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20. Each End, A New Beginning <3


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Morning of the following day - The Town Of Sudan - Selindra's Point Of View...


Basic User Recognized.

Welcome back, Destined One.

"Phuuaaah!" I take in a deep breath as I find myself still sitting down in that same bloody tavern I was in yesterday. My clothes are still soaked with blood and my legs feel like they're on fire.

Oh, that's why... it appears a piece of charred wood fell on top of me."ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGFUUUCK, W-what the hell?" My voice goes from a raging scream to a weak, pained grunt as I lift the plank of wood to see that my characters legs have nearly completely been burned off.

Touching one by instinct, I immediately regret my actions as incredible pain spikes from the charred flesh."Urgh, why does this hurt so much all of a sudden?"

Shaking my head and checking my reality meter, I find that its on 100% and freeze on the spot. Within moments, reality seems to become much more... intimate with me. I draw a curious hand across the plank I just removed from my legs and feel the charred surface with my fingers, I breathe in deep, the chill air of the morning refreshes me, momentarily taking me away from my rather gruesome situation.

Finally managing to get out of the sensual illusion, I take one last look at the charred remains of my legs and gulp in, hard."Well, the sooner I do this, the better."

Forming an extremely sharp blade of pure ice in my hand, I begin to press it down onto the charred remains."A-A-AARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!" Pain erupts throughout my entire being as my eyes grow wide but instead of stopping, I find myself pushing down harder and soon, the charred remains are completely cut off.

You are now bleeding!


True to the notice's word, the fresh wound is literally bursting forth with blood... and yet, despite being a little sickened and struck by enormous amounts of pain, I don't panic and just cast a channeled healing spell onto myself. Swathes of beautiful light weave themselves into my flesh, reforming meat and bone, making me give out a gasp. I catch myself in my thoughts as I watch my pale, alabaster legs regenerating."Oh god, is this what its like to be an M?"

Laughing at my own rather tasteless joke, I manage to stand up on shaking legs.

You are no longer bleeding but the regeneration of your legs has left you in a somewhat drained state.

Stamina regeneration will be halved for a duration of 10 minutes.

"Meh, that's not too bad, I guess." Especially since I really have no use for stamina in the first place, as a mage. Although, my blink plus north's rend combo does require quite a bit of stamina to pull off.

Oh well. As I stand up, I can't help but notice several corpses and unattended chests within the inn.

What did I do with them? Well I looted them all, duh.

Walking outside, I find the town bursting with player activity alongside some NPC's here and there but something tells me that I'm not very welcome here anymore considering that I acted rather friendly to that Vampire Queen yesterday... come to think of it, didn't she give me something?

Checking my inventory, I find an item called the Boon of the Dark Queen and say."Inspect."

Boon of the Dark Queen
A simple warp-stone with vampiric fangs carved unto its surface, this Boon is an item used by The Queen Of Darkness's favored Lieutenants.

You may use it to teleport to the Queen's location.

I shrug as I read the item's description and then say."Welp, YOLO." And with a flash of darkness and ice, I was gone.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Moments later... - Outskirts of The Chittering Forest - Selindra's Point Of View...

Shaking my head in order to regain my sense of reality after that stone threw me into something that looked like a realm of the worlds collective seizure, I hear that familiar silken voice echoing."So... you have.. come.. after all.."

Okay, maybe not the same. She sounds weak... wait, what was her name again?"Slymae?"

I hear a deep chuckle."To think.. I would see the day when.. a mortal.. mutters my name out so... casually." Finally managing to regain my senses, I open my eyes to see a very much wounded version of what was a powerful and yet amazingly beautiful woman just yesterday.

"Christ... and to think you said I was having a bad day, yesterday." I say and she gives out a strangled chuckle. Approaching her with a curious skip in my step, I can't help but notice her tattered dress not leaving all that much to imagination. Its almost as if nearly all of it was burned off...

She smiles at me in an almost motherly way before she coughs blood into her hands and I place my own hand onto her shoulder."Is there anything I can do to help you?"

She blinks at me, seemingly confused."You... would hel-help.. m-me?" Her voice, still echoing, is equally disbelieving as it is hopeful. I find that fairly adorable."Course I would, and I will. Just tell me how, first."

Nodding at me, she points to her fangs."In case.. you didn't... notice yet, I... am a vampire... so.. uhh..." She begins but quickly turns red with shame and embarrassment, almost as if she isn't used to asking for blood.

Then again, shes a Queen, she probably isn't used to asking in general. Shrugging at her, I promptly take off my shirt and she blushes crimson."W-w-what a-ar-mmh?" I place a finger onto her lips.

"Shh, I know what I'm doing." I tell her and she quirks an eyebrow at me as she watches in silence. I then tie my long black hair into a ponytail, not failing to notice her eyes staring at my breasts which seemed to become rather bouncy all of a sudden. Almost like in real life...

Wait, you don't mean to tell me that the reality meter actually... wow. Just wow.

Letting out a massive sigh, I position myself intimately close to her and place one hand on the back of her head while using the stone wall of the cave we appeared to be in to stabilize myself with the other one."Drink." I say, with a voice sounding almost like an order. Blushing heavily, which is incredibly cute and more than a little bit hot by the way, she gulps in deep before taking a bite."AHN!" My eyes grow wide as a loud moan escapes my lips and she takes her fangs out as quickly as she bit.

Blood pours out of my neck and I look at her somewhat annoyed."Why did you stop?"

She turns her head away in embarrassment."I... forgive me.. I am.. not very used.. to people just.. giving me their blood so... I did not wish to.. harm you.."

I smile at her as I look her right into the eye."Did that sound like it hurt me? Girl, that felt good. Now drink up." I'm practically ordering her now... not that she seems to dislike it, considering her massive blush. This time, she forces her torn hands up as she pulls me in closer and I watch in anticipation as her fangs near my exposed neck.

"AHNN!" I hear myself moan out again as she penetrates me, gulps of my blood already being taken as I watch her throat expanding and collapsing with each one..."Oh god..." Another moan escapes me as I press her head closer to me, surprising her as I feel myself growing hotter and hotter.

I gulp in deep as I notice a bit of my blood dripping off her lips and falling down, trailing all the way to her generous breasts, an exposed nipple regaining its coloration as my vitae invigorates her, heals her wounds. I'm gasping for breath now, the heat of the cave growing quickly and with a final gulp, I shudder hard as I feel myself explode, making a holy mess out of my panties.

Even more embarrassed and beet red than she was before, Slymae lets go of my neck, her fangs leaving me as her heated breaths strike against my bare skin."T...t..that was..." She begins hotly as I watch her chest raising and falling with grace, grayish skin turning pearly white as her wounds heal completely.".. amazing..." I manage to stutter out before I collapse on top of her, allowing myself to fall into the Vampire Queen's arms, my hands around her head.

Without wasting another moment, I pull her in for a deep kiss, my tongue dancing against hers as I let one of my hands slide down her tattered dress, grasping a breast and kneading it with gentle care. She tries her best to compose herself, to return the same amount that she is being given. But, with a lustful grin forming upon my features, I separate us and begin to lick the trail of blood which slipped out of her lips beforehand, my tongue greedily swaying across her neck, going down her bare chest as she gasps.

Then, as I catch her pleading, greedy glance, I let out a chuckle and begin to suckle on her right breast."Mmh!" She lets out an adorable moan as I give her a bite before catching her into a leg lock, her hands instinctively moving down my bare back, eventually settling upon my ass.

To her credit, she manages to give it a surprisingly gentle, yet firm squeeze, causing me to moan into her mouth as I rejoin her lips with mine. Ever so slowly, as I caress her head with my left hand, my right flows down, a seductive finger trailing sensually across her wetting skin before reaching for her nether.

With a beaming smile, I gently pull on her clit before sliding even further downwards, my fingers draping across her pussy like hyenas on raw meat. She gulps in deep as she feels my adventurous hands and bites her lower lip."You definitely know what you are doing, mortal."

I give her a cheeky grin, unable to help myself as my superior sexual experience is recognized."What can I say, I've had a couple chances to learn..."

"I can..mmm! feel that...mmmh!" She moans into my mouth again as I let a finger slide into her dripping slit, eagerly exploring the queen's wet cavern as I feel her shaking body tremble beneath me. A trail of saliva escapes my lips as I drape my hands over her long, beautiful silken black hair and push her closer to myself. As her shudder's become more and more apparent, I insert another finger inside and speed up, her trembling body exciting me beyond anything I've ever felt before as I give her elven ear a sensual bite.

"Ah! AHN!" Her sweet moans echo throughout the cavern, only serving to further excite me. Leaning into her embrace as she claws into my back, as I watch her toes curling adorably, I give her a gentle whisper."Let it go..."

My whisper pulls her over the edge as she pulls me into an even tighter embrace before giving out a cute and erotic scream."UMNYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Her hold on me lessens in strength as her body gives out a final hard shudder, her pussy releasing stream upon stream as I furiously finger her, allowing her to experience several orgasms at the same time.

Soon though, I stop my animalistic advance and let her lean onto the stone wall behind her, her chest raising up and down in heated breaths as I lick my fingers, greedily gulping down her mess as she looks at me with stars in her eyes. So very adorable!

Giving out a small giggle, I lay down next to her."So then my Queen, what happens next?"

She rewards me with a stupefied, incredulous look on her face."You.. you do this.. and now you ask me... what my plans are?"

I shrug."Hey, I find that the best ides for one's future often come right after an amazing orgasm. Helps clear the mind of useless thoughts."

Letting out a breath and then closing her eyes, she gives out a chuckle of her own before turning to a full blown laughter and then stopping short as a cloud of sadness appears around her."Perhaps, there is some truth to that..."

And then she continues after another sigh."Alas... there is not much I can do at this point... my armies were crushed, my minions slaughtered... my land... conquered. I am a Queen without a throne or a crown.. A Queen no longer, would be more accurate."

To her surprise, I reply with a beaming smile."Aww, now don't be like that. You'll always be a Queen in my heart." I say proudly with a hand on my chest and she blushes red again."You.. you are... strange. We have only just met and yet... I feel as if... as if I'd known you for eons.."

I smirk at her."But you don't even know my name yet."

She opens her mouth into an O shape before closing it and I giggle."Its alright thought... I mean, its not like I gave you much of an opportunity to ask. I'm Selindra, its nice to meet you."

And then I lean back onto the wall as I tell her my side of the story."Well.. if its any consolation... I'm pretty much in the same sort of position.. Pfft, if someone told me that my entire guild, that all my gathered power would be utterly demolished within a single bloody day by a single bloody bastard..." I let out a sigh as the Vampire Queen's eyes grow wide, almost as if in realization."Tell me Selindra, is this.. bastard you just mentioned, a man around one eighty tall with white hair that has crimson threads within it and equally red cracks all over his pale skin?"

Now its my turn to have a case of widening eyes. All I can do to answer her is nod. Once she sees my nod, she bursts out laughing again."No wonder that I feel a connection to you then, because my life was ruined by the same person."

"You mean Joyde?" I ask her in disbelief and she shakes her head in negative."Do not be fooled by that ridiculous name he had chosen to give his new flesh. The man in question is no other than Emperor Rhean himself... who else could gather that much power in such a short time."

Emperor Rhean.. you mean to tell me that I got my ass kicked by.."Well, that explains a lot."

"Hmm?" She turns towards me as I place a hand onto my chin."So I guess those red cracks are the signs of Chaos Infection?"

"You know of The Emperor?" She asks me with a curious glance and I let out a massive breath of relief, the depression of being basically totaled into the ground seemingly disappearing as I realize just who I pissed off."Yeah, you could say I'm one of his fans... I mean, with my former boyfriend revering the man as a god, how could I not be?"

"Former... boyfriend?" She tilts her head in confusion and I wave my hand in front of myself while shrugging."A man who tried his best, and failed, to court me, basically put."

Her eyes lit up in recognition as she replies with a knowing nod."Been there, done that, huh?"

With a giggle of her own, she says."Indeed. Men can be such fools at times..."

We both erupt into a giggling spree at that before leaning back into the stone wall, the cool darkness surrounding us doing very little to brighten our moods. Just then, an idea pops into my head."Y'know... things might not be that bad..."

"What do you mean?" She asks me, hope once again filling her adorable golden eyes and I can't help but smile."Well, if our enemy really is The Azarestrian Emperor, then we really have no chance on this continent... however, as long as the continent is not under his complete control, we do have the choice of simply leaving to find our fortune upon another continent."

Her eyes suddenly gain a spark of inspiration as she reaches for her chin with an unsteady hand."... there is a chance. I could weave an illusion around myself and cast a charm upon a ship captain to get us out of here but... where exactly would we go?"

I close my eyes for a moment, deep in thought."For starters, we shouldn't charm the ship captain because that might make someone suspicious and considering Rhean's level of insight that's going to be enough for him to figure out where we've disappeared to, eventually. Don't worry about it though, I have enough money to cover the traveling expenses."

And then I continue after giving myself another second to think."As for where... we definitely shouldn't go to either Lix or Norask."

"Norask I can understand, but why not Lix?" She asks me with a questioning glance and I sigh."Because that place is currently a Destined One hot spot... if we go there, we will have no shortage of annoying heroes constantly banging on our doorstep."

Giving out an ah sound, she leans back and allows me to continue."Gradur might be a decent place to go to but the elven rampart magics may pose a problem in the future so I am not totally keen on that. Plus, I'm human and that's more than enough for them to kill me... Unless you say I'm your slave, that could be fun."

Blushing beet red once more, the Queen of Darkness promptly slaps the air in front of her in negative."Absolutely not! I am not enslaving my only remaining ally."

Giggling at her antics, I continue."Mendenia is a heaven for pirates, but ships travel from here to there constantly, which means that traveling expenses will be minimal. However.." I mutter out that last part as I turn towards her and wince."The amount of sunlight that place gets is probably not a good thing for you."

She nods in agreement."Which leaves only one place remaining... Karal. It is a savage land full of orcs and beastmen... although, it does have a kingdom of elves and men on its Northern shores."

"Not only that but you specialize in raising the dead, right? Maybe we could use that to our advantage, because I can bet my ass that the souls of the currently-extinct Thlaxi haven't peacefully passed on." Blinking at what appears to be a stroke of genius from yours truly, Slymae throws her arms around me and gives me a wet, passionate and deep kiss on the lips, leaving me somewhat stunned for the moment.

"Selindra, you are amazing. That is a genius idea! With the power of the Thlaxi in our hands, we could easily dominate the entirety of Karal and reforge my, no our, forces... but by that time The Emperor would have surely noticed us." Her hope withers somewhat as she remembers Rhean and I think to myself for a moment.

"Maybe we could forge a deal with The Emperor... as far as I know he'll have his hands full with Azarest for quite a bit of time... Hmm, let me give this a shot." I tell her as I open my friends list and send a request to The Emperor himself.

The player in question is currently not online.

Would you like to leave a message?

"No..." I say silently as I sigh and turn to face the lovely woman beside me."You know what? How about we take things one step at a time instead... we'll make our way to Karal, establish ourselves in whichever part of their society we can, restore our power and then we'll deal with The Emperor when the time for it comes?"

With a breath of relief, she replies."Well, its not like we have anything better to do..." She trails off and I offer her a beaming smile as I stand up on shaking legs and finally decide to put my shirt back on. Turning around to see her hopeful golden eyes shining in the darkness, I extend my hand towards her."Come on, we've got work to do, darling."

Smiling to herself and clearly having the weight of loneliness taken off her shoulders, she places a gentle hand into mine and pulls herself off the ground with a beaming smile upon her features.

You have now become the companion of Slymae, The Fallen Queen Of Darkness.

Having both lost everything at the hands of The Azarestrian Emperor Rhean, you and Sylmae have joined forces (and hearts) in an attempt to dig yourself out of your troubles.
After a precious and intimate moment together, you have devised a plan to get yourselves far away from Azarest and hopefully out of the Crimson Emperor's gaze.
Stage One - Each End Heralds A New Beginning (0% completion)
Current Goal - Find a ship captain willing to sail to Karal and safely make the journey there.

I return her beaming smile and pull her in for a final kiss before we walk out into the soft, Morning Light of the outside. Turning around to face my new lover, I ask."How long can you stay in the sun like that?"

She shakes her head in negative."I am not sure, but since you willingly gave me your blood to drink... it should last me for a good week."

"A week? Just from that?" I reply somewhat impressed.

She shrugs."There's a reason why ancient vampires are so willing to find their love in mortals..."

Giggling at her, I look around myself and notice a bunch of players hunting nearby. They have a female on their team who has around the same sizes as my darling Queen which makes me smirk evilly."Well love, I hope my blood hadn't satisfied you completely. After all, you do look like you could use some new clothes."

Catching on to what I meant almost instantaneously as she notices the group of six, she slips into the shadows and I prepare my signature combo. Blinking without a second thought, I appear behind the girl I mentioned before and say as my hand grabs the back of her head."North's Rend!"

Critical hit! Enemy Brain Frozen! (100% damage)

White Mage Johanna has died.

"W-W-W-WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" Their tank exclaims in disbelief as he tries to pick up his sword from the ground only for his hand to be crushed as my babe stomps on it with her heels."AAAAAAAARGH!" He screams momentarily before a kick sends his head flying.

"HOLY FUCK! RUN!" A hunter screams at the top of his lungs and turns around... bad idea."Ice Lance!" I quickly chant out as the hunter's body is nearly instantaneously impaled onto a tree by a lance made out of pure ice.

Their thief tries to assassinate me in a last ditch attempt to do something but he is quickly overpowered as Sly tears into his neck, covering herself wholly with crimson blood. I take one look at her before grinning at her drenched form, removing what little modesty she still had and causing her to offer me an unlikely blush considering the situation. Their alchemist throws a acid bomb at us but I see it in time to freeze it in mid-air before casually throwing it back at him unfrozen, causing the fool to feel his own creation as the acid melts his face in seconds.

Their healer, the last still surviving member of their team, is a small girl that looks just about to hit sixteen but is probably older, a Japanese Lolita, it seemed. She is currently shaking in her boots which would be somewhat cute was the girl currently not sitting in her own pool of piss. Letting out a sigh, I make up a blade of ice and cleanly sever her head from her body in a swift strike.

You have gained 60 infamy!

Ignoring the blue screen, I turn around to see my babe already at work, stripping the brain-frozen mage and putting on her clothes which consisted of a plain teal shirt, knee-high black boots, deer-skin pants and what seemed to be a rare set of black gloves which glowed with magic, meaning they were enchanted.

"Ready?" I ask her as I finish looting the remainder of the corpses and she turns towards me with a rather happy nod, having managed to clean herself up with a water spell."Yeah, I am. Lets go."

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

And that is it for this chapter of EUPHORIA!

I sincerely hope that you've enjoyed the surprise lemon! It's been a while since I've last written anything lesbian... hope its okay. I'll do a spell-check later on.

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Huron @Huron ago

Is this the end of the book? Just wondering.


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

22/06/2016 13:54:31Huron Wrote: [ -> ]Is this the end of the book? Just wondering.

The end of the wat?

MEAP321 @MEAP321 ago

So are they main bad guy or not?

EastTuna @EastTuna ago

Seems fine to me.
Thx For the chapter, is this speed going to continue?


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

22/06/2016 14:44:46MEAP321 Wrote: [ -> ]So are they main bad guy or not?

Main bad guy? That would be my MC.

22/06/2016 15:02:43EastTuna Wrote: [ -> ]Seems fine to me.
Thx For the chapter, is this speed going to continue?

Most likely not.

gaigous @gaigous ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Sly needs to let go of whatever misplaced grudge she has for her ex considering he went through just as much if not more pain in his long life than her sorry ass, also hoping those two don't delude themselves into thinking they have a chance of revenge. (Some quick advice for those two just make the deal with his highness and get some pills for your special snowflake syndrome)


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

22/06/2016 15:57:36gaigous Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the chapter!

Sly needs to let go of whatever misplaced grudge she has for her ex considering he went through just as much if not more pain in his long life than her sorry ass, also hoping those two don't delude themselves into thinking they have a chance of revenge. (Some quick advice for those two just make the deal with his highness and get some pills for your special snowflake syndrome)

Yeah, thing is, egoism does not exactly allow for "letting go" all that much.

gaigous @gaigous ago

22/06/2016 16:30:00 Wrote: [ -> ]
22/06/2016 15:57:36gaigous Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the chapter!

Sly needs to let go of whatever misplaced grudge she has for her ex considering he went through just as much if not more pain in his long life than her sorry ass, also hoping those two don't delude themselves into thinking they have a chance of revenge. (Some quick advice for those two just make the deal with his highness and get some pills for your special snowflake syndrome)

Yeah, thing is, egoism does not exactly allow for "letting go" all that much.

I agree completely!!


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

22/06/2016 18:49:28gaigous Wrote: [ -> ]
22/06/2016 16:30:00 Wrote: [ -> ]
22/06/2016 15:57:36gaigous Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the chapter!

Sly needs to let go of whatever misplaced grudge she has for her ex considering he went through just as much if not more pain in his long life than her sorry ass, also hoping those two don't delude themselves into thinking they have a chance of revenge. (Some quick advice for those two just make the deal with his highness and get some pills for your special snowflake syndrome)

Yeah, thing is, egoism does not exactly allow for "letting go" all that much.

I agree completely!!


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