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Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Two Hours Later... - The Town Of Sudan - Rhean's Point Of View...

"Haaaaaaaaahwh..." I yawned rather loudly as I found myself feeling rather exhausted after the bath with Tiara. If I knew she'd lose it to the beast inside again so easily, I'd have bought stamina potions beforehand.

Meh, not that I'm complaining, mind you. Shrugging to apparently nobody as I look around myself, I hail one of the nearby guardsmen with a raised hand."You there! Where's the Adventurer's Guild in this town?"

The guard takes one look at me before nodding and pointing down the street."I-its down the alley sir on your left sir! Next to it is the sign for the Twisted Fawn Inn, you can't miss it!"

Nodding and throwing the man a pouch of some silver, I continue on my path before a curious line of thought enters my mind. I wonder if I can rename the city... Quite possibly, but what kind of name would I go for? Hmm, I think I know!

Since I'm an Emperor, might as well copy the naming system of the roman Empire... always did like history lessons concerning them. But what kind of name would be good for a new Capital City-State of my Empire? Something that has to do with fire and lots of it... what's the roman word for burning... no wait, it needs to be something more... instantaneous, like Incinerate.

Incera then? Nah, too short. Incerum? Yep, that will do!

Refocusing myself to reality, I see two guardsmen saluting me before the entrance of the Adventurer's Guild. I point towards one of them and say."You, go get Zyl for me, would you?"

"Zyl'mael? As you wish, your majesty!" Asking with a confused glance and then receiving a nod of confirmation, the man rushes towards an unknown point within this currently ruined town. Good thing stone can't burn easily or else I might've incinerated my entire town yesterday.

... Hey, that's a good reason as to why change its name!"Good evening, sir! The name is Nikolai Astarte, how may I help you?" A butler-like man in his thirties asks me with a bright smile.

"Hi, I'd like to make a guild of my own... and I'm quite sure you know who I am." I wave nonchalantly as the man oh's and presents me with some documents. I stop dead in my tracks as find myself incapable of thinking up another name.

What fits me best? Role playing as a bloodthirsty Emperor.

What do I love the most about this game? The drama which comes as a result of role playing... also killing noobs, can't forget that.

So something powerful, yet dramatic enough to satisfy me... or how about just dramatic.

Hmm... How about this. I type in the name and the man shifts in his spot uncomfortably."Um, sir? Are you entirely sure that you wish for this to be your Guild's name?"

I nod, all sage like."Indeed, I think its the most dramatic, yet also fear-inspiring title ever given to a guild."

He sighs."Well alright then... the price is ten gold coins."

Handing him the pouch, I nearly fall on my ass as the name got auto-shortened by the AI.

Congratulations! You are now the guild master of "CIL CIL"!

"Hey, this isn't what I wrote!" I exclaim loudly, granting me the attention of the nearby players and NPC's alike while the butler-person just stares at me blankly."Yes well, I do not believe anyone would join your guild if it retained its.. full name."

I gave the NPC a blank stare and then I burst out laughing before taking in a deep breath and saying for all to hear."Anyone here wanna join my guild? CIL CIL is short for Cringe is Love, Cringe is Life."

A hundred people turn to stare right back at me and everyone is silent for a couple moments before the whole hall bursts into laughter. Soon after, much to the butler's dismay, just about everyone around raised their hands up sky high.

"Turn on auto-invites." I say simply before turning around towards the door.

178 people have joined your guild, CIL CIL!

"Pfft, this is gonna be fun." Someone named Corez said in guild chat.

"Best name, I rate 8/8 m8!" Justika wrote in typical gamer fashion.

"Was wondering what kind of name you'd go for... I guess I should've known." Frey's unamused voice could be heard over the chat and I laughed.

"Its your own fault for placing me on a pedestal like some kind of God, I'm human too, y'know?" My turn to speak.

"Wait, is this really the.. oh dear god, why Rhean why?!" Yvonne wrote with clear disapproval and I laughed again.

Deciding that's enough guild-chat for now, I promptly disable it and place myself under DND.

You are now under the effect of DND - Do Not Disturb!

You will not receive any messages you do not approve of first!

Anyways, I leave the guild building and can't help but notice the massive bounty board raised outside. Skipping through several random crafting quests, I take off a piece of paper which takes my interest.

Quest Alert! - Kill The Abomination!
A bounty placed upon the head of an alpha wolf by a passing merchant.
Info - Oversized monstrosity of a wolf, huge red cracks all over its body, multiple weapons stabbed inside but seemingly ineffective, recommend magic or enchanted weaponry.
Reward - 20 gold for wolf's head, 100 gold for its hide.
Failure - Lose 10 fame.
+As the lord of the town, completing this quest in the merchant's favor will grant you a permanent 5% boost to Sudan's Income!

Interesting quest to say the least."Accept." I mutter out as I ponder the quests description and then enter back inside the AG. Turning around to find the butler-dude staring at me, I raise the paper towards him and ask with a frown."I'm not here to gloat or say something like I told you so, I'm here to ask for information. Who's the merchant in question for this bounty?"

He takes the paper with weary hands and hmms out loud."Ah, that would be Mr Loris... he is a friend of the city's resident nobility so I would believe he's staying at their mansion."

Nodding at him as I remember the fact that I sent Tiara's friends over there for a little bit of slaughter.. perhaps I shall pay the place a visit. Might need to, considering how much gold there probably is to claim as my own. In fact, I'm gonna go there right now!

"Thanks Nikolai, see you soon." I tell the old man with disinterest somewhat clear in my voice as I leave the AG for the second time today, only to find myself face to face with Zyl'mael and a very exhausted-looking guard."Ah! There you are, sire! I heard you wanted to see me."

Doing my best to keep my eyes away from the panting man as I have no desire to know what went on between the two before they came here, I reply."Yeah, I did. I want to change the city's name into Incerum."

He blinks."Incerum?.. might I ask why, sire?"

"Because Incerum sounds like incinerate which is a good analogy for what happened here yesterday and I also wanted a better, more dramatized name for my new capital city." My explanation makes his eyes grow wide as he nods. Suddenly, he frowns at me."Sire, while I am here I must inform you that we lack the required literature for me to finish the task you've granted me right now. Perhaps if we were to acquire the plantations, I may finish my research but I am incapable of making any more progress in the meantime."

I nod, this was something expected. Perhaps I should focus on something easier first."Alright then. How about you instead focus on setting up the administrative needs of our third-class citizens, The Bound? I want them to have equal pay/food rationing as well as live in buildings benefiting of their stature. Remember thought, The Bound are not slaves, merely our work-force. Make sure you keep that in mind when you are rationalizing their livelihood, Zyl'mael."

He nods and gives me a respectful bow."As you wish, your majesty. I shall make the preparations at once. In the meantime, I shall compile my current progress on the Azarestrian Plantations so that you may review my findings whenever you visit the library."

And then he blinks, as if remembering something important."A-ah, one more thing, sire. As you may know, the previous lord of the town possessed a certain book called the On Transcendence... this book has been missing ever since he fell in battle and I believe it of impossible importance that we re-acquire it before such a valuable font of knowledge falls into unworthy hands."

My eyes grow wide from the implications and I nod towards him."Thank you for informing me of this, I believed the book to be safely inside my manor."

He bows again and leaves. I open up the guild chat and say."Hey guys, if anyone of you finds a book called *On Transcendence*, please tell me about it. I'll buy it off you for 100 gold no questions asked. Keep in mind that I know what it looks like since its mine but I managed to lose it in the chaos yesterday... don't ask how, the book is a special item."

"kk bro will do"
One. "As you wish, your majesty!" Two. "Sure thing." Three. "100 gold? On it!" And I'm out. DND is online.

Now then, let's find out some more about that wolf abomination. If I had to guess, Istvan's scythe is one of the weapons stuck to its back, the chaotic energy infusing the wolf from it. Still, to be struck by a scythe in what could have only been a stroke of bad luck... this is the kind of thing you only find in fantasy mmorpg's.

"Ah! There you are your majesty, I was looking all over for you!" My eyes go wide as I turn around to face Tiara's form rushing towards me in a maid outfit. I quirk an eyebrow at her."A maid outfit? Really?"

She puts with a finger placed on her lips."You don't like it?" I give her a savage grin and a laugh."Now when did I say that? In fact, I think it fits you perfectly, my soon to be ninja-maid."

"Nin-yah maid? What's that?" She tilts her head in confusion and my laughter only increases."Nothing much. Just the type of class I have in mind for you."

Blinking in recognition, she bows and asks."As you say, your majesty. Orders?"

"Yes, actually. I need to find our where your fellow beast-folk currently are, as in the mansion I sent your female friends to when I told them to go kill the little brother of that pig." I tell her and she stiffens a little before nodding, most likely having been struck by a painful memory.

"I see... Very well sire, I know where we must go. Perhaps a little better than I'd hope to know. Please, follow me." She speaks in quick succession as she turns around, pivoting on her new heel as she points towards the town's square with a healed hand, no longer scarred, dirty and devastated as it had been mere hours ago.

"Well alrighty then, lead the way." I say with an audible yawn as we start walking towards the mansion of the town's former nobility.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Minutes later... - The Noble's Mansion - Rhean's Point Of View...

"N-NO NO NO LET ME GO YOU BEASTS!" We come across a massive mansion in front of which is a terrified fat ma-nah, I can't do that.

This guy has a top-hat on his head. I can't be mean to him like I was to the Noble."HISS!" The cat's I sent to the mansion hissed at him menacingly, a small horde of former slaves gathered behind them with blood thirst in their eyes.

Just as they're about to kill the guy, Tiara stops them with a hand and nods to me. Within seconds, they all kneel before me and I revel in the feeling momentarily before saying."Rise. What is going on here?"

One of the cat-girls approaches and speaks with clarity in her voice."We had done as you asked, your majesty. We have freed ourselves from the tyranny of the Nobles. This merchant is a friend of the noble... in fact, he's the one who sold many of us to them!" She bares her fangs at the guy and I let out a laugh.

I look over all of the slaves and let out a sigh."How many of you are here?"

"A bit over fifty, I'd say." She mutters out with a confused glance at me as I put a hand on my chin in thought.

Turning around to face a rather petrified guardsman, I say."Guide the slaves over to my Mansion. They may use the faculties there to rid themselves of as many scars as possible and use the place as temporary shelter until we have the ability to build them a worthy home. Also, inform Zyl'mael that he shalt receive more potential subjects for the MIE than what was originally meant."

Then I turn back towards the slaves as the guard salute's me, easily ridding himself of his stupor as he hears my command."And you, former slaves.. what shalt you do now?"

One of the more bulky beastmen, a bear-man asks me."What does thou mean, manling?"

Manling? Now there's a new one. Tiara hisses right at the bear, causing the poor guy to stumble as her recent intimacy with the beast inside has empowered her in several ways."You have no right to refer to his majesty with such blatant disrespect!"

"His majesty?" The obvious merchant asks, his top-hat nearly falling off his head as he stabilizes himself. I nod towards him."Yes, I am Emperor Rhean and this is my town. I presume you are Mr Loris?"

At the man's slow nod, I say."Then remain silent, I shall deal with you in a moment. First though, these people need to make a decision."

Turning back to face the uneasy crowd, I speak with fury and pride clear in my voice, an echo of what may come to pass should the wrong decision be made."You may either join my Empire and become one of the first to accept my rightful claim to this land... or you may leave, right now, as free men and women alike."

"What happens if we join, yeah?" A wolf asks and I smile at him."You will be given time to study for what we call an MIE, a test of one's ability which will determine your status within my Empire. It will decide weather you are someone capable of higher or lower ranked jobs, weather you are a simple but valuable farmer, or an alchemist, perhaps a researcher. However, because of our current situation, anyone can join the army regardless of the results."

They all look around towards one another before the bear says with a soft, saddened murmur."Sire, I apologize for my previous actions but I must ask this... would you promise to abolish slavery, in all of its forms?"

"I have never, not once in my life, approved of slavery of any kind, friend. And if such a thing is written somewhere then it is all lies." Another set of murmurs as they collapse closer to plan and place opinions and I turn around towards Tiara."They seem to be rather unconvinced. Did someone actually go around slandering my name with such atrocities?"

She shakes her head in negative."Not that I heard off.. but I've been a slave most of my life so I would not know. What I do know is that you supposedly tended to lead societal purges against anyone who dared look at you the wrong way."

I let out a laugh."Well, I don't deny that." She shrugs, having connected the dots that she herself played a good part of that today. Turning around to face the top-hat, I ask."And you, oh unfortunate merchant, what do you think of this?"

He gulps deep."W-well, if I had to guess, you've had many enemies during your time here sire, it is likely that once you disappeared, they realized they could rewrite history as they saw fit."

I quirk an eyebrow at him."Smart. Perhaps there is a use for you, after all."

He gives me a quick bow and soon, the bear approaches me once more."Your majesty, we have decided to accept your proposal because we feel that even if we go away as free people, we are bound to become slaves again in this vile, hostile land. I only hope that your ways are not too objectionable for us to adapt to."

The redeemed slaves have decided to accept your proposition.
However, since they have different ethos than your Empire's, they will need to be integrated in order to fit with the rest of your society!
Will you accept this?

I quirk another eyebrow at the bear-man and turn back towards the guard."Get them to Zyl'mael and tell him to focus on teaching them our ways first, the people of this city are already used to the Azarestrian lifestyle so they may wait to benefit the collective."

He bows and salutes."Per your will, your highness!"

You have accepted the integration process!

If you wish to see how much time is remaining for your current integration's, simply say "Show Integration".
1. Redeemed Slaves - 14h and 59m left.

Interesting... hey that reminds me of something."Show Breakthrough Timer."

Time Until Next Breakthrough - 1h 3m and 47s

A-ah... good thing I checked. Shaking my head in disbelief, I turn my head back around towards the merchant and extend my hand towards him in order to help him up but he falls right back onto his knees and plans his face into the ground."Oh please don't kill me, your highness! I can be useful to you, I promise!"

Geh, why does this always happen at the worst possible times."Look, I'm not planning on it. I actually need another merchant in my high council right now."

He blinks at me before dollar signs.. or is it gold coins, pop in his eyes."A merchant on your high council? Hmm, as the Crimson Emperor you are bound to cause many wars and wars can be very profitable, especially when you are on the winning side, hmmmm..."

He grins and stands up, promptly taking my hand into his in order to shake it."I believe I shall ask you to consider putting me in that position your highness!"

Ask me? Even when I already said that I'd do that? This guy is a serious boot-licker. Then again, that too is a sigh of a master merchant. I just give out a sigh."Alright, listen.. I already have a merchant in my group but Luciana is young and innocent, more of a social heroine than anything else. I need someone, like per say you, to organize a complete survey of the lands under my control. If there is anything within my borders that I can make a profit out of, regardless of the moral questions, I need to know about it, capiche?"

He nod's furiously, his grin becoming bigger and bigger as I talked."Yes, sir! Anything else?"

"Yeah, you put up this bounty onto the Adventurer's Guil-" I begin as I show the piece of paper to him, causing him to snatch it from my hands and put it behind himself, suddenly looking terrified."R-right! F-forgive me, s-sire! I did not know that the wolf was yours!.. although, given the red cracks over its body, I suppose that was obvious."

I wave my hand in negative in front of myself."Nah nah, you got it wrong, the pup ain't mine. I was asking because I'm going to hunt it and I need to know about the weapons stuck to its back. You see, there is a good chance that one of those weapons is a relic of my past Empire and that could spell disaster if true. Can you tell me if there was a molten scythe stuck to the things back?"

He blinks again before putting a hand to his chin."Hmm, well there was surely a scythe impaled into it... but it was not molten at all rather, it looked as if.. as if it had red cracks in it, much like the wolf and you, sire."

"Then we may already be too late. Argh, well whatever." I mutter out in annoyance. The wolf probably absorbed the energy of the scythe by now, making it impossible to repair. Still, I should be able to salvage the scythe's metal."In any case, where did you see this wolf?"

He extends a hand towards me."It was near a waterfall on the uppermost right side of The Chittering Forest, sire. Here, let me mark it on your map." Handing him my map, the man marks a location and then waves me goodbye, leaving to do the task I set him up with.

Within moments, I am approached by the trio of Tiara's friends."Mi lord... know that we are forever thankful for what you've done for us today. We ask if there is anything you wish of us?"

I blink at them as I check the three girls out. They have long arms with slim figures, perfectly agile but not exactly strong, great potential for a certain class of minion I require."Yeah, please find your way to the library and ask Zyl'mael to give you books about my Burning Shadows, if he has any. You girls will serve as my assassins, your hatred for human nobles is something I can very much use."

They nod towards me before their leader says."We accept gladly!.. but there is one more thing we would like from you.." She says as the throws a glance at Tiara and my eyes grow wide.

"Ah, you want me to name you as I did with Tiara, correct?" They nod and purr expectantly.

I turn towards the one with short, orange hair."Your name is Sherry."

She purrs, satisfied with the name as she leaves the group. I turn to the rightmost one, with blue hair."Arielle."

Another purr as she follows behind her sister. And then I turn towards their leader, a strong willed woman for sure, with long black hair and golden eyes. I turn around to look at Tiara before asking."You two wouldn't happen to be actual sisters, right?"

They shrug."We are." Tiara says with a glance and I sigh. Now I have to think of a matching name. Thankfully, it hits me rather quickly."Tamara. Your name will be Tamara." With a stout nod, the woman leaps after her sisters with a proud smile upon her features.

"You like her..." Tiara purrs in my ear, causing me to nearly yelp from the sudden action. I recover with ease and throw an arm around her shoulder."Well, I like her sister, no reason why I wouldn't like her too."

"Womanizer." She states with a rather blank stare as I laugh and let her out of my grasp before turning back towards the mansion. Only one last thing to do here before I go to sleep.

"Time to plunder this place." I say with an evil grin upon my features as I enter the massive mansion to find its halls almost entirely covered in blood and guts.

Damn, these beast-men aren't a joke, are they?

As we walk down the crimson-stained hall, I can't help but notice how many chairs seem to be strewn around. Turning towards Tiara, I ask the million-dollar question."What's up with all the chairs?"

She nods and takes in a breath before responding."The previous master of the house, his guests and his little brother all loved ebonwood furniture and would usually buy any and all remaining pieces they could find. Unfortunately, most of these pieces were chairs as little else survived being already pillaged out of your ancient cities, or was in possession of someone who wasn't interested in selling them. They originally came to this town in order to blackmail the now-deceased Lord into giving them the furniture within his home. This is why the pig was in your house and demanded a spot on the council."

I see."And how many chairs are there within the castle approximately?"

She tilts her adorable head in confusion as we walk further down the hallway, counting doors along the way."I do not know... but if I had to guess, there are enough to fill every room in the mansion with around thirty people each."

"And how many rooms does this place have?" Another question, another curious head bob."There are fifteen rooms in total, five for each level."

Great, this place will do perfectly."Tiara, I imagine someone's job was to fix the furniture when it broke, correct?"

"That would be all of the slaves. The Lord didn't care who fixed it but the one who did often received a day without beatings, so we switched regularity when one of us was sick or weakened." She says with a saddened smile.

"Hmm, how much wood would it take for you guys to fix all of the chairs and outfit every two with one table... with wood from the nearby forest, of course." Most definitely not ebonwood, that shite seems expensive as fuck.

"I... I cannot know. I would have to survey the entirety of the mansion and collect every chair and bit of furniture in order to know this...." She says with a glance of disbelief.

I laugh at her flabbergasted expression."Than gather your friends and anyone else willing to help. Collect all the furniture and separate the chairs from the rest. Once that's done, I want you to make a table for every two chairs and divide them equally into each and every room within this Mansion so that thirty people can fit within each room."

She lets out a massive sigh."Of course, sire... but may I ask to what end?"

Another laugh from me as I grin at her."Isn't it obvious? I'm gonna make this place into the very first institute of learning within my Empire! What you see around you will soon become a school, a place to teach, a place to experience and a place for our young to grow and thrive before being thrown into this miserable, xenophobic world."

Her eyes lit up with a form of motherly fire."A school... for children? I..I... This is.. I have no words..."

"I don't blame you, not everyone can order you to devour a man and then to help him build a school for kids all on the same day, eheh." I laugh loudly again as she stands paralyzed, boring holes of disbelief into my back.

I hear her swallow deep."I... i.. it will be done, your majesty! IT WILL BE DONE!" And with that, she charges right out of the building, fire blazing brightly in her eyes as I let out a chuckle.

Now then, lets get to business! I kick open the door to the former noble's room and activate my living aura. The heat around me glows orange and I find a distinct lack of it on a nearby wall."Right then, here we go!" I exclaim with a grin on my face as I prepare a mighty essence-fueled punch and strike, promptly shattering the wall to smithereens as a massive pile of gold and other valuables enters my point of view.

Congratulations! You've found a Noble's Secret Hoard!
A massive pile of money is laid before you. Most likely formed from all the taxes, thieving and pillaging the noble has done.

Current status - 4356/5000 gold
Take all?

"Is that even a question? OF COURSE I'LL TAKE IT ALL!... But first..." I say as I enter inside and let myself fall right onto the pile of gold.

Only to hit my head onto a massive pile of metal."OW... Peter was right, gold isn't a liquid, its cold, hard metal!" I protest loudly as anime-like tears form upon my face and then I stand up, hands on my hips."Welp, guess I'm taking it right now after all."

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

And that is it for this chapter of EUPHORIA! God that was long...

Thank you guys for all of your support! Love ya all!

I don't know if I'll be able to type down another chapter during the weekend but I will try.. for now, I need some sleep. G'night, y'all.

If there are grammatical mistakes, point them out please so I can fix them easier tomorrow morning... right now, I'm just far too exhausted to do anything... see ya.

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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