Lord Joyde The Madman: Heylo, Guys and Girls! How are you all doing?

Over a hundred views and the story barely even exists yet... eh, I guess I'm... flattered?
Even if you may think that this is nothing much, I didn't believe the story would even be noticed until later on.
Thankfully, this saved me a lot of time.
Anyways, here comes chapter two of EUPHORIA. I sincerely hope that you enjoy, let us begin!

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Moments later... - The Small Town Of Sudan - Joyde's Point Of View...

Reveling in the moment as I am flung into the ever swirling rainbow login screen of EUPHORIA, I feel myself smiling as the scenery shifts to a small town which I surprisingly don't recognize.
But before I could even open my mouth or take a single step, a mass of system messages pops right into my face.

System Message
Welcome back, Destined One.

Destined one? Oh right, that's what they call players in this game. There's a whole set of lore books surrounding the appearance of players within this world. It all started when the gods summoned twelve heroes and manifested their bodies into the world via sites nowadays known as Resurrection Altars in order to defeat some ancient demon king, but later on more primal beings got the same idea and all linked themselves to the Altars, each summoning their own chosen champions to do their bidding... this is basically just how the developers decided to say *Not all players are good people.*

Myself included, by the way.

System Message
You have been blessed with a bounty of five hundred gold coins by the gods of Euphoria.

The gods of Euphoria... right, and then people say I have an ego problem.

System Message
Your soul has been devoured and replaced by your Inherited Chaos Soul.

Inherited Chaos soul? Excuse me? Rhean may be the character who originally gained it, but the same mind which was used to do so is the one contained within this new flesh. Please fix your incorrect statement, mister AI.

System Message
EDIT - Because you are a total ass-hat, this system message has been edited to suit your ego.

Your Chaos soul now inhabits a new body, causing your new "flesh" catastrophic damage as the unstable energies tear it apart.

"Huh? Oh shi-URGH!" I fall down onto my knees as my flesh tears open, molten flames erupting from my core as crimson lines cut themselves open across my whole body, causing me unimaginable pain and making me grin as I realize something insanely amusing.

Gritting my teeth, I look up at the skies and say."S-so... you're still functional eh, Harold?"

Harold is the so-called *angry AI* who decided to play scientist and force everybody to experience the maximum possible pain in an effort to better understand something he couldn't *feel*."Hi, you brat. Not even a minute in game and you've already pissed me off. Heh, I missed you, Leonardo."

"Missed y-you too, buddy."I let out a massive breath of relief as the chaos lines finished cutting me up. Turning around to walk over to the nearby lake, I barely take notice of the horrified villagers who whisper behind me."M-mommy! What happened to that Destined One? He looks... broken?"

"Shush, child. He was most likely summoned by a dark god.. let us not stare at him lest we earn his ire." The small girl nods to her mother as she is taken away.

Ignoring the other whispers, I take a good look at myself in the water. Wearing nothing but a set of black pants and army boots, my entire upper half is exposed, all covered in still burning pale flesh, the chaos lines appearing like cracks on my body."Broken, huh? Well, that's a good way to put it."

Moving on, my long hair which reaches to my waist is mostly pure white, with several blood-red strands erupting randomly, a clear sign of Chaotic Instability.

System Message
Because of your Chaos Soul, you have managed to regain some of your former capabilities and have had your current stats adjusted accordingly.

Regain some of my former capabilities? Oh god, I hope you didn't give me back all of my stats or some other bullshit... there's a reason why I made a new character.
Shaking my head in disbelief, I silently mutter out."Show Status."

Status Window
Name: Joyde Title: Archon Of Chaos (Reborn) Fame/Infamy: 0
Level: 1 Health: 350                                                      Mana: 1500
Strength: 30 Luck: 5 Health Regeneration: 0.5/s
Agility: 25 Insight: 666 Mana Regeneration: 6.66/s
Intelligence: 60 Vitality: 50 Essence Generation: 30/s
Devourment - Beginner 0%
Chaos Scythe (Blood Iron) - Beginner 0%
Chaos Rush - Beginner 0%
Twin Fang - Beginner 0%
Chaos Soul - Maxed (Archon)
Hunger For Carnage - Beginner
KI Aura - Intermediate 30% (Horrifying)
Battle Feast - Beginner 0%

Insight and Mana Regeneration at 666, huh?"I see your sense of humor is still quite devilish, Harold."

"Heh heh heh heh..." Several imaginary chuckles echo within my mind before another message pops up.

System Message
Your stats have been changed. Insight has been set to MAXED (999) and Mana Regeneration to 10/s.

Well, that's nice. Anyways, let look at my other stats. Essence is basically the user's life force which can be gathered in order to enhance physical attacks and that 30/s means that if I even decide to use an Essence attack, its going to drain 30 hp per second... which is a good way to kill myself. Thankfully, Chaos Soul's gain twice the amount of health from all sources, like levels, special events, quest rewards, self heals, etc.

The Archon Of Chaos, my old title. Just as beautiful and edgy as I remember... I like it! There's zero benefits to the tittle itself, albeit its coolness is all that I need from it.

Devourment is a skill unique to Chaos Souls which allows its user to completely devour the existence of their prey, although it needs to be at least of Intermediate skill to be used on non-physical beings, this skill is an execute ability which heals its user for 20% + 5/10/15/20% of your opponents maximum health depending on your skill level.

Chaos Scythe is also a skill unique to Chaos Souls which allows it uses to erupt crimson scythes from any Chaos Line/Crack upon their flesh. This particular version is when you do so to your fists, allowing you to use them as weapons.

With a mental command, the aforementioned scythes erupt from my flesh, burning blood quick to follow."Argh!" So it hurts even to get them out? Hah, my pain suppression skill was too high for me to notice it before.
Their crimson, almost horrifying gleam scares some of the nearby NPC's and makes players stare at me with either envy or pity."M-monster!" A woman screams at the top of her lungs as an older man ushers a youngster."Quickly, boy! Go get the guards!"

Guards? Meh, a chance to test my power level.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes. Chaos Rush is basically a warriors charge with an edgy name... it also leaves a burning trail behind you which damages opponents for 15hp/s at its beginner level.
My Chaos Soul passive just grants access to unique skills and classes later on... albeit mine is already chosen, but we'll get to that later.

Twin Fang is my favorite assassination skill. Coming alongside the Chaos Scythes, it is a move where you crouch down and put power into your legs while moving your hands up front, creating a rather deadly attack as your scythes tear into the meat of your foes.

KI aura should really be self explanatory... albeit the horrifying part is not. If I had to guess, since I didn't have this status before, I believe that it means NPC's will react badly to my presence.. meh, who can blame them, I look like someone threw me in a meat grinder and I somehow managed to walk out alive.

Hunger For Carnage is a passive which grants me a small bonus of 2% to all stats whenever I kill a living unit, which means undead and void monstrosities don't count. The passive buff lasts for 20 seconds and while the stat boost increases, the timer does not.

Battle feast is your basic berserker ability, granting me +1% lifesteal/crit/attackspeed for each 1% hp that I lose... believe me, its not as useful or overpowered as it sounds.

"There! That's the monster!" The youngster exclaims as I turn around to face the quad of guards, each wearing loose leather armor combined with an iron sword and shield.

Grinning at them, an action which shows my shark-like teeth, I crouch down, funneling mana to my legs."Well then, shall we?"

"A-AAARRRRHHH!" The first guard charges me with a battle cry and I feel my grin growing wider with each passing second. Within seconds, I leap right at him with my Twin Fang, laughing madly in adoration as my scythes tear into his sides. Blood erupts from him, covering me as I unsummon my scythes and Chaos Rush into my next foe, promptly making him fall face first into the ground after my fist collides with his stomach. Reforming my scythes, I evade the attack of the third guard and vault over him, making an incision mid-air and thus, severing his vertebrae.

He falls to the ground with a scream as the last guy has an apparent epiphany and throws down his arms."I-I-I S-SURRENDER!"

I look at him, my teeth shining with blood as I close my eyes and let out a laugh."Eh, sure thing mate." Canceling my scythes, I take a quick dip into the lake and clean myself of blood as I throw three premium healing potions to the last guard before promptly leaving the scene."Like a boss."

Laughing to seemingly nothing, I unnerve those around me as I speak."Indeed, Harold. Like a boss."

Cracking my neck as I take in my surroundings once more, I decide to take a tour around town. First, I need to find myself a general store and a blacksmith, then a cooking and survivalist trainer.

They called you a monster. They insulted you. They attacked you... and yet, you spared them.
+50 fame
The residents of Sudan are uncertain of your presence, but they will not attack you unless provoked anymore.

Oh? Well that's new. The game didn't have small events like this before. Meh, good for me, I guess.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Lord Joyde: And that is it for chapter 2 of  EUPHORIA! I sincerely hope that you've enjoyed it.
.... Ummm... I don't get these table editors... sometimes the code works properly and sometimes it does not? Am I doing something wrong? Why do the last 3 work and the previous ones don't?

... Someone, please explain... and I'm sincerely sorry for any inconveniences you may experience whilst reading this chapter but please remember that I am new to the site and don't really understand how things work quite yet.

In any case, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh dear god, I may as well take this back down until I manage to figure out what I'm doing wrong....

Yay, I figured it out! Sorry to anyone who had to read it through code, I've managed to find the problem!


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BloodKingx @BloodKingx ago

Uhmm can we get a little more description on his body, I can't tell if the crimson lines look cool or like exposed inner flesh


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

13/04/2016 03:33:38BloodKingx Wrote: [ -> ]Uhmm can we get a little more description on his body, I can't tell if the crimson lines look cool or like exposed inner flesh

Both :D

Think like someone cut open lines across your entire body, exposing meat and bone, but also ushering forth some kind of crimson light.

admira @admira ago

Hmmm, so it looks like he's retained some abilities from his old race (the premium one)?


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

25/04/2016 06:00:48admira Wrote: [ -> ]Hmmm, so it looks like he's retained some abilities from his old race (the premium one)?

Character, not race. He won't get any of the Xivilai bonuses :D


Killashard @Killashard ago

Thanks for the chapter!

What's with the random line breaks?  And why do you tell us that is a random line break?  It detracts from the story.


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

03/07/2016 19:41:12Killashard Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the chapter!

What's with the random line breaks?  And why do you tell us that is a random line break?  It detracts from the story.

People have so many mixed opinions about the line breaks I tend to put them there just for the lols.

midnight2six @midnight2six ago

Think i'll stop reading at this point, not interested in the story line or main C anymore.  Thanks

JonXarn @JonXarn ago

So far, so good, line break.

Cruxio @Cruxio ago

Rejecting the donator benefits was useless since he still got a non-standard skill OP skill set. Rejecting epic trainee set is very useless since he still defeated the higher level guards. Rejecting his donator race is utterly useless since his character still has plot armor bonus stats together with being chummy with the game AI a.k.a. the author.

Then he chose human. Then a non-standard event comes around and he overcomes it. This is as bad as a xianxia story with plot armors from head to toe

Futhark the Elder @Futhark the Elder ago

Laughing madly in adoration? Um, "adoration" does not mean what you think it does.