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A few minutes later... - The Skies of Tokyo - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"Ahh... nothing can ever get better than this!" I heard myself exclaim as I flew through the skies.

The clean, fresh morning air invigorated me as I heard Yomi's satisfied sigh."Nothing like a fresh breeze after a night of fun." Her happy tone turned into a rather sensual and provocative one.

Letting out a laugh at seemingly nothing, I replied to her unsaid question."Don't worry babe, I've got some more fun in store for you later..."

"Oh?" She quipped inquisitively."Once we start the gaming marathon, you can expect us to go conquering/indoctrinating people. There is likely going to be a whole lot of blood and guts splattered everywhere before were done."

Even without ever receiving a reply from Yomi, I could feel her excitement. Thinking about the blood which will be spilled made me remember a little something."Hey Aria, how's that experiment going?"

Thought you would never ask..

Anyways, I did as you told me to do: kill a cell and then infuse it with your blood.

"The fact that you stopped yourself from explaining makes me think you still haven't finished the experiment." I send Aria an imaginary snort, to which she replied with a rather arrogant tone.

As if!

I have the answer you were looking for, father. Its just as your subconsciousness concluded; the dead cell was consumed and then reformed by your blood. Basically, it was resurrected.

"So where's the problem?" I asked her as I landed onto a rooftop to sit down. Ah, did I mention that I'm currently in my Antioch outfit?"Yomi, you can dispel the illusion now."

"You sure? What if someone sees you?" She asked and I merely chuckled."I'm at least fifty stories up. If someone from below sees me its likely that they are either informed enough to ignore me or are going to think they're seeing things."

An imaginary nod from Yomi was my answer as I breathed in deep, enjoying the morning to its fullest as Aria continued.

The problem lies in the fact that I can't figure out exactly why... I've checked your DNA but none of its active parts describe what is going on.

Although, in doing so I have discovered that your inactive DNA is very much different from a normal humans.

"How so?"

Well for one, your normal DNA as well as your body cells exhude multiple energies. Some of these are known, most are not.

The energies I know are: Mana, Psi, Qi and Heat.

There are two other energies which I have no name for nor have I observed any form of effect caused by said energies. What I do know is that one is a rich crimson red color and the other is ... colorless. Another thing is that both of these permeate your entire body, as every single cell exhudes a tiny bit of each.

However, in comparison to the colorless one, there is far more crimson energy. After noticing this, I've done some calculations... The sum of energy within your body consists of: 70% crimson energy, 5% known energy and 25% colorless energy.

I stopped dead in my tracks as I heard her explanation, the blue screen showing Aria's word in text format being paralyzed in the uppermost right corner of my sight."Those ratios... there is something familair about them."


According to the internet, these ratios are the same as the ratios between Dark Energy, Visible Matter and Dark Matter.

The ratios of The Cosmos itself?


"Aria, you can start labeling the crimson energy as Chaos Energy and the colorless one as Void Energy." I let out a massive sigh.

I... I see. Chaos Energy and Void Energy, huh..

Anyways, where was I? Ah yes, the impact of said energies upon your cells. Father, your body is actively trying to wrench more and more of its DNA into active mode.

For instance; a normal human has only about 8% of its DNA active and the other 92% is on basic standby. For you, its 12% active and 88% on standby. I imagine that all the upgrades that Chaos supposedly gave you were always there, hidden within the Human DNA. However something is strange as the last 2% aren't doing anything.

In fact, there is absolutely nothing written in that 2% of this DNA.

"Like blank paper?" I questioned as I felt the air growing heavier.

Something was approaching at incredible speeds. Something..

Someone, strong.

... I..

I never thought of it that way..

But.. yes. Like blank paper... hmm, I wonder if something..

Yes... Uhm, I can.. I can write on this DNA without causing your body any damage...

How... convenient.

"Anyways, you were about to explain the connection between the energy and my DNA?" I urged her to explain faster since I felt a fight coming up.

Huh? Oh yeah.

As I was saying, your body is trying to wrest more of your DNA into active mode which explains the need to transform your blood into a form of retrovirus... but the crimso-sorry, Chaos Energy is blocking it.

Its almost like Chaos does not want you to have access to your full strength...

"Not right away. I must get used to all that I already have. Power must be earned and/or fought for. To allow me to use all of that which is hidden within my DNA would force me to fight using borrowed power and that would be foolish."

I stood up from my seated posistion and took in a deep breath, preparing myself for a fight.

How is that "borrowed power" when it comes from your own DNA?!

"Too much power too quickly. This world is old Aria, there are things within it with a level of power I can never reach within one lifetime... and neither have they, but angering one such a being early on would easily cost me my life." I explained to her with a smile as a figure wearing a hoodie and styled-pants, looking like a literal high-schooler masquerading as a hero, leaped onto the other side of the rooftop I was on.

"And yet, you seem to be actively seeking out fights with things so far above you that its laughable." Yomi whispers into my mind as Aria realizes the situation and pushes my body into combat mode.

"Those who seek power, consequently seek battle as well." Is my rather loud conclusion as the figure snorted."Wise words from a freak."

I quirked an eyebrow at the figure as I turned around to look at him, finding that the figure is ... an actual highschooler, a guy no more than sixteen years old with short, punk-like red hair."Excuse me?"

A familiar aura roared around him... an aura of something which I've felt before.

Back in that Crimson Chapel... the aura of surreality, that which shatters perception and corrupts sight.

... An aura of Chaos.

Unconsciously, I felt myself relaxing for a brief moment.

The guy shook his head as he threw off his hoodie and readied his fists."Never fucking mind. Look, I know who you are Gourmet! My family was forced to move from Rome after you slaughtered our entire neighbourhood. My friends, my woman, you killed everyone!"

"Yet you and your family still live? And by the way, I go by Antioch nowadays." I quirked an eyebrow at him through my mask as I cracked my neck."We were on vacation, but that does not matter freak. My name is Arron Clyde and whatever your name, today is the day I take my revenge!"

He leaps into action, suddenly appearing in front of me and causing me to rise my right arm in defense as his fist connected with it, the sheer strength of the boy cracking and breaking my bones."Amazing!"

I couldn't help myself but exclaim in excitement as the guy suddenly stood still, apparently shocked at my response to his strength as I used the very same right arm to suckerpunch him away from me as soon as I felt enough gravitational force collapse around my fist.

He was sent backwards, his designer shoes scraping the roof as his heels dug into the cement from the blow."H-huh? What the hell?!" He exclaimed as he stared at my now completely shattered arm, swallowing in horror as he watched it regenerate.

A deep thirst rose within me as I watched his horror-stricken face. A feeling I had not felt in weeks...

A hunger, for murder.

No.. not murder.

I felt myself stop dead in my tracks as I wiped away the saliva from my mouth and leaped towards the still shocked Arron, sending him into the air with an uppercut that sent waves of pain down my arm. Good God, what the hell are his bones made of?

What sort of superpower does this guy have?

And why does it feel so familair?

Well.. whatever it is...

Turning my head upwards as I watched him soar higher from my blow, I exclaimed."IT MUST BE MINE!"

I flew just above him and raised both of my hands skyhigh before pummeling him downwards and through the rooftop of the building. Immediately following behind him as he fell through several floors, I found myself at the receiving end of a right foot to the face, sending me through walls, steel and concrete as if they were made of paper.

A blow that was strong enough to shatter my body as I felt myself falling down onto the open streets in broad daylight."FUCK YOU!!!!"

I heard Arron scream out in rage as the red of his eyes woke me from my trance and I grinned from ear to ear. He re-posistioned himself in a way that placed both of his feet directed right towards my abdomen as I kept on falling. Without wasting another moment, the guy used whatever Chaosborne power he had to plummet downwards with the intention to make me into pavement-paste.

But he was already too late.

Having had more than enough seconds to regenerate, I promptly created a gravitational anomaly at the moment of impact, causing his legs to slide off my body and reverse our posistions in mid-air. Then, readying another arm-shattering punch, I struck him on the back of his neck, sending him flying into the streets below.

"AAAAAAAAAH!" Some random women screamed out as Arron collided with a car, promptly squashing it and the family inside it.

Thats right, this isn't some stupid superhero comic, despite the contents, and as such cars don't have to be always empty when heroes fall on them.

Letting myself levitate back to stable ground as both cyber and organic police gathered around the two of us, I watched in glee as Arron stabilzed himself and finally noticed the hot, red blood on his hands.

The dust cleared, allowing him to see the splattered intestines of the family he just crushed."URGH!" He promptly vomited on top of the car before standing up on shaking legs.

I blinked as his visage entered my eyes anew... his hoodie had been torn by the fall you see... and now, upon his forehead, I could clearly see a pentagram-esque star on his forehead, with two of its lower ends going towards his eyes and the others dispersing into his hair.

"Ashura..." Muttering under my breath but taking note of his uncomfortable flinch, I begin to feel my hunger rising again.


Gathering all three of my powers; Psi, Qi and Mana alike and infusing them into my legs, I felt myself soar through the air as struck the boy in the stomach, feeling his spine shake from the blow but not quite break as he is sent into a roadsign, promptly flying into and then bending it as he collapsed beneath it.

"Hey hey now... what's wrong, boyo? Is this truly the limit of your hate? Is this all the vengeance you've got? IS THIS ALL THE POWER YOU CAN MUSTER?!" I screamed at him, blood-thirst clear in my voice, turning more and more inhuman as time goes on it seems.

The boy's silent frame shook in fear, his eyes darkening from horror."N-no.. I-I... I n-never w-wanted t-this! I NEVER WANTED FOR OTHERS TO SUFFER FOR MY VENGEANCE!" He screamed out as he had an apparent epiphany.

Unfortunately as it was with the car and the family inside of it, this is the real world and not some comic, if you want revenge on one person, you may as well be ready to slaughter everyone else who happens to be in your way. Innocent or otherwise.

I snorted at his shaken form, his legs about to give in."Yet if you do not fight, more will die." I extended my left hand towards the crowd, causing some to attempt to run, their insticts fearing what was about to happen.

Yet, it was already too late."You are from Europe. You know who I am. You know what I do to people I kill..." I chanted sentence by sentence as gravity coalescened upon the crowd of around twenty-six people.

Still, the boy refused to move or even speak, his eyes darted towards the crowd. I could hear his heart beating in anticipation as I closed my fist, causing the gravity to converge and twist upon itself, breaking the bodies of the people both cyber and organic as it fused their flesh into a singular ball of crimson.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" A multitude of screams, each an orchestra of its own, resounded through the streets as the orb floated towards me, a river of blood following, dripping below it wherever it went.

Wordlessly as it reached my once again open hand, I opened my mouth...

Arron swallowed in fear, his eyes widening as I placed the orb into my mouth.

And then closed it with a sickening crunch, swallowing it with terrifying ease, but also remembering to send several souls to Yomi."MYNAAAH! D-damn! L-Leo, you better have more than j-just carnage in m-mind l-later a-a-a-a-after t-thi-NYAH!-THIS!"


Holy fuck.

 The screams continued on as the rest of the crowd was intelligent enough to disperse and run for their lives... yet the boy still refused to move. I grit my teeth in anger, fury clear in my tone."Fine then! Perhaps if your own life is threatened you will move!"

 My voice turned utterly inhuman as I channeled my power into both hands, joining them like in a very Goku-like fashion as gravitational forces drew in the air around me, collapsing the very molecules on top of each other. The atmosphere quickly heated up as the bulging bolt of plasma erupted in flames and I narrowed my eyes onto the boy.

Again, he refused to move."ARGH!" I heard myself exclaim in frustration as I released the concentrated plasma and directed it towards the boy, resulting in a cone of white-hot energy to blast fowards out of my scorched palms.

But, since I didn't want him dead yet, I redirected the blast which caused it to only incinerate his left arm.

The dust settled once again and the boy was found to be on his knees, his left shoulder blackened, his arm missing, as if deleted from existence."Ah, to hell with this.." I muttered to myself as I walked over to the boy and grabbed him by the throat.

The hunger inside of me told me to devour him completely and I blinked, stopping myself from draining his pathetic lifeforce.

Chaos thundered inside of my mind. This boy was a failure. He was meant to teach me something.

Apparently Chaos believed me to be over-confident and was now offering this boy's power and soul in exchange for forgiveness.

I hissed at thin air as I threw the boy face first into the cement."Aria, drain him of blood. Leave just enough for him to survive."

A semi-mechanical, half-organic limb tore itself out of my right shoulder, on its end was a massive syringe which stabbed itself into the boys neck, effectively paralyzing him as it drank its fill before retreating back into me.


His DNA... its alike to yours pops, except he only has 10% active... and guess what, the last 2% are a total fit for your 2% of BPDNA (Blank Page DNA).

 "Blech.." I spat in disgust before replying to Aria, deciding that I would accept Chaos' apology... this time."Start integrating it then once I log into Euphoria. For now, find me the nearest way out of here."

"And Yomi, please pop an illusion over me once we're sufficiently out of sight." I said in my mind as Yomi sent me a joking salute, still shaking from the several brain-shattering orgasms."R-R-Roger!"

Turning around, still digusted at the weakness of my apparent sibling in Chaos, I began to walk away."W-wait!" A strong hand grasped one of my legs as the boy seemingly regained his will to live.

I turned back around in anger, fully intent on stomping his head into the pavement... yet, as soon as his shattered frame entered my gaze once more, the image of a Golden Gate appeared in my mind.

Blinking in confusion and utterly stupefied, I took the golden pill given to me by one of the twin cultivators out of my pocket. Nodding to myself after a deep breath and a moment of close-eyed meditation, I wrenched the boys hand off of my leg and grabbed it as I placed the pill into his remaining palm."H-huh?"

He gave out a weak response as I forced him to look at me dead in the eye."Today, you learned what it meant to lose, to suffer defeat as a Hero. This pill.. it will help you become someone that I might one day consider an equal. So if your desire for revenge was true, you will take it."

And with that, I slammed his head into the pavement and turned around, not failing to notice the powerful grip he manged onto the pill with his one remaining arm as I leaped into the sky and escaped the hordes of people swarming back to the streets.

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