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"A question, some bragging, alleviating concerns and poll results OH MY!"


Lord Joyde The Madman: Heylo, everybody! How're you all doing this fine day?

ER-MER-GERD, guys and girls!

We've got 1184 followers!

We've hit 400+ favorites! (Thank you people, the support is appreciated!)

We've over 1500+ comments! (Half of which may or may not be my replies but who cares, YEY!)

We've been rated 153 times! (Exactly 95 of which are 5 stars, 21 of which are 4.5 stars, 10 of which are 4 stars and 27 are 3 or less)

Our Overall score is 4.33, our Style is 4.3, the story is 4.15, character is 4 and grammar is 4.15.

And we're ranked a decent 298th place, which the number changing anywhere from 250-300 depending on how long the time between my updates is.

Not to brag, but damn this story has been better received that I'd ever have hoped for it to be.

ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE - I have a question for my female public concerning a little something I did in my earliest chapters.

It has to do with the story's most recent review, that is thejoker195's attempt to induce blood-rage into my being. Now, just to be clear, I'm not turning this into a witch-hunt.

I am not asking you all to go down-vote the shit out of him. No, I'm asking you to sit down and tell me how come you ladies kept on reading my story even after its rather blank outlook on rape. Yes, it was in game. Yes, it was done in the most harmless, most passive way plausible to both parties involved.

But, since I have no real excuse of my own as to why I even put it there in the first place, I'd like to ask for your opinions.

Note that while I'm mainly asking this of my female public because well I figure they might get more easily offended by these things, anyone who has an opinion please share it with me!

Some of you might be asking why I'm even asking this? It is, after all, just a part of the story which happened so long ago, anyone who is here now does not give a shit about it happening... but, well, I give a shit about it.

I am the story's author and I can say with certainty that EUPHORIA is not going to be my last story ever. Re-reading it from the start, there are a lot of things I could've done without. The rape is surprisingly not one of them since it was used to settle the fact that my MC is an evil bastard with some charitable-tendencies every now and then.

In short; I wish to improve myself and, like I've stated in my "Madman: Of Gods And Men" message to all authors and readers alike, I need your opinions and wisdom in order to accomplish this goal.

As for people worried about my temporary bedridden state, there is no need to worry anymore.

I've had my final check-up today, nothing is wrong and the pain is all gone.

Also, when I said that I was batted by a thug... well, not really a thug, more like a really old man who may or may not have been as drunk off his ass as I was at the time.

The results of the previous chapters poll (so sad you can't isolate polls anymore, what's up with that?!) are quite clear by now.

Gregarious Voices it is, although I have spent some time conversing with some of the more talkative of my critics, so I will do my best to find a decent balance.

Even if people seem to enjoy the sheer insanity of dual/triple conversations!

And I will admit to the fact that they are fun to type down.

Also difficult, but hey that's just a part of being an author.

Anyways, that's all I had to say here for now! Don't worry, the real chapter is being written as you are reading it. If it isn't up tonight (unlikely) it will be up tomorrow nighttime, worst case scenario.


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loliZ321 @loliZ321 ago

wow it must have been a really long time if i don't remember the rape scene and my personal opinion is that rape scenes are only ok if they pretain to the story line

Dethati @Dethati ago

I've remember the rape as well as the first time someone complained about it in a review. In my opinion if rape coming up in a story is an issue either by the MC or others for someone then  they shouldn't read/watch any series involving it and if a series has it shouldn't need to complain about it unless its all the story is about and detracts from the actual narrative. In this case the rape didn't do much to detract from the narrative, also it was rather tame compared to series I've seen on Wattpad and Fictionpress. IMHO your doing great, keep on keeping on, you do you, and let them do them and be idiots.




    Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

    Okay, this is the first time I've seen you get so pissed off about something :D

    For some reason, it really lifts my mood. So thank you man, you've been really helpful with yer critique and I sincerely hope that I'll manage to keep you on board the Drug (Euphoria) hype-train!

      Dethati @Dethati ago

      >.> most of my anger about it is several of my favorite series on other sites getting dropped because of people pulling things like that and demotivating the author. I mean they read something that gives warnings about its content then cry and whine like special snowflakes that the story isn't exactly what they wanted and the author needs to conform to their ideals.....

      Dethati @Dethati ago

      >.> most of my anger about it is several of my favorite series on other sites getting dropped because of people pulling things like that and demotivating the author. I mean they read something that gives warnings about its content then cry and whine like special snowflakes that the story isn't exactly what they wanted and the author needs to conform to their ideals.....


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Haha! Well you don't need to worry about those things with me mate.

      I told him to fuck off.


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Double posting FTW! :D

Lokuran @Lokuran ago

People should stop being so pansy. Rape happens. It's bad. However this is a story. Fiction. These are characters that do stuff. That shouldn't reflect on the author. 

Don't like the story because of one scene? Move on. There are many other stories without rape. Some people think that with their 0.5 star reviews(that are usually just a sad little attempt at raging and lashing out) they will change the story. That shouldn't and usually doesn't happen. Also, people should read tags. Fault's on them and not the author when they read something they don't like and the tags describe or hint to it. That's just my 2 cents. I like the story and I hope you keep it up. 


    Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

    I mean, that whole thing about setting this story to an MA (Mature Adult) rating seems to have gone out the window sometime during Euphoria's early days.

    Not to mention how there's both "Sexual Content" and "Traumatising Content" AND "Horror" set on the front page...

    But hey, I guess randoms will be randoms.

    And thank you very much for all the support!

      Lokuran @Lokuran ago

      True. Randoms will be randoms indeed. In my opinion they should rework the review system a bit. Have X number of posts in the story you want to write a review for, for example. But hey, no worries. I've been here since the beginning and I'll be here until this site shuts down. Stories come and go and yours is one I like since you keep up and have somewhat of a storyline. Chaotic as it is. But hey, that's one of the fun parts here, ain't it?


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Somewhat of a storyline he says XD

      You know what's the best part of that comment? The fact that I have so much storyline just waiting to be uncovered.. but as usual as with stories like these, their first seasons have to be full of explanations and fillers and the occasional writer/reader mental breakdown.

      But that's what makes it fun, right?

Derwipe @Derwipe ago

And another 0 (0 invisible) member(s) and 7 Guest(s)
I dont know how i did thid but ok xD

gaigous @gaigous ago

I think if we all just take a few steps away from the issue itself, We will see that he used a REVIEW to type how he FELT about rape in a FICTION, It seems like reviews have devolved into simple comments with overblown ratings supporting whatever they put down (I am guilty of this as well, but at least I phrase them like an opinion instead of fact).

Is it too much to ask that reviewing be done objectively? or has that ship sailed a long time ago and I just never got over it lol

It's too bad authors can't just tell those types of people things like "I'm not sorry you didn't like that part of my fiction NOW GO AWAY" without being descended upon by waves of random assholes who clearly have too much free time.

thejoker195 @thejoker195 ago

Rape happens,it's bad,the world is a cruel place, all true but that is not my issue with the whole rape thing,it's the fact that the mc is the one doing the rape, am meant to be rooting for this guy,am meant to be angry when he's getting his ass kicked in a fight and thinking of imaginative ways for him to get revenge on the baddy later,that's why it's was so jarring for me,at that point I couldn't tell the difference between him and the aforementioned baddy I want to eviscerateI was thinking he wouldn't go past maiming, torture and murdering afterall the gore and traumatizing content is right there to see,and I believed that atleast everyone has a limit to how depraved they wanna get in there stories or mcs, well I was wrong and now am going to look at the words traumatizing content in a whole new light anyway it's not like I had much of a choice when I first started reading it's not like rrl has a "mc rapes tag" when I typed my search parameters, it was among my options and I gave it a shot, and was liking it until that part where I had a forced asc memory desynch,and logged of rrl for a few hours, like someone posted it's not terrible if it has something to do with the story line, but from the way it was described the mc did just because he could and wanted to, and that's not just someone I would like to cheer for there should be limits we should all have limits if not we're no better than the animals we see in the wilderness. Sorry about your health Mr. Author do get well soon. Have a nice day. 

    gaigous @gaigous ago

    He's an immortal psychopath that eats people's souls depriving them of any sort of afterlife and then feeds their bodies to his pet tiger and still rape is somehow more of a taboo.

      Tsunadehime @Tsunadehime ago

      Yes. I think it is so funny in these stories. You can kill and torture people and that is just fine. But when it has something to do with sex (not necessarily rape) it is put in a spoiler tag and you shouldn't read it if you are not over 18 (I am not talking about this story now but a lot of other stories I have read on RRL). When did murder become more okay than sex?

      Lord Joyde - and can't remember there was a rape scene so it wasn't something that disturbed me (you might wanna say which chapter it was so people can go back and read). This is your story you can write what you want. You can't make everyone happy so focus on making youself happy :)


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Ahh, the wonders of the internet, right?


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      I guess it became more okay than sex when the internet was filled with an overwhelming population of white knight-wannabes.

      Other than that, thank you for the support!


    Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

    Okay, wow.

    Did not expect you to be here.

    Did someone actually PM/Flame you? Well I'm sorry, that was not my intention with this.

    1. You aren't supposed to synch with the MC friend, doing so would be rather... worrying.

    2. It is an integral part of the story. It settles the fact that the MC is evil.

ayumu @ayumu ago

As a women, I continue toujours read your story because I know it's part of the story. Il mean we have a main character who kill people for his own enjoyement... Tell me why it's ok if he kill people but if he rape someone it's weird ? When you read this story, you know the main character isn't "normal" so either you continue being fully aware of that or you stop Reading.

I hope you will continue your story :) Good luck !


    Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

    Oh don't worry, I didn't get disheartened, this story is gonna go for a long time.

    It'll take more than 1 or 2 stupid reviews to break my hold over it.

    And yes, I fully agree with you on the murder/rape problem -.-

    Like I said before, most of the people who get offended by it aren't women but white-knights.

IronArkOS @IronArkOS ago

Honestly, i don't remember this rape scene you are talking about and i am also to lazy to go back and look for it. But considering some of the other coments here it seems the issue is not realy the scene itself but rather the whole idea of rape in a novel. So i'm going to give you my opinion on that instead.

Now, some people may say i'm a hipocrite or just plain evil for thinking like this. Those people whould be perfectly right (i have my faults and i admit it).

In my opinion, rape, torture or anything is justified if it is as punishment for causing suficient harm or intending to cause harm upon other people.

And what can be considered harm?

Anything that i consider to be bad, realy... (i told you i am a hipocrite...)

Now then, for things that i consider to not be alright, would be doing those same things to people that i consider to be "inocent". If it's to a random passerby i'll be annoyed by it. If it's to the MC or anyone related to him, i'll be really pissed (unless i consider that they "deserved it") ...

It also pisses me off when the MC is trying to be all righteous and shit, adminitering punishment to the vilains and all that... only to draw someone who did nothing wrong (let's say, the vilain's sister) into that mess.

Ironicaly, even if i think that what is happening is perfectly "reasonable", i'll still be annoyed if, let's say, it is someone just as "evil" that is doing this "punishment". It just irritates me when they do it for the sake on their own enjoyment in some way. Unless it's the MC doing it...



    Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

    The MC is the villian.

    He raped the girl who was his hero. Aka, the one who fought against him.

    However, there WAS NO RAPE SCENE.

    I will most likely never type anything of the sort down. It was mentioned. It happened.

    But it wasn't explicitly, detail-y, written down.