Lord Joyde The Madman: Heylo, everybody? How are you all?

Jesus christ I had hoped to God and back and beyond that I wouldn't have to type this down...

Guess the pills must've gotten to me already...

Then again, you guys and girls deserve to know whats going on in my life.

And before anyone asks, I'm going to delete my so don't even think of asking to donate. (Though I would be flattered if people actually wanted to but still no. Money will not solve my problems; dedication, hard work and implausible willpower will.)

So... recently, as you may or may not have noticed, I've been pushing out seemingly random Author notes which describe the ons and offs of my real life.

... However, despite my hope for recovery, the situation has gone from bad to worse.

Yesterday, I had a checkup with my doctors and well, I have officially been prescribed 20 pills of Persene and 10 pills of Neofen... FORTE.

You may not know which medicine these are but uh, they are an ANTIDEPRESSANT and a PAINKILLER.

Their stronger versions, respectfully. I'm also due to a .. well, basically a mental-scan sometime next week which... may or may not reveal certain things about me.

Why am I telling you guys this? Well, its basically my way of saying how there is a good possibility of no more updates for the time being.

Then again, sheer depression and hopelessness is also a writing motivator so I might dish out a chapter or two but... for the next 3 months I have to lay off the computer. Also I have to change my lifestyle nearly entirely... (aka go out more, take long walks every day after taking my pills)

I'm not actually telling you guys this so I can fish for pity, good god no I'm still Joyde... potentially brain damaged and drug-reliant in order to remain a functional member of society but Joyde nonetheless.

This, alongside my previous spinal injury, which has yet to heal completely btw, has had detrimental effects on my willpower.

Not to mention how due to the fact that I haven't been able to go to many classes (didn't have the will to attend/was laying in a hospital bed) there is a good chance I might FAIL and have to REPEAT my college year.

Not the end of the world... but that means I'll have to pay 7-10k monies... that's a whole lot of money.

I even spent an equal sum earlier this week on a new computer, thus putting me in a bind. (I was expecting to gain some leeway as my grades aren't exactly utter trash, just no attendance).

Studying is going to be extremely difficult as I'm no longer allowed to drink coffee or intake any form of caffeinee for a period of two-three years...

My anxiety ensures that I never get enough sleep. (fell asleep yesterday at 20 and woke up at 7 with black under my eyes...)

In any case, I hope that you can forgive me... I'll try to dish out a chapter here and there but don't expect anything this month.

7th month if everything goes well I might be healthy enough to do stuff and if not.. well shit.

As for my college, I need to earn 24 points if I want to re-enter my college by paying a lesser sum which can be split into 4 payments ... and if not, then I'll have to pay the full 10k.

EDIT: Removed the points because people were getting worried and my PM box was getting spammed.

While I am on this... involuntary break, I would like to ask you guys some things about the progression of the story.

Before, you guys voted on more of the LitRPG aspect... yet suddenly some of you are saying that you wouldn't miss it as much as you thought.

I would personally not do much about that side of the story. It was just the introductory stuff, this story isn't really about.. well, about Euphoria, ironically enough.

Also, I want to see your thoughts on progression; which zone would you like to see first in the next ARC?

Russia (Viral Infestation/Eldritch Encounter) or Europe (The Balkan War/Reforging Eadom). Take your pick in the comments.

Note that I said "first" which means we will se BOTH of these, just depending on when.

Some of you have also posed questions about my second story, that is the Destiny; Infernal.

Honestly, I had it all planned out and basically written but a certain someone had to ruin it all with a review full of spoilers to my plot...

Its kinda sad but.. well, I'm stuck. I have the ending, the middle but no way to finish up the early stages.

Would you guys mind if the plot of the story is predictable? (Not really but... well when you read what I've written and then go "ah, thats what VIKKUTORIA meants by etc etc" feels like it would be a very weird and negative feeling to the story so I don't know...

Tell me what you guys think...

Anyways, I sincerely hope that you guys can handle the waiting time..

This of it as porn-video buffering. Wait nvm, that's just gonna make you even more pissed off.

Oh well... (I'll still be replying to comments/reviews on a regular basis so don't be discouraged from talking to me... it will probably help me too)


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Pyro master alex @Pyro master alex ago

kinda sucks that you will be laying off the chapters i love this story, but i understand your health and  college is more important

Derwipe @Derwipe ago

Get well soon and so on and i would say the Russia arc first.

For destiny infernal i would have no problems with the predictable plot (im immune to spoilers)

Clocktongan @Clocktongan ago

Shit man i am really sorry to hear about your situation, take the break and don't worry, take that time to heal and get the shit together with college, try out tea since you can't take any coffee, man care about your health first both mental and physical first, how can you keep posting if you are dead? You can do this shit, just consider it one of the most stressful moments in your life and laugh back at it when you made it your bitch, also, eldritch? Absolutely russia. And yeah man, who gives a fuck, post it, tbh, so what if the beginning is plot holed, mate, there are countless stories that are bad if you pay close attention to it, what matters most is the story teller, you do a great job at telling your stories and i like that style.

gaigous @gaigous ago

Hell no, zero caffeine isn't something I would be capable of, I'd probably break down in the fetal position from withdrawal.

And that seems to be the way of things for me as well, nothing comes in manageable bite size pieces, it's always just been clusterfuck after clusterfuck with breaks in between.

I don't see how they could possibly expect you to have attended when you're in a hospital bed, that's as ridiculous as grading your handwriting in math class.........................which they still do

As for these beautiful children of yours:

I would prefer Russia if only because as an American, I just naturally hear more about it, whether I want to or not, and I can't find it in me to care about something I have no control over, that's just my opinion though, and I can guarantee I'll love it either way.

I say write Destiny as you originally intended to, spoiler or no spoiler, though I never read that review, so I'm probably biased.

I'm a fan of your work for life now, and it's only 7 months to a year, that's really not that bad as far as delays go in my opinion.

 As a parting gift have some Gifs:




Lucaria @Lucaria ago

Psst... Let me tell you a secret that readers don't want to admit to. We want predictable stories as long as they don't seem copies from each other.


Good luck with college. I know how annoying some parts of it can be.

Ovuca @Ovuca ago

I've never read your other storys besides this one, so i was really looking forward to infernal even if it is predictable 

Verienn @Verienn ago

I can feel for you man, catching up college stuff is what made me drop out. I wish you best of luck (or chaos?)


Qazicus @Qazicus ago

Love you and your books, you do whatever you have to to stay healthy, and finish college. We can finish the book later :)

wassie @wassie ago

Just suggesting, try playing video games, or moving to another appartment/house, it changes your look on things and keeps you busy with moving and things to do. Otherwise, s'all good from my point of view, do what you want.

Zombie Unicorne @Zombie Unicorne ago

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger....