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So I've had this discussion with one of my fellow authors recently about the writers being Gods, but when I brought up the point of view belonging to the public, he just said that the public is either in your palm or you don't need them. (Well, the point of it was that.)

This is my reply to that statement.

./insert amused snort here

Tell me, do you think this world is perfect?

Tell me, do you think that God created this world?

And, should the answer to one question be no and the other yes, don't you think that this world would have been better if God first created us and then it? Because then, we would be the reviewers, the readers, the testers. Some would scream, some would rage, while others would criticize and most others would merely applaud in awe of what has already been built.

In the end God, if God desired to become better at creation, would also be taking in all of their words.. our.. words, and improve upon what, in Gods mind, at least, was seen as nothing less than perfection at first.

Should God chose the wrong way around, God would merely scoff, or in some cases even rage against, the opinions of "lesser creatures", thus learning nothing at all from Gods experiences, continuing on and on until one day...

The Inspiration simply stops. And God can no longer create, no longer write.

What remains of Gods work then? What of Gods worlds, galaxies and universes? What worth are Gods words, imagination and mind then?

Let me tell you, my friend. They mean nothing. Time, in the end, consumes all, even the works of God, no matter how great, how grand, it all falls to dust and ash in the end.

Its our job, as Authors, as... "Gods", to keep filling our creations with as many wondrous thoughts and ideas, feeding them to the point that they could never truly disappear.

But! Be we Gods or Men or Women, we cannot do this alone. We need the help of our audience, of our readers, of our public. For no matter what we believe or think, it is their interpretations of our work that will keep it alive for eternity and beyond.

However, it is also difficult for an Author to master the art of acceptance without surrendering to bullying, the art of denial without rejecting aid.

It, my friend, is our job, as Authors, to find that balance. To find that Perfection and master it as best we can!

There, I hope that this inspires you onto greater heights!... And sorry if this is too confusing, lets just say I gained my title for a reason. :D

xD not much else I need to say here. Hope that there's some Authors here that I've managed to inspire last this guy. (left him speechless for the most part)

Anyways, next chapter should be up sometime tomorrow, but don't take my word for it. On the other hand, although college exams are all during the 2nd, I should not have so much trouble as to not be capable of typing anything down.

See you soon! Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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dragonmage124 @dragonmage124 ago




sorry for some strange reason i just had to say that ...what you said also will make all zelots come knocking on your door so make sure you hide somewhere (but it makes a strange sort sense that what ever God/Goddess that made us is just having a brain fart and thus is wondering if this story/world sould be rewirtten/recreated or if we are being fun enough to let them fix some of the plot holes)


    Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

    Ya, fixing some plot holes. Can you just imagine somebody one day be like - So hey uh guys, you know about the middle ages, nah, about every other age than the present one? Ya, das all bullshite, we just wanted to teach people not to fight so we made fake wars and stuff and problems and shit... didn't work.. so uh, yeah, we've always been this technologically advanced -

    Also, what Zealots will come? I wonder if they dare to, considering I openly invited every brave fool thats ever clicked on the Foreword of this story into a PM war with me.

    In short, if someone wanted to fight me, they already would have.

      dragonmage124 @dragonmage124 ago

      lol...or ya we do not have any other star with life on it so ya i kind of have been stoping you from noticing by not letting you into space (no need for you no know that you are on my table and the stars are just living room lights since it not eas to build a 2nd layer to this boad game) so can you stop trying to leave the planet i mean learn to turn lava into something or idk make some mutations in your genes for fun but at least stop seeking the stars they are not the lights at the end of the tunnel (that just the memory of your birth after all the flashbacks need to end at the start after all).


      Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

      Incoming lava sauna.

gaigous @gaigous ago

Thanks for the update!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz, i don't know why some people have such difficulty understanding that concept.

I find meditation helps with exam stress:

Spirit @Spirit ago

*claps* I have no words......