Lord Joyde The Madman: Heylo, everyone! How are you all doing?

So after a brief pause and a chapter written on my fanfiction  site, namely not for either blaze or blood but rather The Acumenae itself, I've managed to return to this site.

Why has it taken me so long to start typing stuff again? Well for some reason, my internet couldn't find the strength to connect to Royalroad for a while and when it did, I forgot my password.

For some reason, even when I tried to send a new pass over to my e-mails, the passwords given to me would not work, so I had to wreck my brain for a couple days before I managed to remember what it was since I changed it when I moved in with mom.

Either way, I'm back at home now with my own PC and tables ready and willing to go. On a side note, this chapter will not be the Lemon, as I've been saying it would be because I figured our hero has been in game for a long time now and needs a bit of real world interaction before jumping back into virtual reality.

So anyways, here comes chapter six of EUPHORIA. I most certainly hope that you will enjoy it, let us begin!

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Several minutes later... - Mara's Weaving Emporium - Joyde's Point Of View...

Entering the shop with quite a bit of excitement, I see Amethyne cheerfully conversing with another customer and I lean onto a wall as she does.

Noticing me enter, the poor woman adopts yet another blush upon her normally pale cheeks, eliciting a confused look from her male customer. He takes an inquisitive look behind him and screams."MURDERER!"

Letting out a giant sigh as I notice his guild name, I promptly Chaos Rush a fist into his stomach and say."How about you do your business and piss off before I make good on that title you just gave me, worm?"

Nodding with clear fear in his eyes, he quickly scoops up his browsed items and drops a pouch of coins onto the counter before leaving."Just woken up and already making enemies out of whole guilds? ... Just another story that turned out to be real, I guess."

Quirking an eyebrow at the smirking elf, I return her smirk as the man rushes right out of the shop."Oh? And what story would that be?"

"They say that the second you mastered your Chaos Soul, you declared war on the whole of Azarest and, mainly because of your already immense strength and fame at the time, people actually took you seriously. Might I ask as to why you did this in the first place?" She asks me as she leans into her chair.

Shrugging nonchalantly, I reply."Because I felt that I was too strong and that I needed a limitation of some kind."

She blinks at me in disbelief."You declared war upon this entire continent and covered it crimson, just because you felt like it?"

"Kings and Queens alike go to war because they feel like it too, not because they have to or don't  have to." Is my continuously nonchalant reply.

Letting out a massive sigh herself, she turns around, allowing me to see her rather tight behind as I-

System Message
Dive Out will be forced in 5 minutes!

"Oh fuck!" I exclaim out loud as the system message interrupts my thoughts.

"Language, Joyde?! Also, what's wrong?" The suddenly worried woman asks me as I shake my head in disbelief."Urgh, I should have remembered this might happen."

Turning my head upwards to face her, I ask."How much longer until your shop closes?"

"Umm, about four hours? Why? Is something the matter?" I let out a breath of relief before replying to her."Well, you know how we Destined One's come from another worlds? Thing is, when we do so, we gain a new body more suited to your world and only our souls and consciousness is actually transferred. However, that does not mean we lose the connection to our previous or, rather, our real selves, if you will."

"Which means something bad is happening to your other body?" She tilts her adorable head in confusion and I let lout a laugh."Basically, yes. My other body is about to experience starvation, as I've been here the whole damn day and haven't eaten anything in... Show Real Time."

System Message
Real World (CET) Time - 22:07

All the color literally drained from my face as I saw the message. I blinked at it several times, hoping that it's a lie and not truth."Oh my god..." I say as I clutch my forehead in annoyance.

"I take it much more time has passed than you believed?" She asks me with a smirk and a cruel giggle. Dammit woman, you'll pay for that tonight."Well, in short, I've connected to your world when it was eight in the morning in mine... now, its ten PM."

Letting out another sigh, I spoke."Well, four hours should be enough time for me to drag myself to the nearest place where I can eat something and come back, provided I don't pass out from the pain when I reconnect in the meantime."

Shaking my head and continuing before she could answer, I say."Do you have anywhere safe where I can just lie down for some time?"

"My bed." Her reply came way quicker than I thought it would, thankfully it also contained the answer I was looking for.

Grinning at her with a beaming smile, I bark out a laugh and say."Well alright then. Show me the way, if you please."

Laughing at my reaction, she motions towards a set of stairs behind the counter and I follow her to find a royal elven bed with gold ornaments and silken sheets. Turning around to face her, I ask."Are you sure you're just a spy?"

Looking away from me in embarrassment."I may or may not have connections in high places, but I thought you didn't care about that."

Cruel woman, you know exactly what I meant by that. Urgh."And I don't, just asking."

Letting out yet another sigh, I let myself fall onto the bed and close my eyes."Dive Out."

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Seconds Later... - Back in reality - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"Oh my good god! Argh! FOOD!" I exclaim loudly as the capsule opens and I retain feeling across my body.

Managing to stand up after several tries, I look downwards and let out a massive sigh."Urgh, gotta remember not to wear pants the next time I do a full-day dive."

Why? Well lets just say being horny in game makes you horny out of game as well... guys will understand. Quickly changing out of my clothes into clean ones, I walk up the stairs with a hand on my stomach.

Opening the door, which leads right into the kitchen from behind a wall, I say as some maids come into my field of vision."Food... I need food..."

They all nod and hurry towards the fridge, opening it and starting to cook as they gather the necessary ingredients. Not sure how I feel about steak so late in the evening, but hey, I'm not complaining.

Sitting down at my table, putting my mind at ease, letting myself relax as I let my maids do.. anything I please.

I blink twice as the sentence repeats in my head."Huh, that was weird... I sure I hope none of my friends from the other side will show up right about now." Muttering out silently to myself, I lean into my chair and wait, my hungering stomach making its presence known as a loud sound erupts from it, causing my eyes to grow wide as the servants momentarily turn to look at me with worry in their eyes and then start to quicken their pace.

Argh. This reaction is here because of my sister Audrey, who promptly decided to fire a cook after he didn't make her meal on time. Naturally, I have no such idiotic needs to show my power over them."Hey, nerd! What's up?"

"Oh for fucks sake.. speak of the devil and she will appear." I mutter out, this time loudly as I turn around towards my little sister with immense annoyance clear upon my face."Hi, rage-cat."

Her face instantaneously twists red with rage as she starts to fume, her crimson dyed hair waving as she does. I let out yet another sigh."Whatever. Is there something you want, sis?"

Gulping in down harshly as her rage dissipates as quickly as it came, she pokes her fingers together rather adorably and shows me her best puppy dog eyes."Is it true that you and big brother are going to play that game of yours, Euphoria?"

I nod at her as realization dawns upon my face and I turn my head back around with another sigh."Fine, I'll order you a capsule too."

Beaming at me, she throws her arms around my neck and kisses me on the cheek."Thanks bro! You're the best!" And then she runs off.

Yawning into my palm as I manage to fully resist the sudden assault of cuteness overload, I extend my hand towards a nearby butler. He opens his eyes wide before bowing to me."Right away, sir."

Within seconds, a spare mobile phone is placed into my hands, as I type in the number for Aurelius."Hello? Is this Aurelius? Yes its me, Leonardo. Yes, I'd like to order two more capsules for my siblings. Yes, I'd like them delivered to our mansion. I'm afraid you'll have to contact them yourself for that, as I have no idea when they'll come back home. Yes, I will have a servant send you an e-mail containing their primary and secondary phone numbers. Yes, that's it, thank you. Goodbye."

Handing the young butler the phone back, I turn to look at him."You know what to do."

He bows again before leaving."Right away, sir." The same workbook response is given as I turn back around towards the table.

Something hits me right in the face as I do so, Audrey is only fourteen and Euphoria cannot be played by non-adults. Meh, that's her problem, not mine."Sir, your meal is ready, but the steak will have to cook for a few more minutes be-"

"Don't rush it, I like my steak medium well, not raw." My words make the maid let out a breath of relief and bow before returning to cook.

Damn it... sometimes I regret being rich.

... Oh what am I saying? No, I don't.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

And that is it for chapter six of Euphoria, the next one will definitely be the lemon so be prepared!

If there are any grammatical mistakes in it, I will fix them later as always, because now I have to hurry as I have classes to attend.

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!!!!!!!


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Vietxtreme @Vietxtreme ago

Hand me more chapters before i go crazy from waiting.

Thanks for the chapter tho.


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

05/04/2016 09:39:07Vietxtreme Wrote: [ -> ]Hand me more chapters before i go crazy from waiting.

Thanks for the chapter tho.

lol, you are certainly a greedy one.

As if its that easy to just shit out a chapter xD

Slatts2 @Slatts2 ago

Medium Well? Really? Lost respect for MC. Thanks for the chapter.


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

05/04/2016 12:35:10Slatts2 Wrote: [ -> ]Medium Well? Really? Lost respect for MC. Thanks for the chapter.

Heheheh yeah, I figured someone might comment on that.

I prefer mine medium rare. You? I guess either blue or just rare.

05/04/2016 13:18:28SpectralApparition Wrote: [ -> ]I like pie!

Good for you? xD

Temz @Temz ago

Line breaks.... line breaks.... line breaks are the best... YaYYaY.


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

05/04/2016 15:02:24Temz Wrote: [ -> ]Line breaks.... line breaks.... line breaks are the best... YaYYaY.

xD They add to the insanity!

Nolo @Nolo ago

Thanks for the chapter :D


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

05/04/2016 19:00:44Nolo Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the chapter :D


admira @admira ago

Cockblocked by your stomach. Well, only temporarily.