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A.( D) R.E Y.O(I T).U H-A-P-P-(A L L)Y N.O.(F O O L)W?

Moments later... - Same Cafe... - Leonardo's Point Of View...

The Restroom I entered seemed to be rather extravagant, having marble-white flooring with gold-tinted black and red walls and an immense oval mirror."Huh, guess the yakuza have a thing for drama."

I walked into one of the stalls and sat onto the toilet, pulling out my Huawei in the meantime. Without even bothering to look at my phone and just pressing icons by muscle memory, I make a call for Harold.

Just as the phone started ringing, another person walked inside of the WC, startling me for a moment... but the think, resounding clanking, badly hidden within leather boots, revealed just who my friend was."Oy, Leonardo."

Harold's stern, almost enraged voice echoed through my phone and I had to stop myself from laughing as the toilet seat next to mine creaked under the weight of the robotic body sitting upon it."Hello, Har-har. I have a favor to ask of you if you don't mind."

"Oh fuck yes, I mind!" Blinking at the uncharacteristic undertone of rage, I asked."Huh? What's wrong? What's got you so pissed off?"

A terrible sigh escaped the machine on the other side, seemingly annoyed at my ignorance. I blinked as an idea came to mind."Oh... did you by chance have me coordinated?" A slang used in times when someone follows your movement via GPS.

"... dude.. I mean.. I know that you are an assassin... but there is no fucking chance someone paid you to kill over fifty people!" He exclaimed, somewhat loudly as the robot next to me flinched."And WTF is up with that Antioch shit, huh?!"

"Its my new codename. I'm gonna be a Super villain." He sighed again and relented, fully realizing that he isn't gonna get any guilt from me."More importantly Harold, could you get me a new capsule with all of my previous setups?"

"Err... sure? Address?" I sighed."You already know where I live."

He laughed at me from the other side, making me wanna punch him."Oh, I know where you live. I just wanted you to admit that you can't pronounce the name of the street you live on."

"Ass. Anyways, I have another favor to ask of you." I said in a joking tone before switching into a more... dangerous one."O-oh?"

"I want you to organize a meeting for me." I could hear his metallic eyelids falling up and down, blinking several times."A meeting? With who exactly?"

Grinning, I answered with a tone full of aggression."Maxima."

Harold promptly dropped the phone. The robot butler next to me shook, his metal jaw cracking from what I could only assume was terror."T-t-t-the terrorists? Whatever makes you think that I'm a-a-affiliated with t-them?"

Laughing softly, doing my utmost to kill off my chuckles, I spoke."Please Harold, we both know that you aren't nearly as peaceful as you'd like to think."

Silence followed for a good long minute and I heard him sigh again."... The truth of that statement aside... look, I can't. I just can't.. no, I wont! I will not give you access to Maxima, even if you are my friend!"

My grin went from ear to ear as I stood up from my toilet seat and walked out to the front of the robots stall."Oh, that's okay Har-har."

"H-huh?" He replied with a tone of shock and I let my bloodthirst leak out."After all, there's someone who already has organized the meeting." I shut the call and put my phone into my pocket.

And with that, I kicked the door to the stall open, freaking out the already startled robot."Isn't that right, Max?"

The robots hands were raised up in defense."Please. do. not. hurt. me! I. am. just. an. out. body!"

Kicking his hands away and putting my foot onto his right leg and pushing downwards, the metal creaking as the butlers robotic eyes went wide, I asked."So when is Mr. Maxima free to see me?"

The robot suddenly calmed down as its eyes closed."Direct. Control... Assumed."

Its normally yellow eyes turned red as it looked at me with newfound courage. So this is the difference between an AI and a Droid... still, hes nothing in comparison to my Aria.

./insert surprised blush here

Grinning at him, I removed my foot in respect and bowed."Why hello there, new friend!"

The machine tilted its neck sideways in curiosity."We. have. only. just. met. Yet. I. am. already. your. friend? Strange. human."

Removing my excitement for a brief moment, I asked."So then, when can we meet?"

"The. correct. question. is. why. should. we. meet?" It asked right back and I grinned. Pulling up my sleeve, I focused onto my hand and made blood rip out of my vessel."Scan it."

Tilting its head again and then nodding, the robot shone blue light from its forehead before stopping."Strange. undocumented. nanites... exhibiting. unknown. energies... you. want. to. give. me. this?"

"You're quick on the uptake, aren't you?" I replied with surprise as my flesh regenerated, the blood being pulled back into my body, eliciting a curious metal eyebrow to be raised."My. cognitive. capacity. is. 200%. stronger. than. a. human. genius."

"Is that so?" Shrugging, I asked again."So then, when can we meet?"

"What. do. you. wish. in. return. for. this?" It asked back, again.

I stopped dead in my tracks and eventually placed a finger upon my chin in thought."Hmm.. that's a good question... lets see, I want detailed building plans for your best, most human-like Android body."

"Most. human. like? Those. would. be. the. sex-bot. model." Maxima answered without a second thought as I felt Aria fall into a sea of embarrassment."Err, that's not what I need... can you take that body and improve upon it without damaging its Human frame? I mean, it just needs to look human on the outside. You can make the inside as deadly as you'd like."

The robot stopped moving for a moment, before it nodded."Very. well. I. shall. see. what. I. can. do... For. science!"

It turned around, only to face the toilet wall."Oh. right... not. my. real. body... oh. and. come. to. Iyrd. Robotics. lowest. level. at. anytime. I. work. there."

A nod from me was all it took for the robot to quietly shutdown and reset itself as Maxima left its consciousness."AH!" The butler exclaimed and raised its hands in defense again. I merely sighed and left the restroom, allowing the poor spy butler to recover.

Y.( H)O.U W.A.N( S).T.E.D M.E(M E)?! W.E.L.L H.E.(N O W)R.E I. A.M.

Moments later... - Outside of the Cafe... - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"Finally out, I see? What even took you so long?" Mother asked me as I lamely rubbed the back of my head."You wouldn't believe me even if I told you."

She quirked an eyebrow as I downed what remained of my cappuccino."Oh? Try me."

"We were arguing about the price tag, basically." I replied with a cough and she merely blinked."You're right. I don't believe you... though that would explain the shouting."

"Ehehehe... err, can we go shopping now? Since you've already decided to re-clothe me, I would like for us to be finished with buying gifts before five o' clock." I asked her somewhat irritated.

She quirked yet another eyebrow at me, questioningly."Before five? Its two thirty-six PM."

To which, I promptly deadpanned her."Yeah. Its two thirty-six."

A blink, then another and soon, I was being chased by a not-so-happy-mother."YOU LITTLE BRAT! HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME!"

"But I didn't even say anything, you jumped to conclusions on your own!" I exclaimed just in time to dodge a handbag which appeared to be thrown at the speed of light.

Damn, that was dangerous.


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