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The Following Morning - Yuko's Room - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"Uhmm...mmm.." A soft moan echoed into my left ear as I found myself turning my head around.

To see the beautifully, pale and pleasured frame of Yuko sleeping peacefully next to me.

Letting out a breath of relief as the beauty of last night replayed in my mind, I stretched my arms out, causing several bones to pop back into place.

"Ho ho ho ho ho... and to think I thought you were energetic when we were at it. I guess we can safely confirm that your secret fetish is your own sisters." Yomi's amused voice echoed in my mind as I let out a chuckle."What can I say?"

Grinning to myself as I turned back around to look at her naked form, I spoke."She is quite... delightful. You still have the upper hand when it comes to skill, though."

"Is that your way of telling me that I'm next on the menu?" Yomi sent me an imaginary quirked eyebrow, causing me to nod in approval.

Suddenly, a soft hand grasped mine."Interesting conversations..." Yuko muttered as she rose, the blanket covering her body falling off of her as she did."... you're having with the voices in your head."

Her dead-pan blank stare made me snort."What can I say? Yomi is a special case."

She blinked."You... aren't going to ask about how I can hear you? Also.. did you just say Yomi? Huh, I guess the stories about mother really were true."

Now it was my turn to be confused."What exactly do you mean?"

Smirking at me as she promptly decided to wrap her arms around me and push me back down into the bed, she replied."Mmm... you know about the story about The Crimson Samurai and The Lumberjack?"

Nodding at her as I re-position us into an upright form and giving her neck a passionate kiss, I asked."I do. What about it, though?"

She exhaled sharply before drawing circles around my back with her arms and licking her lips as she felt my morning wood touching her wetting slit."Well, mother is.. or was supposedly, the bearer of the Lumberjack's curse while father bore the samurai's curse."

"Oh?" I said in fake confusion as I grinned, feeling her right hand gripping my shaft and giving it a squeeze."Mmm... so nice and thick... ahem, dad didn't believe that mom was the lumberjack and, being the immense cynical bastard that he is, decided to marry her just to spite her family."

Letting out a deep breath as I kissed her and grabbed her ass with both hands, I concluded."So, what you want to say is that you are the current Samurai?"

She grinned and promptly opened her pussy, her fluids leaking down onto my shaft, lubing my length up and down as she grinds herself on my crown."Yup... and you're my Lumberjack! AHN!"

Moaning loudly as she decided to impale herself upon me without any warning, thus causing me to grunt out and quickly send out a mana pulse... only to find how there was no barrier this time."Hehe.. always so cautious. It would be cute if it didn't remind me of mom..."

She replied with a somewhat annoyed tone as I quirked an eyebrow at her before pulling her ass down, entering her to the base."AHMmmnn!"

Quickly scanning the house with my auspex, I realize that we're alone in the house, making me give her a savage grin."Well this Lumberjack has a couple idea for you, my dear Samurai..."

"We've got a Jacuzzi. Ko-baka isn't gonna be back till fifteen, father is working night shift and Kaede is staying with our grandparents until mom comes to pick her up after work... which is after midnight." She says without wasting a moment, almost as if she read my mind before I actually thought something like that up.

"In other words, I've got the entire day to fuck you in any way I want." She shuddered hard from my bold declaration, her pussy tightening around me quite a bit as I gave her another grin."You really liked that, didn't you?"

Swallowing down, Yuko eventually gave me a reply."Mmm.. yeah... can I ask you something?"

Shrugging at her as I stood up from the bed and walked down the stairs towards the bathroom with her legs still around me, easily carrying her around with my cock still within her depths, I replied."Ya sure, go ahead."

"Why didn't you come for a visit earlier?... also, don't you want to know how you even got to my room yesterday?" She asked me, first as a joke and the other serious.

Chuckling momentarily as I opened the bathroom door to reveal a large Jacuzzi in the back of the room, I replied."Didn't know I even really had you guys here till now. As for the other question well, I don't really care but I guess its important if you're bringing it up."

Nodding towards me as she closed the door behind us and locked it, she said."Well you actually blanked out yesterday while talking to me and dad... mom said that you told her how this is the result of some medications, but she wouldn't say for what."

A look and tone full of seemingly uncharacteristic worry hit me at full force as I turn on the Jacuzzi as I blink in surprise and answer."Err well, do you know about the Lumberjacks curse and how it causes people to be emotionless killers?"

A slow nod followed by a sudden aura of fear is my reply. I sighed and promptly pulled her closer to myself, eliciting a gasp of surprise to escape her."Don't worry.. the curse didn't exactly take in the possibility of AI intervention. My... medication, involved me playing a whole lot of Euphoria and have the AI pound my head full of emotional code to that my brain manages to copy it, thus allowing me to regain my emotions over time. However, this has also caused me to experience several Reality Lapses... thus, the blanking out."

She blinked several times before nodding."I guess that sounds plausible? But then, why'd you quit?"

I shook my head in negative several times as I sat us down into the Jacuzzi, fully letting myself relax as the bubbles began to form."I didn't quit, I'm just taking a break. Can't let myself randomly fall asleep while on the job."

"The Job? So you aren't really a streamer?" She asked innocently, causing me to grin and whisper into her ear."No. I'm an assassin with hundreds of confirmed kills to my name."

Her entire body squirmed at that realization and I felt her tighten again, this time several times, meaning that she just came."Hey, that's mean... cumming like that without me."

Swallowing down, she shook her head out of her stupor before regaining control."Mmmh... you really are a dream come true, you know that?"

I blinked. That was not the response I was expecting."Huh?"

A mirthful laugh escaped her lips as she began to ride me, using my shoulders as support."Mmmph! A-ahmn! You're a-ahm! A killer! Mmm! Now I k-k-know h-how Aiko must've felt!"

"Aiko? Who's that?" I asked, tilting my head in confusion as she continued to work my length, her giving body flowing up and down as fluidly as water, every inch of her cavern milking me for all I'm worth."T-ahn!-the s-s-samurai! S-she g-got pregnant with, the original l-lumberjacks c-child, a-ahmn!"

"But I thought that Yusuke's lineage was continued by a random noblewoman?" Her moans slowly became louder and louder as she increased her speed, most likely taking my inaction as if she isn't giving me enough pleasure."S-sahn! She w-was that n-n-noblewoman! T-the s-samurai w-was her d-disguise."

"I see." Was my reply to her explanation as I grabbed her ass with both hands and slammed her down hard, causing her to lose her footing, yelp and get completely impaled upon my shaft."Grrh!" A grunt of my own escaped me as I came, filling her womb once again with my seed.

"Hyaaaannnmm!" Wave after wave of pleasure tore through my body, relief and content washing over me like an ocean of peace and fulfillment.

No sex I've had before felt quite like this.

Well... no real sex, anyways.

When the euphoria finally died down, I managed to conclude."So.. what you wanted to say was that Aiko had a thing for killers, right? And that this particular trait..."

I looked her straight into her eyes, her heaving breaths being the only real proof that she hasn't passed out from the pleasure."... is something you inherited, isn't it?"

She began to return my look as we gazed into each other, both seemingly getting momentarily lost within each other.


I blinked.

She blinked.

"And just like that, the magic is gone... Nice ringtone, by the way." Yoko said with a half-amused, half-blank tone as I lamely rubbed the back of my head.

She then stood up and sat down into the Jacuzzi."Well? Go answer it."

Shrugging at her and walking out of the bathroom to find my Huawei on the dining table, I pick it up and answer.. but not before seeing that I had over twenty missed calls from Tyrone."Yo."

Something porcelain was promptly thrown into a wall on the other side as I answered before Tyrone's enraged voice echoed."DUDE?! BOSS?! WHAT THE HELL? WHERE HAVE YOU BE-No, fuck that, WHERE ARE YOU?!"

"Huh? Did something happen?" I tilted my head in confusion, trying to remember if I ordered something important done."Something? Boss, you've been unavailable for the entire fucking day ever since you left to meet your mom."

"That's it? Uh, look Tyrone, sorry to worry you and all but I'm kinda busy right now?" And before he could ask me about it, I turned on speaker mode and pointed my phone towards the bathroom."AHN!" Yoko's incredibly erotic moan echoed outwards, causing Dominique to promptly shut up."Ah. I see. Never mind then boss. When can we expect you back?"

"Dunno, sometime after eighteen. And don't worry about me man, I'm not exactly weak." Was all I said before shutting off the call and placing my phone back onto the table.

Taking a look at the clock, I note that its fourteen. Crap, just one hour left... hmm... maybe I could bring Yoko to my place instead.

"Ey sis, you wanna go to my place? Our apparently idiotic brother is coming in about an hour." I asked her as I re-entered the bathroom to find my sister fingering herself eagerly.

"Quite the hedonistic piece of work, isn't she?" Yomi asked with a tone of amusement, as usual."Gee, I wonder who that reminds me of." Was my equally amused reply as Yomi quirked an eyebrow before realizing that I meant her."Well, I won't deny that..."

A random thought entered my mind as I walked back into the Jacuzzi and sat next to Yoko, throwing my arm around her as she continued to finger herself, all the while moaning erotically."Hey, your dad said that we should go drinking tonight, yet you said he worked night-shift..."

"Y-yeahmmn!, he fucked up and fo-fo-forgot, ahn!, that he had night-shift t-to-today." Her adorable voice is music to my ears.

However, I'm also pretty much spent.

Last night, combined with this just now? I'm gonna be chill for a while."Oh don't worry, I'm done too.. just getting that last bit out of myself."

Quirking an eyebrow at her before letting myself relax, I snorted with amusement and let out a breath of immense relief.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break..

And that is it for this chapter of EUPHORIA!

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed it.

I know I sure did. Very Happy





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Hi, just popped by to say love the story and the lemons are great.

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Thanks for the chapter!

That's the curse of being popular, having your groupies and fans take action whether you like it or not lol

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I mean Yomi could have materialized right then and there and it could have been 1.5x the sexy but noooooo

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    Who... exactly does that?

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      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Erhm... simple eroticism isn't something I'd label as a lemon...

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Bulledar @Bulledar ago

you shold right and publish sex novels, the level of detail alone is amazing not to much not to litle just the right amount to hold atention with out pausing at one cene explaining her every action