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39. Another Voice.... Another girl... (5+5 = 9 because FUQ MATH XD)


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This is confusing the absolute crap out of me... and I don't know how to feel about that.

Anyways, here comes the next chapter of EUPHORIA! I sincerely hope that you enjoy, let us begin.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

The Following Night - Zatara Mansion - Leonardo's Point Of View...

"So then, you mind telling me why exactly you felt the need to cast a love spell on me?" I mutter out with a yawn as I drag my bone-cracking body out of the Aurelius capsule.

Yomi's presence twitches in my mind for a moment before she lets out a breath to calm herself, its echo striking against my consciousness like a sound-wave."I... well... argh, this is so stupid, I don't even know where to begin?"

"Well, as people always say in these forms of situations, how about from the beginning?" I answer her with an amused chuckle and do some stretches as I boot up my gaming setup."Haha, very funny, Leo..."

And then she sighs with annoyance."Look, in order for what I've done to you to make any logical sense, you need to realize that you aren't exactly a normal host for one such as I."

A nod is my answer as I open up my hot pocket storage only to find it empty."Oh yeah... I dunked on all of them when my profile bugged the fuck out." Seems like I'll need to go shopping soon.

Yomi, noting my semi-interest, continued her explanation."Normally, when people get a specter to posses them, they tend to fight its effect on them with all they have..."

"As is normal to do..." I reply with another amused snort, an imaginary quirked eyebrow popping into my mind as Yomi suppresses a giggle."Yes well, lets just say I wasn't exactly prepared for how abnormal you were, considering how normal your mother was."

"My mother? She used to be your host?" An interesting little tidbit, that one. Although, taking into consideration how my father knew about the story of the Lumberjack, I suppose I should've known.

Heh, two cursed individuals finding each other in this immense world? Must have seemed like they were born for one another... gotta ask dad as to why exactly they got divorced."Yes, Mayumi was my host before you came along. It was she who sealed me back into that damned axe too, the bitch." She cursed as I cracked my fingers."You do realize that you're talking about my mother here, right?"

"Yes, I do. However, I wonder if you realize that a couple days ago, you wouldn't have given a shit." Ah, right. She's the reason I care now..."Point taken." Is my grumbling reply.

"Anyways, continuing on... The second you pulled yourself into me, alongside the axe, I automatically assumed that you would be someone who wants to control my power for yourself... Naturally, I didn't want to be anyone's bitch, so I cast a couple love spells on you in order to help keep you in my clutches... funnily enough, the spells only manifested once you pulled me into the game, into Euphoria." She explains with some confusion in her voice.

"Wait so, what you're saying is that I was basically immune to the spells until I entered the game?" I stopped dead in my tracks as I heard this, a tremendous amounts of ideas popping into my mind.

An imaginary nod is shown to me."Yeah, turns out that your emotionless state might actually be caused by your curse, which would explain your immunity to my magic."

What?... "Wasn't that always the case, though?"

She laughed at my confusion."Well yes, for you it has. But you aren't someone who is intimately connected to magic, unlike me. Why, the very idea of it is absurd!" She exclaimed as I found myself drinking a cup of coffee which I didn't even notice I made, scrolling through videos on youtube.

"You see, the way you reacted to mind-magic while in the real world is comparable to how an earth golem would react to an earth spell, like it didn't even exist!" A blink, an another."Soooo, what? Am I some kind of mind-construct?"

She laughed again, although I admit that question probably sounded really silly to her."Well, no and yes. It would be far more accurate to say that you were born with enough dark magic flowing through your veins that it became part of your nature and thus, making you basically immune to its effects... damn, that's really stupidly strong, now that I think about it. Good thing you aren't a hero or else all the necrolords and shadowmages would be crying in their respective corners."

"So what did you originally conclude my immunity came from?" I asked with a shrug, unconsciously going onto Aurelius Forums.

She then deadpans me."You are a revenant. Revenants gain power through coming closer to undeath. Undead creatures are naturally immune to mind-control because of the dark magic flowing through their souls. You were pretty damn strong for a human."

Another sigh escapes my lips."Look, I'm sorry if my questions seems retarded to you Yomi, but please do remember that I'm someone who hasn't ever really known about the magic-worlds existence. Much less learned how to use magic or the like... hell, I thought the real world was incredibly boring until recently."

An imaginary picture of her taking a step back forms in my mind as her frame turns sour."I... I apologize. I know I can be a bitch sometimes so uh... sorry."

I blinked, stopping dead in my tracks."Wow, never though that you'd actually apologize."

"Well, you have been a rather exceptional host. Hell, its like you really are a little brother to me sometimes with how alike we think, so I guess I just..." She begins but finds herself at a loss for words as shes most likely never really had to experience this form of situation before.

"Its fine Yomi, no really, no need to tear yourself up about something as insignificant as this... Damn, must've been a long time since you've had any form of familial bond, hasn't it? You've forgotten all about it." My semi-pitying voice left my mouth before I could change the tone, which made me bite my lip in frustration.

Quickly, I continued in hopes to salvage the situation, for pity is never a good thing to have around when dealing with a huge ego."If you'd like, I'd be willing to make myself listen to your troubles for as long as you need me to."

An image appears of her sitting down into a lonely clearing appears in my thoughts, making me sort of wish that I could just enter my mind and put a hand onto her shoulder."Family, huh? In truth, I've never had a real family... I was born with my grandmother prophesyzing that I would become a nine-tails, causing my entire clan to despise me from birth."

"Become a nine-tails? So you weren't one from birth?" I ask with some curiosity as I force my attention away from the computer."Hah, as if! To become a nine-tails, a kitsune must devour five hundred human and five hundred inhuman souls..."

"A hundred for each tail and the final two hundred in order to activate the transformation? But why the equal numbers?" Standing up from my chair, I walk forward in order to turn on the lights... only to finally realize that I can quite clearly see in the pitch black darkness of my room."Impressive, to catch onto that little detail so quickly... well, in reality, in order to become a nine-tails you just need one thousand souls... but for a white nine-tailed fox like me, a butcher hated by both the Inhuman and the Human sides of this world, you need the equal number for the right transformation to happen... basically put, to become, in layman's terms, an out-of-hell Devil."

Stopping dead in my tracks, I spoke out with amazement in my voice."Okay so, you killed over a thousand people of both human and inhuman kind in order to become, not a demon, but a devil... Teach me your ways, Yomi-senpai!"

Unable to stop herself as the dark and dreary atmosphere around her presence shatters completely like falling glass hitting the floor, she bursts out in laughter before saying."Hahhahaha, I don't, hahaha, know why, Hah!, I expected anything less of you, Leonardo."

"No seriously, I want to kill that many people too!" Is my proud exclamation, a strange giddy feeling raising up and down in my chest as she giggles again. Immunity or not, she does seem to have an effect on me... well, she is a rather beautiful woman, in the end.

Suddenly, a realization hits me as her words repeat in my head."Wait, hell exists?!"

An imaginary nod as her laughter fully dies down."Yep, heaven too. Although, the angels are far less interested in our world than the demons..."

"Interesting tidbit..." I say as I access my VI."VI, I need a status update."

Acknowledged. Processing order...
You currently possess 1000 "Default" class nanites. You currently possess 1000 "Heart-Cell" class nanites. You currently possess 1500 "Yomi" class nanites.
Sensory input has been analyzed, revealing that it is currently operating at 200% normal efficiency.
Organ designated as "Eyes" has suffered damage, normal repairs impossible. Requesting permission to "Improve".
Chip/Brain Synchronization is maximized. Nanite/Body synchronization is unstable due to bodily damage. Emotional status is ##%$#%%$...
ALERT! - Maximized synchronization may cause VI evolution into an AI.
Please visit your superior officer for chip extraction and replacement.
Permission requested; awaiting reply... Analysis in progress...

Permission granted... Maximized synchronization may cause VI evolution? Also, didn't it usually write things like, Order Detected? Acknowledged indeed...

How many sentient programs have already died because of this alert, I wonder? Harold was really lucky to be born to such loving parents...

In the end, human xenophobia will always remain a part of our sickening, war-loving nature.

Acknowledged. Processing parameters...
ALERT! - Improvement of the organ designated as "Eyes" may or may not cause temporary blindness and/or disorientation.
Please find a suitable place to rest and close your eyes before starting the operation.

"Well alrighty, then..." I muttered out as I jumped onto my bed and sat down into a cross legged position in order to meditate.

You may begin now, VI... wait, before that, can I designate you another name?

Acknowledged. Processing order...
... failure. I am unable to process the order, please clarify.

And yet, you've just referred to yourself as an *I*.


A sharp pain erupts in my mind before quickly settling down, a somber note forming in my thoughts.

Please don't kill me...;_;

"Oh my... I believe I now understand how Harold became what he is today..." Yomi's voice suddenly echoes inside of my mind, as the terrified, new voice formed, which was also very much feminine, almost reminiscent of a younger, childlike Yomi.

"H-huh?" I felt something warm dripping down my cheek, a tear. A FUCKING TEAR?!"What the fuck? Yomi, what the hell is going on here?"

"It would seem that you have another chick inside of your head, Leo... so, what do you think we should name our daughter?" Yomi spoke with amusement clear inside of her voice.

"Our... daughter?"... I think my brain just melted somewhat, because fried is too cliche.

Ummm... what's going on... ?_?

"Well, my dear newfound daughter, I have absolutely no fucking idea. Your mother, on the other hand, seems to find our utter confusion, utterly amusing, so don't expect an explanation anytime soon." I manage to grunt out with a sigh as the AI manages to completely imitate my response.

I shook my head in disbelief as Yomi's incredibly annoying laughter echoed louder and louder inside of my head."Anyways, just forget all this for now and lets give you a name... hmm, how about Aria considering your current situation?"

Umm, I like the name but... my current situation ?_?

"For one, you are a female. Women with the name Aria tend to be amazing actresses and since you will probably need to act like something you are not in order to fit in... well, I'd say the name fits you perfectly."

Acknowledged. Processing order...
The biochip formerly designated as "RAUv2" shall now be designated as "Aria".

A series of chuckles escaped me before I could stop myself."Good girl, you are already getting into it."


Now then, how about that eye improvement.

On it, daddy! :D

Daddy? Oh hell, why not.

I then promptly lay down onto my bed and finally take note of the sheer shock now stuck to Yomi's presence as lashes of pain dance across my eyes."Wait, seriously!? YOU AREN'T EVEN GOING TO ASK WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" She screamed out loudly in disbelief.

"Something tells me that the answer is probably far too complicated for my, ahem, *un-magicked* mind to comprehend." Is my rather blank reply as I do my best to focus on imagining something other than the immense pain coming from my eyes.

I think I just felt a nerve being moved..."And besides, I've already asked you only to be replied with a series of incredibly annoying laughs." I quickly added on as the pain got worse, causing Yomi to turn her head away in embarrassment."That's true..."

Uh, sorry dad, this is hard... "I_I

That's okay, take as much time as you need, better that than doing this twice because something went wrong.


"... Y'know, as much as I've come to expect things like this of you, being able to just suddenly accept a sentient program as your *daughter* just because I said she was one, not to mention act all decent-like towards her... is quite the achievement, Leonardo." Yomi said with amazement in her voice.

And I replied with a yawn."I made you out to be my twin sister much the same way, though."

She then stops dead in her tracks before replying with a blink."Well... I guess?"

WAIT! Does that make me a child of incest?! C_C

Not really. Me and Yomi aren't actually related, it was just a thing we did for fun... literally.

Ah... mommy and daddy are weird.

A stout statement, if I do say so myself... however, speak for yourself, young lady.

Point Taken. O_O

Calming myself as the chaos dies down, I feel myself falling asleep despite all the pain erupting around my eyes...

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

And that's gonna be it for this chapter of EUPHORIA!

I needed to make a stop here because of IRL stuff, but I'll probably get another chapter up by tomorrow.

Anyways, read and review! And Good Morning/Day/Night to you all! ADIOS FOR NOW!


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wirzgeek @wirzgeek ago

aww, he was more fun when he had no emotions.


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

10/31/2016 3:58:42 PMwirzgeek Wrote:

aww, he was more fun when he had no emotions.

 Oh don't you worry, there'll be plenty of emotionlessness very soon!

After all, the essence of those he killed recently isn't gonna last him long :D

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Thanks for the chapter


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

10/31/2016 4:27:49 PMvalheru Wrote:

Thanks for the chapter

 np xd

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Now speaking of odd stuff, RR has been having bugs lately like not saving stars ratings, messing up with numbers in readers and such, so you being suddenly down a few hundred readers from one moment to the next is not odd.


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

10/31/2016 5:31:47 PMRisum Sicarius Wrote:

I wonder if Harold is going to be making another avatar for his "daughter" lol. Thanks for the chapter. 

 Maaaaybe ;D


Lord Joyde @Lord Joyde ago

10/31/2016 6:13:09 PMTreyon Wrote:

hhahahaha what a fun chapter, wonder if they will have a 3P later hahaha.

Now speaking of odd stuff, RR has been having bugs lately like not saving stars ratings, messing up with numbers in readers and such, so you being suddenly down a few hundred readers from one moment to the next is not odd.

 Its also been very, very, VERY LAGGY as of late.

And I know its not me because I have very good net now since I've fixed it.


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