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Sometime later... - Real World (The Zatara Mansion) - Audrey's Point Of View...

"Mmmmmmmmhn!" I promptly let out a rather resounding moan as I watched the workers carry my shopping bags inside of the house.

Damn, that old man wasn't lying about not caring how much he spends...

Tomes of power, ancient embroidery, runes, glyphs, incantations and more! I sure spent a whole lot of money, hehe.

Good thing it wasn't mine."Err miss? Your father wishes to see you..."

A worm approached me with a worried look, though not because of who he was talking to which is a good cause for alart in itself considering that I was still in my Shadow Form."Oh? And where am I to go?"

"Main hall, television..." He replied with a rather blank stare. Poor guy looked like he witnessed the apocalypse.

Was there something on the news worth watching?

Shrugging my dread off, I walked into the building to find it mostly empty with the exception of the unimportant servants still running around doing their jobs.

But no guards, no vampires, no people of any worth were around.



After a few more moments of exploration, I finally found myself at the door to the main hall. Now this place, was filled with people."Repeat this scene. One more time."

I heard fathers voice echoing as I battled through the crowd, most of which willingly moved to make spece for me."Father? What's going on?"

He turned to look at me and good God I wish he did not. Those eyes... those black-infested eyes!

Has he even slept? No he did, I remember wishing him good night yesterday."Ahh, Audrey... the other of my children to have attained inhuman powers..."

A tilt of my head was his answer as anger started to leak into my voice."What the hell is this about, dad? You're making me angry!"

"As if that was ever a difficult feat to accomplish... but what exactly are you going to do about it? Are you going to kill us all and eat everyone here?" I blinked in confusion, surprise and disgust.

"What? Who the hel-..." I tried to reply, but my eyes finally caught the scenery replaying on the giant plasma in front of us all.

There stood a man clad in what appeared to be clothing made of human skin, utterly colored crimson and every bit as horrifying as a comic supervillain would be.

In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that the man also wore my brothers Gourment Mask, I would have thought that everyone was watching some TV Show.

Alas, it was not to be."You are from Europe. You know who I am. You know what I do to people I kill..."

My brothers poorly recorded voice chanted, sentence by dreadful sentence, as he extended his hand towards a group of people, many of whom had already started to run.

There was a rather cute boy standing opposite to him, beaten and bloody... no, that wasn't his blood and he would have been a lot cuter if he wasn't drenched in it.

There appeared to be a car leaking blood with a roof which had the distinctive shape of someone falling on top of it, probably crushing the family inside in the process.

Did my brother send this guy flying into the car? Does that make the cutie a hero?

I hope so. I would be fun to break him.

Anyways, the TV Aud's, focus on the TV.

My brother scowled at the hero-wannabe and clenched his fist, causing the group of people to be twisted and turned inwards, forming a crimson ball of meat and bone which bled forth endlessly.

And then he swallowed it.

Father turned off the TV."Enough... I have seen this enough."

I shrugged and turned around."Audrey. Are you not even the least bit distraught over this? Your brother actually just ate a lot of people on live TV!"

"And you haven't, father?" I turned back around in order to face him, causing the man to blink and take a step back in surprise."What do you mean?"

"Papa, how many people did you kill yesterday?" I asked him with a scowl on my face."... around fifteen, why?"

"Now, how are those fifteen people any different from the twenty-..ish, that Leonardo just ate? He killed them too, you know." Father shook his head in disbelief."Killing something and eating it are two very different things, Audrey!"

"Oh yeah, one is done for profit and the other for survival... which honestly makes Leo the lesser sinner here, does it not?" I questioned him, causing many of the sourrounding crowd to murmur in approval. Especially the vampires and other Inhumans.

Father clenched his fists but bit down any form of reply."Enough... I can see that my children are losing their humanity as the days go by..."

"Dear father, we were never truly human on the inside to begin with. You, least of all." I turned back around and walked out of the room.

But not before taking note of the immense emotions spawning within my fathers aura... hatred, self-anger and intense bloodthirst.

It would appear that I've awakened something inside of him. Good, I hope he will make good use of it!

At that same time... - Tokyo's Police Headquarters - Mayumi's Point Of View...

"You are from Europe. You know who I am. You know what I do to people I kill..." I watched and rewatched this horrible scene replay again and again.

Both with my eyes and my mind."Boss? You gonna be okay?"

One of my coworkers, a man from Europe named Daniel who worked as my secretary, asked me as he put a warm blanket over me."How long have I been watching this?"

"About three hours, miss." He replied with a stoic face whilst making us some coffee."That guys really got to ya, hasn't he?"

"And how exactly could .. it, not? I just saw twenty people twisted into a ball of meat and then consumed. Me and god only knows how many more billions of people." I replied as I felt myself shake.

It was on the tip of my tongue.

Should I say it, that the monster on the TV is my son?

That that thing, came out of my womb?

My dread was quickly shattered by Daniels ridiculous counter."Meh. Always thought he had to be like that, considering how uncatchable he was while in Europe."

"Huh?" Was my rather blank reply."You were there?"

He quirked an eyebrow at me."There? You mean you were in Europe too? Back when he was still just the Gourment and not this.. Antioch, crap?"

A slow, silent nod was his answer."I was General Superintendent there too... I failed to catch him. And now, hes here. Again..."

"Boss... could it be that the reason you travelled all the way back to Japan was to escape the Gourment?" He questioned me as he handed me my cup of coffee and I nodded again."Not only because of him, but yes."

Then he walked over and turned the TV off, preventing me from continuing my spiral unto madness."Come on, boss. He ain't the first supervillain to make Japan his playground... with any luck, we could play both Antioch and Redhand. Make them tear each other to shreds."

"You think that Redhand has any chance against Antioch? Despite all the stupid rumors, the man is little more than a cyborg outfitted with army-grade implants... this .. Antioch, is clearly something else entirely." I answered him as I sipped on my coffee.

Daniel gritted his teeth and bit back a rebuttal he hoped I didn't catch. Too bad for him, I did. Now he's going to be throughtly searched, but before that..."Well, you got me there, boss. This guy is something straight out of a horror movie."

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Sometime later... - The New Mansion - Leonardo's Point Of View...


The force with which I crushed the glass of water in my right hand could be heard from two streets away as I watched the scene unfold on TV.

Whomever was the cameraman... I must find and hire him.

But before that.."ARIAAAAAAAAAA!?"


How is any of this my fault!!!?

"Why did you not disable all electronic devices in the area?" I calmly sent a question into what appeared to be thin air as my companions looked at me strangely."Aria is an AI which I have inside of my head. She was a biochip which gained sentience."

Tyrone busted out laughing, his beer nearly slipping out of his hands."BUAHAHAHAHAHA! Y'know what boss? In all honesty, you should probably start being more paranoid about what you do and when. Maybe next time you squash a snail, it'll absorb your residual energy and transform into a snail god or something."

Cringing to no end but managing to bite back down a rebuttal, I let out a massive sigh.

You never told me to do that!

And besides, I was busy fixing your body! In case you don't rememeber, that guys physical might was just ridiculous.

Why, it broke several laws of physics!

"Incase you haven't noticed darling, I'm not exactly following them myself. And last time I checked, my passive regeneration is more than capable of healing such wounds without your help." Was my rather blank reply.


"That was after the fight. Now, I'm going to ask you one more time darling; Why did you not, block the fucking cameras?" My tone was filled with annoyance and anger.

.... I'm sorry.

It won't happen again.

"That's my girl." I concluded with a satisfied smile as I reforged the broken glass on the molecular level, causing Tyrone to gape as the glass melted into itself."How the fuck did you do that?"

"Wow... so you can be strict when you want to be." Yomi threw in her fifty cents with her usual sarcastic tone and I let out a chuckle."I have to be. Otherwise our adorable daughter is gonna grow up to be a spoiled brat."

An approving murmur echoed in my thoughts as Yomi retreated back into the depths of my mind, most likely to meditate.

"Believe it or not, I control one of the fundamental forces of reality. Now, which one do you think that is?" I asked him with a quirked eyebrow, yet my answer came from Anna."Considering how you used your power and how it wonderfully twisted twenty people into one compressed ball of meat, I'd say gravity."

"And you would be right." Tyrone recoiled at my answer."Well dayum. Think me or the girls could get that kind of power now that we have your blood, boss?"

I shrugged."Dude, this is the first time for me too, I don't really know how strong I am or exactly what I'm capable off. But honestly? My power comes from a little something that I used to call Chaos, so whether you do or don't get similar powers is entirely up to it."

"Used to?" Belle sends a questioning glance towards me as I let out a massive sigh."Yes, used to. Nowadays, I'd rather call it a massive super-bitch. It is responsible for me nearly killing you yesterday... and actually killing A. Not to mention some other shit that happened on the way."

"Ohhh..." The trio mutters out and then promptly goes back to doing whatever they were doing beforehand. Tyrone walks over to me with a whole bunch of files and data."Eyy boss, I found our lost lambs yesterday... or whatever's left of them. Their plane crashed somewhere in Russia... well not somewhere, more like a very interesting place."

I took one look at the map and quirked an eyebrow."The Valley Of Death?"

"Yup. Named as such because people who go there mysteriously die with no clear reason why. There are many conspiracy theories, from it being a secret nuke test site to aliens placing some kind of killer shield around the area." He said as he poured himself some more beer. When the hell did he even drink the last batch I will never know.

"I see.. Might be worth making a stop there on our way back home." Was my reply as I heard my android ringing. It would appear that my ever-so-sexy sister Yuko was calling me."Should I book our flight to go through Russia then?"

A nod was his answer as I swiped on the phone."Yo sis, what's up?"

An excited voice echoed from the other side."Oh my god Leo, that shit you did on live TV.. mmm, you are the best! Anyways, remember what you promised yesterday?"

A blink, make that several, before I remembered."You mean going to help you on your job?"

"Yeah.. I'm on guard duty today. Have to basically patrol around a special school for Inhumans and HI agents. Figured you might wanna see what your enemy looks like up close and personal." I quirked an eyebrow."My enemy?"

"Bro, you slaughtered like five to ten of us on your recent trip to Yomi's old clan home..." Ahh, that..."Kill any of your friends?"

I heard her laugh."I'm more of a lone wolf. Have no friends, just useful tools."

"Sad to say this but that kind of reminds me of mom." I blankly pointed out, causing her to snort."Well you got me there... anyways, should I come pick you up or?"

"You have a car or should I prepare a limo?" I asked with a snort of my own. She paused, almost as if curious."I kinda have to use my personal car to get there but I also kinda want to experience a limo... argh, some other time, anyways I'll come get you at thirteen, that cool with you?"

Taking a look at the ticking clock revealed the time to be half past twelve."Yeah sure, just enough time for me to drink my coffee."

"Right, see you then." I put the phone back down and calmly sipped the minutes away.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

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