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Moments afterwards... - The Small Town Of Sudan - Joyde's Point of View...

Charging right into the fray despite the obvious number advantage my enemy has most certainly shaken many of their group to the core."THIS GUY IS CRAZ-GUAARGH!" A shouting guy is interrupted, quite rudely might I add, as my scythes tear through his neck.

Turning around, I see a warrior charging at me with a shield and steel sword. Deciding to meet him head on, I combine my chaos rush and twin fang to attack him but he manages to raise his shield in time to block it, promptly shattering my scythes. Quirking an eyebrow as I watch my weapons shatter, I quickly leap off his shield, promptly destabilizing his footing as I land in front of him.

Smirking, I use my chaos rush at him again and he gives me a look."Didn't work once, IT WONT WORK TWICE!" He shouts at the top of his lungs as he raises his shield again, the fool. I raise my left hand up into the air as I slam it down onto his shield, breaking it but also leaving my enemies head open to attack as I send my right hand into his face, my erupting scythe tearing through his eye and thus, his brain.

Laughing as I stand on top of my fallen foe, I don't even bother to dodge the incoming fireball as I turn on my KI Aura to maximum. Suddenly, everyone lower than level 10 is forced to stay a good twenty yards away from me."What the hell!!? My body can't move near him?!" One of their younger members shouts and another replies as I twist my hand back into place and look around for my next target, a druid healer clad in leaves and leather.

How original."He's using some kind of aura! Anyone lower than level 11 should focus on ranged support!" One of the knights, a level 22 paladin, commands the army as he stops my charge into the healer with a shoulder slam.

Letting myself fly aside, I blink as something strange hits me. I didn't receive any damage from that hit?... No... could it be? My hp is regenerating so fast that their attacks aren't good enough for me to be noti-.. o wait, my notifications are off. Turn them on now, Harold."You got it, bro."

Picking myself up from the ground just in time to roll out of the way of a pole arm being stabbed into it, I position my scythe in the middle of my wannabe-killers legs and promptly sever him in half.. wait, that's not a him."Kyaah!"

As the killed female lancer's parts drop unceremoniously onto the ground, another female scream echoes from behind me and I turn around to scan my enemies."Huh, so there's some people who are actually her friends in your guild?"

They all look at me strangely and I shrug, deciding how that might not have been the most appropriate moment to ask my enemy a question as I charge them again, my scythes tearing into a rogue right as a warriors blade slashes across my backside."ARGH!"

You've been hit! (43 damage)

What the hell? Just regular damage?

Leaping back to drape my fingers across my bleeding wound, I notice how the guy didn't hit anywhere near a weak spot. Hah, such a casual. Standing up, I look at the warrior to see that its the same level three dude who's been in every fight against me so far when concerning their guild. Before I could ask how the hell he's inside of my aura's range, the paladin from before charges me with a holy burning sword."DIE, MONSTER!"

The idiot. Burning swords are counted as fire attacks, something to which I am completely immune. As his blade is swung horizontally towards me, I yawn and lazily catch it with a single hand. His eyes grow wide as I grasp the sword and pull it closer to myself, destabilizing his footing before I kick it out of his hands as he falls onto the ground before me. Quickly switching the sword I just took from him so I hold it by the handle, I stab it into his head just as another sword is put through my gut."Urh! What the?"

You've been hit! (133 critical damage)

"YES! I knew I coul-oh shit!" The level three cheers... oh wait, he's level five now. Shaking my head out of my stupor, I promptly drive the sword whole through my gut before kneeing the idiot right in the face, forcing him to lose his weapon as well as I chaos rush a fist into his own stomach, taking away most of his health."Y'know, you're a really annoying person even if you don't realize it. I've already killed you two times today, here's the third!" Lifting my leg backwards, I send a kick his way as a scythe erupts from my foot but I am stopped from killing him as the druid healer from before shields him with a barrier.

Cracking my neck, I chaos rush into the healer and, as he has nobody to protect him this time, cleanly sever his head from his shoulders.

Time until next breakthrough: 5 minutes remaining

"Dude?! What the fuck is that overpowered class?!" A member of their army shouts out from behind me and I don't bother answering him as I leap onto him with twin fang before raising him up into the air and separating him in two as I continue my carnage in thought.

The next breakthrough? I wonder what happens when that time comes? Am I gonna be stunned mid fight? Unless I finish them all by the end of the countdown, I might be in some trouble. A rogue appears out of stealth behind me as I sidestep an ice lance and shove my fist into his face before tripping him and stomping down onto his chest three times before it shatters, killing him.

The mage who cast the ice lance blinks in front of me with a touch spell charged in her fingers."North's Rend!"

Critical Hit! (266 damage)
Stamina regeneration reduced by 20!
Health reduced by 25.

My eyes grow wide as terrible coldness grips me. What the hell is that spell? Half of my hp just dissipated. Shaking it off as quickly as I could, I shove my fist into her stomach to realize that the mage in question is Selindra herself. The moment of my hesitation allowed her to yell out as loudly as she could."I KNEW IT! HE'S WEAK TO FROST SPELLS!"

"Shit." I mutter out with a grunt as I tear out her heart and vault over the closest person as I leap behind the level five wannabe-hero. Using him as a shield, I protect myself from another ice lance and laugh momentarily as he gets rekt by his own team mates.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" He gives out a final scream as I down a healing potion and charge towards my next opponent. Another shield bearer stops me and yells out."How the hell can you even fight with that sword in your gut?!?!?"
Blinking in confusion as I turn my head downwards, another burst of pain wakes me from my temporary stupor as an arrow impales itself in my left shoulder.

You've been hit by a blunt, poisoned arrow! (4 damage)

-5hp per second for 10 seconds

A blunt arrow whose poison deals way more damage than the arrow itself? I kick the shield bearer aside as I chaos rush into the low level archer who shot me and impale both of my scythes into him, tearing out his sides and spilling his guts all over the floor as I spot an alchemist brewing poisons strategically hidden behind a bunch of newbie warriors.

Huh, these guys aren't half bad for a bunch of idiots. Using another chaos rush to get in between the four of them, I spread my arms around me and let my scythes out as I use another one of my lost abilities."REAP!"

A quick, double 360 twirl of my scythes is all it takes for their health bars to disappear as the alchemist behind them is covered in blood. He drops a finished grey potion onto the ground."HIII!" He screams out like a little girl as I shove my hand into his mouth and force him onto his knees."Always hated alchemists..." Is the last thing he hears me say as I tear his heart out.

BREAKTHROUGH IMMINENT - 3 Minutes remaining


The arrow's poison has worn off.

You are no longer affected by the cold spell.

"Damnit!" I mutter out loud as several other melee attackers come at me and I do my best to defend."HIYAA!" A familiar voice echoes from behind me as the female lancer I killed beforehand leaps into the air and stabs her spear through my back.

You've been impaled! (103 damage)

You cannot move!

"ARGH!" I let myself grunt out as blood pours out of my mouth and I begin laughing. Haa, this sure does bring back memories. I turn to look at my effects and laugh even harder as Hunger For Carnage and Battle Feast reach their potential limits, granting me 50% more atkspeed/crit/lifesteal and 20% bonus to all stats.

With the spear planted into my back, the melee's charge at me from all sides and I reveal my secret power, aka the ability to use Essence. You see, what I didn't explain beforehand is that even if essence is basically your hp, you exchange it for double or even triple the damage you would normal deal depending on how much health you sacrifice. I charge the ability for two seconds before unleashing another reap, tearing all six of my attackers apart with terrifying ease.

"W-w-w-what the hell?!" The female lancer shouts in horror as I force myself to move with her spear still inside of me. You see, the reason why I didn't remove their weapons from myself is because that means they can't receive them back by resurrecting, but also because they make me bleed continuously, allowing me to make use of my passives to the best possible result.

Damn does it hurt, though. Too bad for them that I'm already used to it from way back I played as Rhean, hehe. Without a word as a terrible grin etches itself upon my face, I approach the lancer and pull her closer to me."That was a nice trick, babe. But you'll have to do better than that to kill me."

"W-wha?" She mutters out, a cute blush forming upon her frame as I plant a kiss on her lips before impaling one of my scythes through her abdomen. As her body falls to the ground, I let myself smile wickedly."Here's to hope you didn't pay too much for that instant rezz."

Having recovered nearly all of my health via life steal, I turn my attention around towards the remaining few idiots who still haven't given the fuck up. Or so I thought, before they all dropped their weapons onto the ground and ran off."F-F-F-FUCK THIS SHIT! WE'RE OUT!"

They screamed in unison, albeit not in the correct tone or voice for the sentence, and ran off, eliciting another laugh to escape my mouth."Damnit! We shouldn't have brought them here in the first place, damn newbs!"

Selindra yells out in frustration as she blinks behind me again with that same cold spell fully charged in her hand."NORTH'S RE-KYAH?!" She tries to yell out but I grab her hand and pull her in for a kiss too. Damn, I forgot just how good doing this feels. Sometimes I wish ALL of my enemies were women. She blushes hard as she melts into my kiss, one of my hands gently holding her back as the other holds her head. Releasing her from my kiss, I offer her a full smirk before saying."Y'know, maybe you aren't as bad as I thought."

As I let the now blushing girl fall to the ground, I turn around towards the paladin, druid healer, priest, alchemist and rogue, all of whom I've killed before. The priest is the same dude I killed earlier today when I infected Bruntez. Walking towards them with a huge grin on my face, I spoke."Hmm, a paladin as the specialist/group leader, a druid for AOE heals, a priest healer for the tank, a lancer as an off-tank, a rogue for damage over time, a white mage for support and burst damage, an alchemist as a loot carrier...  Not bad. Not bad at all for a newbie raid group, I must say."

And then I tilt my head in confusion as they all raise their weapons in defense."However, don't you lack at least one more damage dealer?" I ask them and they all stiffen as I hear the steps of two people from behind me."They had one before you took him from them, dude."

The nearly laughing voice of Bruntez echoes from behind me as I turn around to see him alongside a female Soul Mage walking towards me, the girls face twisted in both horror and fascination."Oh?"

I smirk as I leap backwards towards them with a smile on my face."Come to help, have you?"

Quirking an eyebrow as Bruntez places a hand over the girl protectively with a joking grin on his face."Yeah, but on one condition. This one's off limits." She blushes at his words and a small smile forms upon her lips and I bark out a laugh."Sure thing."

Without another wasted moment, I make my scythes erup-"URGH!"


Immeasurable pain echoed through my very being as blood gathered in my mouth."Urh!" My grunt managed to quick start my new allies into action as Bruntez's girlfriend rose her scythe into the air."SOUL SHIELD!" Her rather cutesy voice commanded as a purplish barrier enveloped my being, protecting me from any form of harm.

You see, there are three versions of the spell called Barrier in Euphoria. The normal one which protects you from physical harm, a black shield which protect you from magic attacks and a soul one which protects from all forms of damage.

My thoughts are interrupted by yet another surge of pain as Bruntez steps in front of me."Shit, somethings happening! Protect him!" He yells out as he places his sword in front of himself."Burning Blade!" With a quick swipe across his sword, cutting himself and coloring it crimson, the blood on the blade starts to burn and I let myself express surprise."Oooh? L-l-leveled u-up al-already?"

He grins at me and nods."Yep, I'm a Chaos Funeralist now!... whatever that means." I bark out a laugh just as another pain spike erupts, this time from my back as I fall onto the ground knee's first and palms quick to follow."AIRYAARH!" The paladin of the enemy's group charges in but is blasted away as a spell from my female ally, whose character name is Helena by the way, erupts from her hand."Dark Push!"

Blackened winds shove him aside as she continues with another chanted spell before screaming out, promptly silencing the enemy mages in an instant."W-w-what the fuck? SHES A BANSHEE!"

One of them yells out as their healers are interrupted from casting. Wrong, she isn't a banshee but she has their abilities because shes a Soul Mage... but I guess a casual wouldn't know the difference. Without another wasted moment, Bruntez cleaves through the paladin with ease, killing him in a single attack before stopping dead in his tracks and looking at his sword before grinning."Oh man, I should've played at 100% earlier. This damage bonus is broken OP!"

He says loudly before charging into the enemies and doing a whirlwind, but they manage to get away, aside from their druid healer."ARGH!" Another grunt of pain leaves from my mouth as blood pools on the ground in front of me, several tendrils of pure fire erupt from my back, burning and tearing through my flesh as they do.

Helena takes a step back before shaking herself out of a stupor and quickly placing a palm onto my back."Wh-OW OW OW OW OW!" She yelps out in pain as she does so however, promptly feeling the heat of my skin scorching her own. Blinking at me as she heals herself, I manage to say."F-f-forget m-me! F-focus o-o-on y-your b-boyfriend!"

Blushing at my words but nodding, she refocuses herself upon the fight and notices Selindra charging another blink plus North's Rend combo. Smiling in realization, she prepares her scythe in a way that made it look as if she was casting a spell, but as soon as Selindra appeared behind her."Ha! GET REKT BI-WHA*shlop*." A resounding echo of blood spilling on the ground is heard from behind me as the head of Selindra rolls on the floor, making me shoot a quirked eyebrow at Helena. She turns her head away from me as she says."W-what? Nobody said only you can do that..."

I snort at her as I turn back around to face the floor, terrible pain still gripping my backside. She just copied by Reap ability, using her scythe to twirl around twice while having filled it with mana beforehand. Soon, my arched back is forced completely onto the floor before I am raised up into the air."W-what t-he??" I mutter out as I am slammed right back down onto the ground, blood red energy gathering around me before my whole body constricts.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" A terrible scream of pain echoes throughout the night as the people of the town gather around me, red tendrils of chaos erupting from all over my body and the fighting stops completely.

Gritting my teeth as I feel my flesh reshaping, my bones displacing themselves, I watch in glee as my health and mana are returned completely and soon, the tendrils all re-enter my body through the Chaos Cracks on my back.

Time untill next breakthrough: 15 hours, 43 minutes and 7 seconds.

"F-F-F-Fuck this, guys! Lets get the hell out of here!" One of my enemies screams out in horror and fear as I am partially blinded by the amount of system messages popping in front of my screen.

System Message
Your Chaos Soul greatly revels in the carnage!
+25 strength
+25 agility
+10 intelligence
+15 insight (Allocted to vitality. Chaotic Life-Force effect applied, bonus doubled: 300 health gained)
+5 vitality (Chaotic Life-Force effect applied, bonus doubled: 100 health gained)

My grin goes from ear to ear as my eyes scan the bonuses, but soon another set of screens erupt into existence.

Quest Alert! (Success)
You've received a personal invitation from Mara(Amethyne) to lay with her later this day.
This quest will be considered a success so long as you arrive on time.
Reward - Due to your skills in the bedchamber, relationship with Mara(Amethyne) has turned into Adoration and because of your recent actions, you've unlocked the next stages of her quest.


Your Chaos Soul approves of your perversion!
Your speech has increased by 20.

The bonuses gained by the absorbed skill Seduction, are increased by 5%. (max: 15%)


You've leveled up!
Your strength, agility, intelligence, insight and vitality have increased by 5.


System Message
The White Guild Sel and Friends, has surrendered to you.

+500 fame/infamy
You've been awarded with a title - The Guildbreaker!
Several powerful beings have taken notice of you... however the Primal Lord Of Souls, Har'silth'old has blocked them from contacting you.

Equal fame and infamy? That's not fair, this was a WAR!... Although, I guess that's fine, considering how exactly I fought them off. Also, thanks for that Harold, I really don't want to deal with a god or a fiend of the deep right now."Yeah, I figured as much." An imaginary anime-like sweat drop is what I see in my mind as the messages continue.

System Message
Reputation gain bonuses with all souls have been changed to 0%.

Primal Beings, both light and dark, now respect you, returned one.

Well, that was only a matter of time. Chaos, despite its destructive nature, is neutral to all things, dark and light alike.

System Message
You've managed to reacquire some of your former power!
Regained abilities: Reap, Chaos Gauntlet, Blood Regeneration and Raging Fist Style.

Just as the message showed itself, my hands were set ablaze."ARGH!" I scream out for the umpteenth time today as the skin is burned off from my arms, replaced by yellow, superheated metal formed around molten flesh and bone.

Despite the unimaginable pain, I stand up and grin."YES! FINALLY!" My rather cheery yell upsets the people near me as I take note of my recovered powers.

The Raging Fist is a martial art I've created on my own, based upon stories I've read of The so-called Asura Path. It is a berserk style which consists of killing enemies in one or two savage blows and relies on increased combat regeneration and lifesteal for defense. Its increased damage is however, heavily brought down with the -50% atkspeed it also inflicts upon the user.

However, as you could have already figured it out, the style suits me and my way of fighting just fine. Blood Regeneration is another passive ability which can be turned off or on, depending on the situation and user preference. It is a skill which allows the user to, up to a maximum of 20/s ratio, exchange mana directly from your overall pool for instantaneous health Regen. Considering that my mana Regen was 10 beforehand and is now probably around 20... yeah, its just as overpowered as you'd think. Of course, if I put it to max, I won't regenerate any mana at all, but since I don't exactly use it much...

Shaking my head out of my stupor, I turn around to face Bruntez and his girlfriend."Thanks for the help, couldn't have done it without you two."

They nod slowly as their hands are up in the air, reading something with wide eyes."Is something wrong?"

They turn to look at one another."Well, we just got like 300 fame for helping you out for some reason?"

I blink before laughing out loud."Well, if I remember this correctly, Sel and Friends proclaimed war on me and any who aid me. Which means the second you two did so, you entered into war with them."

Another shared look, this time of disgust."That's so broken..." Helena mutters out, most likely thinking of ways in which this could be abused.

"Yeah, the fame/infamy system in this game is generally shitty." I say with a nod towards them before remembering that we're currently standing in a battlefield full of corpses... and, more importantly, LOOT!

Grinning widely at my friends, I say."Hey, lets loot them all up before their corpses disappear!"

As if having their machinery turned on with a button, the two quickly invite me into their party and begin helping me loot the corpses. The gathered town's people look on in both horror and awe as the guard captain approaches me."Sir Joyde! What the hell happened here?!"

Quirking an eyebrow at me man, I speak."Isn't it obvious? They miscreants attacked me and I managed to fend them off, with the help of my allies, of course."

The man takes a step back." mean to say that you killed over twenty people with just the three of you?!"

"It was mostly him, we just got here at the end of it." Helena says with a smirk and I let out a massive sigh. The captain shakes his head."I will never get you Destined Ones... some of you are just people, others heroes and some villains... but then comes people like you... I don't have a name for your type Mr Joyde, but I can clearly say that I don't wish to ever understand you enough to get one."

I smirk at the man and reply."A name? For my type? Why sir, that's really easy..."

Standing up and placing my mouth next to his ear, I whisper."... we're often referred to as... monsters."

Gulping in deep as the man takes several steps back, he commands his men to guide the civilians away and leaves us to do whatever we wanted. Blinking as a sudden idea pops into my head, I say."Show status screen!"

Status Window
Name: Joyde Title: Archon Of Chaos, The Guildbreaker Fame/Infamy: 670/520
Level: 2 Health: 1450                                                               Mana: 2236
Strength: 105 Luck: 5 Health Regeneration: 10.5/s
Agility: 80 Insight: MAXED Mana Regeneration: 20/s
Intelligence: 117 Vitality: 115 Essence Generation: 30/s
Devourment - Beginner 10%
Chaos Scythe (Blood Iron) - Beginner 96%
Chaos Rush - Beginner 75%
Twin Fang - Beginner 50%
Speech - Beginner 50%
Cooking - Beginner 23%
Survivalist - Beginner 20%
Raging Fist Style - Beginner 0%
Chaos Gauntlet - Beginner 0%
Reap - Beginner 0%
Living Aura - MAXED (Archon)
Infusion - MAXED (Archon)
Chaos Soul - Maxed (Archon)
Hunger For Carnage - Beginner 5%
KI Aura - Intermediate 30.2% (Horrifying)
Battle Feast - Beginner 10%
Seduction - +15% to Speech (Women Only)
Blood Regeneration - Beginner 0%
Savagery - MAXED (Archon)
Chaotic Instability - Grants 10 health regeneration and 45 stamina regeneration.
Draconian Infusion - +10% bonus to all stats. (May be dispelled temporarily)

Holy shit, the things I can do in one day amaze even myself. Chaos is overpowered and I love it.

And I also love all the loot I'm currently lootin', yeah.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

And that is it for this chapter of EUPHORIA, ladies and gentlemen! Took me a whole day just to type this down... okay, not the whole day, about six hours, I think.

I hope you'll like it!

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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14/04/2016 18:47:13Temz Wrote: [ -> ]I love chaos and lemonade??

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14/04/2016 18:47:13Temz Wrote: [ -> ]I love chaos and lemonade??

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