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Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...



Two hours later... - Incerum - Rhean's Point Of View...


"Alright people! Its time to gather up! Meet me in the town square within ten minutes." I exclaimed as loudly as I could into the guild chat.

Frey has prompted the quick-make guild group.

Do you wish to join?

"Yes." Is my expected reply.

You have joined the raid.
You have been set into group 1.
Frey has promoted you into the Raid Leader.

"What!? Its already been five hours? Oh come on, I was on a quest!" Yomi spoke into guild chat with a pouting voice and I just laughed.

With another smirk, I sent her a reply."Aw cmon, sis. This is gonna be way more fun than some quest." Playing around with the raid menu, I find the option I was looking for.

You have set the Raid state to Auto Invite.

"WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT, YOU HAVE A SISTER?... Hey there baby, how's you doin?" Aaaand, there is my queue to quit the guild chat.


Several minutes later...


"Holy shit you guys all arrived quickly..." I heard myself mutter as I reopened my eyes to see the entire plaza covered in players.

Checking the raid number, I have to blink in surprise several times as the rather amazing number of two hundred and three appears in my eyes view. Letting out a massive sigh of both relief and annoyance at the same time, I say as I open up the raid menu.

"Alright people, listen up! I'm going to be giving all of you swapping rights. I want the people who are just here to carry things to go into group five, those who don't care about sacrificing souls and are okay with just looting will be our reserve force in group four, the heroes will be a special force in group three but make sure you guys take a healer with you other than Frey, preferably a shaman or druid or anyone with group heals. The rest, aka the raiders will be spread into group one and two. Group one will be carrying all of our tanks and single-target healers, while group two will be the dps and all of the AOE healers with my sister and I being the exception. We are going to be inside of group one in order to get the front view of the situation at all times." I casually explain as I see people already moving around in the chaotic groups formed by the auto-invite function.

"Any questions?" I asked out of necessity but, to my surprise, a random person raised his hand and said."Yeah, is there any special plan to follow once we get there or?"

Nodding at the guy, I reply."Yes. The first order of business will be to set up the reserve force near the gates of the city as you guys will stay there in order to make sure nothing leaves the city alive, capiche?"

A nod from everyone in group four and I continue with approval."Secondly, I want the heroes to separate from the main group. You guys will be going around the entire city and explore it, find any form of suspicious activity and report it directly to me, but as you guys are a separate entity from the main raid, I'd advise you all to remember to stay close to each other. Frey, I want you to lead them. Do not let anyone stray off or they will be easy pickings once the chaos starts."

He bows dramatically."I shall not fail you, milord."

Ignoring him as I turn around with another sigh, I continue."Thirdly, I want group one and two to find the city's Resurrection Point and group up there, make up a cooking fire and do jack-shit for a while like idk socialize or whatever until you get my signal but please do everyone a favor and stay together. Once you do, you attack everything around you, slaughter everyone."

They all grin as I turn back towards Frey."Frey, you and your team can skip waiting for us to come with you since you have tanks, healers and dps in your group. Go right ahead and secure as many of the slaves as you can, but do not lead them out of the city before we arrive to the cavern system since we don't need any accidents happening."

A nod."I guess from then on its a basic game of capture the flag with reinforcement timing?" He asks me and I nod back."Yeah, since you probably won't be able to save all of the slaves at once, you guys will need to go back and forth several times, although it shouldn't be difficult guiding them through a town full of corpses, but be wary of stragglers."

"Noted." He says with an annoyed sigh. Poor guy, this is gonna be an exhausting quest for them, but well I did give them the option of not going.

"Now then, are there any other questions?" I asked and nobody said a word, a meager few shrugs here and there is all I get in reply.

That is, until I heard the ever-so-familiar footsteps of a certain someone echoing behind me."Yes, I have a question. Do you guys have a spot for one more?"

Turning around, I feel my eyes growing wide as the beautifully armored form of a one meter and sixty centimeters woman with golden hair and bright, crystal blue eyes enters my view. Her slender form moves with ephemeral grace, her nearly floor length hair waving to its sides with every step as I just stand there, utterly stunned and stupefied. On her back, an immense rune-etched staff in the shape of a giant torch is positioned, its gold-blue sheath doing little to embolden the already-inspiring presence of the equally golden lightfire that seems to burn endlessly, yet causes no smoke to form. She smirks at me as her hands join and she leans onto a nearby wooden pole, a signpost depicting available paths."M... Maria?"

I ask, not really believing the voice leaving my mouth is my own. She beams me a smile as she rushes over to me and throws her arms around me in a hug. To my surprise, I return the hug almost on instinct as the group behind us scatters, none really willing to disturb our reunion as Frey has most likely already told them all about our relationship.

"So... shes the one, huh? Well, it was fun while it lasted." I hear Yomi silently exclaim with disappointment as she turns away to leave, a none-too-small group of adventurers already gathering around her with womanizing smiles.

A sudden urge makes me want to follow her, to call out to her, but I shake my head out of my stupor and a single look at Maria breaks me free of that strange emotion."Holy hell woman, I'm glad to see you."

"Same here, asshole. Harold told me that you knew I logged on but you didn't call me at all." She says, accusingly.

I blink at her."I don't seem to remember you calling me either. Either way, Harold may have told me about your going online but he didn't exactly tell me your characters name."

Her mouth turns into an adorable little oh shape as we separate from our hug."Well anyways, I'm here now. Sooo... you gonna tell me who that fox-chick was or?"

Another blink as I tilt my head sideways."You mean Karin? Shes my twin sister."

Her eyes grow wide in surprise before she turns her head away."Ugh, so that look she gave me wasn't about me stealing her man... it was genuine, sisterly disapproval."

She whispers in muted mutters as I tilt my head in even further confusion."Uhh, what?"

Turning her head back around as her hands grasp around my shoulder, she replies."Nothing! Nothing, just.. ummm, girl stuff. Yeah, lets call it that. Aaaaaaaaanyway, you were going to invite me to a raid?"

Grinning at her as I open up the raid menu."I never said I would invite you, you cheeky brat."

"And yet, you've done just that, asshole." She replies with a grin of her own and we burst out laughing."God, I missed you, woman."

She smiles again and takes my hands into her own."Missed you too, Rhean." Ah, that reminds me."What's your characters name? Or what do I call you?"

She shrugs with both arms going to their respective sides as we walk towards the fountain and sit down."Meh, I'm honestly fine with the semi-annoyed *woman* title you seem to love referring to me by, shows you actually care really. But my characters name is Eve."

Then she takes the giant torch off her back and shows it to me, holding it in front of her with both hands."And this is Mithri, The Eternal Light Of Life."

Mithri, The Eternal Light Of Life
An incredible divine artifact granted to Eve, The Torchbearess of the Heavens by Mendrion.
It has been said that the blazing lightfire on top of the staff represents the state of life upon the world of Euphoria... and should the fire ever fade, then all life would be quick to follow.
Thankfully, the artifact bestows near unparalleled restorative capabilities upon its wielder and simply holding the staff may heal even the oldest of scars, especially ones gained while fighting against evil.
Additionally, using the staff to heal others does not seem to reduce its potency, but increase it, ever adding more and more healing power to the torch as life endures tragedy after tragedy.
+500 intelligence
+200% healing spellpower
+grants the Mass Resurrection, Mass Exorcism and Mass Divine Blessing abilities.
+any undead/demons lower than ten levels of the user are killed instantly within a 20yard radius
Current status: 13/1500 healing spells cast until next Artifact Evolution

"Mithri? Sounds like a play on the word Meditrina, who is the Latin-American goddess of healing." I reply with a finger on my chin in though as she tilts her adorable head in confusion."Eh? The name has a deeper meaning?... that would explain why nearly all of my spells are healing spells."

Shrugging at her as I mimic her previous behavior and spread my arms to my sides, I reply."Well, at least now you really are a Torchbearess."

Nodding at me as she places the staff back into its sheath, she grins widely and leaps onto me again."Yeah yeah, that's the actual name of my class right now but enough of the boring stuff! KISS ME ALREADY, DAMMIT!"

"As you wish, milady." I say in between chuckles as I close my eyes and slowly place my lips onto hers, a thousand sparks dancing across my heart as we separate as quickly as we joined, a short but passionate exchange... utterly different from Yomi...

Which makes me wonder if my feelings for her are mine alone. Shaking my head out of my stupor as I realized that I was thinking of another woman while kissing one, I gently let her back down onto the ground as I feel a presence approaching us from behind me.

Standing up, I turn around to see Charles arriving with a squadron of battle-ready horses with my guild in tow."Sir! I'm sorry to interrupt you and your partner but we are ready to go. The troops are well stocked, trained and equipped for the battle ahead."

"And the horses?" I asked with a quirked eyebrow.

He shrugs."Well we all figured it might be a good idea to reward the people who aided us in retaking the old mine, so with the goblins help, we created a potion which speeds the physical and mental growth of horses, each suited to serve a select destined one."

A nod from me."Which one is mine?"

A steed clad in white plate leaves the herd and approaches me. I smile as I can see the hunger for battle in his eyes but take a step back as I extend a hand towards him and look at Eve."Here, this guy will be your mount for now."

She nods in appreciation as she easily mounts the horse, the years of riding a divine dragon kicking into business as the horse easily accepts her as its temporary master."B-b-but, what about you sire?"

"I have my own means of transportation. Now then, is everybody ready?!" I scream out loud and receive a very loud YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH, in turn from everybody.

Blinking as I turn back around, I throw a guild invite to Eve and then signal Yomi to come next to me as I transform into the Chaosborne Abomination. The nine-tailed fox soon leaps next to me with a huge, bloodthirsty grin on her face."Ready for another hunt, fox?"

"Always, wolf." Is her amused reply, but I managed to sense an undertone of sadness beneath it.

Ah, I didn't call her my dear fox this time... hmmm... this is weird.

Its like I no longer feel anything for her, which is impossible unless magic of some sort is involved.

Oh well, I'll worry about it later while in real life. Now, I have a city to burn.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

And that is it for this chapter of EUPHORIA!

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed it!

And sorry for the long-ass break... I won't give you the details but ITS A MIRACLE I'M ALIVE (not to mention non-that-hurt), that's all I'm gonna say.

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

07/09/2016 11:15:20Woodied Wrote: [ -> ]thanks for the chapp.

npp, sorry if its short, needed to remove all the rust ;D

Gravestone @Gravestone ago

Thanks for the chapter.

Please don't let Yomi fade away. I like the oddness of him loving a spirit that lives in his head.


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

07/09/2016 12:18:20Gravestone Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the chapter.

Please don't let Yomi fade away. I like the oddness of him loving a spirit that lives in his head.

Fade away? Oh she ain't fading away.

But is his love really his own?

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glad to see your not dead. keep up the good work


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

07/09/2016 12:35:54nickspaceman Wrote: [ -> ]glad to see your not dead. keep up the good work

Nearly was, but Chaos does not die quite so easily! <3

:D thank you

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Just a question have you ever thought instead of a wolf why not a tiger i mean he does have a real tiger as a pet

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07/09/2016 14:34:57Slayersky123 Wrote: [ -> ]Just a question have you ever thought instead of a wolf why not a tiger i mean he does have a real tiger as a pet

A tiger does not fit my MC's persona at all.

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Not only does it sound cooler, but it fits a lot better.

07/09/2016 15:09:42ofother Wrote: [ -> ]Glad your back/ok. Thanks for the chapter.

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