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The Seventh Of October, year 2022 - Late Evening - The Skies Of Tokyo - Leonardo's Point Of View...

After the long talk that Yomi had with her brother, I decided to go for a walk.

... or well, a flight.

I decided to fly around aimlessly to clear my head. A damn lot had happened in a single day... Hell, all that's happened so far has been...


Two to three weeks of real-time? Everything is happening so quickly, so ... rushed. It feels like my existence is being rushed for some reason.

A number two forms inside of my mind but I remain blank as to what it could mean. Is it some kind of time-limit? If so, what does it represent?

The time I have until Gaia breaks free?

The time I have to build a colony ship?

Or the time I have to save the people of this world?

... And two of what exactly?




... All of those fit the bill."Huh?"

My eyes open wide as an immense presence enters my soul's sensor range, a massive force far beyond my own power. I stopped dead in my tracks, floating in mid-air as I waited for whatever was coming.

It did not feel evil... though, I suppose that does not matter when I'm in question. Perhaps it is some kind of hero who wishes to kill me?

An answer comes mere moments after as a blinding light strikes my point of view and soon disperses to reveal.. a man. Or at least someone whom I believed to be a man.

The enigmatic being took the form of an older male, mostly humanoid in shape but with golden, glowing hair and equally golden eyes, not gold as in color, but gold as in the energy reeling off of them. There were lines all across his form, tracing along the lines of muscle. He seemed to be wearing a rather ancient Tang-sect suit, woven from equally ancient material.

His presence radiated a form of divinity and/or perhaps royalty. Finally, after a minute spent in utter silence, the man opened his eyes, though more out of courtesy rather than necessity and spoke."I see that you are not one of many words."

"Am I really the one who needs to say something in this situation?" I asked him with a curious eyebrow to which the obvious cultivator responded with a cheery laugh."No... I suppose not. In any case, I have not come here for idle chatter."

A formed fighting stance was my immediate reaction to that to which the old man sighed and readied his fists."No matter. Youngsters in this day and age usually listen better when on the ground, either way."

A flash of gold formed in my eyes view before my brain caught up what was happening. Soon, the implant of a fist etched itself into my stomach as I felt my mind slipping, but I grit my teeth and bit through my own flesh as I pushed my whole body back. My spine cracked as the old fools predicted move ended with his fist on the inside of my body."W-what?! N-no! I did not come here t-*crack*"

My left arm swung in a backhand motion, slamming the old man across the face and sending him flying a few meters away. His frame told me clearly that he barely even felt that blow, his face twisted more in shock than anything else.

Meh, works for me. I used this momentary shock to charge right at him, flying at higher speeds than I imagined myself capable of as Qi, Psi and Mana all collapsed into my right arm, ushering forth a punch which was sure to shatter my entire arm. And it did, as my fist connected with the old mans left shoulder, I felt my bones quake only for the briefest moment as my arm imploded upon itself, leaving only a shattered extension of bone from my right shoulder.

"AAAARGH!" The cultivator flew backwards once again, his expression of shock turning to that of agony this time as not even his apparently divine self could manage such a blow without feeling. Soon, he recovered from my assault and stared in even further shock at my non-existent arm."W-what.. I did not come here t-"

But before he could finish, I continued my assault. My right arm regenerating in the middle of my flight to the man, causing his eyes to widen. However, he would not be caught unaware again as he caught my fist and twisted it as he caught me in a leg lock from behind, easily molding into a form where he could snap my spine on a moments notice."Stop this foolishness! I am not here to fight you! My name is -"

"Unimportant." Was my cold reply as I broke my own spine, sending my head flying backwards and slamming into his forehead before he could stop me, causing him to leap back, seemingly taking steps on thin air as he created distance between us."Fine then! Your ability to sustain wounds is immense, young one. But this shall not be something you can take an advantage of!"

His fist then flew right through my chest, just barely missing my heart as I spat out blood from my mouth and smiled."Hah, you should have gone for my heart, old fool!"

My mouth opened and a blaze of hellfire burst forth, making my opponent clutch his eyes as they burned."My eyes!"

Reforming my spine, I quickly channeled the same chaotic combination of energies I had used in my punch beforehand into both of my arms and prepared to strike as I pulled my hands back.

But just as I was about to possibly kill the stunned old fool, another cultivator basically teleported in front of me and created some sort of barrier to protect both of them from my blow. Unable to stop myself, my fists connected with the strange energy barrier and exploded in a mass of gore as the barrier cracked, but the damage it was meant to deal was completely negated. Suddenly, a foot appeared in my stomach, seemingly digging into it as I was sent flying across the skies.

"Divine Imprisonment!" The other one exclaimed as golden, glowing chains formed out of nothingness and tied themselves around me.

I let out a massive sigh as I didn't even bother to test the chains. One of these old guys was way out of my league and the only way I'd manage to beat one is if I could make good use of the shock factor, but I doubt that's gonna be of any use with two of them here. The other one walked towards me with a rather... confused appearance."Not going to struggle? After everything you've done just now?"

"Look man, what the hell do you even want with me? What exactly did I do to piss of not one, but two divine cultivators?" The other one merely quirked an eyebrow as he let out a sigh."You have done nothing. In fact, me and my brother over there did not come here to fight you."

I took one look at his supposed brother and snorted."Sure didn't give off that kind of aura."

He sighed."Our actions here are your fault and your fault alone, young one. Either way, my name is Hyeok Jae and my brother over there is Hui Jun. As you have managed to deduce, we are both cultivators of high rank. As for why we are here... well, it is to elevate you."

"Elevate me? Sorry, I don't have time to sit on a mountain and meditate for several thousand years in hopes of attaining eternity. I'm already unkillable enough as it is." My eye twitched as Hyeok's eyes widened in what appeared to be recognition and respect."Young enough to feel such unfiltered rage, yet also seemingly wise enough to know that cultivation does not grant one immortality, merely eternity."

Another deep breath was taken as his brother finally recovered from my hellfire and walked over."Still, your actions just now make no sense. I would readily attribute them to one who is lost in anger and hatred... yet you are clearly not. This is... a dilemma."

"Oh boo hoo, thousands of years old and never met a madman? I'm fucking insane, deal with it. Normality is not something you will find anywhere near me but enough about that! TELL ME WHY YOU ARE HERE!" They both seemed taken aback by my outrage. To be perfectly honest, I was about to ask Yomi to help me kill them, but she said that shes going to sleep for a while as that mind-link or whatever her brother created to speak to her was so fucking badly done that it nearly exhausted all of her mana to keep it stable for as long as she did.

"Such arrogance in one so young... no.. not arrogance, merely annoyance. You.. you do not perceive the either of us as any threat whatsoever, do you?" Hui Jun spoke with a stunned tone as his brother sighed again."Insane, you say? I have met many who have claimed madness in my time."

"Did any of them break their own spine in an attempt to kill you or your brother?" They blinked in unison as Hui nodded at me."You make a good point, youngster. In any case, it seems that you want absolutely nothing to do with us for no apparent reason."

"So we shall be quick about what we must do." Hyeok placed a hand onto my fully healed and yet, exposed chest. Golden energies flowed from him and into my heart as the old man nodded."Hmm, yes... It would appear that I was right. Thy strength is not merely magical in nature... In fact, there is more to your power than even a union of mana and Qi. There is something else within you."

"I have access to Psi." I answered his unsaid question with a sigh, prompting yet another to escape him."Psi? What is this Psi you speak of?"

A quick look at Hui Jun told him that I did not like his voice at all, yet I still answered diligently, to the best of my ability."It is an energy the mind forms by converting raw mana. It can be used to shape reality and bend it to ones own will... or, in my case at least, take control of gravitational forces."

"Gravity is a fundamental force of reality. Such power is nothing to scoff at, yet the uninspired way you have used it so far offers that you have only gained this power recently." Hyeok concluded and I nodded."Earlier today, actually."

Now that, seemed to shock them."You are joking, correct? This is a joke." Hui Jun asked me with some kind of smirk to which I merely shook my head."No joke."

Hyeok then channeled more energy into my chest as he closed his eyes in silence before promptly removing his hand from my body."Well, it would appear that you are not the prophesied Asura. Which makes it so you are not necessarily our enemy."

"Enemy? Prophesied Asura?" I asked of him as the golden chains holding me down dispersed unto nothingness, causing the men to both sigh and then nod in my direction as Hyeok answered."Well, I suppose that you are worthy of this information... Know that sometime during this age, the soul of Wrath shall pass unto yet another host, causing this person to gain near limitless power but lose the ability to control themselves. They are going to be marked with a crimson star upon their forehead."

"Crimson star? Couldn't you have just looked at my forehead and seen that I'm not your guy? All this pointless nonsense could have been avoided if you did." I blurted out in even greater annoyance as Hui Jun sighed at me and then reminded me of a little fact."Well, if you were so kind and patient that I could just take your damn mask off for a moment then yes, all of this pointless nonsense could have indeed been avoided."

I remained silent after that as the two prepared to depart. Hyeok turned around and wordlessly disappeared from my sight with a flash of gold, but Hui Jun approached me as he took something from a pocket and handed it to me. The Item in question appeared to be a golden pill."I know that you said how you did not have the time to spend years meditating on the roof of a mountain... but you have more talent than any of my current students. Should you ever change your mind about pursuing cultivation, then drink the pill. It will awaken your... currently flowing, but also clogged Qi to its fullest potential."

"Fullest potential? Clogged? You mean my Qi is... damaged or something?" The older man smiled at my curiosity and replied."No. You are merely one in a billion, a person whose Qi naturally flows outward rather than inward, giving you the ability to channel it outward of your body far more easily than others. In fact, people like you are the ones who were the first to develop cultivation... Hmm, now that I think about it, they were also often referred to being insane. Or, perhaps more accurately, attuned to hondon, rather than jumun."

Hondon as in Chaos and Jumun as in Order."What exactly will this pill do to me?"

He shook his head."That, I do not know. The Golden Gate pill is part of our sects tradition and all masters carry one on their person at all times. It is said that fate itself decrees who those who carry the pills give them to, which is what prompted me to do so now."

"You don't know, even if its your clan-sorry, sects tradition?" I asked in a disbelieving tone as the old man turned around and waved his hand as if to say goodbye."I was given the pill by my father sometime after my birth, so whatever happened then I do not remember it. Rumors say that it helps one find enlightenment, or aids them in discovering their true purpose in this world."

My purpose? So this pill holds the answers to my cause? I find that incredibly implausible.

But before I could inquire further, the man dispersed from my sight."Huh... well if I ever decide to do this, I am so going to make them teach me that teleportation skill... at least, I hope its a teleportation skill and not just them going all speedforce on my eyes."

It suddenly dawned on me how neither of them asked or even mentioned my darker nature. My senseless murdering of innocent people...

Then again, cultivators are often portrayed as those who do not think of non-cultivators as people at all. Rather, the normals are merely tools and/or animals.

Well, if I ever decide to retire, cultivation might be the path I decide to tread."But that day is not today..." I whispered to myself as I turned around and headed straight home.

My new gaming setup was waiting for me back home...

And, perhaps more importantly, a sexually deprived fox waited along with it.

And I couldn't wait to give her a piece of me.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

You know what?

I'm gonna stop here and continue on tomorrow or somewhere within twelve days.

Gotta keep the lemons as singular releases to make it less confusing.

I hope you liked the chapter!

For once, its 2 AM... and I'm going to sleep.

I actually finished a chapter before 2 AM.. that's new. I actually started a chapter of 3k words before 2 AM.

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themystogrigen @themystogrigen ago

I have a feeling they just gave the brother of this "asura" person (COUGH SISTER COUGH HACK COUGH COUGH FUCK, IT'S THE SISTER) a very large weapon.  Especially since he has that super artificial dantain that covers his whole body...  Yep, he's going to be insane as a cultivator...


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Thanks for the chapter!

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Every time they update it a lot of authors either make their own site or just quit writing on this one altogether.

I wouldn't worry about ditching blue screen, Aria deserves her own line of text anyway, that poor AI endures so much.

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You can still use the typing way for tables. As long as you have access to the tools you previously used, you can probably use those too. You don't absolutely have to use the current editor.

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    Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

    He won't be marrying anyone.

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    Indirectly indeed. Lets be honest here though, its the same as saying how lions invented hunting. Its semi-true yet also not.


    My release schedule does not exist, but I normally update once in every 12 days after last chapter. My other story, Destiny: Infernal is currently on hold because a reviewer ruined its plotline and now I have to re-think it.

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