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Moments afterwards... - Castle Incerum (Royal Bedroom) - Rhean's Point Of View...

"ARGH! Enough of this shit, its time to open the flood gates!" I exclaimed out pretty loudly but spent only a brief moment wondering if someone could have heard me as I turned around to a spooked Yomi.

She blinked at me in surprise, having been fixing her nails as she waited for me to finish."O.. okay then? That was very unexpected."

Leaning in closer to her as I placed a kiss upon her lips, I beamed at her."Totally not sorry."

With a grin of her own, Yomi returned my affection as she weaved her arms around me and pulled me closer to her.

I felt myself lick my own lips as I felt her generous cleavage press against my chest, an action she seemed to enjoy just as much as she trailed around the edges of my muscle with a finger.

Within moments we were lost in lust, switching positions multiple times as we rolled around the bed, kicking its sheets off of ourselves and the bed itself as the room started growing hotter and hotter.

She caught me in a leg lock, her hands trailing across my back, grasping, clawing as our kisses deepened. I sat down cross-legged onto the bed with her sitting in my lap and took a look down.

A magnificently sculpted body took shape in my field of vision and Yomi grinned as she noticed me staring. She knew I liked what I was seeing as she began playing with her own breasts, enticing me to take further action.

An unsaid order which I immediately followed as I took a firm grasp of her ass, squeezing out a moan from my vixen lover."Mmmn!"

Then she rose from our sitting position and smiled as she opened up her vagina, her wetting slit already leaking down her legs as I massaged her thighs for what was coming. Within moments, she let herself fall down without pause, impaling herself upon my length.

I shivered slightly from the ordeal, gritting my teeth as I felt my crown pop into her womb, the walls of her cavern constricting around me with every delightful motion.

We stayed like that for a time, kissing and caressing each other. For a while, I wished that this moment would never end, but my desire, my hunger soon rose forward. With a savage grin and yet another kiss, I gently pushed her down onto the bed and took in the amazing pale-skinned, white haired beauty which now laid prone before me.

And then, I finally started moving. In and out in rhythmic motion, her moans echoing throughout the room as I watched mesmerized as her chest rose and fell with the same rhythm.

Speeding up, I felt her tighten around me even more, her breathing becoming heated and erratic as I plunged deeper and deeper into her velvet cavern, a bulge on her stomach rising and falling with each pull and stroke.

Leaning downwards, I put my arms around her as I felt myself reaching my first orgasm, increasing my speed to my maximum."A-a-ahhh!" She screamed out in a velvet tone as she gritted her teeth, her pussy tightening around me further as she came and I felt myself explode inside of her, my seed filling her depths to the brim.

A sense of euphoria etched itself onto us both as we leaned closer to one another, feeling every inch and nook and cranny as the haze began to pass...

Only to re-appear as I felt my animalistic instinct take over once more."Ahn!" She moaned out in surprise as I flipped her around and, still inside of her, began pounding her doggy style.

Looking downwards, I let out a chuckle as an idea formed in my mind and pushed a finger into her asshole."Ahm! H-hey!"

"Shh, I have an idea." Calming her down as I continued pounding her, my mind went to a portion of the blue screens which I had read mere moments ago.

Namely the part about blood magic. The screen stated how it could be used in unspecified ways so I wonder...

I channeled my mana down into my nether regions and imagined a certain picture as I stopped moving momentarily."H-huh? Why'd you stop?"

She asked me as I re-opened my eyes which I don't even remember closing to find that my spell worked."Oh you're about to find out, baby."

She quirked an eyebrow at me before her head rocked and her eyes went backwards as she felt both of her holes filled from behind."Ah the wonders of Euphoria, no?"

I joked as I pushed her down with my right hand while pulling her ass upwards with my left."Mhmma-aaah!

Impaling her fully with both of my cocks and feeling her every inch grinding against me as her tongue went out of her mouth, I began pounding her behind with all of my might.

Quickly, her ass cheeks reddened at my merciless advance, her insides moving as they took the shape of my cocks.

Grabbing her ass with both hands, I sped up to my maximum once again as Yomi grit her teeth, her velvet cavern convulsing several times as I felt her tightening around me again.

With one final slam, I felt a euphoric sensory overload as I filled both of her holes at once. As I kept on filling her up, I lost control of my legs and fell on top of her with my head next to her. With a grin and a smile, we shared another deep kiss.

"My turn!" She exclaimed ecstatically as she pushed me off of her and onto the edge of the bed so my feet touched the ground. Her hands grasped my length and give it several generous strokes as I felt myself swallow down.

Within moments, I was rock hard again and I felt my cocks pulse with fervor as she planted an erotic kiss on top of each of my crowns. Then she promptly straightened my members and sat down onto them.

"MMMhm!" She moaned out, biting down onto her own finger as she slowly worked her way down both of my lengths. I felt her squirming with each inch she covered as she managed to take both to the base.

Promptly putting my hands behind my back as she gave her ass a squeeze and a slap, I felt myself grinning as she began riding me.

I watched, entirely hypnotized as her ass bounced up and down my lengths. She worked me slowly, sensually, making sure to draw out as much as she could with every stroke.

Gritting my teeth as I felt her squirming again, I exhaled sharply as she stopped, gave me a wink and then began twerking with my dicks still inside of her.

My head rocked backwards as I felt my crowns being continuously rubbed against her walls, her every inch weaving itself around me, milking me for all I'm worth.

Feeling myself reaching close once more, I promptly stood up and grabbed both of her arms."Ahmn!"

Her moan echoed like music to my ears as I began to mercilessly pound her, our love juices dripping on the floor, staining the rich slate as they did.

Another slam inside as I forced as much of my lengths as I could within her, reaching the ends of her womb and ass as I pulled on her arms harder, eventually raising her into the air on my cocks as I felt myself explode inside of her."Nymnaaa!"

Swallowing down hard as I felt her velvet cavern constricting around me, milking me from the base up, I finally let go of her arms and exhaled sharply. An incredible feeling of emptiness filling my lower regions as she grasped a piece of furniture to stabilize her own shivering frame.

Her shaking legs trembled as she exhaled in much the same euphoria as I had moments ago. The blood spell I cast had run its duration and my second junior dispersed into thin air, causing me to give it a humorous salute which Yomi caught by the edges of her hazy-sighted eyes.

Unable to help herself, she busted out laughing."Did you just salute your own cock?"

"He shall be missed. Good soldier, that one." I let out with a spree of chuckles of my own and a tone like that of an old sergeant as she nodded wisely, her mouth just about to crack into another spree of laughs."That he was. A very good soldier, indeed!"

We both laughed merrily as I threw my left arm around her back and we laid onto the bed, fully enjoying each others company throughout the rest of this heated night.

Sleep mode engaged.

Good night, Destined One!

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