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Meanwhile... - Bruntez's Point Of View...

Holy hell."Just what is going on!?!" I exclaim at the top of my lungs as I shatter another skeleton with my sword.

Helena slams her palm into the ground."Sacred Ground!" A small area of five meters around us becomes an impassable wall to the legion of undead that just suddenly spawned in the city for no reason at all.

"Black Requiem!" Another female voice echoes from behind me as a dark priest of our recently formed group of survivors casts her spell, a massive AOE exorcism which cleanses and kills all low level undead within twenty yards.

Within moments, the two turn to look at one another and do a high five, a bright smile on each of their faces."Nice work, Yvonne!"

"You too, Hel-chan!" I tilt my head in confusion as I slam my sword downwards, breaking apart a death knight with a singular strike... y'know, its moments like these that make me appreciate life. An OP class that can one shot most elites given you hit a weak-point, easy money from quests that were previously too difficult to even consider.

And to think, all I had to do was try to kill a random dude for no real logical reason."So what's up with the -chan thing?" I ask Yvonne as she starts meditating, a mandatory skill which increases mana regeneration by three times at the cost of being unable to move... not something you want or need for PvP but its pretty good PvE wise.

Not that there is too much of a difference from the two in this game. Yvonne looks at me with a flabbergasted expression as she shrugs."Well, I'm Japanese so I kinda use it on instinct... I hope its not offensive to someone."

I wave my hand defensively in negative as my sister glares at me before turning towards Yvonne and hugging her close."Naaaah! Its cute, Yv-chan!"

Gulping down as I can't help but notice the fact that their bodies were so closely put together, I shake my head and slam my fist into a skeleton, promptly shattering it and hoping to god they didn't notice me stare.

"Hey! There's another group of survivors over there!" I hear a voice yell out as a mass of people, a whole damn raid, appears out of a street to our left. They cut down the undead horde before us and easily make their way over to us, healers already throwing spells at us and tanks charging down whatever resistance remains as their mages whittle down the opposition. Hunter's stealthily snipe the enemy casters from rooftops and rogues circle around the healers while stealthed, waiting for any idiot undead to try and attack them.

Wait, that voice... it sounds familiar.

Frey has invited you into his Raid Group.

Will you join? Y/N

"HUH? FREY?! DAFUQ?!" I exclaim loudly again as me and my sister form equally stupefied expressions on our faces and a total white-knight type character approaches us. Frey looks at me with wide eyes and grins."Ha! To have been given The Emperor's blood! You are even luckier than I am, Bruntez!"

"The Emperor's what? Dude, wtf is up with the getup? And where the hell did you get that sword?" I ask him with a tilted glance and he, alongside much of the crowd and Yvonne included I might add, just stands there, gaping at me like I just said something retarded.

"Uhhh, you mean to say you've never heard of The Azarestrian Emperor?" A random dude from the crowd asks me as they finish off the undead and then all stop to stare at me.

The Azarestrian Emperor?"Nope, who dafuq is that?"

They all groan and face palm themselves. Yvonne approaches me from behind and places a dreadful hand onto my shoulder."You do realize just what kind of class you have there, right?"

I nod."A legendary one, I guess? But what's that got to do with this... emperor, yuck drama btw."

With a serious glance, she turns me around and whispers into my ear."You suck." And with that, I get a massive knee right into my balls."AIIIRGH!" I can just barely hear the cracking sound of my voice as I collapse onto the ground.

Damn, guess the reality meter does have its detriments too..."H-hey! W-what's t-the b-b-big i-idea?!"

Frey then crouches down to face me as he lifts my chin."Bruntez, why did you start playing Euphoria?"

"B-b-because i-it l-looked l-l-like a c-cool g-g-game?" I answer him honestly as a dark cloud of pure evil forms around him."A noob, no wonder he's unlearned!"

"Wow, scrub." Mean."Why the fuck would you chose Azarest as your starting continent, retard?" Oh god."Is he serious?" WHAT IS IT ALREADY? I DON'T GET IT?!?!?!

Frey just looks at me in sheer disappointment."If that is the real reason why you are here, then you really don't deserve the class you possess."

With that, he stands up and places his sword onto my forehead."H-hey??? Dude, w-w-what a-are y-yo-?"

"Enough! I will not stand idly by as the blood of The Emperor is wasted on fools like you. As The Saint Of Order, I hereby deem you UNWORTHY!" And with that, he stabs the sword into my chest.

I just stare at him in both fear and confusion. Seriously, what the fuck? Blood pools around my mouth as my vision cloud as I look onto his angered features."Holy Cleanse!" He shouts as the crowd around us oohs and aahs.

The Saint Of Order has deemed you unworthy of The Emperor's Blood.
+You have lost the powers granted you by The Emperor.
+Your class has now returned to your original one, Warrior.

"W-w-wha? WTF DUDE? W-why?!?" I just stare at him, feeling completely betrayed. Then again... didn't I do the same thing to him just yesterday? I suppose I kind of deserve it...

He then grabs my shoulder and pulls me in close."Do yourself a favor and piss off. You are no longer welcome upon Azarestrian grounds, scum." He then puts a boot onto my face and kicks my body off his sword, letting my corpse fall onto the ground.

And with that, I wake up in the real world. Shocked senseless and utterly confused, one of my hands grasping my pained forehead as my little sister Christina, rushes into the room with a worried face."OH MY GOD LAWRENCE! ARE YOU OKAY?!?!?"

I just shake my head and take a long sip of water from a nearby glass..."I... I'm fine, Chris.. just... wow."

And then I turn towards her."Did.. did they hurt you too?"

She shakes her head in negative."N-no.. when I saw your character die I panicked and disconnected. That looked... really painful."

I just let out a saddened laugh."Dying? Nah, the fact I was just killed by someone who I had no idea was a massive RP freak hurt a lot more than the sword in my gut."

Meanwhile... - Frey's Point of View...

"DUDE! That was so SAVAGE!" A member of my raid group exclaims and the people around me cheer before one of them stops and asks."But wait a moment... if you're the saint... aren't you supposed to be his enemy?"

And now they're all staring at me with confusion in their eyes. I put a hand onto my heart and proudly declare."Logically, the answer to that question is yes... but, the Gods of this world should have been more careful when they were choosing the saint of this age... BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY I'M EVER GONNA FIGHT AGAINST MY IDOL!... well, at least not as an enemy, anyway." I added that last part as I remember that Joyde will probably want to spar with me sometime in the future.

And with that, they all place their hands upon their chins while nodding in understanding."Alright, that's an acceptable answer..." They murmur as another explosion rockets the ground around us and we nearly all fall onto our assess.

Shaking my head as I stand up and look unto the sky to witness the blazing crimson turning even an even hotter red, I let out a maddening laugh as I point my sword to the skies."LOOK ABOVE, MY FELLOW FANS! OUR EMPEROR HAS ARRIVED!"

A massive elemental of pure fire flies in the skies above, his majestic form causing all of us to stare as the world around us starts to burn. I point towards the elemental and say."Show Target."

Target - The Archon Of Chaos
Health: 20000/20000 Mana: 50000/50000 Stamina: UNLIMITED

"The Archon Of Chaos... it really is him! HOOOLY SHIT!" The crowd goes temporarily insane as they all realize the situation they are in, the beautiful event we found ourselves participating. In the midst of that Chaos, a massive scythe is placed around my neck and I turn my head around to see the silent girl who was in Bruntez's group. She leans into my ear and whispers much like she did to him a few moments ago."Its easy to fool idiots, isn't it?"

Quirking an eyebrow at her, I notice the dark clothing shes wearing... a dark priest this early on in the game? Hmm, she's definitely a beta player."Excuse me?"

She returns my quirked eyebrow and replies."Do not think for a second that I fell for your idiotic theatrics just now... You are an enemy to our Emperor and while I won't kill you right now, remember that my eyes are on you."

Blinking as I turn my head upwards and look at her name."Yvonne?.. you mean, as in The High Pr-UMF??!?" She places a hand on my mouth in order to shut me up as she blushes a heavy crimson. Oh, my bad. I guess saying how you are the high priestess of a tentacle monster known for his rape-loving personality might be embarrassing.

"So you know who I am? Good, then you know what I'-KYAH?!" She yells out cutely as I slap away her scythe and whisper into her ear just as she did to me a moment ago."I did not lie about being a fan of the Emperor, here's proof."

And with that, I kiss her full on the lips, wait two seconds as I hold her close to me and then let go, a hot trail of saliva following us as we separate. Just barely managing to stop myself from laughing at her blushing, stupefied form, I ask."Believe me now?"

With a gulp as she turns to gaze into my eyes with another blush, she gives a slow nod."Aw dear Deus, not you too. How.. Why.. Just what is the difference between Joyde, you or some pervert doing that, I don't get it!" Mendrion's annoyed voice echoes in my mind as I let out a laugh.

"Oh Mendy, Mendy, Mendy! Did you get a bit jealous just now?" I silently whisper as I motion for the crowd to advance on wards, there are still undead to slay, after all.

"We'll see who's jealous when Yyl slams your face into the dirt with a spiked tentacle." I stop dead in my tracks as I spot a rather menacing and pissed-off looking shadow creature fade into the darkness of the streets.


Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Mere moments afterwards... - The Town Of Sudan - Joyde's Point Of View...


Your arrival heralds the end of the preliminary round of this Event!
    Displaying Event Stats now!
Cowards Heroes Citizens Traitors/Undead Chaos
233 7 436/500 108/3456 84
Cowards - Escape the town as soon as possible for you will be marked and hunted by players who have chosen a faction!
Heroes - Help the townspeople reach safety at any costs! Each person you save will reward you with 10 fame!
Traitors - Aid your undead allies in wiping Sudan off the map! Each person you kill will be raised as an undead ally and grant you 10 infamy! In addition, your dark lady has a taste for the blood of Cowards! Drag them to her alive for extra benefits!
Chaos - Follow the orders of your esteemed Emperor.

"Eighty four people, huh? Good enough!" My infernal voice echoes throughout the night as the land shakes with my fury.


"FOR THE EMPEROR! FOR, AZAREEEEEEEEEEEST!" Thunderous screams are my reply as several distinct groups of people are highlighted before me, burning flame surrounding them as they smite the dead and help the few of those who had chosen to be heroes do their jobs.

This really takes me back to when I commanded armies against other armies, fun times. Something tells me this will be better.

Charging through the town with my massive form, larger than most buildings, I slam my fist downwards onto a group of players, killing them all instantaneously. Then, as I spot the bitch queen flying in the sky, I rip a nearby statue out of the ground and fling it into her, causing her to fall down onto the ground. Noticing the presence of a Chaos group, I point towards the town center where the queen fell."THE QUEEN OF DARKNESS HAS FALLEN! STRIKE NOW MY COMRADES, BEFORE SHE HAS THE CHANCE TO RECOVER!"

"YOUR WILL BE DONE!" Their cries echo as the group of twenty charges alongside me and I can't help but let out a laugh, hordes of undead trampled under our feet as we blaze through the street.

You have gained the Leadership skill! (Inspiring Presence in Ascendancy mode)
+players in your party gain a 5% bonus to all stats!

+players in your party gain 10% more experience!
Leadership's passive benefits still apply in Ascendancy mode and are merely added onto Inspiring Presence.

Your presence inspires your Allies and furthers the heat of battle!
+increased health and mana regeneration while within 20 yards of you.
+All damage they deal to your current target is increased by 20%
+You gain 0.5heat/s for each ally within the range of your aura!

As soon as those two blue screens popped up, I was automatically made the leader of a raid group consisting of the twenty players charging alongside me. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't even notice the massive blast of shadow about to slam into my face.

You have been dealt a devastating blow! (10446 damage!)

"Holy Shit!" I dramatically exclaim as I turn around to face the furious vampire queen, her face having regenerated enough from being crushed by a statue to cast a comet of shadows. Queen of Darkness, indeed. Seems like devastating blows aren't considered as critical... weird. But then again, I suppose that's only fair.

Shaking my head out of my stupor, I decide to return the favor as I raise my hands into the skies."HOTS ON ME, SHIELDS UP FRONT, MAGES FORM A DEFENSIVE LINE, HUNTERS AND ROGUES GET WITH THE CROWD!"

"Aye sir!" Within moments, a giant shield of mana erupts around us as our tanks promptly shove off any nearby undead and our ranged people group up on my left side. Channeling my mana into my hands, I feel my pool draining a little as a massive ball of fire forms in my hands and I slam it downwards, the massive implosion slaughters about thirty of enemy players and about a quarter of the undead left, but it only manages to stun the Queen.

"NOW, CHARGE!" Another yell erupts from my mouth as we charge forward, my phoenix claws tearing into the remaining undead nearby as a Lich casts a bolt of ice at me, only for it to melt before even reaching me. Getting somewhat pissed at that, he gathers all of his magic and creates enormous chains of ice which manage to keep me in place momentarily as his Queen recovers and stands up.

With her barrier restored, she begins channeling massive amounts of shadow into her hands, weaving what can only be another one of those comets."DO NOT LET HER FINISH THAT SPELL! KILL THE LICH!"

Seconds after they heard my order, the hunters charge onto the rooftops, followed by our rogues and start fighting the lich but I quickly realize that they aren't quick enough and turn to the others."Protect the casters, all shields on me, healers focus on the dexterities!"

My voice is calm now, as the heat of battle grows hotter, my rage finally fueling my already great power. Taking a moment to compose myself, I begin tearing into the shields of the queen as she visibly trembles but does not relent. With one of her hands, she holds onto the gathered shadows and uses the other to summon her allies, teleporting a myriad of players and undead alike to her surroundings."Stop them! Destined Ones, go and aid the Lich keep this monstrosity at bay. My Undead shall protect me!"

Your heat level has increased! (Current 2 - 33/100)

Laughing loudly as I stare onto the Queen, I simply flick my fingers as I say."Wrong move, bitch." My voice echoes as the traitors try to follow her order and leave the safety of her barrier only to be melted alive by my Blast Wave.

Her eyes grow wide as my allies manage to kill the lich, the warriors of my group pushing the dead into her shields at all sides. Having summoned all of her allies to herself, she doomed them all as our combined AOE spells rained down onto her shield, breaking it apart in seconds. She managed to teleport away from that spot, her legs having finally recovered from being broken by her abrupt descent from the sky. Wasting no time, she conjures another horde of undead fiends as she takes a step back, unsure of what to do.

Your heat level has increased! (Current 3 - 22/100)

Your abilities will now melt the armor of your foes.

Her newly summoned army of death knights charges at us and I laugh as their armor melts away with another Blast Wave, exposing them completely to my Ranged allies."There she is! ATTACK!" A familiar voice is heard through all the fire and flames as the image of Frey comes into view. Damn, he really didn't joke about being on my side, didn't he?

Suddenly surrounded on all sides as the other two groups of chaos join us, I let out another laugh as my heat/s becomes stupidly high.

Your heat level has increased!

Your heat level has increased!
All abilities/effect have been unlocked. Soul Furnace will activate in 5 seconds.

My own eyes grow wide as I grin and charge right into the Queen Of Darkness and lower myself to her terrified form before saying."Boom."

Soul Furnace has been activated, have a nice day!

The Queen's flying form thundered across the sky as undead and traitors alike melted around me and my allies cheered, their cries of victory echoing throughout the burning night.

Cowards Heroes Citizens Traitors/Undead Chaos
217/233 5/7 401/500 (0/108)/(0/3456) 52/84
Only a total of 13 cowards were slain during the course of the battle.
211 townspeople were saved during the course of the battle, however only 13 were saved by the heroes and the rest were saved by the allies of Chaos. This means that each hero will gain only 130 fame.
The Allies of Chaos will gain 500 fame for their actions and their alingment to The Town Of Sudan will become "Town Hero".
Traitors have failed to fulfil their factions goal and thus, no rewards other than whatever The Queen herself might give, will be granted to them. They have managed to kill 35 citizens and sacrifice 13 cowards during the course of the battle.
Chaos has achieved a total domination victory! All members of the faction will recieve a 25% bonus to reputation gain/speech/experience gain/drop rate while in areas controlled by The Emperor permamently.
Personal Reward - You have succesfully defended Sudan from the ravenous Queen with maximal success!
You have been granted full rights to the town as its people have accepted your claim to the lands as rightful.
Your Chaos Soul has feasted well upon the battlefield tonight... however, the burst of power has reset the timer for your next breakthrough.
You will not lose or gain any stats.


Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Several minutes later... - The Town Of Sudan - Joyde's Point Of View...

"Yahoo! We can loot the dead!" The players around me cheered as my Ascendancy mode ran its course and I felt my body constrict upon itself."Urgh!" I grunted out, gathering the attention of many as I reverted back into my normal form.

Two people immediately rushed towards me and caught me, preventing me from slamming face first into the cold stone. The first person was Frey, but the other one I did not recognize."Uhh... thank you."

I say with a grin on my face as I sit down onto a broken piece of a fountain, burned stone still hot. Taking a sip out of a flask of spring-water provided by a nearby player, I ask."So, you taken a liking to your new role, Frey?"

He beams at me with a grin on his face."Of course I did! Its only the second most overpowered class in this entire game!... well, as far as I know of anyway."

Yep, the saint of order is a pretty op class.. then again, didn't that void-mage have nearly no cool downs for all spells? Guess I'll just have to find out how op our classes really are sometime. Turning around to face the adorable lady who helped me alongside Rhean and has remained remarkably silent so far, I feel my eyes grow wide as I recognize her.

Flat as a board.

Long silken black hair.

Amazingly tight ass.

Yup, its Ayano."Hi Ayano-chan, how have you been?"

She turns beet red at my casual proclamation and exclaims."HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO CALL ME BY MY REAL NAME!!!!?"

Her voice attracts a lot of attention as players and NPC's alike turn their heads at us and I just wave them away while smiling."Ey ey, no need to get so loud all of a sudden... Yvonne? Same name huh?"

Blinking at me, Frey and Yvonne look at one another before asking."Why did you chose a different name?"

That's a good question. I deleted Rhean, there should be no real reason why I couldn't have taken the same name. I shrug."I... really don't know. Is it that important?"

They both nod."Yes it is! Of course its important! How else will people know that its really you."

Shrugging again, I look to the skies and open up a menu. With a few clicks and presses onto what seems to be thin air, a blue screen eventually pops into existence.

Are you sure you want your new name to be Rhean?

"Yes." I casually reply as the two people in front of me start to gape and I laugh inwardly.

That name is already taken.

Blinking at the blue screen, I say out loud as I slap my forehead in annoyance."Harold, do you still have access to my bank account?"

"Uhh, yeah?" The disembodied voice of the raging AI causes many players to shake in their spots. Huh, so people are still terrified of him just a bit.

"Draw out a thousand euros and change my name to Rhean. And please permaban the retard who dared to take it." An imaginary sweat drop forms in my mind as Harold lets out a sigh.

"Done. Is that all or do you want something else?"
Laughing as another blue screen pops into existence, I reply."Nah, that's it."

Your name has been successfully changed to Rhean!

Heh, the perks of being a top donator are endless."Did... did that really just happen?" Frey tilts his head in confusion and awe as Yvonne/Ayano just lets out a massive sigh.

"Managed to hide yourself for a full day, eh? Well, not that I expected much more form you, brat."
Yyl's voice echoed in my mind as I quickly looked over towards Yvonne, who was already blushing heavily just by the sound of his voice.

"Y-Y-Y-Y-YYL-SAMAAAAAAAAAAAA!" She screamed out in sheer euphoria as she stabilized her footing with her scythe. I let out a laugh as people finally realized just who they were looking at."Y-y-yyl-sama? There's only one person who calls him that!"

"Holy shit! ITS YVONNE, ITS THE HIGH PRIESTESS OF THE TENTACL-ACK!" Just as the yelling was about to start, a massive tendril of shadows promptly slammed the player into the ground and shut him up, causing everyone else to shut up as well.

The thing dissipated in the light of the sun and I let out a laugh."Yvonne, take my hand. It will allow Yyl to figure out where you are as we already share a connection. Oh and, have a nice evening."

"Oh I most surely will, my Emperor!" She says as she grabs hold of my hand and then promptly vanishes in a plume of smoke."Heh, some things never change, do they?" I ask nobody in particular as I turn towards Frey."So then my friend, what will it be?"

He just rubs the back of his head."Whatever happens, its gonna be tomorrow. I've... been playing for a long time and should really get out of the VR before my bladder explodes. See you tomorrow, your highness." He gives out a highly respectful bow as he logs out, his body promptly falling onto the floor.

Ah, he does not know that when you put your reality meter at 100% your body just falls onto the ground asleep. Wonderful. Motion for a few of the players nearby to carry him, I throw a purse to one of them."Make sure he gets the best possible bed in the nearest in and you can share whats lets in that pouch. Don't worry, there's gold only."

"Yes, sir!" They salute me and carry him off.

I blink as I notice that one of them is level fifty six. Wait, what level am I again?"Show Quick Status."

Status Window (Quick)
Name: Rhean Title: Archon Of Chaos Fame/Infamy: 1170/520
Level: 42 Health: 1697 Mana: 2446
Strength: 145 Luck: 20 Health Regeneration: 2/s
Agility: 105 Insight: MAXED Mana Regeneration: 25/s
Intelligence: 120 Vitality: 135 Essence Generation: 30/s

Forty-two?... Holy fuck. Noticing my sudden panic, an amused voice is heard.

"You do realize that the Queen is one of EUPHORIA's last bosses, right?"
Harold's smirking voice echoes in my mind, privately this time as I let out a massive groan.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

And that is it for this chapter of EUPHORIA!

It kinda feels meh. Probably because I don't like many blue screens but they're a must have in a VR story.

In any case, more fun things are coming up soon... maybe not next chapter but in the following chapters. Also, there will be lemons soon. You have been warned. :D

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

21/06/2016 22:09:21michales Wrote: [ -> ]thanks for chapter :D

Already done reading? WOW.

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Thanks for the chapter. By the way, the final table you have says Joyde instead of Rhean as he just changed his name.


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21/06/2016 22:29:55cnicks032296 Wrote: [ -> ]Yay lemons

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21/06/2016 22:58:09Tolack Wrote: [ -> ]That moment where you destroy an entire storyline by killing a last boss while they're down. Lmao at removing the class though.

ya that was funny he lost his class for being a noob that did not at least learn what class he got in the first place.


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

21/06/2016 22:58:09Tolack Wrote: [ -> ]That moment where you destroy an entire storyline by killing a last boss while they're down. Lmao at removing the class though.

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21/06/2016 22:38:55Swifter Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the chapter. By the way, the final table you have says Joyde instead of Rhean as he just changed his name.

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Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

21/06/2016 22:59:10dragonmage124 Wrote: [ -> ]...and now it is time for him to not kill *shudder* and stat build to match his lvl properly.

21/06/2016 22:58:09Tolack Wrote: [ -> ]That moment where you destroy an entire storyline by killing a last boss while they're down. Lmao at removing the class though.

ya that was funny he lost his class for being a noob that did not at least learn what class he got in the first place.

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