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The Real World - 4th Of October, year 2022 - Minutes Afterwards - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"Haaa..." I heard myself yawn as I woke up to see an unknown ceiling.

"Welcome back. Did you and Eadom have fun all alone inside of your soul?" Yomi asked with typical amusement in her tone.

Eadom's typical unamused voice echoes out a reply."Our... soul... is... anything... but... lonely... at... the... moment..."

"Gonna have to agree with Eadom on that one. Anyways, what time is it?" I asked out loud as I cracked my bones, all the recent inactivity seems to have shoved an uncomfortable lock onto all of my joints.

It is the 4th of October, 2022, 11 PM, exactly seventeen hours since you were last awake, dad.

Quirking an eyebrow at seemingly nobody, I replied."Wow, thanks for the detailed reply, Aria."

No Problem. Anyways, now that you two are here, can I ask Mr. Eadom for a favor?

"Uhh.. sure... whats... up?" Eadom answered with uncertainty.

You've previously stated how all the biomass dads body has been using was coming from... your inner world or w/e.
Anyways, not the point. What I wanted to ask was if you are capable of spawning said biomass anywhere within dads body?

"Well... yes... I... can... but... why... do... you... ask?..." He replied as I quickly threw off all of my clothing and entered the bathroom.

Yomi's gaze could be felt all around me from the moment my pants fell off."Uhm... Leo... remember that Wolf/Fox scenario you made? ... Could we do it soon.."

I grinned and nodded."Yeah. It'll take some time for Aurelius to install a capsule into w/e this place is but since we are already in Japan, it won't take long to arrive. We should have it ready in about a day or two... just need to learn our current address first."

She grinned right back at me as I refocused upon the conversation between Eadom and Aria.

I've created a synthetic organ on top of dads stomach. It currently does nothing, but I plan on turning it into my gene-lab with your help.

I could feel a strange sensation, a new heat source around my abdomen."You... mean... this... huge... sack... thing?... well... what... do... you... need... me... to... do?"

When you were improving fathers muscle mass before, the flesh you used to do so had some... interesting DNA sequences.
Inhuman, DNA sequences, that is.
Sequences that, in the right hands (aka, mine), could be used to improve fathers body even further.
So, I would like it if you could gather up samples of everything interesting you and dad have ever eaten and put it into the sack. It does not have to be a big piece, just something large enough for my nanites to disassemble.
Also, while analyzing the DNA I could currently discover around dads body, I found strange, almost lupine DNA which I can use to improve dads senses even further, particularity the sense of smell.

"... Hmmm... tempting... offer... but... lets start... simple... I'll... give... you... some... of... the... more... interesting... ones... first... to... see... what... you... can... do... We... can... talk... about... the... rest... later... if... that... is... okay... with... you..."

Hmph, you are actually doubting my capabilities.
Fine. Let me show you just how good I am!

"H-huh?! OW, WHAT THE FUCK?!" My eyes and nose suddenly felt like they were on fire and I felt my insides moving, changing shape into something apparently superior."Jesus bloody fucking Christ! WARN ME NEXT TIME, GIRL!"

A-ah... right... uhm... sorry dad... I got... annoyed.

"Its fine. Like I said, just warn me next time." I muttered out as I rubbed my now super sensitive nose... and found how everything around me smells horrible. So horrible that I could not focus at all.

"And this is why people refer to Werewolves as the clean-freaks of modern Inhuman society." Yomi said with a chuckle as I nodded."I can see that... with a nose like this, its no wonder they'd like to keep everything clean. Oh god, Aria please, get rid of this, turn my nose back to normal."

Okay... ;(

"Oh, come now. Don't worry baby, I'm not mad at yo... wow..." I opened my eyes at the end of that sentence, with my nose turning back to normal in the meantime and found myself shocked to no end.

Yellow and gold, the usual colors of my eyes now had a tinge of crimson around them, mere specks and dots, yet the world felt somehow different. I turned around myself and noticed several frames in what would be the main hall of this deluxe mansion. As per my Auspex, I can see the souls of the people below me.. but below the souls, around their hearts and muscles... an incredibly detailed image of their bloodstream. Every vein in their bodies was now visible to me.

"Oh... my... Stephen... says... that... this... is... something... werewolves... can... only... see... when... they're... really... hungry... but... I guess... that... does... not... apply... to... us..." Eadom spoke with amazement in his voice.

Who the hell is this "Stephen" guy now?

"A werewolf I killed before and probably the original host of the genes you're currently slapping onto my own genome." I replied with a smirk.

O... kay, then. Wonderful. Hi Stephen, hope you don't mind me doing this...

"He... says... that... its... okay... so... long... as... its... to... make... Leonardo... into... an... even... bigger... killing... machine..." Eadom replied with an anime-like sweat-drop forming in my mind.

"Aaanyway, what do we do now that you're finally awake? Got any plans?" Yomi asked me with curiosity clear in her tone.

A nod from me was her answer as I walked out of my bath and took one look at my sweaty, blood-drenched coat. Jesus fucking Christ, I've been wearing that thing for ages.

Time to switch up my getup... however, I do not have any real clothing here.

An image of Eadoms true form popped into my imagination for a moment before dispersing and I found myself grinning."Hey Eadom, with all the people we've eaten... there should be a lot of skin and bone to go around, right?"

"Wait, don't tell me..." Yomi asked with some disgust and I merely laughed."Well... yes... but... why... wait... you... aren't... gonna... you are... oh... god... why?!"

Huh? What's going on ?_?

"Aria, honey... could you make me a new suit out of human skin?" The other two take an imaginary step back in both shock and disgust."DUDE... I... WEAR... THESE... FUCKING... PANTS... BECAUSE... THERE'S... NOTHING... ELSE... TO.. WEAR!"

Yeah sure, why not. You're already the image of Insanity.
Might as well go properly Eldritch while were at it as well.
Any preferences?

"Oh second thought, Aria is right. Yeah, this isn't surprising at all." Yomi said in total monotone and an imaginary blank stare as I replied to Aria."Well not really... but I guess you could re-color my hair to red. Also make the suit be fully red too."

That's gonna take a whole lotta hemoglobin to make though...

"Don't worry, we've got an entire ocean of blood in there for you to make good use of." I replied as I felt my skin extending upwards, carried into the air by nanites with clear, perfect incisions appearing around my body. No blood seems to be flowing out, though.

Really now? That's good to know...
Hmm, maybe I can use this to make a nanite storage of sorts. If there really is an ocean of blood inside of you, that is.

My hair begins to itch and I turn to look into a mirror to see my ponytail undo itself, my ass-length hair promptly falling down in a wild way, turning crimson as it does.

Soon, my skin erupts again, tendrils of bone carrying weave after weave of skin out of my body, flaring my entire existence with pain, which I promptly ignore with horrid ease.

My eyes close for a minute and once I open then, I see the results of Aria's hard work. A massive trench coat filled with numerous pockets on the inside, combined with ironically skintight pants, surgical gloves which seem to be permanently drenched in blood, combined with combat boots woven seemingly out of leather and a long-sleeved shirt on the inside. The outfit is, as per order, entirely crimson, with the occasional patch of black.

"Nice work, darling... but something is missing." I stretch myself to find that I feel extremely comfortable in my new clothing. Who knew that human skin felt so good on human skin?"Hahahhhahahah..." A maddened spree of chuckles escapes me as I summon my Gourmet mask and turn it red as well, not normal red but the color of rich blood and put it on.

I look at myself in the mirror again.

The Crimson Mask.

The Doctor-like Outfit.

And my blood-colored hair...

"Oh gods... its like Jason had sex with Dracula and then sent the resulting offspring to be taught about fashion sense by Dr. Frankenstein." Yomi said in both amazement and horror as Eadom sighed."Of.. course... the... most... synchronized.. of... my... hosts... has... to... be... more... than... simply... insane..."

"You know what guys and girls? The time of The Gourmet is over. From now on, let me be known as... Antioch!" I exclaimed out loud with quite a bit of barely-contained laughter.

Oh, dear... I seem to have turned dad into a bona fide Super Villain.

Several footsteps were heard coming from the outside as Tyrone promptly opened the door to my room. He stopped dead in his tracks the second he saw me, utterly paralyzed. His body shook with fear and I could hear his heart beat grow faster and faster as I approached.

After what must have seemed like an eternity for him, I merely booped his nose jokingly."Hah, you should have seen the look on your face, man."

To his credit, all the fear and horror he had around him vanished without a trace."B-B-BOSS?! WHAT IN THE FUCK?!"

I chuckled."Got myself a new outfit, you like?"

"I-I-Is that... skin?!" I found myself grinning, my new mask mimicking my behavior, splitting where my mouth should be in order to properly show off my shark-like, titanium teeth."Yes. Human skin, to be exact."

He shook his head in disbelief as he stood up."Oh for fucks sake, I knew that you were fucked up boss, but isn't this a bit much, even for you?"

"Whaaat? I forgot to bring any clothes with me and my normal overcoat fucking stinks so I had to improvise. That reminds me, please do me a favor and go shopping tomorrow, okay?" I asked him as I walked out of my room and into the main hallway.

"Yeah, sure." He says, still shaken by my appearance as I found myself grinning.

Taking in a deep breath as I find myself standing on a balcony, I asked."Now then... lets go do something fun. You girls have any preferences when it comes to victims?" I asked out loudly, much to the shock and surprise of the two vampiric beauties looking over me on the roof of this building, still in their maid uniforms.

They leap down onto the balcony and I notice Belle grinning at me."Nice outfit."

"Thanks, its made out of the finest skins and bone I could find." I grinned right back at her.

Anna nodded at me with a bit of drool coming out of her mouth, eliciting a quirked eyebrow from me."Y-yeah, we can smell it. G-god forgive me, but that smells really good..."

I blinked at her as I willed the glove of my right hand away with a smile."Hungry, aren't you? Well, help yourself. And.. sorry for what happened while I was out."

She swallowed hard as Belle looked on in surprise and delight and, within moments, her sister was drinking from my hand, unknowingly binding herself to me."And... you... were... panicking... when... I... told... you... about... Essarhaddon..."

"Yes well, these girls aren't someone I don't have a chance against, unlike the old man." I pointed out with a blank look on my face."Puhaaa! That taste! MMnnmm! Master, your blood is amazing!"

Anna exclaimed with a euphoric look to her face as the glove reformed on my hand and I quirked an eyebrow at her."Really now?"

Belle licked her lips in the corner as her sister exhaled erotically."Remind me to let you beat me into the ground the next time you go nuts."

Chucking at their antics, I turned around towards the most developed city in the world, Tokyo.

And with all its lights, with all its sounds... came to me, a most peculiar sense.

A million hearts, a million souls...

All sprawled before me within the chaos that is modern society...

I wonder...

Would anyone be angered...

If a couple sheep...

Went missing...

I found myself licking my own lips as my hunger for murder returned, the essence I had gathered before seemingly drying right at that moment."Tyrone, A, secure the mansion and keep everyone from entering while I'm gone."

Tyrone saluted me with respect from the entrance to the balcony, having seemingly recovered from our little ordeal as A undid his invisibility cloak."Yes boss!/How did you see me this time?!"

I laughed at A."Your invisibility is worthless against someone who's capable of seeing your soul."

With that said, I turned towards the girls."So, you girls wanna join me? After all, there's no need to rush... the night is still so young."

The duo grinned with bloodlust of their own clear upon their frames, leaping behind me and following me with full focus, as skilled maids often do."Yes, master!"

We jumped off the balcony, landing on the pavement around my new garden as I breathed in deep of the nights air and began laughing madly once more while closing my eyes."Well now, I suppose its time to introduce myself to an entire new city..."

And then opening them, both shining gold with a crimson undertone."By painting it, bloody..."

I look up to the nights sky and see the full moon's shine turning darker by the moment."... and red."

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

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They're just gonna slaughter a whole lotta innocent people! :)

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