The Ruins : [An Isekai Dungeon Crawl]

The Ruins : [An Isekai Dungeon Crawl]

by Adrian Cassius

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The story of The Ruins follows a cynical student named Akir, who is transported into a mysterious construct that forces Akir among others to go through trials, which are all different from one another.

Akir, who despised the lack of freedom he had on earth, gets excited by the possibilities the world he has been transported into can offer, but soon The Ruins start to pick him apart.

Akir decides to ascend The Ruins by his lonesome and his personality starts to twist and turn, as he struggles to keep his goal of happiness and freedom in mind and survive in the mentally and physically challenging environments he is put in.

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A Straight Forward But Fun Dungeon Romp

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Superiority(2)

As someone rather important once said, there is nothing new under the sun. But even with tired tropes like an isekaied dungeon crawl, there are still ways to make it fun and novel. And the author has succeeded here with a fresh—and so far dark twist on the genre.

Style Score – The style is solid and it’s easy to tell what’s going on in the story. And the fight scenes are detailed but not overburdened with too many flowery descriptions that so many others stories rely on. With that being said, there is a little repetition in parts and the author might want to change up some of the kill methods for a bit more variety.

Grammar – The grammar is the only part of the story that could use some work. There are a fair number of errors especially with dialogue, but it’s nothing that a good editing wouldn’t fix. And it doesn’t distract from the overall experience as it’s not too glaring. 

Story – The story of the Ruins is a lot of fun, and you can tell the author put a lot of work into creating the world. Everything encountered is carefully constructed and there are mechanics put in place like timers to push the story forward and give it a sense of urgency. The weapons are cool as well, as are the monsters the characters face. Overall, I think this is a solid base to build a long-running story on. 

Character Score – The main character is interesting, though I feel as a I reader I haven’t gotten to know the real Akir yet. He starts off as withdrawn but then quickly transforms into a proper murderhobo. I’m sure we’ll get to know him more as the story progresses, but so far everything he’s done has solid motivation and makes sense in the context of his situation. However, he is definitely an anti-hero (up until chapter 7), so not everyone might appreciate some of his actions.


Interesting concept, great application.

Reviewed at: Chapter 20: Happy

Very good story so far, very interesting moral dilemmas. Has a good start and is still going strong in my opinion.I'm surprised this isn't more popular, though could be because of lack of chapters and a little bit without uploads. Still one of my favorites on rr over all, keep up the good work

Lucksinia Grimhold

So... Short story is: Main character does not yet have constant character, yes, pun-intended.

He is like a "That guy" in D&D stories... Who is doing some shit, because "that's what this character would do"

And I don't know if this was a plan all along, or something else...

All other aspects of this story is quite engaging so far, that helps me to cope with sheer "murderhobo" vibe.