer as she closed her fist, causing the very essence and souls of the people she was pointing at to disperse and feed into her, only their skeletons remaining after she was done."Hooh? That was.. quicker than mine. But you left something behind."

She rose her hands up and shrugged."Well, unlike you, I don't have the power to control gravity itself, so I can't consume everything even if I can do this quicker." She explained with a smile as she flew into me, sending us both flying towards the coast.

I tore her left arm off mid-flight."So what do you have control off?"

A moan escapes her lips as the pain caught up to her, a stray but well posistioned kick sending me through several different buildings, each more demolished than the last as I use gravity to slow my descent, which had the unfortunate effect to drag everything that didn't help me slow down along with me like a form of travelling black hole."I command one of the foundamental forces of Life itself.... The Spirit."

Her answer made me somewhat confused as she punched through my stomach once again."The Spirit? Interesting way to say that..."

She offered me a bright smile as I crushed her shoulders once again."Yes, its exactly The Spirit you're thinking off... in its unchanged, uncorrupted and pure, CHAOTIC FORM!"

"The Biblical Spirit itself, how wonderful." I grinned at her as one of my legs was torn off, falling onto the coast and exploding in a mass of boiling blood, melting a buss full of people alive. She scowled at me."Don't call it that! Just because God stole The Spirit from Chaos for a few decades does not make it a good thing!"

"I'm just glad that I'm not the only one stuck in between God and Chaos." Was my ever so amused reply as gravity collapsed around her, crushing her lungs."I figured that might be the case, my dear Living Crusade."

Another grin etched itself upon my frame as I was split in two, my innards falling out of my body, half-incinerated by her fire."So does that mean I should call you the Living Spirit?"

To my surprise, she didn't try to wound me anymore... instead, her gaze softened momentarily before filling with lust and passion. My fists unclenched themselves as she placed her palms onto my cheecks."You forgot to say; my dear Living Spirit."

Within moments, our arms were around one anothers as we let ourselves fall into the ocean, melting water by the tons from the sheer heat we now exhuded yet seemingly cooling off some as we fell into its breathless depths."Sorry about that.. my dear, beloved sister, my Living Spirit."

Not that we needed to breathe as we were currently running on basic godmode.

She smiled at me, her aggression turning fully to lust."Well now, how could I not forgive you after THAT... by the way, were totally gonna fuck now, right?"

I blinked."Well, erm.. sure but, in the middle of the Ocean? What if some stupid school of fish decides to rush at us because it thinks were food or something?"

She blinked right back at me."Y'know, stupid as that sounds, it also sounds like something Chaos would totally do just for laughs... lets... go find someplace more... appropriate."

A nod as we used our powers to reach an empty part of the coast and undid our transformations once we knew the coast was clear. Ha, get it?

"Oh hey, that reminds me, when exactly did you pass the Maturity Ritual?" I asked Yuko with an inquisitve glance. She then looked away, as if in shame."Actually, I just did it yesterday... while I found out about Chaos during a trip to Norway ages ago, I hadn't really matured until you used it to beat the shit out of me yesterday... that and the way you fixed me up afterwards was all the trigger I needed to enter that convulted realm. I saw some alien fish eat the flesh of Chaos and become... turned. I decided I was my own person and nobody else, thus I would not become part of anyone or anything else. So I drank its blood instead, becoming a relative of Chaos rather than an extension of its own self. When I woke up, it was today morning."

"Why exactly are you ashamed of that?" Another question as she let out a tired sigh."You managed to do it all on your own..."

Ah, so its a matter of Pride.

Anyways, after that was said and done, I gave my good friend Tyrone a call to come pick us up... thank God that Yuko was here with me now, or else I would have no fucking idea on how to pronounce the Japanese gibberish that stood as the name of the place we were in

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Two hours beforehand... - The Zatara Mansion (Red Room) - Victor's Point Of View...

"Sssss..." The thing behind me hissed in preparation as its fangs remained bare and targeting my neck."ENOUGH!" I suddenly exclaimed as I turned on the lights and pointed the revolver straight at the beasts head and f-...

"Snake?" I questioned the spooked to hell and back woman that stood... or well.. how do you say that someone is standing up on their tail?

Wait, I just did it, didn't I?"M-m-master? Y-y-you re-re-recognize m-me, r-r-r-right?"

The gorgon in front of me hissed, yet somehow managed to remain... submissive.

The door to my room creaked and I looked towards it to find a werewolf and what looked to be a tiny, naked demon standing at the door. I guess the other guy must be an imp or something.

Wait... gorgon, werewolf and an Imp."Okay. Let me take a fucking guess as to whats going on here..."

The trio of stupid people gulped."He hee..." The gorgon shied away, her human hands raised in an apparent gesture of surrender."You, the little guy with horns, are Trick. The werewolf is, if the smell is anything to go by, Stinking Joe..." Turning my head back towards the medusa, I promptly threw my revolver behind me in a very exaggerated and dramatic gesture of annoyance."And the medusa... is well, Medusa."

They gulped again and nodded as I continued."Now, the two supposedly grown men behind you, have no fucking balls, so they made you, the only wo-MAN here, to enter this room first in order to reveal yourselves to me."

A nod from the Medusa, a tinge of shame from the two at the door."However, as merely knocking and revealing yourselves would not have the same *OOMPH* as stalking behind me menacingly would have before your grand reveal, Stinking Joe made you do exactly that."

Another nod as the werewolf looked away in shame."Sorry, boss... I shoulda known this would go badly..." The werewolf replied, his head still looking downwards.

I waved my hand in negative."Oh no no no, the other two are equally stupid for not realizing the danger this posed themselves. I may be old, but I am still a fucking mafia boss. What exactly would you have done if I blew Medusas head off right here and now? And you Medusa, what the hell possessed you to agree to this kind of play?"

They all looked away in shame, wordless.

Eventually, I got sick of the silence."Argh, what the fuck ever. Anyways, is that all of you or do I have MORE Inhumans in my service whose special powers I COULD HAVE MOST DEFINITELLY USED BEFORE... ah, sorry, I should not be screaming, but this is basically the same thing as stealing weapons from me."

"Are ya gonna kill us, boss?" The Imp Trick asked, his voice terrified and carrying the tone of a lost child."No. Not this time, I wont. But do spread the word that everyone who hasn't revealed themselves to me will get shot and then fired... In the future however, I will kill those who don't follow this directive."

A nod was my answer as Trick and Stinking Joe closed the door and went away. Medusa however, appeared to remain petrified in my presence."Well? What are you waiting for, girl? Do not make me angry!"

I bellowed at her, which appeared to wake her from her trance... yet, it didn't have the effect I was hoping for. Her snake-like, elongated tongue came out of her mouth as she licked her lips seductively and promptly threw what little remained of the maid outfit she usually wore."Actually boss... its been some time since we last .. uhm, did it."

I blinked in surprise as she continued, this time pulling her tongue out completely for me to see its forked lenth."And.. in my human form, I don't have access to this tongue so I thought..."

She slithered closer to me, pressing her ample chest against me in a very provocative manner.".. maybe I could help you with some of that all that anger and stressss..."

Her whispers were more than enough for me as I grinned and nodded, which was all the go ahead the girl needed to slither her way down my pants..

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

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Kinda wished that leonardo would make a statement like "this battle of monsters was instigated by *human organizations name*, if you enjoyed it, please send all your love and thanks to them!". That would leave a shitstorm for those racists bastards Very Happy

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