by Lord Joyde

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Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Are you limited by that which you know?

Are you limited by that which you see?

By that which can be realized?

If so...

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond understanding?

An infinite concept.

An infinite name.


Yet, still perfectly real.

... does this thought inspire rage to rise up from deep within you?

If so...

Then come along with me, for you might like what you see!


Also, I'd like to keep these warnings below as part of the summary since having traumatizing content, horror and sexual warnings up top seems to not be enough for some people...


IMPORTANT - The chapters that have the heart symboal are LEMONS aka. they have at least one sexual scene contained within them.



Thank you Kanadaj and Necamijat! You guys rock. :D

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Lord Joyde

Lord Joyde

Mad One

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Foreword: Onwards to Euphoria! ago
1. Time to play ago
2. New Flesh, Old Soul ago
3. Stocking Up With A Twist ago
4. Tailoring My Next Steps... ago
5. Returned To The Hunt ago
6. Funeral March ago
7. Adoration ago
8. Respite And Recovery ago
9. The First Of Many <3 ago
10. Carnage Carnival ago
11. Memories Of An Empire - Part One ago
12. Memories Of An Empire - Part Two ago
13. All The Sides Of Me - Part 1 ago
14. All The Sides Of Me - Part 2 ago
15. Arrival Of A Dawn ago
16. Of Ancient Echoes And Glorious Rampage ago
17. The Purity Of Fire ago
18. Glory And Death! - Part One ago
19. Glory And Death! - Part Two ago
20. Each End, A New Beginning <3 ago
21. Rupture And Incinerate! ago
22. Picked Clean And Set Anew ago
23. Continued Insanity - Thank you all for the support! ago
24. A Heart Of Fire ago
25. Rest In Chaos ago
26. A Chance Of Heart ago
27. Corrupted Stone ago
28. Nanites Are Adorable? ago
29. Target Dead ago
30. Hungering Heart ago
POLL TIME - Test ago
31. Wolf And Dice ago
32. To Foxy Spice <3 ago
33. Setting Goals ago
34. Prelude To Inferno ago
35. Hunting Pyre ago
36. Of Sown Discord (we broke time but it got fixed... D;) ago
37. Gather Up! ago
Author Note - Life, College, Writer's Depresssion and Birthsdays ago
38. The Raid On Pittings ago
Is poll ago
39. Another Voice.... Another girl... (5+5 = 9 because FUQ MATH XD) ago
40. To Insanity... and BEYOND! ago
41. Awakening ago
------------------- End Of Stage One ----------------------- ago
46. Crimson Chapel ago
47. A Painful Endeavour ago
48. Living Crusade ago
"Madman: Of Gods And Men" ago
49. Antemurale Christianitatis ago
50. Flying Displaced ago
51. The Flayed Angel ago
52. Of Bridal Scythes And Edgy Heavens ago
53. The Birth Of Antioch ago
54. Tokyo's Darkest Night ago
56. Blood Trade ago
57. Scan-ar-naoia! ago
58. Mindfully Driven Conversation ago
"A question, some bragging, alleviating concerns and poll results OH MY!" ago
59. Of Unmeant Meetings ago
60. Per-ver-sion <3 ago
61. Sexy Story Time <3 ago
62. Maturity ago
63. Re; Skin ago
64. Liquid Superiority ago
65. Downfall ago
66. Jack Of Truths ago
67. Madness Itself ago
68. Dual Divinity ago
69. The Blue Return ago
70. Lust Out Loud <3 ago
71. Candidate Of The Afterdark ago
72. Of Balkan News and Dark Outfits ago
"Reality." ago
73. Sibling Ashura ago
74. Same Or Sum ago
75. The Candle Of Life ago
76. Common Decency ago
"Opportunity." ago
77. Gor-gone! ago
78. Uh Oh ago
79. To be Entertained? ago
80. Of Basic Fleshweaving and Non-Angelic Miracles ago
81. Through Pain, Absolution! ago
82. A Murderous Duet ago
83. Power Beyond Comprehension ago
84. Cathedral Of Purgatory ago
85. Fistfull Of Souls ago
86. Final Preparations ago
87. Sometimes, I just wanna melt into a puddle of goo... ago
88. Chaotic Tendencies ago
----------------- End Of Stage Two ------------------ ago
89. Caedean Rose ago
90. Doctor E. Fischer ago
91. Brutality Incarnate ago
92. Long Overdue? ago
93. Uncharacteristic Cheer ago
94. Unblocked ago
95. All I am... ago
96. ... for you. <3 ago
97. Void Freaked ago
98. Badly Placed Limitations ago
99. Insipiens Infinitum ago
100. Ultimate Victory ago
"Trivia Zone" ago
101. Creating Creti ago
102. Waking Conflict ago
103. Maschiert nach Berlin! ago
104. Focus-Fire! ago
105. An Excess Of Life ago
106. Ridiculous! ago
107. Of Revelations And Broken Bones ago
108. Wastefull Ignorance ago
109. Choices To Make ago
110. Earning Paychecks ago
111. Withering Exaltation ago
112. Devilish Toast ago
113. Of Horrors And Shadows ago
"Just an UPDATE! Been a while since I last did one of these." ago
114. Disgust ago
115. Of Unmeant Weapons And Mortal Misconceptions ago
116. Bystanding Conflict ago
117. From Torn To Home ago
118. New Soul, Newer Flesh ago
119. Joy of Rapture ago
120. "Re"-borne Of Flame ago
121. Machine/Human Interface ago
122. Girl Talk ago
"On Belief." ago
123. Overtuned Analysis ago
124. Unnatural Nature ago
"Sorry everyone, but I quit." ago
"For those who wanted to know where I'll write next." ago

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Fellow madmen, rejoice!

Fellow madmen, rejoice! Joyde delivers you a steaming hot world burning in flames.

There is blood, lemon, and chaos. He picks on you in every single chapter - with every linebreak.

The MC is a HUGE remorse-free psycho. I would a give a well earned 5/5 at this point.

But the plot twists are way too chaotic. The Author is a huge remorse-free drama lover.

You don't know where the plot is going. The plot will lose you several times. So to sum it up:

If you don't want to see the world burn, then stop right there. This story is not for you kiddo.

If you are ready for a ride with a suspicious unlicensed drunken author then start reading moron.

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A word before I begin with the actual review. I have been following Lord Joyde for a very long time, from back when his penname was Nexus and not Joyde. Also, my penname here and the penname I have on FF are not the same in order to avoid potential backlash from anyone I might offend with this review, Joyde himself included.

And that was during the time when he was still writing Naruto fanfics. There was this one where Kyuubi was female and was also Naruto's mom and she had a restourant named "The Kitsune's Cookpot". Heh, I think I can feel Joyde cringing from the future when he reads this review. :)

Basically, I've been following his work since sometime after he started writing from December 27th of the year 2011. (I'm not obsessed, its written on his page)

In short; this guy has come a VERY long way from how he used to be and, as one of his first "fans", I can say with pride that I've experienced just about the entire journey as a reader.

Now then, let me begin the actual Review.

First of all, the Overall score: I've put up a 4.5 because of two reasons, mainly Joyde's (read; nonexistent) update schedule and his outright random bouts of inspiration which have no real rhyme or reason, thus leading to much confusion on the readers side in the process. Other than that: the story is amazing.... yet also flawed.

I've been reading some of the other reviews here and I'd like to point some things out as well as clarify things for newer readers.

1. There are people basically calling Joyde sexist with how this fic deals with women.... I would like to point out that you are calling the same guy who wrote an entire story about a Lesbian Louise (from Familiar Of Zero), who is the boss of an incredibly rich, incredibly powerful organization (which she created out of nothing), has crushed a guys balls from the inside and is a very, very horny futanari. (Aside from one lemon where she has hot, rough sex with her brother, but that's another story), sexist. Ironically, her title is also The Phoenix, which I'm sure all the comic book fans out there will find most chucklesome.

Needless to say, I find this both ridiculous and stupid. If anything, Joyde is more like the type who thinks everyone is below him. I'm sorry, but he does have his arrogant fits from time to time. We all still love him anyways, though.

2. There is one guy saying how this story is about a "Pay to win game". I think that anyone whos read Euphoria beyond chapter 20 can tell you just how idiotic saying this actually is. The story isn't really about a game, but that's spoiler territory so I won't be going there.

3. I firmly believe that calling insight "Story Draft" is pretty insulting to Joyde, but I'll leave that to you two to discuss.

4. Joyde loves constructive criticism, as shown with his interaction with "Dethati". What he won't tell you however, is that he absolutely despises the "Thank you for the chapter!" people. That's all I'm gonna say, just wanted to put that out there.

The STYLE of the story is Joyde's typical style which has not changed in literal years since he adopted it after the somewhat success/somewhat failure that was his first ever fanfic, what is nowadays known as The Earl Of Humanity. Much to Joyde's dismay (at first) the style of his writing caused a literal war between the fans, where one side wanted MORE LINE BREAKS and the other side wanted NO MORE LINE BREAKS. I personally belong to the former, because the DONT MIND ME IM A LINE BREAK sentence in the middle of Joyde's stories, which is highly likely to be in the midst of some kind of bloody, gruesome battle or a hot, steamy lemon, is really funny to me. Yes, it also shatters the immersion in the story in multiple ways, but ... I don't know. Many readers, myself included, found this to be a positive part of his style, because it makes his story memorable. You may think that this doesn't mean much, but when you are following over 200+ stories at the same time, being memorable is one of the most important things for a story to be succesful. Sadly, it would seem that the NO MORE LINE BREAKS side is currently winning.

The STORY is... difficult to describe. RCONNIVING put it in a really good way. The MC is Insane and the story reflects that perfectly. In order to fully enjoy Euphoria, you should really stop thinking in a linear way. The story follows a character who has embraced "Chaos", so don't expect anything "Orderly" from it. There, that's the best way I can describe it without spoiling anything.

However, re-reading the comments section of the chapters in order to better write this review, I've come up with a... well, with this.

Public Opinion = ... Okay, interesting --> OHO NICE --> when are you gonna update man? --> I love this story! --> Wow, this is actually amazing --> Euphoria actually sounds like the name of a drug --> I'M SO ADDICTED OMG LOVE THIS --> OMG PLEASE MORE --> Euphoria is BEST DRUG --> ...... when can we have more... i'm staring to shake from the lack of chaos... (This is the current state and I didn't make this up, read the comments and you'll see this is legit.)

The GRAMMAR is... well honestly, its not the best out there. Better than 80% of fictions on this site is a good way to put it. Let me add on that, and this is from experience, Joyde is not very good at correcting grammar. Not because he doesn't know how to, but because he does not want to. When he makes gramatic mistakes, they're often put there for what he calls DRAMA. You will often find him using things like "I spoke" when there should be "I said". This random switching between persons can be a bit overbearing for new readers, but if you stick with it long enough you will eventually get used to it.

The CHARACTER is wonderful. Before I got to this part, I said that the MC is insane but thats nothing more than an Understatement. No, the MC is beyond insane. Evil, good, bad, justice... shit like that has no meaning to our resident MC and will most likely never have any meaning to it.

He kind of reminds me of those Mary Sue type characters who also happen to be insane... you know, the "I am a Good Person but when I get mad I KILL EVERYBODY" kind of character? Except, in Joyde's case, he can write that character really, really well. This is mostly from his own experience with writing fanatical characters of all kinds. He has yet to type down an MC which is not an Emotional Extreme in one way or another.

His most sane (ew, sanity) character, would have to be Arthur from... from an actual Crackfic. Yes, a joke fic.

Its name is What The Hell, go figure.

Anyway, I think that this is a good place to stop. I've told you all what you needed to know in order to enjoy Joyde's work. Don't expect a book when you come read this, just... lay back, enjoy the puns, don't think too hard about the plot (unless you want to get addicted to the story because only by thinking about it do you realize just how AWESOME it is) and you've got yourself a really nice, sometimes gruesome, fic to read while sitting upright in your bed, on your phone and probably in utter darkness.

Just don't chuckle too hard, I heard that often tends to wake up the other residents in your house, if you have any. Ghosts don't count.

Welp, that's about all I had to say, YANE!

  • Overall Score

Keep up the chaos coming !!!!

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Let's make it short by telling the truth: any and all types of compliments will only degrade this novel of yours considering how good it is so please by the sake of god don't screw this up okay?

  • Overall Score

Honestly one of the best works I've read. Mindtwisting, chaotic, full of abstract concepts that make you think out of the box, and honestly a atheist bible. Keep up the good work and twist our minds some more because i fucking love it.


P.S - the part with Chaos/God and the metaphisical experiences are very good and extremly well written.

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I must say this story really hold true to its theme chaos.
The story line is all over the place it feels, there seems to be no real goal (at least in arc 1) and just a bunch of interesting events. While this keeps things fresh and provides quite a mysterious wipe it also had the negative of not really providing an incentive to continue on to the next chapter. I had quite a few instances where there was an interruption in my reading flow and I was debating whether I wanted to keep going or do something else. In the end I never regretted the decision to keep going and enjoyed the story very much.

The main Character is pretty deep and I like how we learn more and more about him trough his actions and the story without any big info dumps.

I really am eager to find out where this story leads especially, as other people mentioned already with the huge reveal/plot twist at the end of arc 1

  • Overall Score

I like the ficción a los,  but don’t you think is be comino MORE AN MORE far from the Vr gametos that was supone de to be at the Beginig ?

Green Li
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Thanks for the chapter. lol

Thank you for the chapter.


muhahahahahahahahhahahahahaahhahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahamuhahahahahahahahhahahahahaahhahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha muhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaha






Mad Fax
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A Lunatic Asylum or The Atheist Bible?

The title of the review is just a suggestion to change the name of the story. ... I thought Destiny: Infernal was crazy.

Anyways, how do I even review this?! Congrats on the new summary btw, this one is way worse. (as in it will drag more unaware people straight down the rabbit hole)

Before anyone decides weather they want to read this or not, I want you to ask yourself a few things:

1. Do you like overthinking?

2. Do you like experiencing multiple existencial crisises in the same day?

3. Are you afraid of losing your sense of self?

4. Are you afraid of making your voice be heard?

5. How do you feel about carnage, rape, tragedy and horror?

6. How do you feel about religion being a main theme a story depicting a madman?

7. Can you differ between love and hate?

8. Can you differ between reality and imagination?

- if the answer to ANY of these is NO... you might wanna look away from this bloody Necronomicon hidden in plain sight.

On that note, I present to you EXIBIT A:

We are just one of infinite posibilities, collapsing them all into one singular reality, like opening Schrodinger's box and seeing if the cat is dead or not, we are just the universe trying to keep itself existing, without an observer, the posibility is not real, just theoretical, concious mind is what keeps the universe there, and each time you close your eyes, anything you are not touching directly, or experiancing through any other sense, dissapears, only to be rendered again once you open your eyes. If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one to hear it, it doesn't make sound, for the tree doesn't exist without anyone to percieve it, just like reality wouldn't exist if there was no one there to experience it. We exist only so that the universe may exist by observing it, and the universe exists only so that it can create something that can observe it, any part of the sky, the planet, your room that is not being experianced stops existing until you put your attention on it. We are both the egg and the chicken.


Well, think of time as a series of still images, like the cells in a movie, the universe doesn't actually move forward in time, but minds or souls or whatever you consider is the thing that makes you an individual, are what moves in these possibilities, we move to the next most probable, the one with the least resistance, like a lightning in the atmosphere going to the ground. You are standing in some place, so it is probable that in the next second you will either be in the same place or somewhere very near, not on a moon of jupiter, so by switching over these possibilities at a rate that the mind interprets as fluid and continious, "time" happens, though there's always the non zero chance of something that wasn't there appearing or something that is there to dissapear and that is quantum tunneling, when the next state of possibility we switch to wasn't the one with the least resistance, but a hiccup in plausibility due to the nature of the rolling dice.


Author: Well, not all Germans supported the Nazi Regime.. and yet, when teenagers today hear someone with a think german dialect, thats exactly the first thing their imagination forms.

Commenter: I really hate it when people form opinions on entire populations like that.

But in the context of us having zero influence on who gets elected: It's more like, "what do you expect us to do when our government does what it wants regardless of what we have to say or how we vote?"


Author: What happens when we catch it? We become food.

No.. I'm kinda sad to say this, but I'm one of those people who firmly belive that mankind wasn't made with the intention of being equal.

It just... does not work in a society like ours. People always have a need to place themselves above others with wealth, fame or skill.

They always did, liberty and equality are little more than limitations, just blocks in the road of power, but just because you cant enslave others to make yourself feel as their better in the literal sense, being someones boss when you are rich enough to literally own them anyways isn't that big of a difference.

"Nice car boss."

"If you work real hard for the next month, there'll be a second one! So work hard, my dear sla-I mean employee of the month!"

Commenter: Wage slaves is a good way of saying it, I think.

No matter what the situation is we always end up building a social structure.

I definitely agree that true freedom and equality are impossible in reality, Having said that, I still like the quality of life we achieved with our semi-equality and semi-freedom.

A dynasty or monarchy would've ended way sooner with the level of weaponry we have now, That's why Korean Poppin Fresh freaks me out so much, there's no legion of assholes stopping him from pressing the launch button.

--- I'm just going to stop here. By the way, all of the above are from A SINGULAR CHAPTER.

This is a story that you may as well start reading for the COMMENTS rather than the story itself...

Oh and did I mention that God is a Mad Scientist?

And Chaos is a feminist, social justice warrior and a strong, independent (but married) lesbian woman?

Yeah, if you think you've read insanity before... well, you are wrong.

Oh and the prologue lasts for 62 FUCKING CHAPTERS AHAHAHAHHAHAHAH....


Max Scherer
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So it is really difficult to write a Review that can fit what this truly fanatstic peace of Work is!

First of the Story. Imagine all of your common sense compressed in a tiny ball. Now imagine everything you think you know about Chaos and Insanity and compress it too. And now you eat the two balls and forgett everything that you might think you know about Chaos and let you fill anew with everything this story has to offer. And dont bother to try what could happen next it will most likely be wrong and right.

Now what can i say about the Characters? There is little to explain and just one thing to say. If the Character is normal just dont bother with it. The character will most likely die or be forever forgotten. Otherwise the characters are really insane and i fucking love Audrey... Well she is just the best fucking Character in this story. ahem

That was what i had to say. If you love Blood, Sex and insanity you will love this story.