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58. Mindfully Driven Conversation

Should Aria, Yomi, Eadom and any future brain-parasites, who may or may not exist, be "SILENT OBSERVERS" or "GREGARIOUS VOICES"
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Lord Joyde The Madman: Heylo, everybody! How're you all doing this fine day?

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I have no real reason or excuse for not typing down chapters other than my own laziness, but since I've been confined to a bed and can barely walk (a random thug slammed my backside with a baseball bat, thankfully not with the head but the length. (screw you, I'm not gonna say shaft)). Additionally, I was drunk off my arse at the time, which was good because I didn't feel much of the pain... until the following morning, that is.

Anyways, that's my problem and not what you're here for. Here comes the next chapter of EUPHORIA! I sincerely hope that you enjoy, let us begin!

Also, since I've noticed a real lack of Aria, Yomi and Eadom in the last few chapters, I've decided to try remedying that in this one. Please tell me if I've succeded or not, any criticism is welcome. And if you feel that they should stay silent observers, feel free to speak your opinion as well. (Less work for me so its not like I'm against it -.-)

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Moments later... - Inside of the car - Leonardo's Point Of View...

Sitting down onto the synthetic chair and feeling myself relax for the first time today, I let out a breath of relief.

"Feeling exhausted already? But the night has barely even begun!" Yomi complained with a pouting tone and I let myself smile."Don't worry darling, there will be plenty of time for fun, later."

You guys really have no shame, do you?

"Shame... is... just... a... way... for... the... weak... to... deter... the... strong..." Eadom replied to her, causing an imaginary chuckle to escape Yomi's lips.

Mother then entered the car and quirked an eyebrow at me."Sitting in the back? At your age?"

Shrugging at her, I replied with barely any feeling in my voice."I'm usually the one being driven around... in a limousine, that is. If its a problem for you, I can just sit up front. Not like it matters all that much to me."

Yomi laughed inside of my mind."How implausibly droll of you." I felt myself smirk but quickly bit it down as to not alert my mother.

She shrugged right back at me and sat down, her right hand turning the key to her car as reflexively as you would expect from a veteran driver."So mom, you never did tell me how you came into contact with, much less why you are allied to the yakuza?"

A silence followed for a short time as she sighed."I suppose I might as well tell you... The event that forged this alliance isn't nearly as dramatic or as amazing as one would perhaps think. While investigating one of the many cases of AI Violence, I came across some evidence that a girl which was killed was part of the yakuza here. Using that information and all of my previous knowledge about criminal organizations, I easily made contact with Minamoto. The pompous old fool was equally terrified and amazed at me since I managed to push through his hotel like it was defenseless."

"Oh? How'd you manage that?" I asked her with a quirked eyebrow of my own, thus causing her to smirk."Oh, I just asked one of my rivals within the police for a massive loan in exchange for my position as superintendent. He accepted and gave me the money."

My eyes went wide in surprise for this was not something I expected."I thought you left father because you couldn't handle what we were?"

Wait, what? How does... why... I thought you were talking about the-... what?

Having to bite my lip in order to suppress laughter, I hear Yomi reply to Aria's confusion."Your father is trying to seem like he does not really care about the reasoning behind his mother's allegiance to the yakuza in order to make her become more relaxed and eventually divulge more details about the matter. He does this by first making her talk about something she is willing to converse about, thus causing the feeling of willingness to persist afterwards."

Mother's shoulders visibly relaxed as she shook her head and contemplated for a moment."No, that wouldn't be correct. Look, if it hasn't made itself clear by now, I have a paranoia problem... and when your father finally gathered the courage to come up and tell me to my face who he exactly was... well, I was furious... but not because I represented justice or heroic some shit like that. I felt betrayed... all my life, I lived in such a way that ensured me knowing everything about everyone and yet..."

Oh wow, that really works?

"Of course it does, darling. Did you really doubt me? Though, I must say, I did not expect you catching on to me that easily, Yomi." I replied with words unspoken as Yomi sent me an imaginary smirk."Brat, no matter how powerful you are or how strong you'll get, I'm still several thousand years older than you."

"That... has... got... to... be... the... first... time... I've... heard... a... woman... bragging... about... her... superior... age." Yomi sends us all an imaginary shrug."Hey, if it works, it works." So she will use anything to her advantage, huh.

"When dad told you about it, you began doubting yourself. If you missed something as huge as that, then who knows what else he was hiding from you, correct?" She nodded with a sad smile."Yeah.. in the end, that paranoia caused me to say things I didn't really mean and by the time I realized my marriage was dying and that maybe I should try fixing it, it was already too late."

With a sigh, she continued."Though, I must say that learning how my own damn son was the Infamous Gourmet was the final nail in that coffin. Any thought I had, any hope I had to reforge our marriage died right then and there."

By the way dad, how and why did you get that kind of title as an assassin? I mean, I know that you have a pet tiger but... that can't be all there is to it, right?

"So you're saying that it was my fault?" I asked, my neck tilting in faked confusion."N-no, that's not what I meant... In truth, I guess that was just the turning point. In the end, it wasn't exactly that simple... after all, I had already gone to Japan several times and had met another man. Hell, you know about the sister-your-age I talked about?"

"And to answer your question Aria, it actually really is all about it. Once upon a time, there was a mission which I couldn't complete on my own... so, I brought Virith with me, he made a huge mess, the end. Also, he isn't my damn pet. He's my adorable little brother!" I exclaimed in my thoughts, a tone of finality embracing the final part of my reply as I returned my attention to the real world.

"She's not dads, is she?" Mom shook her head in negative."No. She's the daughter of the man you're about to meet, my current husband."

So then not only am I an AI born from the joining of a thousand-or-more year old white Kyuubi and someone who may or may not actually have two fathers instead of one, I also have an uncle who is a tiger.

Oh, and lets not forget that I am technically part of a Mafia family that belongs to the richest class of people in the world.

Did I forget anything?

I felt myself blink several times as I processed what Aria just stated. Yomi's confusion resulted in a giant."What? Two fathers? What do you mean, honey?"

"Err.. well.. me... and... Leo... have... one... soul... so... our... mana... is... kind... of... mixing... too.." Eadom explained with an anime-like sweatdrop and Yomi made an oh noise."I see... so you really do have two fathers then."

Shrugging at mother, I replied."Well, its not like dad was totally clear in that regard either." Mother sighed and nodded again."Yes, I've heard. Audrey, was it? How old is she right now?"

I thought as much. So, did I forget anything?

"Shes sixteen, about to be seventeen next March." To clarify, Audrey is mine and Michael's half-sister. Her mother Alexandra, is our step-mother and a concubine of fathers."Is it true that Victor never re-married, even if he had another kid?"

A nod was her only reply as she turned her head back towards the road."Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, the loan."

Eadom rubbed the back of his head lamely as he replied to Aria."Well... uh... I'm... an... angel... so...uhm..."

... I'm part angel.

Aria then entered into what was probably a state of pure self-questioning."A sentient AI, part kyuubi, part angel, part whatever-the-fuck-Leo-really-is... geeze Aria, its like your existence was written by some very drunk, very high and very, very bored fanfic writer."

Then my mother chuckled somewhat evilly, making an expression that I wasn't exactly used to."I used the loan to bribe all the guards and staff of his hotel, cleansing their crimes when the money wasn't enough. Then, once I finally got to Minamoto, I put up an assassination order for the rival."

I'm. Part. Fucking. ANGEL?!

I couldn't suppress my own chuckle from that exclamation."Yes, yes you are, darling. Yes, you are." Eadom snorted at Aria's response."See... you're... even... starting... to... talk... like... me... now.. Aw... I... have... a...daughter!"

Mother then parked the car next to an artificial river flowing through the city and pointed to a bridge in the distance."He and his family are buried beneath the bridge, shackled with bronze and lead. Their bodies won't be found for centuries."

"Lead for weight, bronze for longevity and resistance to corrosion? Isn't that something father used to do?" Mother nodded with a sad smile."Its ironic... back in Italy, I thought of myself as a great person, just and moral... yet, in the end, I suppose that side of me was just an illusion, shattered once real life caught up to me."

"Quite creative for someone who I thought was completely obsessed with justice. Also, yes, you are an angel, my little angel!" Yomi spoke in a tone full of sarcastic sugar, quirking an imaginary eyebrow at Mayumi before replying to Aria.

... Oh fuck you all, I'm out. ./DND

Snorting at her rapid changes in demeanor and at Aria's apparent surrender, I asked."Mother, can I expect another half-sibling sometime soon?"

Blinking in surprise and confusion, she fell into silence and thought for a good minute before replying."Well, its true that I've been rather extreme for the last couple weeks... even before you came along. Hmm, I might actually be pregnant again..."

She sighed in annoyance and despair."Wonderful. Another kid is just what I need right now."

"Uh... Oh... here... it... comes!" Eadom suddenly exclaimed but before I could ask him anything about it...

A flash of blood, a synthetic hand, the image of a severed cord, the scream of an adult woman. These are the visions I received for the briefest moment as she finished talking."M-mother, would it be possible for you to move back to Italy... along with your current family? Father does not need to know."

She stopped the car suddenly, causing the guy behind us to yell obscenities as she turned towards me."L-Leo? What just?.. why?"

Scratching the back of my head, I spoke."Well its just.. with how obsessed you seem with the war against AI and the like... ugh, look, you will probably not believe me, but I'm really worried for you. I was going to ask you to relocate anyways, heck I'll even fund it all, but now that we've come to the conclusion that you might actually be pregnant again..."

Turning her head back around and continuing to drive normally, she replied after a deep breath."I see... I suppose you really do have your emotions back after that kind of statement."

She lowered her head."I... I'll think about it."

"Well that wasn't strange and sudden at all." Yomi sarcastically said with a quirked eyebrow, just about begging for a logical explanation as to what exactly just happened. I didn't answer her.

A nod from me as she continues to drive, making a turn for the left and stopping in front of a rather large house with a giant brick wall around it. A mansion of her own, pretty defensible too."That's all I'm asking for, mother."

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

I swear the next chapter is the family meeting!

... I've been avoiding it for no particular reason.

I just have a really bad feeling about it, that all.

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!



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    Omg ty :D

    A fair warning though; I tend to reply to my reviews. (I'm not saying that you should prepare for salt and flame. I'm saying that I like to criticise the critique, not the critic and also ask questions about any points you make that I don't understand.)

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      It feels like I'm the real-life version of Kamijou Touma from A Certain Magical Index...

      Except without the unintentional harem.

      So, in a way, worse.

      As for the reasoning behind the attack... well idk, it was some crazy old dude that attacked me, so not rly a thug.

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