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So considering how much you guys and girls love to annoy me with all the "WHO DIS" level of stupidity questions...

I figured why the hell not start asking questions and story trivia myself. These will mostly be connected to the story, but I might also throw in some refferences every now and then.

Lets start with an easy one which is a combination of both.

Question Of The Chapter: In Euphoria, there is a refference to the one and only Scrooge McDuck.

What was it exactly? (as in what did Rhean do in order to refference Scrooge)

Lord Joyde The Madman: Heylo, boys and girls! How are you all doing?

Me? I guess I've been doing... okay.

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Anyways, here comes the next chapter of EUPHORIA! The long-awaited return to the game...

Which I'm no longer even sure that its something you want to see.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Mere Moments Later... - Castle Incerum - Rhean's Point Of View...

Welcome back, Destined One...

After experiencing the ever-so-magnificent rainbow bridge which is Euphoria's loading screen, I opened my eyes to find myself within my Castle's bedroom. Yomi's still naked body lay prone next to me as I watched the curious blue-screen disperse with some interest.

The image of a broken world appeared suddenly in my mind and I let out breath before snorting quite loudly, thus waking up my vixen mate."Gaia..."

I whispered softly and felt myself gulp as the world around me appeared to shake and soon, a voice echoed in my mind. It was ancient, wise and... surprisingly calming."You've returned..."

A womanly voice spoke in my thoughts; shocked, confused and most importantly, intrigued."Why is that so surprising?"

"Who are you talking to now?" Yomi asked me whilst rubbing her weary eyes."The mother of us all." I replied without giving it much thought and chuckled as her eyes grew wide.

With a deep sigh, the voice replied."The children of Chaos are paranoia-driven freaks with little to no common sense. I firmly believed that you would be far too terrified to enter this realm again since you know that it is my playground."

"Yet I already returned before this?" We stood up off the bed, Yomi intently listening in on my conversation almost as if she could hear it. Then again, she just might."You returned yes, but that was for no other reason than to make love to your companion. That is something I can easily wrap my mind around... this? Not so much."

"Well here I am. So what happens now?" I asked with a quirked eyebrow as I took a set of seemingly random clothing from my drawer. A pair of fine-leather boots, crimson gloves and pants. The very same outfit I bought from Avelyne.. yet the shirt appeared to be missing.

Shrugging at apparently nobody, I put on just the trio and moved on."Now? Now you play the game, duh."

I blinked."What? No doomsaying, no life-threats, nothing?"

"I was not expecting you to come back so I did not prepare anything. And besides, you being here willingly works in my favor. The powers you possess here in Euphoria are the manifested potential of your real self, so while the games interpretation of them may not be 100% correct, it should allow me insight into what you've got on offer." Gaia explained in a tone which implied that she wasn't hiding anything at all, which surprised me. It made me feel uncomfortable.

It made me want to lower my guard."I ... see.."

"You appear to be confused, yet I cannot fathom why?" She questioned me in feigned ignorance and I let out a laugh as Yomi snorted. Huh, seems like she really can hear Gaia as well."Lets just say that you are being far too friendly for me not to be confused."

"Friendly? How exactly am I being friendly? We are doing nothing more than engaging in conversation. Just because a demon lord and a hero may converse during or before their battle does not make them friends." I let out a massive sigh."Yeah, thats the thing. We are talking."

A gigantic image formed into my mind of a strange, tentacles-for-hair alien woman tilting her head sideways in utter confusion."W-wha? That makes no sens-.. wait, are you perhaps reffering to the usual wordless way of speaking that Chaos and God like to use?"

"Yup." Finally finished dressing myself, I walked in front of a mirror by accident, only to stop dead in my tracks as I saw what was in the glass. There stood a man who looked like me, yet managed to be so different that I was no longer sure of myself."You mean to say that I am the first of the four to actually use comprehendable speech to talk to you?"

"Yes, which gives you extra points with me. God just impales my head with some kind of white tendrils and Chaos blasts me with images and leaves me utterly confused while hoping that I'll interpret them correctly." I spoke with a tone of sheer annoyance as I continued to stare at myself.

My hair, which is usually tied into a ponytail has been set free, re-colored to crimson and is currently glowing, almost floating perfectly in air.

My skin, once broken and bloody has now has nearly zero cracks or even battle scars, the only exception being cracks on each of my eyes, each leaking hot-red energy yet seemingly not having any purpose other than esthetics."... you know, I know that were enemies and all that but, I.. kinda pity you right now."

"I figured as much." Silence followed as Gaia sighed tiredly and retreated from my mind."Well... enjoy the game, I guess. We can continue this conversation in the real world later if you are interested. And I hope you like what I've done with your body... genetic scanning can only offer so much, especially since yours is constantly evolving. .. speaking off, here's some new blue screens."

You have been granted The Might Of Ashura (Activated Ability)!

+500 strength/no cost

A certain gigantic asshole has granted you a piece of its power. The Candle Of Life is now at your disposal.

+100% to all regeneration types to all allies within 20 yards of yourself, including you, when worn.

"We'll see." A quick look at my character menu shows the candle I just received from God to have assumed the position of a trinket, taking the first of two slots.

The might of Ashura also means that Aria's already succeded. Girl works fast when she wants to. Then again, if the power one has in Euphoria is the potential of your real self, then that might not be true.

In any case, since I'm already here, I might as well just play the game normally while trying my best not to reveal too much.

 Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Moments later... - Incerum - Rhean's Point Of View...

"Wow this town has changed in our absense... or should I say city?" Yomi said with a tone of wonder and amazement as we calmly walked through the city streets.

Any damage the city had sustained mere days ago has been repaired, with signs of new infrastructure being shown everywhere. Children, and goblins, ran seemingly aimlessly across our path and the adults engaged in endless trade.

Merchants, mercenaries, farmers and soldiers dotted the sides of Incerum, filling the city with much needed life. Goblins seem to have become the dominant race due to their quick breeding and growth, having adopted much the same jobs as one would expect of simple workers, carrying goods and delivering mail.

What I found weird is that nobody seemed to notice me walking through the city, mainly because nobody was terrified of my presence. I did get several weird looks thrown my way, but the people who sent them merely shrugged away their concerns.

It is almost as if nobody here recognizes me."To be fair, you did change a lot physically." Yomi's sarcastic tone echoed beside me as I turned towards her with a quirked eyebrow."Since when can you read my mind in game?"

She laughed and shook her head."I can't. It was written on your face but.. don't you think people not recognizing us is a good thing?"

I blinked at her wording. Us?

Truth be told, nobody really took note of Yomi even when I had already proclaimed her to be at the same level of authority as me, apart from the usual bunch of men staring at her like they do to every other beauty in sight.

In any case, weird as it is, it does not matter.

With a deep sigh, I checked my guild and noted that there were over two hundred people online... yet as soon as I was about to unblock the chat... I stopped myself.

Turning towards Yomi with a tired sigh, I asked her."Y'know... while I did promise you bloodshed and carnage tonight... the landscape of Euphoria can be extremely beautiful and there is a certain meadow near here which has grown into the mountains. Wanna go there instead?"

She blinked at me in surprise several times before replying."A...a.. are you asking me out on a date?"

I shrugged."Could be seen that way. I just want to spend some time with you.. alone, that is."

A beaming smile was my reply as Yomi's features visibly relaxed."And here I thought that you only kept me around for the sex."

I laughed at her antics as I pulled her in closer."Well thats not right... I also keep you around for all that delightful wit of yours."

She grinned at me as she took my hand into hers and motioned for me to go forward."Well then, my ever so adorable host. Lead the way."

Chuckling lightly, I put an arm around her back as she did the same around my waist and began the walk towards the meadow.

Some time later...


Congratulations! You have discovered The Shadebloom Meadow! (secret safe zone)

+20% to all regeneration

+staying in the Meadow for a prolonged period of time will grant you the rested status.

 "This place is beautiful..." Yomi whispered softly as we walked to a ridge at the edges of the meadow. The view below it showed us Incerum in a way we never experienced it before as we looked on to the city from above.

Its bright lights, the thunderous echo of its soldiers training, the endless flood of exchanging color as goblins, beastkin, humans and elves alike mixed in its streets.

A medley, the bright symbol of a truly free society capable of accepting everything and everyone."Not as beautiful as you."

I replied with a light laugh escaping me, causing Yomi to laugh alongside me."Charmer. Did you pick up that line from a movie?"

Stopping myself from entering a spree of chuckles, I leaned in closer to her and whispered."Does it matter?"

She gently reached for my cheeks with her hands and pulled me in for a kiss. Light as a feather, yet passionate enough to feel the heat."Nah, not really.."

We quickly separated as I turned back around and took in a deep breath."... So..."

Yomi began, her words dying in her throat as she turned towards me with both hope and dread.".. Can you tell me the real reason as to why we are here?"

I let out a sigh. I was tired. I was confused and saddened.

I may be a tough nut to crack but there is only so much that I can bear before I break.

I need to get at least one thing off my chest if I am to move on."Yomi... will you stay with me?"

She blinked in momentary confusion before light dawned onto her eyes."You mean, as in when you finally bring me back?"

A nod."Yeah..."

She turned to look towards the moon as her right hand clutched mine, her other one pushing into the shade-colored grass below us."I... I was hoping that.. that you would have the answer to that question, Leo."

"What do you mean?" Now it was my turn to be confused as she let out a breath."I mean.. this might be a bit selfish of me but... I kind of want you to.. to force me to stay. I.."

"You don't want me to even give you the option to leave? Why?" She looked downwards, seemingly ashamed of herself for some reason."I.. Because its simpler that way. Because then I won't.. I will.. haa..."

She took in a deep breath and released it after a dreadfull pause."I don't know how to explain it, Leo... Call it a womans insticts or intuition or whatever the hell the world likes to refer to it as but..."

She turned towards me with fear in her eyes."... but as the days go by, the number of your enemies grows seemingly endlessly. I want to stay with you Leo, but I am terrified. For the first time ever I have been granted a chance at resurrection, yet if I stay with you there is a good chance that I will be hurt, no fuck that, I WILL be hurt.. What I am afraid of, is dying again..."

Turning away to face the moon again, she continued."Especially since this time there is very little chance of securing a way for myself to be reborn once again."

"Yet you still want me to force you to stay?" I questioned her while wiping a stray tear from my eye."Yes.. I do."

She leaned in close to me, her frame suddenly filled with anger and determination."Yes, I do. I don't know about love or anything like that but.. after everything you've done for me, after all the common decency you've shown me over these past few months I.. I can't bring myself to plan any form of getaway..."

"Even if it might be me that kills you in the end." Now it was my turn to look away in shame as her features softened once again, her hands which I did not even notice were on my shoulders falling off, gently touching my skin as they did.

Yomi remained silent for a while after that statement, relieving the moments of Yusuke's betrayal, of her own sudden death.

Then she spoke in a muddled whisper which I did not manage to hear."What?"

I turned my head towards her as she promptly sat down in front of me, pushing herself intimately close to me as she spoke."You are not him. You may be his descendant. You may have the same tendency to go on a crazy killing spree from time to time but you. are. not. Yusuke."

"How can you be so sure of that? I nearly killed my own sister today, not to mention someone who is basically my best friend/drinking buddy and the vampire duo?" I asked her with doubt clear in my voice.

God may have granted me that candle, an artifact whose sole purpose was to prevent Chaos doing something which is not within Gods plan... but who is to say that Yomi's survival is part of Gods plan?"I... I ..."

She choked on her own words and remained silent.

Her shaking frame caused dread to creep up my spine as I hugged her closer to myself.

Time seemed to still itself and I briefly wondered if this was another choice forced upon me by Chaos or if Gaia was a sucker for romance...

Either way, I didn't really care.

I just let myself enjoy Yomi's presence as she leaned into me.

Silently, softly... we stayed that way, bound to one another, each seemingly taking great care not to squeeze too strongly.

Each afraid to hurt the other.

It was a moment in time itself that was equally as sweet as it was horrid.

Budding emotions between two monsters, born only to butcher and sow carnage everywhere they went.

This is who Yomi and I were.


Terrified of each other just as much as we were of ourselves.

Yet noone but we could understand each other.

We sat there, motionless yet uncharacteristically stable.

You have been granted the rested status!

+100% experience for the next 2 hours

For what seemed like an eternity we remained close, waking from our trance only as Euphoria's dawn burst forth from the horizon...

We opened our eyes slowly, her red-tinted gaze pierced into mine as dawn's light tore through the sky.

Black underlight exposed the tears she had shed and I could not stop myself from kissing her...

Kissing her more deeply, more passionately that I ever did before.

.. yet even as we separated, not a smidge of lust could be felt from the either of us.

Wordlessly, we stood up hand in hand and looked upwards, bravely gazing toward a new day.

A new dawn.

Each one, bearing a soul eternally lighter than ever before.

A truly ethereal moment, one which I will rememeber for centuries to come...

  Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

And that is it for this chapter of Euphoria!

I hope you liked my attempt at romance.

Honestly, writing this chapter made me feel at ease.

Like a weight had finally been torn off of my chest.

I guess I'm more in tune with this story than I thought... hmm.

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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