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The first chapter of The newly formed Red World.

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Anyways, here comes the next chapter of Euphoria! I sincerely hope that you enjoy, let us begin!

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Unknown Time... - The Red World - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"H-huh?" I heard myself mutter out as I found myself sitting on a throne of meat, bone and skin.

In the midst of an endless ocean of blood.

Ah, back here again."Yo man, its been a while."

Eadom's ever-so-amused voice echoed through my ears, causing me to cringe for a moment at the volume."Why so loud?"

My voice was a whisper, though I intended it to be a scream of disapproval. A part of me felt suddenly relaxed.

The feeling, the one of belonging, it filled my entire self within seconds.

Eadom chuckled darkly at my antics."Already synchronized enough to feel good in this place? You're moving rather quickly for a host."

"What do you mean?" I asked The Flayed Angel with a tone of annoyance, something which he merely waved off in disinterest."Doesn't matter... anyhow, look over there."

His skinless hand pointed towards my left and I turned in curiosity... and there, floating some distance away from my own, was another Island of flesh, blood and bone.

Wordlessly, Eadom and I made our way to the island only to find a young girl with pure-white hair who looked to be around nine years of age, floating in a small pool of blood.

Turning towards Eadom, I tilted my head in utter confusion and asked."Okay, what the hell is going on here? And who is this girl? I don't remember killing her."

He lets out a laugh."That's because you didn't. And to answer your question, she is the same as you and me, an agent of Chaos... well, future agent of Chaos."

I blinked."Okay, but why is she here?"

He let out a breath."Because it is from now on your job to be her guardian."

I blinked again.".. What?"

Eadom turned towards me and sighed. Why do I feel like an immense story is coming up?"Look... do you want the short version or the long version?"

"Short, please." Was my immediate reply as he closed his eyes in thought before replying."Alright then... First, you need to understand that those who have the potential to wield the power of chaos are few and fewer in between."

"As it should be." I replied without a single thought on the matter, as if it was something obvious and Eadom nodded in approval."So, the origin of our power, aka Chaos, or rather Life itself, created a system of guardianship between adult and child agents."

I tilted my head in moderate confusion before I asked with a tone of pure curiosity."Is that what you are supposed to be to me?"

He nodded."Yeah, I am. Too bad a certain someone decided to make that impossible. Usually, when someone is my chosen wielder, I can talk to them since their birth, but for some damn reason, God decided to jam our link, only to open it when he pleased. Also for some reason, Chaos approved of this, thus making me unable to do my job."

"Probably to give the rest of the world a chance. If I knew about you and had the capacity to converse with you from the start... the world would be a very different place today." I concluded, causing Eadom to pause and think on it.

Eventually, he just gave me a shrug."Dunno, could be. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, the guardianship... Err, where do I even begin?"

A deep sigh was given out, echoing throughout eternity."The guardianship has two main functions. The first is that the guardian is officially accepted as an Adult Agent, opening up greater possibilities when it comes to their own connection to Chaos, albeit that depends on how good of a job you do as a guardian."

"Makes sense.. anyway, what's the other function?" I asked and Eadom gritted his teeth."The duo are made capable of exchanging parts of their own existence. This includes anything from power, knowledge and even body strength."

"But we don't have that?... lemme guess, God?" Eadom sighed again and nodded."Yes... although, I suppose that you'd become totally overpowered if you had access to my energies. Not to mention how whatever is exchanged flows through Chaos, causing it to be replicated. Basically, you don't lose anything you give and you don't steal anything you take. However, in order for the transfer to work, both parties need to be willing."

"Equivalent exchange, huh?" I quirked an eyebrow, eliciting a snort from Eadom."You could call it that, I guess."

With another sigh, he asked."Well, any questions?"

I raised my hand up as if in school."Yeah, why's there another island here? This is our soul, right?"

Eadom blinked in confusion before replying."I think you misunderstood something... this entire realm is NOT, our soul. This place, is the stomach of creation. We're in the bowels of Chaos itself. Our soul, is that Island over there." He pointed towards said Island as I found myself utterly stupefied.

"So then this tiny island and pool of blood is her soul?" A nod was my answer.

We suddenly heard liquid sloshing around and turned our heads towards the girl as she woke from her trance.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break... (If you wish to know what happened next, go read the first chapter of my new story. The Red World will always be separated between my stories as the only place where my stories are connected, the main hub for all Chaos)

Moments later - The Hayabusa Residence - Leonardo's Point Of View...

Rejoining the real world never felt so good.

Why, you might be asking?


"A-ah... hah, ha..." Several moans escaped by half-sister Yuko as she continued fingering herself on top of me.

My eyes flared with Auspex, allowing me to see through my eyelids as she laid prone next to me, her hands dancing across her own supple flesh."A-ah." She bit her lip as she extended a hand towards me.

And started unbuttoning my shirt. Little by little, slowly as to not wake me, she removed my clothing, kissing my muscles and licking my skin all the while.

She moaned out again as she positioned herself to be on top of my motionless self, her tongue was outside of her mouth, eyes going backwards as her fingers prodded deeper and faster.

Gritting her teeth as she sped up even further, she began using her other arm to fondle her breasts with quite the fervor.

I managed to hold myself back for just a little longer, just enough time before she finished.

"Ah! A-ah, mhn!" And as she was about to, I opened my eyes, giving her just enough time to realize the situation as I flashed her a savage, hungry grin.

A hot sweat fell down her brow."Well hello there..."

With that, I promptly reversed our positions and kissed her deeply."Mmmph! MMnn!" Her body shivered and squirmed beneath my weight, the force of her orgasm causing her to rock her hips upwards several times.

We separated as she finished, her cold gaze a sharp contrast to her reddening cheeks."Had fun?"

She closed her mouth and swallowed down hard before nodding, her breathing heavy and hot. I felt myself taking in her scent, her silky black hair which had been released from the ponytail which bound it before.

And I smiled."Good. My turn."

With that, I walked over to her desk chair and pulled down my pants, causing her eyes to widen at my size. Sitting down on the chair and relaxing myself, I motioned for her to come here with a single finger.

Gulping down, she obediently followed my unspoken order and knelt down in front of me. Her hands already grasping my shaft, pulling it closer to her lithe body and moving up and down.

I pulled my head back as I felt her tongue dance around my crown, the softness of her lips as she suckled on my tip.

Within moments, her tempo increased. Her soft hands moving in synchronized motions as she continued to work me.

Then she placed placed her hands on my base, giving me one last smirk before opening her mouth wide, making me grin and grunt in pleasure as I felt her throat straining to contain me.

I watched in euphoria as her head went up and down, each inch crossed sending shivers up my spine. She was good at this.

Then I pulled her head off me, eliciting a gasp of surprise to escape her as I took her into my arms bridal style and gently placed her on the bed.

"Mhhmm..." A moan echoed through the room as I spread her shaved vagina and positioned myself."Ready?"

I asked, mostly jokingly as I put two of my fingers into her mouth and squeezed her ass with my other arm before plunging my full length into her cavern.

Gritting my teeth as I felt her constrict around me, her pussy squeezing tightly around me as she orgasms again. A quick look downwards confirms my suspicions.

I have just taken my sisters virginity...

I felt myself grinning wide, animalistic instinct taking over as I began slamming in and out of her without mercy. Her eyes went to the back of her head in euphoria, as she bit down hard onto my fingers.

But the pleasure made it easy to ignore the pain as I continued pounding her ass until it started to redden. I felt as if I was about ready to burst.

Stopping for a second in order to penetrate her ass instead, I was stopped by a very sexy leg-lock, as she somehow managed to turn and put her legs around me in a singular motion."Flexible, aren't you?"

I cooed into her ear as she bit her lip again and said."Do it."

Not one to disobey such a pleasurable command, I stood up on the bed and started ramming into her at full speed."A-aah-Amn!" Her moans made me go even faster as I felt myself pounding the entrance to her womb, much to my sisters pleasure as she went through what looked like several orgasms.

Finally, as I lost all control and squeezed her ass hard, I felt myself explode inside of her. An incredible feeling of relief embraced my entire lower region and I lost control of my legs, falling back down onto her bed.

"A-ah!" Another moan came out of her as the fall caused my crown to enter her womb, her eyes growing wider and wider in pleasure.

Exhaling and then taking in a deep breath, I laid her down onto the bed, still feeling myself bursting within her as I kissed her, biting her lower lip as I began to caress her back.

She swallowed again, her body shivering and shuddering from multiple orgasms."You're lucky." She said with a smirk on her face, voice echoing with a pleasured tone."Oh?"

I chuckled with curiosity as she replied, pointing towards herself with a finger."I'm on the pill. Otherwise..." She traced around her stomach with her right hand before looking right into my eyes."There's no way I wouldn't get pregnant with this amount..." Her voice drawled on in wonder and amazement at the bulge on her stomach.

Showing off my shark-like teeth, I promptly started to move again, my cum sloshing out of her cavern with every stroke as her eyes widen again."W-what? Y-"

Kissing her deeply once again and pointing towards the clock on her wall which showed that it was 2AM, I whispered softly into her ear."The night is still so young, dear sister... there is no way I'm letting you off so easily..."

With that, I took her hands into mine and reversed our position into that of a doggy style."Mmmhm!" She moaned out as I pulled my length out of her slowly...

And then pulled her hands backwards, ramming into her at full force and speed. Wordlessly, I started humping her like a wild animal, gritting my teeth once again as I go in and out.

Her tight walls constrict around me even more as she starts to move her hips on her own as much as she can, her ass cheeks fully red from the force of our rabid love-making.

I feel myself quickly reaching my limit once more as I speed up to my maximum, my eight-inched dick slamming in and out of her wet pussy, making perverse squelching noises as it does.

Lust and euphoria quickly take over me once again as her own eyes gleam full of desire, both of us breathing heavily.

And with a final slam, I feel myself grunting with pleasure as I orgasm, bursting stream after stream of cum directly into her womb."A-A-aaaaaaaaaannm-mmph!"

Her loud moans wake me from my trance as I quickly cover her mouth with my hand, causing her give me a knowing smirk.

She licks on one of my fingers and then begins sucking on it as I feel her tightening up even more around my cock."D-don't worry... th-there's a... barrier..."

Blinking at her momentarily, I finally manage to sense the magic barrier around us, forged out of her own mana. I found myself grinning at the realization.

Pulling out of her and thus, allowing her a moment to breathe, I laid down next to her sprawled body.

Her ass was high up in the air and head digging into a pillow which she was hugging with her arms while drooling a bit. It was the face of a woman who just experienced an amazing orgasm and didn't really care about the world around her for the time being.

It made me let out a laugh."You okay there, sis?"

Her entire body shivered as she heard me ask her that and, slurping up her own drool, she sat upright, causing my cum to slowly leak down her thigh."Y-yeah, I'll b-be f-fine..."

With that, she placed a wet finger on my chest."Still... taking your half-sisters virginity like that... you are quite the bad boy, aren't you?"

She cooed with a silky tone, to which I merely grinned as I cupped her cheek."And the way you blew your own half-brother.. man, that has to be the best BJ I've had."

We both grinned at each other, eyes full of lust. Within moments, she stood off the bed and walked towards her wall. Then, putting one hand onto the wall and spreading her butt hole with the other, she spoke."Well? Ready for some more?"

Smirking at her, I leaped off the bed and promptly impaled her ass with my full length, much like I did to her pussy mere moments ago."A-AHN!... Geeze, you really have no mercy, eh?"

Grasping her ass with both of my hands and forcing her feet off the ground by lifting her up with my cock, I reply as I see her gritting her own teeth from the pleasure."Well sister, you know what they say..."

And with that, I started pounding her again, one hand grasping her shoulder and the other holding her ass."Mercy is for the weak."

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...



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