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13. All The Sides Of Me - Part 1


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Several minutes earlier... - The Gates of Sudan - Joyde's Point Of View...

"So I guess this makes it obvious that you are immune to sunlight?" I ask the vampire bat on my left shoulder with a chuckle and he responds much the same."Afraid so, sir. Your many experiments upon my kind, while incredibly painful, seemed to only make us stronger. Cainites are incredibly more powerful than any other breed of vampire out there in the world, physically at least."

Well, if they didn't have that then my experiments would be wasted. You see, vampires apparently burn in the sunlight because they are corpses with monsters inside... so what happens if the corpse is removed/forgotten and only the beast remains? The game decides to count them as living beings. Still not sure if that is a bug or a glitch or just Harold making things suit me more.

Shaking my head as I walk towards the entrance to the town in order to leave it, I stop dead in my tracks as a system notice appears in front of me.

Alert! It is currently 9:00 AM (CET Time)

"What? ALREADY?" Geez time sure passes by quickly when you aren't looking."Is something the matter, sir?"

"Sadly, yes. It would appear that I've forgotten that this body requires sleep as well." I grumble out a half lie somewhat disappointing. Oh well. Turning around to face the confused bat, I tell him as I walk into a dark alley."Could you please dump me somewhere comfortable? I promise to return as soon as I am able."

Shrugging his shoulders as he transformed back into his humanoid form, he chuckles and replies."Of course, sir. It's not like the laboratory will run away or anything so please, take your time and rest."

Closing my eyes as I let myself fall into a nearby wall, I say."Dive Out."

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Seconds later... - Real World - Leonardo's Point Of View...

Waking up from my SAP-mode slumber, I find my way towards the bathroom and clean myself. Then, dressing up into my typical clothing consisting of a purple-black hoodie and trousers, walk up the stairs and into the kitchens. A nearby maid signals others of my arrival and within moments a decently sized breakfast consisting of eggs, tomatoes and bacon, alongside black-friend bread, is put before me.

The TV buzzes into existence as the news flash before my eyes, managing to remind me of a rather fond and quite recent, memory."-e police have found what seems to be the remains of yet another victim of the gruesome Gourmet. This man or woman is the true epitome of a real-life villain, having presumably already claimed more than seventy victims, the number grows by one more as the blood stains around the butchered and cannibalized corpse are a match to its once more recognizable resident. Miss Natasha Glaire, a Russian geology student here in Br-"

My grin goes from ear to ear as I hear the news. Ha! The Gourmet sure knows his business, does he not? My evil grin has apparently freaked out a younger maid as it showed my shark-like teeth. Letting out a massive sigh of annoyance, I finish my breakfast quickly and then make my way outside towards a certain enclosure.

Once there, I let myself beam a smile as my pride and joy comes running towards me."Virith!" I exclaim as my two meter long and half a meter wide, adult white tiger, rushes full speed ahead to come meet me.

"Grouurha!" He gives out a tiger-like purr as he lays around me and I sit down to pet him for a bit before going to school."Hey Viri, today's the big day. So don't forget to come, alright?"

A massive hungry growl of approval echoes from him as I rub the back of his ears, while also spotting several servitors standing still as statues and freaked out in the corner, most likely terrified after my Viri's mauling of the previous set.

Meh, not my fault the idiot butler treated him like a pet and not the king he definitely is. Letting out another sigh I stand up, much to my pride's dismay, as I walk towards the servitors."I want him cleaned, fed and bathed before I come back from school, understand?"

They all nod, all full of fear as I harrumph and walk towards the gates to enter my limo."Hello, Jeremiah."

"Good morning, sir! I trust you've had a good night's sleep?" I blink at his cheerful expression and sarcastic voice as I turn and walk towards a nearby pond. Moving my wild, unkempt hair to the side, I spot the massive black lines under my eyes and sigh again."Well, nothing new there, I guess."

Laughing at me and my expression for a moment, the butler's eyes grow serious."If you would sir, I have the package you asked for and from a discreet provider, no less. Shall we discuss the location?"

Grinning at him, I walk into the limousine and let myself fall into the comfortable seats before opening a silver box."Its quite the beauty, is it not?" I mutter out to seemingly nobody as I revel in the sight of my titanium-whetted Hudson Bay Axe.

"I thought you might think as much, sir." Jeremiah says with a deep, evil chuckle before sitting down into the car and closing all the doors before lowering the window separating us. This allows me to see the third member inside of the car."Hello Sofia, how are you doing today?"

"Pretty good, actually." She absentmindedly states as she continues doing whatever it is girls her age do with those nails of theirs. If there's one thing I'll never understand its the need for makeup. Ugly people will remain ugly no matter how much makeup you put on.

Then she stops and turns around to face me."Are you ready for today's target?"

Nodding at her, she hands me a file and my eyes grow wide as I let out a laugh."Oh my... I sincerely wonder who put a bounty on this one."

"Haaa, yes it was me. What about it?" Shrugging at the woman, I reply."Nothing. Was about time, honestly."

The file shows one of my.. well our, classmates. A girl named Carol Wright. She is about 1.7m tall, has long gold-orange hair, is of American descent, has oversized DD tits for her age (17)... y'know, the typical High School bully? She does not really torture me that much and even when she does, she usually also unwittingly gives me a full look at her cleavage so I just shut up and take it. Oh well.

"Hmm... alright. Yeah, I got this. Jeremiah, please bring the goods alongside a lighter and some benzin to point R-1996 today at... hmm, lets say six o clock." I say and he nods at me as he drives us towards the school. Taking out my bag from underneath the seats, I hear him reply."Shall I also wait for you nearby?"

"Nah, I've already told Viri to be there when I need him. We'll take the sewage tunnel to home." He nods again and I hear Sofia scoff."How you managed to train a wild tiger to do your bidding is beyond me."

"Its quite simple, really. He's my pride and joy, an ever so adorable younger brother, a member of my pride. I don't think of him as a pet and he does not see me as his master, but as an older brother." I say with a beaming smile on my face as she turns her head away with a blush.

Heh, even the stone cold queen has a weak heart when it comes to oversized kittens.

Leaning back into my chair, I let sleep overtake me as I wait until we arrive at school.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Sorry for the short update but I don't have the time for anything bigger.

Exams are scary and painful... college is scarring my soul. Probably should not have typed this down at 1am in the morning..

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jwalker2_4 @jwalker2_4 ago

So, Leonardo is a serial killer? Interesting. And he is a killer for hire too. I don't know if I'd call that chaos though. Evil more like.

Jkimmel @Jkimmel ago

So wait. He's a serial killer?

Nolo @Nolo ago

Thanks for the chapter :D


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

08/05/2016 23:28:44 Wrote: [ -> ]So, Leonardo is a serial killer? Interesting. And he is a killer for hire too. I don't know if I'd call that chaos though. Evil more like.

Are your game characters an exact copy of your real self?

Or are they just an illusion of your true character?

In game, Leonardo has the power to move continents. In reality, hes just a human being with a "killer" job.

In both however, he is insane. :D

08/05/2016 23:29:16Jkimmel Wrote: [ -> ]So wait. He's a serial killer?

An Assassin, a butcher, a killer, what's the difference?

He kills when it pleases him for reasons which please him.

Be it money, fame or just to feed his little brother, Leonardo is.. in a very short description, a human monster. :D

08/05/2016 23:36:18Nolo Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the chapter :D

No problem :D

AnarchyDev @AnarchyDev ago

If he really is a killer then that's just fucked up... 

Thanks for the chapter.


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

09/05/2016 03:51:50AnarchyDev Wrote: [ -> ]If he really is a killer then that's just fucked up... 

Thanks for the chapter.

Hhehehee, oh really?

And why exactly would that be?

You didn't seem to react that way at all while he was, "in game" :P

Corvo269 @Corvo269 ago

My question?  Is he a cannibal? Cause I can see him being a serial killer not that surprising


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

09/05/2016 16:00:03Corvo269 Wrote: [ -> ]My question?  Is he a cannibal? Cause I can see him being a serial killer not that surprising

1. No he is not a cannibal, the media just thinks that because he sometimes kills in order to feed his "little brother", aka the tiger.

2. Yeah, I did too! :D


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

03/07/2016 21:54:37Killashard Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the chapter!