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Mere moments later... - Royal Bedroom - Leonardo's Point Of View...

Waking up in the world of Euphoria had never felt quite so amazing.

Not even when I was going to fight a damn black dragon did I feel this excited.

Taking in the sights around me as my eyes re-adjust to my surroundings, I hear Yomi's beautiful voice echoing next to  me."Amazing... so this is what human technology has become capable of..."

Having woken up both entirely naked on a royal bed with silken sheaths and in the middle of the night made for a rather steamy atmosphere. Unknowing of my current status, Yomi continued to stare around in wonder as I approached her from behind."Enjoying yourself?"

I whispered into her ear as I came closer to her back, the scent of her untied hair weaving itself into my senses, invigorating me alongside the heat of the night. She turns around towards me, both surprise and eagerness etched upon her face as she bites her lower lip."Oh, that I am... but something tells me that I'm about to enjoy myself even more..."

She whispers right back, sensual tones echoing through me with every letter spoken. I take in a breath. This way of speaking, this eroticism...

Suddenly, she smirked at me before pulling me in for a kiss. Surprised, but not stunned, I give back in full. I feel her grasping around my back, as if feeling every muscle, every fiber of my being.

I find myself wondering..."This is the first time you've been with someone who's on your level, isn't it?" Yomi voices my thoughts with a question of her own as I beam her a smile.

"At my level? Nah, I have a feeling you are better than me." She smirks at my honest reply, a pale hand pushing me into the bed as she gasps."Oh my, that's quite big for a human."

"Eight inches not enough for you, babe?" I quirk an eyebrow at her as she lets out a giggle."They are, but a woman always asks for more... and, in my case, I can have more."

Blinking at her as realization strikes against my face like a boulder, I ask."What do I have to do?"

Laughing at the eagerness in my voice, she replies."Later, my boy... now, lets focus on what's in front of us."

Talking about what's in front of me, I finally notice her supple breasts waving around as she continues to trail her delicate fingers around my own chest. Adopting my own smirk, I sit back up and pull her in closer, kissing her deeply."Mmnyaaa..." She moans freely as she closes her eyes, my own hands joining our exploration of each other as I firmly knead one of her breasts.

She pulls herself up, placing her legs around my hips, catching me into a leg-lock as we separate, a stream of hot air and saliva following us as we do. Grinning at her as I decide that I would not be undone, I reverse our situation and lay her down onto the sheets as she stretches her arms, golden eyes locked onto golden eyes.

With her legs still placed around me, she tightens the grip as another smirk forms upon her face."Enough foreplay, lets skip to the fun stuff!"

"As you wish, milady..." I coo softly as I lay down on top of her, another husky whisper eliciting a gasp from my female companion before I raise and position myself up. Her shaven pussy is already dripping as I push my tip inside, the velvet cavern easily allowing me entrance."Mnmmm!" Another moan escapes her as she bites on one of her fingers, her body shivering in anticipation as I go deeper.

Gritting my teeth and biting back a moan of my own as her walls tighten upon my member with every single inch I push through, I let out a breath of relief as I manage to hit the entrance of her womb. Not saying a word, I gently raise her legs upwards as a primal force takes over me, her lips twisting into a knowing smirk before she licks her them seductively."Go on..."

With my last straw of self-restraint being broken, I take one last look at her entire, ethereal self and begin moving.

Her body shivers again and again, with each and every strike against her womb, as I feel her walls constricting, milking me for all I'm worth."O-oh, gods! L-Leo!" She gets herself up, throwing both hands around my neck as she gasps and moans into my ears, pushing me to even greater speeds.

Continuing to push myself inside of her, I pull her closer, feeling her breasts rubbing against my muscle, watching her beautiful tails waving as I am caught in their illusion, immersing myself in her as much as I can...

Wasting no more time, I pull her in for another deep kiss, our passion filling the air, as the heat of the room raises to inexplicable levels. Our tongues dance against one another in an animalistic battle for dominance, neither giving up, neither backing down, each finding the other its rival, its equal.

"Mmmh!" She moans into my mouth as we separate again, glazed eyes staring directly into mine as heavy, heated breaths escape both of us. For a moment, we lose ourselves in the others iris, unable to look away as our intimacy continues at even greater speeds.

My tempo increases further with rabid fervor as I stand up on the bed, slamming hard into her pussy without mercy."H-h-harder! Fuck me harder!" Her command sends shiver upon shiver down my spine as a savage grin etches itself upon my face.

The bed creaks heavily beneath us as I continue to slam inside, her velvet cavern tightly clenching onto my length as she orgasms, her quaking body pushing me over my own edge as I let myself fall down onto the bed, managing to penetrate her womb as the force of our fall impales her fully onto my member."MNYAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Her voice echoes, her body shivering with every breath.

I feel myself explode deep within her, shot after shot of seed filling her deepest depths as we lean onto each other, heated breaths striking against the others skin one after another.

We lay there for a few moments before both of us open our eyes, grins on our faces... and I know there's more to be had of this ethereal heaven.

Wordlessly, she stands up, her dripping pussy leaking my cum as her grin turns to a lustful smirk and I watch her push a finger inside of herself only to take it out and drink down my seed. I feel myself shaking as my member becomes hard again, the same primal hunger I felt beforehand returning in full.

Smirking at me, she lays back down but this time on all fours. With a shake of her ass, she slaps her butt cheek before opening her hungry pussy for me. Taking this as my cue, I position myself again before impaling her upon my length once more."Ahn!" She moans again, sending me into an even greater primal fury than before.

Cracking my neck as I take in a breath, I begin slamming myself deep inside of her, her cavern tightly clenching around me as I slap her ass with every thrust.

Then I lean downwards closer to her arched back as I push her tails off to the side and grab both of her breasts while giving her neck a long lick."Mmm! M-more!" Her voice echoes throughout the room as I let out a chuckle and bite her ear.

Pushing her down completely as I raise her ass up and speed up, she bites down hard onto the silken sheets, one eye closed as she moans into the silk. Pulling her hair as I speed up to my maximum, I give her welcoming cavern one final slam before filling her again, my seed flowing into her greedy womb with each spurt.

But I am not yet done.

Grabbing her ass and positioning her legs around me, I walk off the bed, my cock still inside of her, still hard as stone."L-Leo?" She questions cutely as her eyes go wide with realization.

Wordlessly, I put her hands onto a cupboard as I turn her around and spread her legs around my hips as I hold her by hers."Y-you can still g-go?... Geez, youngsters these days.." She says in amusement as I grin at her.

"What can I say? You're just too beautiful to end it here." My words prompt another shiver to run down her spine as she gives me a seductive smirk."Well then, go ahead, you animal."

Animal. I blink at that word before grinning savagely with newfound hunger in my eyes. I watch her shuddering hard as she catches the look of my eyes, her cavern tightly clenching around me as I pull myself out."H-huh?"

She tilts her head in confusion as I pull her in closer before planting another kiss on her lips, a thousand sparks dancing across our bodies as our tongues continue their battle for dominance."Yomi, have you ever wondered what it'd feel like to be taken by a wolf?"

She shivers as she reaches for her lips with a finger before replying thoughtfully."M-maybe? W-why?"

"Then don't freak out." Is my simple reply as I go down on all fours, finding her eyes to be stuck on my growing erection as I take upon the form of the Chaosborne Abomination.

Blinking at me with a bit of fear in her eyes, she gulps down hard."O-oh, m-my..."

Growling deeply at her as I let out what was supposed to be a chuckle, I approach her. My massive form is easily bigger than her crouched frame as she waltzes closer, one of her hands grasping around my now twelve inched cock.

Without wasting another moment, she begins to lick my member as I feel her tongue going up and down my length before suckling upon the tip, her delicate hands masturbating me with ever increasing tempo.

Standing up once shes had enough, she walks over to the bed and lays down onto it, spreading her legs wide as she smirks at me while licking her lips in anticipation."Give it to me, my wolf..."

Having no need to be told twice, I raise my front legs onto the bed and eagerly penetrate her dripping pussy, watching in amazement as her stomach raises with every inch I push inside.

The primal hunger I've felt beforehand strikes me with even greater fury this time as I feel myself hardening, her every twitch, her every moan causing me to grit my teeth in an attempt to restrain myself."Don't hold back on me... ravage me! Rape me! GIVE ME EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT, YOU DAMN MUTT!" Yomi exclaims with lust filling her every word and I feel my grip on reality shatter once more as I start to pound her.

My giant cock easily penetrates her womb as I continue to slam into her with all of my strength, already feeling my next orgasm building up as ecstasy takes over us both.

Feeling my limit approaching, I speed up to my maximum as her moans echo throughout the room even louder than before.

With a final strike, I feel myself release for the third and final time as I fill her womb to the brim before transforming back into my human form and laying down next to her, watching in satisfaction as her chest raises and falls with every hot breath, with every moment spent in ecstasy.

Soon, she turns her head around towards me."T-that w-was... breathtaking, my wolf." She cooed as we re-positioned ourselves on the bed so that we're more comfortable.

"Just imagine how it'd feel after a good chase..." Her eyes grow wide as she leans into me, one of my hands supporting her head as I yawn into my other hand and lay down, quite exhausted indeed.

With a smirk, she replies with a dreamy voice."You can be surprisingly animalistic, you know that?"

I grin at her."What can I say? Having a wolf form in this game did make me imagine a couple kinky scenarios... Like hunting a nine-tailed fox through the woods, running at full speed for she knows that a hungry, hungry wolf is right behind her..."

She grins at me in approval."Perhaps... but another day." She finishes with a stern stare as I let out a laugh."Yeah, I'm done for tonight... that said, you sure you don't wanna go explore the town right now?"

With a shrug, she replies."Nah... its not like this world will disappear overnight... and I'd much rather cuddle with you for a bit."

And with that, she closes her eyes as she pushes herself even closer to me with a bright, beaming smile upon her face. Letting out another exhausted breath, I lay back down onto the bed as I turn on the game's sleeping module, the ethereal scent of her hair, the heat of her body and beating of her heart lulling me to a sleep deeper than I've ever felt before.

Sleep-Mode Activated
Good Night, Destined One.


Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

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I somehow feel... tired, after writing this. Like I've really exhausted myself.

Must be my imagination.

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ShockDrone @ShockDrone ago

thanks for the chapter O_O


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

08/08/2016 19:34:39ShockDrone Wrote: [ -> ]thanks for the chapter O_O

That reaction haha :D

New to lemons, aren't you? ;)

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Why thank you! *bows while taking off his top hat*

08/08/2016 19:49:21EastTuna Wrote: [ -> ]the cliff is gone, this is good


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and to think that she had him cut off his middle finger with an axe just for shit and giggles................oh how time flys.

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Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

08/08/2016 19:58:06havoc102 Wrote: [ -> ]and to think that she had him cut off his middle finger with an axe just for shit and giggles................oh how time flys.

Great job!

Yandere confirmed? ;)

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08/08/2016 20:23:26Nolo Wrote: [ -> ]Will you ever give him a horse form? maybe a dragon form? what about a tentacle monster form?!

Thanks for the chapter :D

Pls, no more ideas *_*

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