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One Hour Later... - The Politician's Mansion - Leonardo's Point Of View...


Notice; Nanite Fabrication is 75% complete. +Binge Mode Unlocked.
Binge Mode - Constant processing of any existing/gained fats and current stomach contents in search of materials.
You may now consume regular foods to replenish materials.

"Huh?" I wake up from my meditative trance as the blue screen pops into my groggy eye's view.

My butler opens up the window separating the back and the front seat of my limo and says with a smile."Sir? We have arrived at the site. Your target is a woman named Adelina Beno, a young gun among the political game, but very charismatic and persuasive."

Cracking my neck, I ask him as I leave the car."Any curios?"

He nods with a bright smile."Yes, she seems to have the same quirk as you do sire.... I mean, the one where you bite on the skin in the middle of your fingers." Blinking at the man, I nod at him."Thanks Jeremiah, that's gonna come in handy."

He tilts his head in confusion."Absolve me of my negligence sire, but what does this particular quirk mean again?"

I yawn as I leave the car with a smile."Nothing much, just that the chick is equally as addicted to caffeine as I am."

"But why the skin on your fingers?" He asks me with a blink as I check my equipment. Eliot is there, my bay is safely hidden.. Ah, how're you doing, Yomi?"The scent of coffee sticks to the skin if you touch it with your lips... and well, fingers are easily reachable, I guess?"

He makes a slight ah sound before bowing and shutting off the limo."Shall I wait for you here?"

I shake my head in negative."No, if you are seen then this mission might get compromised. Go, I shall call you when the deed is done."

Another nod and within seconds, he is gone."I am fine, Leo.... I must say though, you are quite skilled at Meditation, even if clearly self-taught."

Didn't realize there was something to be skilled at when meditation is considered, but hey, thanks."Mhm..." She mutters as I shrug and walk towards the entrance of the mansion, a massive brick  wall blocking my path.

Now then, how do I do this?

Observing my current location, I notice that there is a guard half-asleep up on the front in his little control room. Considering the shape of said room, I'd say that there is a hidden camera up above him. This means that I can't kill him... yet.

Noticing a small crack in the high brick wall, I take out Eliot and stab him inside as quietly as possible, dislodging one of the bricks from the wall and then promptly pushing the rest inside, so that they fall onto the garden grass and not onto concrete. My plan works as I easily go inside and, after I place all of the bricks back in their place so that some guard does not find them and cause a commotion, I proceed.

There appears to be a sewer entrance on the left part of the courtyard I've found myself in and a small pond on the right side... hmm, that pond seems man-made and the water isn't being filtered anywhere yet is quite pristine.

Which means that there is probably a panic escape route hidden somewhere in its depths and considering how most politicians are not great swimmers, it shouldn't take too long for me to reach it, but the question is if its possible to open from this side... Hmm, I might be able to lure her out into the route and then kill her there.

Nah, too easy... but that still remains an option. Suddenly, as I hide inside of a bush, a huge amount of pain strikes against my forehead."ARGH, what's with all this hiding and sneaking?! Aren't you a killer? A monster?! THEN GO KILL SOMETHING ALREADY!"

"Gh!" I mutter out in quite a bit of pain, managing to attract the attention of a guard who decides to approach like the idiot he is. Acting quickly as I see that nobody is looking, I put my hands around his head and snap his neck in a moment before throwing the corpse behind me. Yomi, go fuck yourself. If you aren't gonna be helpful then shut the fuck up.

"What?! That was supposed to make you scream, not just mutter out a whimper!"
Her pouting voice rises my annoyed factor by around fifty as I promptly decide that the sewer gate is my best option as it most likely leads to their reactor room.

Damn politicians and their damn personal reactors... can't handle paying for electricity like us normal people.

Shaking my head out of my stupor, I slowly make my way to the sewer gate and enter it, the door creaking as it opens and closes, but thankfully nobody seems to have heard it. That, or they're just good at acting.

Anyways, I find myself in an extensive corridor with a small water flow to the side and several curiously placed defensive sandbags... these guys are ready, not for an assassin but for a terrorist attack which means this job might be harder than it looks.

"Perhaps this will help then... and um, sorry." Another spike of pain erupts from nowhere, this time from my eyes as I promptly shut them both, only to open them with a whole new world of opportunity presenting itself before me.

Around fifty or so small orbs of varying colors present themselves, mostly all orange and red, but quite a few pure black and one utterly colorless... I feel my eyes grow wide as I grin."Is this what I think it is, Yomi?" I whisper silently as I walk down the hallway.

"It's called an Auspex, a visual power which all undead creatures possess that allows us to see the beating hearts of the living... and anyone cursed enough to classify as a Revenant, anyway." A Revenant? What are those?

I hear her sigh before an image of an discolored foxgirl with teacher-like glasses on appears in my mind."A Revenant is any living creature with enough dark magic flowing through their veins to classify being undead, while still being alive. In other words, you."

And that means what exactly? I hear her give out a spectral sigh before continuing."Right now? Absolutely nothing since you've been wasting all of the essence of the people you've killed so far... but now that I'm here... let me show you how to satisfy that so-called hunger of yours."

Another spree of pain erupts inside of my chest as the Auspex activates once more, stronger this time as I hear the beating hearts of those I see, the glowing energy around them suddenly appearing very, very appealing."There, your hungering heart is now synchronized to the flow of your essence. Anyone you kill from this moment on will fuel your own powers... just a tidbit beforehand, this isn't an amazingly quick way to get strong. Revenants in general are beings who, while always alive, must become closer and closer to undeath if they wish to become truly strong."

Oh really? Is it that, or has no other way ever really been explored? I mean, if you leave all that essence just passively empowering you, of course its gonna take a lot to upgrade."I... am not sure what you mean."

Shaking my head in disbelief followed by a massive sigh, I continue on my path. This... state that I've found myself in.. a Revenant.. how odd.

It is strikingly similar to my situation in game which makes me wonder if it follows the same set of rules. Either way, Aurelius sure knows how to leave questions unanswered... not that any normal person would even know how to ask them in the first place but eh.

Activating Auspex again with a thought and ignoring the spike of pain in my eyes, I notice a guard approaching my location from a corridor. Pulling out my axe and hiding behind a corner, I wait for him to come closer before swinging my axe and be-heading him in a show of gore and a shower of erupting blood. Once the twitching corpse stops exploding crimson, I walk out of my corner without a speck of blood upon my frame.

I walk down the corridors and see several guardsmen preparing themselves in a defensive position... ahh, it appears that I've been spotted."Too bad.. guess all of you have to die now.."

Activate regeneration to maximum.

Order Detected; Preparing Regenerative Parameters...
Success; standby confirmed.

Pulling out my Desert Eagle, I feel myself grin and smile. Its time to make some noise. Steeling myself as I take note of every single guard's location, I leap out of the confines of my corner and start shooting.

The first shot I fire found its way right through one of the three guards heads, blasting it to bits and pieces as the dude next to him freezes in horror. Using that to my advantage, I turn my attention to the third guard who was apparently on a piss break as he points his pistol at me and shoots, hitting me through the knee and making me fall down onto the ground with a somersault before pushing out his entire chest with another bullet.

Tearing out the bullet stuck in my knee, I use my still good leg to propel myself upwards, Eliot's jagged edge slicing across the entirety of the frozen guards neck. I loot two pistols from the guards and store my D. Eagle back into my coat as I take their supply of ammunition.

A sad amount of thirty five bullets, twelve each with one having been shot at me. My knee finally repairs itself as I continue onward to find myself inside of the generator room. Laughing madly, I promptly shoot it seven times before it blows up, causing a massive fire to engulf me.

A minute passes by as I recover from the flames and take a ladder up above to enter a kitchen. The terrified cooks stare at my half-burned appearance and I give them a bright smile."Run."

They all scream out loudly before rampaging towards the door, promptly blocking each other from leaving as I begin shooting. That's twenty-two bullets remaining.

Opening up my mask, I promptly stab Eliot into a fat piece of steak and devour it within seconds before gulping down a liter of milk. With that done, I reactivate my Auspex to see a whole squardron of guards waiting for me at each side of the door. Laughing madly, I also take note of the panicking woman running out of the mansion. Fuck, need to do this quickly.

Notice; Nanite Fabrication is completed.
Brain Limiter is now fully accessible.

A savage grin appears upon my face as I whisper."Right arm limiter off."

Within moments, the entirety of my right arm explodes with power and blood as I punch through a wall, finding myself outside just in time to see poor little Adelina running outside with a scream of her own. Smirking, I fling Eliot right through her gut, making her fall onto the ground as the idiot guards still wait in front of the kitchen, most likely being ordered by their leader to play stupid so that they don't have to die.

Shrugging at them as I realize that I activated Auspex without even realizing the pain spike this time, I promptly smirk as I notice Adelina somehow standing up with a blade in her gut.

With a dark smile of her own, she tears it out of herself and throws it at me as she stands up, her wound completely disappeared."F-fuck me. I mean, I know I'm a new blood and all but a Revenant?! Seriously?!"

And right then and there, I notice that hers is the colorless soul I saw beforehand. I guess that means she's a vampire?"That would be correct... but your thoughts are.. confusing... you seem to not be here at the behest of my supposed elders."

She speaks with another smirk as I blink at her and sigh."A mind-reader too? I can already see why people would want you dead."

She cracks her neck with a shrug before leaping at me and tearing through my abdomen with a hand."Sad, really. You would have made for a fine slave."

Then she tries to tear her hand out of me but I stop her with a grip of my own as I smile at her with bloodthirst of my own. Could it truly be? A worthy opponent?

Here? In the real world? I never thought I'd see the day!

Foreign Organic Material detected...
Options - Purge/Designate/Ignore.

Quirking my eyebrow momentarily as I laugh and strengthen my grip on her as I use my right hand to hold her arm and my left to take out my eagle, I say."Purge."

Her eyes widen in confusion and fear as a mass of black tendril-like veins pop onto her arm, tearing her apart inside out as she screams."AAAAARGH! W-WHAT THE F-FUCK?!"

An attempt to leap away is made as I command the nanites to come back inside of me before trying to blast her head off with my pistol, only to find that the bullet is constrained in mid-air."Blood B-barrier!" She yells out in a panic as I rush towards her escaping form, picking up Eliot on the way as I chase after her.

The vampire turns to mist as she tries to get away from me, but I throw my harbor bay axe just in time to stab her in the back, forcing her to fall out of the sky and down onto the ground."A-aargh! W-what? H-how?! Why is a Revenant so strong?! You shouldn't be able to heal so quickly!" She exclaims in confusion as she stares into the already repaired abdomen she impaled previously."Well, guess what? We humans have monsters among us too."

Her eyes grow wide as she finally notices the chip inside of my head."F-fuck, an R-Positive a-and a Revenant?!"

Having enough of her rambling, I shut her up as I slam my foot down her neck, seemingly breaking it and keeping it broken as I grab her into a choke hold."Now then... how do I kill you..."

I mean, its not like I'm carrying garlic around... or a cross for that matter.. Hmm, I probably should.

Yeah, a metal cross that classifies as a stake, I suddenly really like that idea!"Errr, that would not be a good thing to do unless you want to kill both of us. You're cursed, remember?"

Ah. Fuck."So how do I kill her then?"

"Mmmh, mrrrh, mhh!" She tries to say something but fails as sudden terror envelops her entirely... and somehow I don't think its because of me."And you would be correct! You see, us nine-tails are the inhuman equivalent of Atomic Bombs, tee hee! She's terrified of me! As for how you kill her.. well, I guess you can use one of my nails for it.. just don't break it or I. Will. Kill. You."

"Your nai-ARGH!" I grunt out in pain as a long white nail grows out of my right middle finger. Shrugging as I decide not to question it, I promptly stab her through her head, because through the heart is way too cliche and watch in amazement as she turns to fine ash. However, my amazement is firmly replaced by disgust as her colorless soul wanders out of her body.

Turning away from it as I stand up from the ground, the very shocked voice of Yomi stops me in my tracks."H-hey, I get that her soul might be a bit disgusting to you, but if you just leave it there then her elders might come to claim it and gain information on what happened here!"

I shrug again, even more disinterested."Do you want it then?"

A stunned blink appears in my mind before she replies."Oh? You would... actually give me a soul?"

Another shrug."Why not? Is there a problem?"

"W-well no... its just that... oh fuck it, nobody else did something like this for me before as my host so... thanks." And with that, the colorless soul enters my body but I thankfully do not feel anything of its stench inside of me.

I guess this means that all undead souls are going to be this disgusting to me?"No, not all of them. Other Revenants are supposedly insanely delish to you. Also ghouls, for whatever reason."

"I assume both of those feed on the essence of others, right? If that's true then they're tasty because they've eaten essence from multiple sources, like a steak that has been flavored multiple times." A slight bit of drool flows down my lip as she shrugs before a shivering image of what I can only assume is her writhing body appears in my mind."A-aaaaah, its been so long! I've missed this taste, this feeling! This ecstasy!"

"D... did you just orgasm?" I blurt out before I could stop myself, eliciting a laugh from her."Well, yes. There's a reason why so many people decide that devouring souls is not above their morals, after all."

Shaking my head in disbelief, I turn around towards the mansion and activate Auspex to find the guards watching me from the windows and I let out another laugh as I take out my looted pistols."Time to kill them all."

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Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

31/07/2016 16:06:54Black332 Wrote: [ -> ]So... will that Yumi girl get a body or is she going to mindfuck him?

Both... and also its Yomi not Yumi lel

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31/07/2016 17:11:07ToxicCrow Wrote: [ -> ]Giving her that soul feels like... he gave her a marriage ring.
When I think of them seeing souls, the first thing that I connected it to is Soul Eater's Soul Sight.

Thanks for the chapter.

Now that I think about it.... its a mix between that and Skyrims detect life shout.. or whatever its name is.

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