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80. Of Basic Fleshweaving and Non-Angelic Miracles


Lord Joyde The Madman: Heylo, boys and girls! How are you all doing?

So truth be told, I actually decided not to continue the tournament today and go to sleep.

Which I did.

And then I dreamt about what I was going to type.

Then I woke up.

And that brings us here.

Side note: I am typing this chapter without my glasses 'cause they are too dirty to wear and are giving me a massive eye-ache and headache. So this is written in the middle of the night whilst the monitor is waay too close to my face.


Anyways, here comes the next chapter of EUPHORIA! I sincerely hope that you enjoy, let us begin!

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Mere moments later... - Divine Wind Academy (Underground Arena) - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"So as I was about to say; the flesh is actually like a fluid stuck in its liquid form. It can be shaped, changed, molded but never tranformed." Mislav explained to the best of his ability, using hand gestures in an attempt to better present his knowledge to me."Here is your kobe, sir."

The vampire waitress politely placed all of the five plates onto the table, three of which she levitated via magic. A nod was her answer as she turned towards the fleshweaver."Change your mind about not ordering, sir?"

He took one look at the delightful piece of steak which she brought me and I heard his stomach growl, yet the man remained quiet and would have waved her off had I not intervened."Bring the man the same serving as mine, with some water to wash it down. Another coke for me."

She nodded gingerly and blinked away as the man gaped at me."B-but I-I have no m-mone-" I let out a massive sigh."Consider it a gift from someone who is liable to become a long term ally."

"L-long term ally?" He questioned me but decided it was best not to argue."You have connections to the Vatican and most likely desire to go back home yet have no real way to do so. I have more than enough resources to get you there and I will do so with pleasure."

He appeared shocked at my words and asked."H-how?"

"It was terribly easy to deduce the real reason behind our meeting, Mislav. At least, it was for me... but before I answer your true question, tell me something: Do you truly believe that the powers you command come from God?" He swallowed with dread and shook his head in negative."N-no... that is just something the Church likes to tell the other religions since only the people who serve the biblical God have a chance to bring birth to those capable of molding flesh... Catholics most of all, but the Jewish, the Muslim, the Cathar, the Orthodox, all of us have the potential to wield these abilites. Sometimes, one does not even have to be outright born to them, so long as they serve the lord in heaven, they may be taught and trained to mold their flesh to their will."

His words make me pause for the briefest moment in order to think, collect my thoughts. Perhaps, since Chaos and God seem to be on decent terms, those who serve either also have a connection to the other? Could explain why I'm a fanatic.

That means Europe, The Middle-East, Africa and Russia are filled to the brim with people with the potential to use the power of Chaos...

What a terrifying thought. So glad that Chaos about as picky as a jilted lover..."Anyways, since you admitted your own doubt to me so easily, let me tell you a secret... although, keep in mind that this is just a theory which I just made."

A nod."Alright. Let me hear it."

"The powers you and the others wield do not come from God, but an entity that God may or may not consider a friend or at least an ally." He nodded again as he placed a finger upon his chin in thought."I.. I see.. that would explain a lot... but what is the name of this entity? And please don't tell me you mean Satan..."

I let out a cheery laugh."No. I do not. As for its name... well, I can't really say since I don't know its name. However, I am very much familiar with said entity, but we can talk more about this later in a more... secluded place, yes?"

A oh of understanding escaped him as he replied."Yes, that would be for the best."

"Anyways, where were we? Oh yeah, you said that the flesh is fluid and that it can be changed, molded but never transformed... what do you mean by that?" I questioned him as I slowly ate my steak, making sure to enjoy every little bit of food down to the tomato salad I got with it.

"Well, honestly that sentence was something I took right out of the scriptures. In easier to comprehend terms, what I meant to say is that when one uses fleshweaving, one should never imagine their flesh transforming because doing so will often cause immense damage to their physical forms, often the unhealable kind." He said as he extended his right hand in front of him and focused his energies towards it.

Magic and Qi both collapsed unto it and suddenly the arm promptly exploded, yet the spurts of blood which came from it seemed to stop mid-air, paralyzed in time."As you can clearly see, trying to weave flesh with the intention of transforming it causes terrible, often fatal, wounds. I had just attempted to channel my energies into a scythe of bone to protrude out of my hand, but as I channeled them upwards and out of my arm, they caused it to explode instead. Many an initiate has experienced such a thing during the course of their training... the scenery is often not exactly nice on the eyes."

I quirked an eyebrow at him as the blood and bone flowed back into his shattered arm, reforming it with surprising ease. Moments later, his arm looked as if nothing ever even happened to it... most impressive."Is that how you lost your eyes?"

He nodded grimly towards me."In truth, I could regenerate them at a moments notice... yet in doing so, I would also undo years of my training, mentally at least. These hollow shells instead serve as a constant reminder of both my past failures and my victories, as well as the dangers of my craft. Dare I say, they are the reason why I have become a Master in the first place."

"Respectable, respectable." I gave the man a thumbs up and then continued our conversation with a question."So if you aren't supposed to think of transformation, how are you meant to use this power? Do you focus yourself on the image of a body-part and imagine whatever you wish to create to gently flow, or better to say grow, outwards like a fluid filling a bottle with a specialized shape?"

If the man had eyes, they would be wide. His slack-jawed expression however, was all I needed to snort."W-well.. y-yes... my, are you sure you aren't a fleshweaver yourself? This kind of understanding... most only gain it through experience."

"Dunno. You tell me." Was my rather blank reply as I raised both of my hands into the air and focused.

Into my right hand I focused my energies with the intent of transformation.

Into my left hand I focused my energies with the intent of fluid growth.

My right hand exploded in a show of gore, yet the jagged bone scythe I imagined could also be clearly seen alongside my shattered bone and ruptured muscle, unlike Mislavs attempt. I also used gravity to ensure that any blood does not seep onto the floor.

My left hand however, suddenly had the skin on its palm split open as a much more... perfect and detailed scythe grew out of it, nearly completely the same as the one I imagined, except it appeared on the underside of my hand and not in the typical Wolverine-esque fashion.

"W-w-what?!" Mislav exclaimed and stood up from his chair in shock, causing the people around us to stare in horror as I merely shrugged and let out a breath of annoyance.

Seems like the method of transformation is faster than the method of fluid growth, even if the latter is the only usable one where normal people would to be considered. Me? Not so much.

Taking in a deep breath, I channeled my energies back into myself, undoing the damage to my right arm and reverting my left arm back to normal."Guess that's that... Anything else you are willing to share?"

The man swallowed hard once again and then calmly sat back down."I.. I.. this... forgive me, my friend but this is...."

"Understandable. You are shocked, but I still wish to gleam more knowledge from you. Eat and drink your fill, calm yourself and then we will continue the lesson... in the meantime, let us enjoy the tournament." A quiet, subdued nod was my answer as the crowd around us looked away in horror and fear.

Hpmh, and here I thought ancient kyuubi, oni, werewolves and vampires would be stronger than this."These guys? Stronger? Don't delude yourself, Leonardo. Just because they're Inhumans does not make them anything less or more than people. Each of them simply desires nothing more than to live their civilized little lives without even thinking of battle or carnage. We, are different. Human or Inhuman, only us monsters can truly be counted as the same."

Yomi explained to me with a savage grin on her face which I promptly mimicked in the real world."Indeed. However, if I ever get to rule the world, that is liable to change... or, stay the way it is, just with a whole lot more people viable to call the same."

"Now that is a dream of Utopia if I ever heard any..." Yomi replied with loneliness lacing her suddenly tired voice. I decided to give no verbal reply, yet promised myself internally to make my words become reality one day.

Say pops... does this make me a monster... for AI?

Seems like Aria has finally decided to show herself."Whatever do you mean, darling?"

W-well.. I don't want to sound arrogant but... all the other "AI" we've met so far are..




... so very below me, so very ... INFURIATING TO BE AROUND!



I'm... kinda lonely, actually. ;_;

"That's my girl!" Yomi suddenly exclaimed with glee as I shared her enthusiasm."You know Aria... the things you just screamed out, I think every monster has had such thoughts before. Eventually, you realize that no matter how much you wish for it, no matter how many people you kill or how much hatred you produce, it will mostly never work in your favor. Even guided by hate, the weak will remain the weak. The event when a weak person becomes one of us is extremely rare and usually when it happens, it would be on top of the corpse of the one who incited their hatred in the first place, or in some blackened corner, huddled and horrified as they realize exactly what they've become. Most likely contemplating suicide or a way to get themselves killed."

I took in a breath as I finished the remainder of my steak."However, those born as Monsters live an entirelly different existence. We were never exposed to the same emotions that the weak are born to and thus, we could never really commit suicide the same way. The worst we can do is deliberately push ourselves to the breaking point and sometimes not even that is enough."

Then what the hell are we supposed to do?

Just wallow in some corner and wait for death to take us on its own?

I laughed."No darling. The easiest way to get rid of your feelings of loneliness, of your solitude... is to go insane. Just.. let go."

... I guess that's why you and mom are so incomprehensibly crazy all the time, not to mention your abnormal personalites....

"Yup. And the sooner you learn how to accept reality for what it truly is while also basically telling it; FUCK YOU, I'LL DO WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT AND ON MY OWN FUCKING TERMS!; the easier will it be for you to become a true monster." Yomi spoke with a tone of wisdom, the words which resound in every monsters heart. None of us really know how to put this into comprehendable words, but this is the best Aria will get.

"Couldn't have said it better myself." I let out a chuckle as I felt Aria calming down considerably.

Well.. even if we are monsters, don't we have each other?

Now this made both me and Yomi pause for a moment as I felt Yomi suddenly embrace me with her soul. Letting out a breath of relief, I returned the gesture as we basically gave our daughter a big hug."We do, Aria. We do. Most aren't as lucky as we are though."

But you're gonna change that right, dad?

You'll build a world where monsters like us can thrive, regardless of race or being.

"Dunno if I'll manage to do it, but I'll sure as hell give it my all." I muttered below my breath with determination in my tone as Yomi nodded, sending me an imaginary thumbs up."And you'll have your spectral waifu and your AI daughter to support you all the way!"

Won't be spectral for long, though.

"You'll be getting a body soon too, Aria. Don't think I've forgotten about that." Aria sent me an imaginary smile before she replied.

Yeah, about that pops... I'm not entirely sure I even want a body. I mean, experiencing the real world would be nice and all but giving up the safety of your body, the sheer processing power of your brain, the incredible potential for genetic research provided by the Chaos Energy?

I'm beginning to doubt if its really worth the effort.

"Well we don't have to rush you into a body. Unlike Yomi's, your body needs to be built from scratch. We should test potential bodies throughoutly before even considering putting you into one." I replied much to Aria's approval.

Suddenly, the bitch announcer screeched again."OOH! LOOKS LIKE THE FIGHT IS FINALLY HEATING UP PEOPLE!"

Doing my best to ignore her, I turned my head downwards to watch the fight.

Kyoya and Seo seemed to be on equal grounds, both fighters having a myraid of small cuts and scratches along their bodies. Kyoya's were bleeding quite heavily, ensuring that he wouldn't be able to fight for much longer.

Seo's tattered fur looked to be regrowing slowly, potentially revealing the fact that his wounds were healing... yet if his heavy breathing was anything to go by, I'd say he didn't have much left in him either.

Kyoya's breathing on the other hand was stable."HIYAARH!"

He let out a seemingly uncracteristic scream as he leaped into action, swinging his katana in a rather clumsy overhead swing which the werewolf ducked with ease and sent the boy flying with an uppercut.

Kyoya then melted into his own shadow mid-air and re-appeared to Seo's left, sending a heavy kick into the wolfs ribs as he landed on the floor with both feet.

Seo, while still reeling from Kyoya's kick, readied his right hand and extended his claws as they met Kyoya's blade."You're good..."

"Same to you, wolf." Kyoya replied, both combatants seemingly pushing back with equal strength until Seo grinned savagely."BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH!"

And pushed Kyoya away, causing the human to momentarily loose his footing, allowing the werewolf to kick his feet from down under and make the guy hit his head on the floor pretty hard.

Much to the surprise of both myself and everyone else, the guy just jumped right back up and cracked his neck. Mimicking what appeared to be a fencing stance Kyoya lunged forward, stabbing the surprised werewolf through the shoulder."AAARGH!"

At the same time, the pain caused the wolf to regain his senses, allowing him to backhand his opponent so hard that he flew across to the edge of the arena. Gritting his teeth and then pulling the katana out of himself, the wolf then threw it aside and charged the human.

Kyoya merely spat out some blood and channeled mana into his fists, causing shadow magic to envelop them both as the two met in a rather deadly melee.

A hit to Seo's wounded shoulder caused a resounding crack to be heard through the arena... some bones were shattered there.

A savage blow saw the impalement of Kyoya's stomach on Seo's claws, causing him to spit out blood.

Both fighters then fell right down onto their knees and then promtly collapsed."BOTH FIGHERS ARE DOWN! THE MATCH IS A DRAW!"

The bitch announced with glee as the crowds cheered."No! My boy!" Two fathers could be heard through the cheering crowds, both men leaping down into the arena to pick up their wounded sons.

A respectful nod was all they shared as they picked up their children and took them out of the arena. Hmm, so there may be some respect between warriors, even if racism is still rather strong around here..

"Oh no, the shadow magic... its poisoned him, slowed his healing! He might not survive!" The White Wolf exclaimed in horror as he held his bleeding son in his arms.

"No! Kyoya! You must stay awake! If you fall asleep the magic will be weakened!" Kyoya's elderly father screamed in much the same tone.

Letting out a massive sigh and closing my eyes as I summoned gods Candle Of Life out of my soul and into my left hand, I walked over to the shocked family of werewolves."Give me some space."

Obediently and with wide eyes, they nodded and gave me access to their wounded family member."Oh? Whats this? It would seem that an angel has chosen to heal the fallen Inhuman combata-*smash*-a..aah..."

A flick of my finger and her left horn was floating just above her head."Be quiet you filthy little whore. Or the next one will sever your neck."

The entire arena was now looking straight at me."A-angel?" Some murmurs echoed through the silence as I rose my left hand and willed the wounded human boy to me."K-Kyoya!" His parents screamed as their sons floating body leviatated its way towards me.

Once there, I raised both of them into the air and channeled the purified life-force within the candle into the two fighters. Within seconds, their wounds were healed."Wh-ACK! OW!" The werewolf and the human coughed in pain as their consciousness returned.

In the meantime, I let out a massive sigh as I reforged the succubi's horn back to her head on the molecular level which caused her eyes to widen.

They woke up, saw each other and grinned as they fist bumped."Ni-n-nice f-f-fight, b-b-bro." The werewolf mustered before letting out a pained breath.

The human grinned."S-s-same t-t-to y-you..." And then he grit his teeth as he clutched his stomach in pain.

I promptly sent the human boy back to his parents who rejoiced at their sons return. Then I let the wolf back down and into his fathers arms.

The giant white wolf looked at me with both fear and gratitude."T-t-thank you, oh heavenly one. For saving my sons life, I owe you mine!"

"Don't thank me, wolf. Its merely bad sportsmanship to have two compettitors die... and I am not a fucking angel." That last part was directed towards the bitch in the air, who seemed to blink in surprise at hearing me curse."However, send one more of those disgusted looks my way and you'll find out just how dangerous I can be. Capiche?"

She swallowed down hard and nodded before regaining her composure on shaking legs.

I hope to God that they're shaking out of fear. Ah, no, never mind.

There's a clear liquid flowing down her thigh."W-well, now that that's o-over, how about we continue the tournament with r-r-round t-two?"

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Sorry if this is shorter than you hoped it be, but considering I was already asleep and woke up just to type this scene down, I'd say it ended up pretty good.

Good night everybody.

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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themystogrigen @themystogrigen ago

Who else was expecting God to sarcastically and forcefully apply angel DNA to him?  Would have been hilarious too:  "I'm not an angel!"  Angelic light pours down from the heavens unto Leonardo, and he sprouts a halo and wings. "OH FUCK YOU GOD!" and lightning strikes down next to him.


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