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As you all already know (provided that you even read my author notes), this chapter is written directly on RR.

Which, since I'm not used to it, will most likely lead to a myriad of mistakes, cringeworthy grammar and the like.

Especially bad tables await since I could not find a proper table-maker software...

Here's to hope I don't lose it before the lemon starts.

Anyways, here comes the next chapter of EUPHORIA! I sincerely hope that you enjoy, let us begin!

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

A Few Minutes Later... - Rhean's Castle - Rhean's Point Of View...

As soon as I logged it, I was barraged by what seemed to be an endless supply of blue screens... even if I hadn't been online for only a couple days.

Ah screw it, a couple days is a long time for any game. Anyways, lets start reading them...

Taking a look around myself before opening the notifications bar, I notice Yomi looking equally annoyed to my right."Hey, babe."

The words left my mouth before I could stop myself and she turned towards me with a smile as we exchanged a kiss, which would have been deeper if...

Your notifications bar is full! Please take a look at your notifications bar before taking any other action! We thank you for your understanding and have a good day.

We grumbled and separated as Yomi sighed and clutched her head, the royal silken sheets of our bed following her hand as she let it fall from my cheek."Seems like we might as well do this first. Or else I think our plans might end up going awry."

"Who knows, maybe something interesting happened during our time off." I muttered mostly to myself as Yomi chuckled."More interesting than the either of us?"

Shrugging towards her, I opened the notifications bar.

Welcome back, Destined One!

Due to your risen level of understanding of Chaos, your title "The Archon Of Chaos" has leveled up! You are now "Eldritch Heresiarch".

Side Note: Due to you no longer being the holder of the singular title "The Archon Of Chaos", another player has attained said title. They have been added to your friends list (Talodel Vi Anrath, Guild: Hate Spike) for convenience.

Side Note: Due to your connection to Chaos becoming even more powerful, your Chaos Soul (Archon) has become Chaos Soul (Heresiarch).


Oh? Another person worthy of Chaos' attention? Friend, or foe?

Suppose I'll have to find out later.

Due to your risen level of understanding of Chaos, you feel that its influence on this world has risen exponentially. All of your cities are now granted the "Living Ebb" buff, increasing growth rate by 25% and allowing you to research more Chaos related technologies.

Chaos' influence has risen within Euphoria?

Hmmm, this could mean a whole lot of things, but I guess its literal translation makes sense too.. It could be that Gaia is just messing with me, making it so I might reveal something vital by playing the game, making me feel safer while inside as she plucks Chaotic secrets from my brain. It could also be that Chaos has decided to throw an eye on this realm in order to protect me from that very event.

Your flesh has finally stabilized itself from the rampant chaosborne energies coursing through your body, re-shaping your entire self as a whole. However, this has also caused you to lose all of your previous chaos-related abilities which were born out of your body's former instability.

You have lost: Chaos Scythe, Twin Fang, Chaos Rush, Chaos Soul (Archon), Reap, Chaotic Instability (Passive), Raging Fist Style, Devourment, Living Aura, Infusion, Napalm Flare, Draw Air, Pyrobomb, Blood Regeneration and Chaos Gauntlet.

Note: Due to your unuse of its abilites, The Path Of Panic has withdrawn itself from your soul thus causing you to lose the powers it has provided.

Note: Savagery, Battle Feast, Glory and Death! and Hunger For Carnage have been merged into a single ability: Destructor (Passive).

Destructor (Passive): Staying in combat slowly raises your attack speed/crit chance/damage dealt/life steal/damage reduction by 1%/10s, -1s per on any damage dealing attack/ability. Kills on living targets automatically heal you for 20% of your current health.

 "Aw what the hell?... Meh, honestly I deserve that. Still is gonna suck having to basically rehab myself to my own character." Yomi turned towards me as I muttered out in a semi-annoyed tone. She took one look at the blue screen in front of me and chuckled to herself.

Ignoring her, I continued reading.

Still, I gotta admit that Harold's been pretty busy balancing my character... not so sure I should be happy about that though.

However, due to your flesh stabilizing itself, you have gained evolved versions of some of your old abilites as well as gained some entirely new ones.

Ability Evolutions: Raging Fist Style - Chaos Fist Style, Chaos Gauntlet - Essence Rupture, Chaos Soul (Archon) - Chaos Soul (Heresiarch), Living Aura - Living Nexus, Devourment - Origin Return and Chaos Rush - Hellfire Charge.

Chaos Fist Style - Allows for seamless, non-form changing use of all chaos-related abilites, passives and powers. Cost: null, -25% atk speed, double damage, 75% crit chance, quadruple damage on weakspot strike. Note: User cannot wield any weapons in this form.

Essence Rupture - Your blazing life-force tears free from your arms, covering them in blood and fire. Cost: 10% current HP, +50% atk speed. Note: Wounds caused by Essence Rupture are cauterized and cannot be healed until combat ends. (Health Potions are exempt from this rule.)

Chaos Soul (Heresiarch) - Your connection to Chaos allows you to gain double health bonus from all effects, receive 20% reduced physical damage, regenerate all resources 50% faster and sets your reputation to all non-allinged Fiends Of The Deep/Gods Of Light to wary.

Living Nexus (Passive) - Your connection to Chaos has turned you into a nexus of life itself, granting your allies a 25% bonus to all regeneration and increasing happiness to any city you govern by 5%/weekly. Note: This ability, while active, will automatically infuse worthy players with Chaos. You will be prompted to approve or dissaprove should such an event happen.

Origin Return - Having established a direct link to the origin of life itself, you are now able to devour any being which has been wounded enough. (Percentages wary depending by target. Availablility will be shown via marker above a viable target.)

Hellfire Charge - Momentarily supercharge users momentum as they charge towards a target, stunning them for 0.5s and dealing 120% of their equipped weapons damage. If no weapons are equipped then no damage will be dealt unless combined with a martial arts move.

Abilities Gained: Hellfire Overdrive, Hellfire Manipulation, Lightning Of Creation, Blood Magic (Chaos), Gravity Control.

Hellfire Overdrive - Allows you to temporarily shatter your body back into its unstable state, granting you +20% damage output to all abilities/powers/attacks. Cost: 50% current health.

Hellfire Manipulation - The purifying power of Hellfire has entered your body, making you immune to Mind Control but also making you unable to benefit from morale. This ability allows you to pull upon the power of Hellfire in unspecified ways.

Lightning Of Creation - A staple power of all Chaos users, this crimson lightning born out of an otherwordly combination of mana and psionic energy can be used to either unleash implausible violence upon your foes or heal your allies by recreating their very flesh and bone! This ablity has two stances, Life and Death. Life - User channels a beam of crimson energy towards a target ally, healing them for 10% of their maximum health per second. Death - User strikes a target with crimson lightning which forks to other nearby enemies within 10 yards, dealing 500dmg/second. Note: Both stances of this ability are susceptible to interruption. Cost: 10% of users maximum Mana and 5% of users maximum Psi.

Blood Magic (Chaos) - Due to your blood being the same as that of Life itself, you heal 50% quicker (does not stack with Living Nexus). This ability allows you to command your burning blood in non-specified ways.

Gravity Control - Due to your understanding of the true nature of Gravity, you have gained the ability to control this foundamental force of reality to some extent. Cost: 5% Psi/2s.


You have lost a resource bar! (Napalm)

You have gained access to a new resource bar! (Psi)


 Okay... now this is one huge fucking blue screen. Honestly, its contents are giving me pause.

It seems like Gaia is trying to make my ingame character posess the same powers that I have in real life, granted they're much stronger here, I think. Is she trying to make me unconsciously reveal my identity to the general public by making people connect the dots?.. I'll have to be careful about the way I use my powers. Both in here as well as in real life.

"Show Status." Unable to help myself, I opened up my status screen just to see what my stats are like right now.

Name: Rhean Title: Eldritch Heresiarch, Guildbreaker, Gatebreaker Fame/Infamy: 2788/4596  
Level: 71 Health: 4256/5000 Mana: 3083/4000 Psi: 257/600
Strength: 207 Luck: 0 (Stat to be removed next patch due to balancing problems) Health Regen: 12/s  
Agility: 183 Insight: MAXED Mana Regen: 30/s  
Intelligence: 162 Vitality: 299 Psi Regen: 3/s  
    Essence Generation: 300/s  
Combat Skills Passives Proffesions  

Hellfire Charge (Beginner - 0%)

Hellfire Overdrive (Cannot Improve)

Essence Rupture (Beginner - 0%)

Origin Return (Beginner - 0%)

Chaos Fist Style (Beginner - 0%)

Destructor - (Cannot Improve)

Chaos Soul (Heresiarch) - (Unknown)

Living Nexus - (Cannot Improve)

Hellfire Manipulation - (Beginner 0%)

Blood Magic (Chaos) - (Beginner 0%)

Gravity Control - (Beginner 0%)

KI Aura - (Practicioner 78%) - Eldritch Horror bonus active (Aura is 50% more effective)

Seduction - (Cannot Improve) - +10% speech skill when interacting with female NPC's.


Cooking - Beginner 57%

Survivalist - MAXED (see proffession trainer to evolve ability)

Speech - Practicioner 98%

Leadership - Beginner 73%



 Lucks going to be removed, eh?

So after two years of development, they finally realized how bullshit that stat is... I mean, a noob wearing no armor could just randomly start dodging every single ability from several super-powered players at once, even those he/she didn't see coming. Those who max the luck stat are often called Jumpers and their favorite quote is; I'M NOT EVEN CONTROLLING MYSELF, LOL.

Take a guess as to why. Luck in this game works in such a way that it forces you to do something you usually wouldn't, thus making it extremely annoying to anyone not staking their everything on said stat.

 Honestly though, I kinda like the new status screen.. seems a lot cleaner, but that may be because of all the ability crunching Harolds done to me while I wasn't online.

Oh well, onto the next set of notification screens.

Your city of Incerum has grown to become a City-State! Current Population: 24379/25000

Warning; once your city grows to its next level (Grand City-State) it will no longer be hidden on the World Map and players will be able to discover it permanently.

Additionally, npc nations will become open to diplomacy... and war.


 What the fuck? Okay, that was quick... then again, I am getting stupidly high bonuses to growth and have goblins on my side.

Your city of Incerum has reached its current maximum of available facilities! Should you wish to browse the list of available facilities, please open your goverment bar and select your desired city to view it. Remember, if you do not wish to waste time governing a city while ingame, you can always download our phone app (EUPHOLITICS) to aid you in doing so out of game or via the help of our game's website (

 Doing as the screen suggested, I find the goverment tab, which was strangely tinted purple and selected Incerum, my current capital and only city in control.

Incerum (25/25):

3 Blacksmiths

2 Tailors

2 Hunters Bastions

1 Slate Quarry

1 Black Cathedral (Unique Outpost)

1 Dreaming Garden

1 Imperial Castle

1 Imperial Training Grounds

1 Resource Hideout

1 Childrens School

1 Azarestrian Great Library

1 Azarestrian Plantation

1 Azarestrian Laboratory

1 Azarestrian Mine

1 Adventurers Guild

1 Goblin Undercity (Unique City Expansion)

3 Taverns

1 Brewery

1 Wineyard

 Thats a decent setup right there. Just the right amount of player-friendly facilities as well as those to suit the needs of my subjects.

That said, I didn't expect The Black Cathedral to be counted as a facility much less an Outpost, though I suppose it does benefit the realm as a whole since its under my territorial control.

"Show Empire resources." Taking a deep breath as Yomi gently nudged my side and kissing her again, I reply."Don't worry, I'll be finished soon."

"I hope not." She joked with a grin as I turned back around with a smile on my face, contiuning to browse a seemingly endless stream of data...

This is what I get for not logging on for a couple days, haa...

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Okay, I'm really sorry guys... I promised you all a lemon but I'm so damn tired from all these blue screens that I just don't have the will or the energy to do it now...

I'll do it sometime soon. I mean, tomorrow or rather today and the day which follows after today are saturday and sunday, there is a decent chance that I might type it down later.

But, as usual, don't hold me for my word. Worst case scenario? Within 12 days or you can proclaim me dead.

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Now, back to reading, will edit maybe.

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