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12. Memories Of An Empire - Part Two


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Five hours later... - Still the same spot - Joyde's Point Of View...

"-nd that is how we won the battle at Harthage!" Istvan's long monologue of my death's aftermath finally ends as I let out a final breath of relief.

We've been sitting here for five, damned, hours!"I see... So are there any other members of your.. clan?"

He cheers up at this question as he replies with a beaming smile on his face and I turn my head upwards to notice the coming dawn, not mentioning it because I wish to have something confirmed."Yes! There are many Cainites scattered around the World, the most powerful of which reside right here, in Azarest. We who remain here are mostly the ones you experimented on directly, aside several others, all of whom are children of ours."

But before I could reply, he continues."That said... your patience is quite surprising, Lord Joyde. Most infected would have gone insane from all this conversation already."

"Infected?" I ask him with a questioning glance. They go insane from talking?"Ah, right. You do not know about them yet. Basically put, your old body still lives, mi lord. And it is constantly leaking residual chaos-infused essence, corrupting anyone with even a sliver of synchronization and turning them into madmen with power."

....... Are you kidding me? Really? THAT'S WHAT THEY WENT WITH?.....

Harold, please tell me that this guy does not know the full truth and that's just his stupid ass assumption."Afraid not bro, the developers aren't really all that creative. Much of what they made up was basically copied from your *experimental notes*. Even the book in front of you is a compilation of those experiments."

Fuck."Anyways, I think its time I finally went to visit that laboratory." I exclaim as my disbelief makes confusion etch itself upon my vampire friend. Shaking his head out of his momentary stupor as I stand up from the bench, my bones cracking as I do, he extends a hand in front of me as if he wants me to give him something."Ah, of course. Your patience is much greater than the rest of the infected, but you still crave battle. Before you go sir, would you kindly return my weapon to me?"

Weapon?"Huh? When did I-Oh, wait. The cane, its the cane, isn't it?" Taking out said black cane from my inventory, I watch in amazement as he nods and takes it into his hands, transforming it into a massive metal stave with a scythe out of flowing magma. My eyes grow wide as I remember what this is.

"Iblis.." Muttering out the name before I can stop myself makes the vampire in front of me stumble."You.. you remember its name? Amazing.. but do you know what it was used for?"

His question makes me gulp as images of legions of undead form in my mind, before being utterly incinerated by a singular swing of the scythe."I... I see a legion of undead.. burned into nothing."

He nods."Yes, ironic is it not? This weapon once belonged to one of your generals, a man who despised the undead. It is said that one swing of the scythe was enough to turn a valley into a wasteland... now, much of its power has been lost to time, as the weapon needs to be recharged in order to function."

It needs heat. Wait a minute.

"Could the real reason you're sending me to the laboratory be for me to find a way to recharge the weapon?" He shivers uncomfortably as he makes the weapon transform into a cane again and then leans onto it. Then, after a pause and while looking down onto the stone again."I should have told you the truth from the start, I suppose. The Archon sees and hears no lies, after all."

Letting out a massive sigh, he continues."That said, I am not your enemy, mi lord. I truly do wish to see you returned to your rightful throne, bu-"

I interrupt him."But only the weak do not take an opportunity when it presents itself, I know that much."

Seemingly happy now that he's heard that, he transforms into a black and crimson bat with yellow eyes and makes a perch out of my shoulder."Well, I hope you won't mind me tagging along, then."

"Not at all. In fact, I figured you might want to go with me, plus it makes me a bit more comfortable knowing someone's gonna pull me out of combat if shit hits the fan too badly." I say, still playing the weak fool.

Nodding at me in his bat form, his shoulders slump downwards as if in thought, as I begin walking towards the laboratory.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

At that same time... - The Small Town Of Sudan - Unknown's Point Of View...

"Shit shit shit shit SHIT!" I yelled out for all to hear at this break of dawn as my fist slammed into the wall for the umpteenth time.

At least I had the decency to get myself into an alley before my supposed breakdown. Dammit, why... how.. Just how did he get so damn strong?!

"You seem to be in quite some distress, young lad." A strange, old man's voice shatters my rage and I turn my head around, face full of tears."Y-yeah.. I.. I am."

The old man, whom I realize is an Arch Priest, chuckles at me and points with his hands towards somewhere out of this alley."If you could spare me some time, mayhaps this old fool might have some advice for you."

Looking back towards my bloodied fists, I let it go and nod as I turn back around towards the old priest. He nods back before extending his hand towards me and casting a spell."Heal." He speaks with clarity in his voice as I follow him towards what seems to be a small chapel.

Wordlessly, we walk towards it in peace and silence, most likely because he does not want to be loud at the break of dawn... Hell, I probably woke him up, along with much of the town, with my screaming.

Sitting down onto something wooden as we enter the church, he chuckles again as he asks me."So then, what is so devastating that it would drive a young man like yourself to such heights of rage and self-torture?"

Heights? Hah, not even close."Several things, all of which managed to happen in the same damn day."

"I'm listening, lad." He says as he lets out a sigh and I continue."Well... it all started today morning, I've just come to this world and I... I and my.. former girlfriend, decided to go hunting together, alongside her two younger sisters."

His eyes grow wide, most likely realizing where this story is going as the monster which managed to ruin my life in one single day has become quite the popular icon already. A town hero, they call him now."It was all going well, until my girlfriend decided to attack what we all believed to be an immensely evil person."

"So... you are the one's who dared to assault one cursed by Chaos. His will alone is impressive, to have managed to stay sane all this while." The priest says and I quirk an eyebrow at his wording."He's... cursed?"

A nod and the priest explains."Yes, I'm afraid so. Chaos, defined by the horrid crimson cracks, open wounds across ones entire body... you've seen what he looks like, correct? I do not wish to explain it further than that. Just remember, those afflicted by chaos live lives full of pain and suffering and, as such, it is easy to anger them."

"That explains a lot.. I guess. Anyways, once he beat us down, we regrouped and called in all of our friends. He was just one person, couldn't be that hard to teach him a lesson in humility, right?" I say and the man chuckles again."Even when you are the ones who attacked him first?"

Letting myself smile grimly, I reply."Sadly.. yes."

Shaking my head, i continue."After that, he managed to turn one of our friends.. no, that's not right. Bruntez wasn't turned, he ditched us willingly in exchange for his life. The guy didn't even have to offer it."

"So your friend betrayed you even if mister Joyde didn't ask him to do it, is what you wish to say?" He asks and I nod, causing the man to look downwards as he places a finger upon his chin in thought."Then, we tried to assassinate him when he returned to town but failed as the guards stopped us."

Another nod as I continue after a pause for a breath."Later on, we attacked a shop inside of which he was, in an attempt to kill him. Against all odds, he fought against over twenty people and won, slaughtering us one by one until we couldn't come back anymore. Most of us ran after some time passed.. myself included. I don't know what exactly went on afterwards but my girlfriend promptly told me that and I quote; If I learned anything from this is that you aren't a man good enough for me. Don't bother trying to contact me anymore, its over between us."

"Hmm, that's quite a rough day, lad.. tell me, does thou seek revenge against the chaosling?" He asks me and I shake my head in negative."Nah, if anything, I should be thanking him. He freed me from my own self-imposed stupidity."

"Ah, good good. Say, would you be interested in becoming a paladin?" A Paladin, isn't that like, a super rare class?"Umm, are you su-" His chuckle stops me."Absolutely, young lad... Please, hear me out before you make your decision."

Nodding towards the old man, I listen intently as he speaks."I have been observing you today. Your actions have been, while mostly futile, incredibly heroic. You tried your best to strike against what you believed to be an evil man, even if you knew that he could skewer you with a singular strike."

"Observing me this whole day?... Old man, who the hell are you?" I ask with a quirked eyebrow as the priests eyes grow wide at my question. He chuckles again, this time in surprise."It would appear I've underestimated my chosen champion... very well mortal, bask in my true form!" His voice starts to echo as he visage of the old man fades away and an angelic being forms into existence.

His entire form is shrouded in plate armor, glowing bright as the sun as he extends a hand towards me."I am the High Angel known as Mendrion, more commonly referred to as a God of Light, representing Healing, Peace and Justice."

My own eyes grow wide as he continues, letting himself fall back down onto the ground."I have come to offer you a choice today, young one. I ask that you become my champion in these dark times, to aid me in an attempt to keep Order's hold upon these lands for as long as possible."

"In an attempt? For as long as possible?... Just what am I going to be fighting against?" I ask and the angel chuckles again, his hand falling downwards."Fighting? Hah... No, I'm afraid not. I will not make the same mistake as I have once before." He mutters out before continuing on with grimness clear in his tone.

"You may not realize this, but the person you fought this day... he is no normal man. He is someone reborn."

Reborn? But how? He's a pla-Oh.. a beta. Yay, no fucking wonder we lost."You mean that, as a Destined One, he's been in this world once before?"

The angel nods."Yes, you catch on quickly. Good, you'll need that to survive."

Then he points towards a picture on the wall, depicting an eternally burning flame and what seems to be a grey-skinned elven man laughing madly within it."That picture... it shows much more than any mortal may remember. It shows a man who was once an Emperor, feared by all, even the burning hell's themselves, for not only his power, but also his insight. The person whom you fought against this day, is this very emperor's new mortal form, reborn from the ashes once more.. for the better, or worse."

After a brief pause, he continues."... Regardless of everything he has done... and the fact that many seek his death renewed... I... Have come realize... that he is necessary."

"And you need a mortal champion to keep track of the Emperor's progress and maybe, just maybe, try to steer him in a more orderly direction?" I ask with some glee in my voice as my hope in life in renewed.

Holy shit. I just fought Rhean and now I have an angel asking me to become his ally."You appear... oddly giddy at this prospect mortal?" His questioning voice makes me chuckle in turn."Yeah well, lets just say that the *Emperor*, is just as famous among the Destined One's as he is within your world."

It is now the ancient angels turn to quirk an eyebrow."Famous? I would not call him that. Infamy is much more like it, although he did not seem to care much for either."

"That's just how Rhean is, though. A monster butchering anything and anyone who'd dare stand in his way, on his *beloved* path of Chaos." Oh my god, my fanboy instincts are acting up too much. Calm down Fredrick, calm down.

"You seem to know much more about him than I do..." He says somewhat confused and I let out a laugh."We'll... he is the reason why I decided to come to your world in the first place."

"I... see.. Well then, do you still wish to accept my proposition, even if you may fight against him one day because of it?" The Angel asks me and I beam at him with a bright smile."I get to become a great hero and save people, while also getting a good chance of fighting against a legend? Do you even have to ask? OF COURSE I ACCEPT!"

My exclamation stuns the angel and he lets out an eventual sigh."You Destined One's confuse me more than grumbling succubi. Very well then, mortal." He says and then takes out a chalice and pulls out two swords.

Cutting himself with one of the blades, he fills the chalice with his blood, which is a glowing pure white color, then he hands it to me alongside one of the swords."Drink my blood from the chalice and then repeat after me once you are done."

Nodding at him, I drink the blood from the chalice to find it mostly tasteless, yet somewhat sweet and cold, as I feel it flow slowly down my neck. Damn, setting my reality meter to 100% was the right choice!

Positioning myself to mimic his form, which is standing upright like a knight with the sword he gave me in the middle, I hear him say."I, Frey Of Sudan, swear upon the given divine blood and my ethereal blade..."

Frey? Ah right, that's my characters name."I, Frey Of Sudan, swear upon the given divine blood and my ethereal blade..."

"... To uphold the divine will of the Heavens..." He continues and I repeat."... To uphold the divine will of the Heavens..."

A nod as he continues."And act as a savior and messiah to any and all who require my aid."

Quirking my eyebrow at that wording, I stifle a chuckle and repeat after him."And act as a savior and messiah to any and all who require my aid."

"Thus ends the beginning of my oath..." Seriously? Who thought this up?"Thus ends the beginning of my oath..."

"And starts the tale of unyielding heroism!".... Okay."And starts the tale of unyielding heroism!" I exclaim after him as my hand goes high up into the air as while light erupts all around me.

System Alert!
You have gained the title, The Saint Of Order!
Your class has been updated! You are now a Paladin Of Order.
Your level has been reduced back to one and your status, soul and stats have been adjusted accordingly.

"I KNEW IT!" I exclaim loudly as I fall back down onto the ground with Mendrion looking at me in confusion."What?"

His question makes me laugh as I reply."I knew that this is the class you've been offering... but still, to have become The Saint of this era, how damn lucky can I be?!"

"The Saint? Again, you speak as if you already know what you've become." He mutters out with some disapproval in his voice.

I shake my head and hand in negative."Not exactly. More like, I've heard about it and seen the class in action, but I don't know exactly what it entails." A lie, I've been watching Rhean's stream for years, I know EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS CLASS... Thankfully, the angel seems to buy it and nods, still somewhat disappointed."I see. Well then, at least let me explain your new weapon."

Raising my hand upwards to see my new sword, as if I had only noticed it just now, I take in its sight. A massive shining clear white claymore with a golden sheath, yet so light one can easily wield it in one hand."I see you like how it looks? Good, I spent quite a bit on time on that sword, y'know?"

"It's beautiful." I manage to mutter out as he grins with pride and continues."And quite deadly too! Its name is Urhael, named after one of my fallen brethren. I hope that thou shalt make good use of it in the days to come. It is a Heavenly Blade which ties itself to its user's soul and becomes stronger as its host does."

"Urhael..." I say silently as I steel myself and turn to face Mendrion."Alright! Thank you for the gifts! I'll be sure to make you proud of me!" I exclaim with quite the excitement in my voice as the angel takes a step back, most likely surprised by the change in behavior. He then chuckles again."I don't think I will ever understand you Destined Ones... Either way, I shall excuse myself from your presence for now, young one. Go into the world and do its people good. I shall contact you once you've proven yourself on the field of battle."

Nodding to him as he disappears with a nod back of his own, I put the blade into its white and gold sheath and say."Show Status!"

Status Window
Name: Frey Title: Saint Of Order Fame/Infamy: 0
Level: 1 Health: 400 Mana: 150
Strength: 30 Luck: 20 Health Regeneration: 2/s
Agility: 15 Insight: 20 Mana Regeneration: 5/s
Intelligence: 15 Vitality: 50 Light Generation: 5/s
Heavenly Stike - Beginner 0%
Bless Blade - Beginner 0%
Heroic Stand - Beginner 0%
Empowered Heal - Beginner 0%
Order Soul (Paladin)
Echoes Of Light
Unbreakable Will
Peace Of Mind - Beginner 0%
Heroic Presence - All White souls will react positively towards you, but all dark souls will be hostile.

Okay, I take it back, I have no idea what the hell any of these abilities do. Oh well, that just makes it more interesting!

Anyways, time to call Rh-O wait, he goes by Joyde now, right?

Time to call Joyde! Friend Request Sent!

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

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Sounds like story just goes out the window and chaos and order will always fight eachother for balance, but hey, rhean dnt give 0 fucks.

Tks for the chapter.

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