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Unknown Time - Unknown Place - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"H-huh... w-what the h-hell...?" I came to in an unfamiliar place like so many times before.

I appeared to be laying down... or so I would have thought if there was a roof or some kind of sky up above.

But there was nothing, nothing other than a seemingly infinite vortex of crimson energy.

Chaos Energy. Swirling and swishing and twisting endlessly forward and back, like a snake eating its own tail only to spawn another snake each time it tries to bend.

I rose up, my hand touching the unfamiliar ground. I was at the top of some kind of ridge, the ground, the very earth beneath my hands felt like... death.

Turning downwards to look at it, I found the ground to be a charred form of black, not the kind of color shown by black, nutrient rich soil... the kind burned and dry and irradiated. I stood up.

Looking around, I seemed to be in the middle of some form of wasteland."Uugrhhh..."

Something terrible echoed behind me and forced me to turn around in order to face it. The second its visage entered my view, I found myself frozen perfectly still.

Not in fear.

Not in shock.

"UuUr miik sa falseth!" The thing, its face formed out of a myraid others all continuously swapping and merging and twisting, spoke with bulging lips, bleeding endlessly from countless tiny cuts.

I felt horror and disgust rising upwards as the thing rose forth from the depths below, further allowing me to witness its body for all the terror it was. A giant medley of skin, flesh and bone, a thousand eyes all staring directly at me as its sides bore a thousand mouths, each of which screamed a distinct melody of its own.




A grotesque concoction, a construct of countless others, none it yet all of."Izk a'zs urmnn?"

Its voice, in an almost joking tone, thundered in my mind and I blinked at it."Are you any different..." I repeated after it, suddenly understanding the meaning even if I cannot comprehend its words.

The thing grinned, its own teeth puncturing into its skin and flesh, rotted and malformed with misintent, hundreds of worms and parasites leaking from each and every one.

Horror and terror lost their hold over me as another feeling quickly tore them apart as my eyes widened in rage."No. I am nothing like you."

My reply seems to have made it laugh as the twisting vortex thundered down, striking a ruined building in the distance.

Only for me to realize that I was looking at a dead civilization on a decaying world."IISK ARS URMANI!"

An appendage grew out of the thing, sprouting forth as if it was always hidden within its body, a spear of bone and meat directed straight at me.

I did not move. Not as it plunged through my body.

Not as it tore through my heart.

I felt my nect crack as I tilted it sideways, my eyes still wide in rage. Acting on inctinct, I promptly tore the appendage out of myself and drove it into the sixty story things own chest."AAAAUURGKISSS!" It hissed at me for a moment, yet made no attempt to continue its assault as I remained perfectly still. The hole in my chest dissappeared within moments, as if it was never there.

The thing licked our mixed blood off its appendage.

Something appeared to have shocked it to its very core as it recoiled in sudden terror... before calming down completely, as the vortex above us dispersed, revealing the gigantic crimson portal which formed behind it."I do not understand."

Was my simple reply to seemingly nothing and noone, but the thing... my brother, sister, in chaos, merely nodded.

And then it lunged forward, stopping just short of smashing me with its head as our foreheads joined. For the briefest moment, I felt its rotted skin join to mine.

But the disgusting feeling was quickly shut out by the visions. A thousand billion screams, from a thousand billion bodies.

The former residents of this world.

This creature is an almagation, forged unto existence by one of my former siblings. Apparently, they deemed the people of this world not worthy of life.

So they devoured everything and everyone, all in an attempt to become one, unified being.

All of it, yet none of its own.

The thing, once born, eradicated everything else living on the planet. This caused it to lose all of its potential to hold life and is now currently being devoured by Chaos in an attempt to salvage whatever it can.

"A living failure." I spoke whilst still linked to the thing, causing a massive headache to erupt and strike us both equally.

I fell onto my knees and the thing lost balance, slamming into the roof of the ridge but managing to hold on.

Eventually, we recovered and I repeated myself."I do not understand."

Its shoulders slumped and then it spoke, its voice harrowing and black."Our joined father and mother, alpha and omega... has decided that, in order for this existance of mine to be worthy of existing... I must restore the people I was created from. They have suffered enough as parts of me yet none of mine."

I blinked. But what does tha..."And you want to sacrifice humanity in order to achieve this goal?" I asked in utter disbelief.

The thing bowed in a vain attempt to seem apologetic."I.. forgive me, older sibling... bu-" I waved a hand in front of it."Its not you I am angry at... but I was a fool to think of Chaos as my ally in the first place." My fury echoed through the world as my psionic energies erupted from my body, thundering across the world and striking the currently silent vortex, only to force it to erupt once more.

The things countless eyes grew wide as it stared at the shattered portal."What have you done! This was not the way it was supposed to be! Repairing the portal will take months!"

"You want my people's lives without a fight?" I questioned the thing with a quirked eyebrow. It was the medley of countless others, but it was clearly born only recently."I.. the joined one promised us! Promi-"

"Chaos promised nothing. It is noone's ally. Not mine, not yours..." I looked at the skies and felt my rage grow even further."And most certainly not its own."

I turned around, intending to walk away as I took in the remainder of existance in front of me. There was no way out in sight.

"Urgh!" Another appendage like before tore through me as I was risen into the air."FINE! IF YOU WANT A FIGHT, THEN WE WILL GIVE YOU ONE!" Its scream echoed throughout the world as I was splattered onto what appeared to be some form of concrete.

I rose up from the ground and pushed back against the thing, a massive wellspring of gravity tearing in front of me as the thing struck with a bladed hand, swinging down so hard that the whole street cracked from the blow.

Feeling the blow echo through my very bones, I modified the gravitational anomaly and leapt to the skies as the thing found itself thrown down face first into the pavement.

A sudden tearing sound was heard coming from below me as I was bombarded with green-tinted spikes and some form of acid. The spikes I dodged with relative ease but the acid struck me and melted the flesh off my legs in a split second, yet evaporated soon after.

Hmm, does this mean that my blood is stronger than its?

"GROOOOOOARH!" The thing roared as it rose from its laying posistion, revealing its form to be that of a centipede with a humanoid torso. Its legs had neither flesh nor skin, merely bone, each end sharpened to polished, shining perfection.

Its million legs tore through the ground, each step leeching the very energies of life and killing everything near it, even the ground.

So thats why the earth is so dead in this place... never even noticed that the ground had QI flowing within it before now.

The thing rose sky-high and then promptly slammed me with one of its sword-legs, crushing both my meager barrier and my arms as I was sent flying into a mountain kilometers away from my starting location.

I felt no pain. None at all.

There was only... rage...

I prepared myself to continue fighting, but a pale light shone from behind my back and I turned around to find tendrils of blinding white light descending from the skies in indescribably gorgeous motions.

I blinked in wonder as they wrapped themselves around me."GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOARH!" The thing rushed towards me, its legs carrying it with senseless speed..

Yet, as soon as it came within striking range, it stopped dead in its tracks and looked upwards.

I felt myself moving my head to where it was looking, only to blind myself as a flash of pure light struck the ground in front of me.

After a moment, my sight returned... and where once the centipede monstrosity stood, there was now nothing but ash and a glowing, gigantic alien heart, pumping blood of green and black which melted its sourroundings at the moment of collision.

... Still very much alive.

A soundless echo soothed my mind, sedating my body and calming me down as I felt the tendrils pulling me inside of a portal.

I felt myself smiling, stupefied.

Wherever I was.

Whatever I was supposed to do...

Weather I failed or not...

What I can be sure off..

Is that God itself saved my sorry arse.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...


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Derwipe @Derwipe ago

first thanks for the chapter

CrimsonWarden @CrimsonWarden ago

Kinda short but still thankful for the chapter.

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You can't die before it uses you

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Thanks for the chapter joyde, Just curious are we ever going to meet eve/maria/"women" again, she seemed like an important character as Leo's care for her was enough to break the love spell yomi was using but we haven't seen or heard from her since the raid on the slaver village basically. 


    Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

    Oh don't worry. There will be more of her in the story but later.

    You'll soon hear some bits of info about her though. Next chapter is a good probability and if not the next one then the following one.

gaigous @gaigous ago

Awesome stuff as always dude, and I'm glad writing the fiction helps take your mind off of things~

What was your reason for killing humanity? "to save what's left of my race from extinction" Oh I see:

Chaos/Jamie isn't anyone's ally, I mean he doesn't even go to his own birthday party let alone yours Tongue


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