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Moments Afterwards... - Within The Fox Temple - Leonardo's Point Of View...y

Several shaking foxkin and braziers of strange, white flame passed and we finally found ourselves in front of a rather traditional Japanese wooden house with sliding doors. The guard-captain, or whatever else they called him, promptly opened the door, bowed slightly and pointed inside.

Wordlessly, I walked into the room to find it utterly barren of any kind of furniture. There was nothing more than yet another one of those braziers, except this one was not lit and was also empty of any form of fuel, wood or otherwise. A maid of some kind suddenly appeared from one of the sliding doors, looked at me and gasped before lowering her head in utter terror.

Yet, while also forcing herself not to blush for some reason. Her body heat fluctuated all over and I found out just how amusing it can be to stare at a woman's lower body as it heats up.

Thank god for my eyes.

Anyways, the maid then took a jug out of a hidden chest beneath the floor and poured whatever was inside of the jug into the brazier. It looked like water, yet .. somehow discolored."Its kami-damned gasoline, dumb ass."

Yomi's annoyed tone echoed inside of my mind as I quirked an eyebrow, broke myself out of my stupor and promptly sat down next to the brazier, scaring the poor maid."Whats got you in a jiffy?"

A very confused blink showed itself to my mind as Yomi replied."Since when do you use words like jiffy? Also, we are about to meet a member of my family who I believed to be dead all this time. You can imagine that I'm a little bit nervous... not to mention how you got super-descriptive all of a sudden."

I blinked, realizing the truth in her words."Well, at least I picked a barren room as a good place to get descriptive." I joked with an audible snort, causing the maid to walk away slowly."Anyways, whats up with her?" I mentally questioned as I watched the fox girl leave in hurried steps.

Yomi let out a massive sigh."If I had to guess, then the little bit of me you have inside of you is exuding a very powerful scent. Normally, this does not do much.. however, as your body practically radiates violence and my kinds naturally attraction to said violence... well, I think you can see how deadly of a combination that could be."

"I radiate violence? How does that work? And foxkin are attracted to violent people? That's... pretty cool." I spoke out loud before I noticed it, causing someone to chuckle darkly behind me.

The male person then spoke."Indeed. Your entire existence is covered in crimson, an all-consuming aura of bloodlust and rage, combined with a certain stench of death and dried blood... you are quite the morsel for one of my kind."

Turning around, I had to blink several times before my brain caught up to the imagery. A seemingly youthful man.. woman... femboy, stood in front of me, carrying an aura of grace. He had a bright smile which seemed to radiate light into the room we were in, stood around one eighty tall and was wearing nothing but a white kimono. There were four tails swishing behind him, two pure white and two pink, each groomed to perfection.

I blinked."Are you gay?"

I heard Yomi screech in the back of her head as the man was taken aback by my bluntness."... I... am not against it. In fact, I have recently been fairly interested in my own sex but can't seem to find a willing partner. Why do you ask, though? I do not get the feeling that you are offering yourself."

"That's because I'm not." A deep breath of relief was given as Yomi managed to soothe herself."However, I'd like to ask if I could take a picture of you. I may know someone who is interested."

"Is ... this person human?" He asked with a confused, but not disinterested tone as he walked over and sat next to me, next to the brazier."Yeah, its my older brother."

Now that, seemed to surprise and shock the guy so much his jaw dropped."Wait, is .. is this really happening?" Yomi's twitching eye made me nearly bust out laughing as I took out my phone and promptly took a picture of Subaru.

Within seconds, I found a picture of Michael that I had stored onto my phone and showed it to Subaru."You like how this guy looks?"

Yomi's younger brother took the phone and spent a moment checking out the picture of my brother, who was currently in his swimming trunks, showing off his six-pack to a public of around thirteen people. I actually took the picture in order to kink-shame him on social media in case he ever got any blackmail on me but never really used it up till now."I... I must say that I do."

Having that confirmation, I took the phone back and forwarded the picture to my brother.".. Oh kami... why.. why do things like this have to happen?!" Yomi's woe made it all a whole lot more worthwhile as I waited on a response.

For the briefest moment, I thought about how Aria hasn't spoken a word yet and sent a psi pulse through myself, only to find her face-deep in her little laboratory-organ, having most likely predicted what was going to happen and just stowed herself away before she became part of it.

Instead of a reply, I got a call from my brother."LEO?! WHO AND WHAT IS THAT GUY?!"

"Hi Mike. The guy in the picture is a kyuubi who is related to the one stuck in the axe father gave me. He's her younger brother. Thing is, hes interested in exploring the ... homo, part of his sexuality. You up for it?" The age-old fox watched on at the implausibility that was happening in front of him.

A human revenant just randomly strolled into his house, checked him out foot to hair and is now trying to get him together with his own older brother."WELL HE ISN'T THE ONLY ONE WHOSE BRAIN IS TEARING ITSELF APART RIGHT ABOUT NOW YOU FUCKING.. UGH!" Yomi's yelled at the top of her lungs inside of my head, causing me to wince, but not stop.

"YES! For the love of God, yes!.. when can we meet? WHERE CAN I MEET HIM?!" My brothers excitement made me blink as I hadn't thought of that part yet. Turning over to Subaru, I asked."Would it be possible for you to move to Italy? I'm going to be resurrecting your sister there once I find her corpse, plus as you've heard just now, a potential boyfriend is waiting for you there."

The foxkin remained stupefied for a moment before his brain caught up with reality."Uhm.. no, that's fine, I can go wit-WAIT, YOU'LL DO WHAT?!"

"Resurrect your sister so she does not have to live inside of my brain." I replied with a bright smile upon my face as he recoiled, his twitching right eye almost mimicking the actions of his sister mere moments ago."Ah."

That was the most intelligent, most amazing reply he could manage for the moment.

He opened his mouth to speak.

Then closed it.

Then opened it again.

Closed it.

... wordlessly, he extended his hands over the filled brazier and asked me."Uhm... I... want to talk to my sister and this brazier will help me do so once I light it ablaze.. so uh, can I?"

Ah, so that's what the braziers are for. Probably some kind of spiritual aide."Sure. Go ahead."

Closing my eyes as he cast mana into the brazier, causing it to erupt in white fire, I felt myself drifting into my own mind as Yomi took over my body, my lips moving on their own, my eyes seeing yet not seeing.

It was, needless to say, an out-of-body experience!

... get it?

I'll show myself out now.


O.. okay then... here.. I have...

Saved you.

... "*_*

Same Place - Same Time - Yomi's Point Of View...

"Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaahnm!" I let out a massive breath of pure relief as I felt myself gain control over Leonardo's body.

The feeling of nerves connecting to muscles, of which there was a whole lot more than I was used to, turned out to be far more exhilarating than one would think.

Like regaining the ability to move and breathe after an eon of paralysis."Sister? Huh... I thought my spell had failed for whatever reason."

I let my eyes roam around the room, adjusting myself to Leonardo's body for a moment before I replied."It did. However, you managed to form a cognitive link to Leonardo's mind nonetheless, this allowing him to let me take over."

"So does that mean he can break the link at anytime?" Saburo asked me with a quirked eyebrow as I nodded."Pretty much, but that's not important. How are you, little brother? How much has happened in my absence?"

He laughed."Sister, it has been over two thousand years since last you were here. How exactly am I supposed to explain things which not even I remember?"

I sighed as nostalgia struck me. My little brother and Leonardo are quite alike, considering the fact that they tend to not pay much attention to things not in front of them. I had hoped that Saburo would have changed with age, though I see now that is not the case."I see... Well, you would not have asked for his permission to do this if you didn't wish to ask me something so please, go ahead."

A moment of pause as he rubbed his chin in thought."In all honestly? I asked for it because a part of me desired to simply hear your voice again, Yomi. But now, that you are truly here, I have no idea what to even ask... Where have you even been all this time? I thought you were dead."

"Haven't you heard of the Lumberjack's curse?" I asked him with a quirked eyebrow as I cracked the bones in my left hand, feeling the liquid fury, the blood of chaos flowing within Leonardo's veins... while I was in his mind, my soul was protected from its influence even when I drank of the blood myself.

But now, the feeling... it is so... powerful.


Alive."I have.. though, I firmly believe it to be bullshit. I mean, you were killed by human peasants? With pitchforks and torches? I find that highly unlikely."

A laugh escaped my lips as I replied, Leonardo's crimson eyes glowing a golden light."And you would be correct. I was already dead by the time they found me."

My brother narrowed his eyes at me."Then who took your life? Was in an exorcist? A shinigami?"

A deep sigh was heard echoing throughout the room as I the answer echoed in my thoughts and I felt Leonardo shiver."Well... the one who killed me... was my lumberjack."

"Why... why didn't you tell me the truth? All this time I thought..." Leonardo's horrified voice echoed in my thoughts and I felt a part of me collapse."The Lumberjack? You mean your .. human lover killed you?"

I laughed again."Human lover? Please brother, do you sincerely believe that who I was before was capable of love? I felt... a kindred spirit, within that insane man. Yusuke slaughtered everyone and everything in his path, be they human or inhuman did not matter to him, just as it did not matter to me."

"Then what about the villagers? Why were they marching towards your home, if even that part of the story was true?" A terrible silence danced around my chest as Leonardo's mind went cold, a sense of betrayal filling his entire being.

But the sense did not know who to target.

Should he blame the lumberjack for killing me in the first place? What he believed to be his previous incarnation? One of his ancestors?

Or should he blame me for keeping the truth from him? Truth be told, the only reason why I started out being really evil towards him was because I was still quite angry."The villagers were marching towards my home because they heard a woman scream. They believed it was another of my victims, but they were not aware of Yusuke's own killing record. I will perhaps never know the true reason why... but one day, I simply woke up just in time to see myself getting beheaded, my spirit bound within the very axe used to kill me. The villagers? They were nothing more than fuel used in order to fully bind my soul to the axe as my body was left to rot. He took my head with him as a trophy, eventually allowing me to assimilate it into the axe which in turn allowed me more freedom. I required a host to survive and still do, but at least with some of my body back I could choose who I wanted to inhabit."

"On that note, your current host is... interesting." A nod came from my brother."So does that mean that the part of you which is inside of me right now is your head?"

A mental nod was sent to Leonardo who had seemingly calmed down quickly enough. Part of me wants to say sorry but I really wasn't, the other part of me is saying how Leonardo probably already knew or at least figured it out for the most part.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...


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