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Beyond Creation - All Of Time Yet None Of Time - Leonardo's Point Of View...

Wordlessly, I found myself opening my eyes to a somewhat familiar scene.

Ground made of flesh? Check.

Pockets of skin, scattered around like carpets? Check.

Blood Ocean?..

I looked around. Uncheck.

A drop of liquid fell onto my face and I looked up."Ah... the ocean is the sky?"

Or so I thought."Do you think that is air you are breathing right now?"

A familiar voice echoed in my mind as I turned around and round to find nobody and nothing there."Do you think that you are standing? Are you sure you aren't flying?"

It was, in fact, a very familiar voice. Because it was my own.

Blinking and looking at my feet, I finally realized that looking down was mildly nauseating.

Also a familiar feeling. My stomach began rumbling in protest.

And then I realized it.

The ocean wasn't the sky.

The ground was the sky."Perspective, perspective..."

Right, it matters how one perceives it.

As if there was something to perceive around here."Everything is bound to the self. To think differently is simply foolish."

What an incredibly arrogant thought, oh voice of mine.

Hmm, taking all this into account, I'm somewhere within Chaos.

Meaning that I've been within it for the second time today."Not within..."

The voice answered and I tilted my head in confusion."GRAARGLH!"

Some kind of gurgling sound echoed behind me and I turned to see some kind of huge.. beetle. A beetle which stood on four legs, had two three-fingered hands and a massive chitinous body.

Upon its head were three green eyes and two antennae... and I guess some kind of mouth? I couldn't really tell you since the thing was stuffing itself full of meat.

In one of its hands, there was some kind of gun. It looked very alien and advanced, with an acidic fell green substance being used as munition, leaking onto the floor and melting some of it.

And now I finally noticed that the thing was wearing some kind of combat-armor.

A body-suit fit for a giant alien cockroach.

... A sentient alien.

I blinked."Another servant of Chaos?"

The things three eyes blinked as it noticed me. It stood up, coughed into one of its hands and pointed downwards, to the floor made of flesh.

It said something in a language I could not understand... but I knew what it told me."Eat... huh."

A nod was my answer as it turned back to showing meat into its mouth.

Hearing my stomach grumble again, I finally realized how hungry I was. I was so hungry that it felt like my eyes were being drawn back into my skull, something which only happens when one hasn't eaten in days...

But I do remember going for some pizza with my newest sister just an hour ago."Time has no hold over this place..."

Makes sense.

I found myself sitting down and placing a hand onto the ground... The meat... it looked so...


So... soft... so tender...

"Grh!" I grunted in pain as I found myself gritting my teeth, biting through them in order to stop myself from eating.

Something was trying to control me.

A red mist gathered around me and I inhaled it before managing to stop myself. A terrible hunger forced me down onto my knees as I took in the aerosol."Argh!"

My hands were already clutching my stomach.

I looked at the meat again and began salivating... but I still pulled myself back.

And, in that moment, something turned to look at me.

A gaze of something so indescribably powerful, so implausibly horrid and beautiful that I found myself utterly speechless.

Speechless wasn't enough to describe what I felt, my mouth was agape, my body was shaking, my very soul was...



The thing was looking at me, focusing onto me.

The terrible hunger struck me once again but before I fell, I heard a scream."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJJJJJIIIIIIIIIIIIII-*crack*"

A resounding crack followed behind the tormented scream as I turned towards the bug-thing once again... except, in his or her place, stood a massive cocoon of red and white tendrils..

Reshaping him..

Devouring him...

I turned back to the thing, saw the implausibility nod.

I swallowed hard as I watched the same bug hatch from the cocoon.

No, not the same.

He was now without his chitin.

Without his own skin.

Like Eadom.

Made solely out of the meat of Chaos.

A tendril latched itself to his heart and he was gone, but the tendril extended itself into the sky-the ocean of blood, seemingly infinite in length.

He... he became one with Chaos.

Made for it.

Born for it.

Hunger for it.

.. and die for it.

One of the many tendrils, all the same like the one which tied itself to the beetle-person, suddenly pulled itself back.

And soon, a strange plant-like creature, a flower with eyes and a mouth full of teeth, was utterly consumed back into the meat, the flesh, the ground that is Chaos.

I see.

This must be what Eadom meant by being recognized as an Adult by Chaos. This is what he meant by becoming more connected to it.

I found myself... disgusted.

For the first time in my life, I...


The rain of blood turned into a storm of crimson as I turned... but the thing, Chaos, it wasn't angry.

The look upon its non-existent face was so very different from anger.


It offered me its flesh.

Chaos offered me part of its being and, in exchange, I would one day return what I had taken.

... did Chaos wish for all life to follow in this example?

If Chaos truly is the origin of all life... could it truly want everything it gave to be returned?

I felt myself turning to look at the thing, my eyes glowing red in their fury.

... It recoiled.

The world around me stopped.

There was nothing.

No more wailing.

No more hunger.





And it."What's the point?"

I asked of Chaos and saw myself fall into despair as it looked away, ashamed of itself.

A singular word struck my mind, the voice which spoke was not my own this time...

No, it was a voice which did not belong to a single entity.

This voice belonged to millions of souls.

And billions of minds.

... and those are just the numbers I could comprehend."Exhaustion."

A blink."Exhaustion? You.. are tired?"

Gee, I wonder who this all reminds me off."So what? You have a job to do."

The world around us suddenly changed as I felt myself being teleported, a rush through creation itself as I found myself standing on nothing, below me and above me, a thousand million galaxies, shining each with their own light.

But one by one, I saw the infinite dark devouring them."Enough!"

The thing shouted at me and I understood. What was the point of creating more and more life, if all it ever does... is die without meaning?

The betrayal upon its frame dispersed and now the thing was truly angry at me.

I felt my blood run cold.

And, as soon as that thought ran through my mind, I felt it smile wickedly at me.

Without warning, every blood vessel upon my own flesh ruptured and tore apart, even those in my eyes... I wanted to scream, for I felt pain.

For the first time ever, I felt pain.

I wanted to scream.

But my lungs were full of blood."Did you think that you were breathing air?"

Well, that too, but shut up voice-me.

I fell to the ground in silence...

I felt the thing hesitate, though I could no longer gaze upon its majesty.

It was scared.

Chaos was scared.

Something... whatever it was about to do...



Not scared.

"Guilty." The thing replied as I forced myself to stand up.

I couldn't see anything, but I knew that we were back where we began.

Upon the world made of flesh.

Right on top of the body that is Chaos.

Upon the origin of life.

The world around me thundered once again and I felt all the blood in my body gush out, feeding into the meaty ground.

Soon, or perhaps an eternity later, I was a blood-drained corpse.

Or, I should have been.

But I was conscious.

I was dead.

But alive.

Not undead...

But a state of permanent dying.

... I felt myself growing stronger by the minute.

A Revenant gains power as they come closer and closer to death, yet they require life to sustain themselves?

There is no such thing as a revenant.

What I am, is just a conduit for Chaos.

A protrusion of errant flesh, growing, multiplying... made to consume and feed the whole.

We are born of this thing.

Made from it.

And we will one day all be returned to it.

... but that day, is not today.

Gritting my teeth in fury as I felt my strength returning, I found myself standing up and opening my eyes. I still couldn't see, hell I shouldn't have the capability to move, but my anger and disappointment fueled my body.

I clenched my fist and punched through the ground, the tender flesh easily giving in to my strength as the thing continued to gaze upon me. Its previous anger replaced by curiosity and interest.

"Remember, when using your mana to control blood, you must always be cautious not to pull too much or too little!" Yomi's voice echoed as one of her teachings replayed in my mind.

I filled the ground with as much magic as I could and then."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" I pulled upwards with the entirety of my will and power.

The wound upon Chaos erupted forward, liquid fire spewing out of its veins as the thing screamed in protest and yet, did nothing to stop me."If you... won't do your job..."

The blood pouring out of the wound began dancing around me, eventually forming a massive crimson vortex."THEN I WILL DO IT FOR YOU!"

And then, the vortex began infusing itself into me. Uncountable liters of crimson blood, of the liquid of life, flowed directly into my veins.

Reshaping me.

Reforming me.

And as I felt my consciousnesses fading, the liquid fire and the pain it caused me proving too much for my fragile mortal brain, I saw the thing laugh.

And then it hit me.


All this.

Is a maturity ritual.

Those who continue to eat of its flesh are still only children, unworthy of being called adults. Mere parasites, feeding off their parents generosity.

The bug-thing failed the test.

I felt myself grin as the thing mimicked my actions with its implausible, nonexistent frame."But I did not/But you did not."

And with that, I was gone.

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