Blair - A LitRPG Apocalypse

Blair - A LitRPG Apocalypse

by Azrie

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A LitRPG Apocalypse from the perspective of a Dark Elf

The elves took everything. Following a bloodied slaughter of her whole race, and struggling to stay alive, she had no choice but to survive on her own. That was until the world changed. Her entire planet; a whole cluster was introduced to the vast universe by The System, or perhaps God. A universe filled with endless beings and civilizations that fought for power and dominance. 

After the integration, Blair finds herself in a forest surrounded by unknown beasts, peril lurking, alone. Alone and with nothing but the mentality to survive, she will have to get stronger in this new unforgiving world of numbers and power.  

With nothing but the capability to get stronger, her distant dreams of revenge might just become a reality. 

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Cover art by FuyuDust commissioned by MelasDelta.

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Uncrowned, Nameless One

Word Count (14)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
63 Chapters
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Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter. 1: Vestiges Of a Race ago
Chapter. 2: Everwood Moose ago
Chapter. 3: Glim ago
Chapter. 4: Stat Distribution ago
Chapter. 5: Secrets of Secrets & Broken Promises ago
Chapter. 6: Awakening from Delusion ago
Chapter. 7: Bitter Realization: Unrequited Struggle ago
Chapter. 8: Interlude: Glimmering ago
Chapter. 9: Skills & Mana ago
Chapter. 10: Mana Manipulation ago
Chapter. 11: Interlude: Grand Empire Of Arkaram ago
Chapter. 12: Mana Enhancement ago
Chapter. 13: Training & Learning ago
Chapter. 14: Facing The Guardian ago
Chapter. 15: Loot ago
Chapter. 16: Everwood; Everdead ago
Chapter. 17: Interlude: Dark Elf ago
Chapter. 18: Tepid ago
Chapter. 19: Scorched ago
Chapter. 20: Incandescent ago
Chapter. 21: Carbonized ago
Chapter. 22: Penumbral Sense ago
Chapter. 23: Interlude: Grind & Conquer. ago
Chapter. 24: Humans ago
Chapter. 25: Human Things ago
Chapter. 26: Guardian of the Osthus Tree ago
Chapter. 27: Family & Blessing ago
Chapter. 28: Interlude: Calling Of The Stars ago
Chapter. 29: Terms and Conditions ago
Chapter. 30: Kill ago
Chapter. 31: Prophecy Secured ago
Chapter. 32: She Who Knells ago
Chapter. 33: Blossom ago
Chapter. 34: Interlude: Demons ago
Chapter. 35: Prophecies & Mistakes ago
Chapter. 36: Introspection ago
Chapter. 37: Interlude: Elves ago
Chapter. 38: Demon Or Elf, All The Same ago
Chapter. 39: Despicable ago
Chapter. 40: The Emperor ago
Chapter. 41: Beatdown ago
Chapter. 42: Interlude: Nightmare fuel  ago
Chapter. 43: The Secrets of Piercing, Sort of ago
Chapter. 44: Caves, Quests & a Screech ago
Chapter. 45: Nest Of Frost ago
Chapter. 46: 16 hours ago
Chapter. 47: Report In The Chamber ago
Chapter. 48: 2 In 22  ago
Chapter. 49: Offering From The System ago
Chapter. 50: Frictionless Shock ago
Chapter. 51.1: Grinding Opportunity ago
Chapter. 51.2: Grinding Opportunity ago
Chapter. 52.1: The Queen of Crystal ago
Chapter. 52.2: The Queen of Crystal ago
Chapter. 53: Monarch ago
Chapter. 54.1: Interlude: A Path of Roaring Flames (1) ago
Chapter. 54.2: Interlude: A Path of Roaring Flames (2) ago
Chapter. 55.1: Interlude: A Path of Roaring Flames (3) ago
Chapter. 55.2: Interlude: A Path of Roaring Flames (4) ago
Chapter. 56: The Illusionist & Trial ago
Chapter. 57.1: Abnormal Trial ago
Chapter. 57.2: Abnormal Trial ago

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Style, awesome world building, action packed and descriptive fight scenes. And a consistent tense atmosphere even in the humourous bits. The author is really good at doing this.

Grammar, spelling mistake here or there, author is fast about weeding them out, after the first few hours of chapter release it isn't a burden to the experience.

Characters, the side characters are 1 dimensional. Blair is reckless to a fault, although there is a bit of character development going on, I can't lie there isn't much. In terms of personality, everyone except Matt, and glim is kinda predictable. I can get that balir being reckless is a racial quirk, but growth needs to happen.

Story, oh boi, I want to rate it higher, but I can't. The premise is actually really good. The execution is even better. But the plot armor. Every single fight that this girl gets into is a hard fought battle to the death. Every fight goes down to the last arrow, every single heal used up, and blair throwing up due to mana loss. Every fight is a last ditch, I sure hope that the enemy falls after this arrow otherwise I die. and Blair keeps throwing herself into these situations with no regard for her own life. She is the chosen one, destined to be great, and noone will stop her.


Overall it's a very fun read, I recommend because of it's amazing style, but expect plot armor, expect dumb characters to remain dumb, and expect Blair to die in the next chapter.


For all it's simplicity, as beforementioned by other reviewers, I truly find this piece of fiction of a higher rank than most. 

The spelling and grammar is good, even great, for the most part. 

I am, however, a little cautious of how the plot will go on. The vibe of the story is pretty similar to Jake, the avaricious hunter, in its mindset and system. 

The multiple perspectives seem a tiny bit forced, but in the greater scope of worldbuilding, it is acceptable for me. 

If I could give the author a mechanical tip, it would be to try and stay more consistent within your system and rules. Of course that is easier said than done, but for a fantasy world and system to work, there has to be consistency. The hard number you provided in the Attribute chapter were a step in the wrong direction if you ask me.

You didn't ask me, so I'll just say, keep up the good work, I am proud of myself to have found another fun fiction on this site, and I am even more proud of the author who has poured energy and time into this work of art. 


You keep on writing, and I assure you, you'll get far. I believe in you.


Before we get into the review, I want to be very clear: Azrie is not my alt acc. Some people have accused Azrie of being my alt account before, and no, this isn't my alt account, alright? Got it? Good. On to the review.

Now, about the story itself, I would say it's a really fun litrpg apocalypse story following an archer dark elf. It is atypical in that it's not set on Earth, and whether or not that's a good thing is up to you to decide. For me, it's a net positive, especially considering the vengeful and slightly psychopathic protagonist.

I honestly am not the biggest fan of human protagonists that previously lived a mundane and boring life before becoming a murderhobo psychopath once they were isekai'd or the apocalypse happens. To me, since the protagonist was already a dark elf trained combatant who grew up with death and war, it doesn't really break my suspension of disbelief that she's able to thrive in the apocalypse. In fact, it only makes sense to me.

So far, the story is about the protagonist's survival and exploring and understanding the system, but it's been plenty entertaining with the small cast of characters. I personally really like the banter between

The protagonist and her AI companion. I just love snarky AIs, man.


There is still a lot of mystery abound and a lot to explore in the story, especially with how the apocalypse is handled with all the other worlds being involved. But the pacing is relatively slow, so I'm sure it'll be fully fleshed out over time. Personally, I'm a fan of slow pacing-styled stories. Although, I can see that that style may turn people off. So just be warned.

The grammar is good. I haven't spotted any mistakes so far.

Lastly, I am one of Azrie's patrons, so bear that in mind when reading this review.

Overall, I'd say it's a 5/5 throughout the board. Give it a shot.


This storry is still short but so far it is one of the best. The elements of the LitRPG apocalypse are rather standart (combine worlds, tutorial, different races to vie for dominance), but the execution is one of the best.
This is the first story, that follows a fantastical entity that is sent to invade earth, I have read and while I asssume there have been others before it feels new and fresh.

Sadly the storry isn't entirely free of weird fantasy or LitRPG cliches, but nothing of these is unforgivable in my opinion:

I personally find it always jaring to see archers that ignore strength and right now Strength is Blairs lowest physical stat at roughly 2/3 of her next lowest.
Some form of "mental" stat that has no influence on what that atribute traditionally means and instead could just be Magic.
People being with their thoughts everywhere except focusing on the Monster charging them.

I never really know what to write on style and gramar, but I will still try:

There are effectively no mistakes and sentences that are structured to take you out of the flow, the action flows smoothly, and falling action is integrated without lingering.

The plot is a LitRPG apocalypse and I write this at chapter 9. There is some aditional conflict around the genocide, but I don't think that will matter soon. I like LitRPG apocalypses. If you do as well you will probably like this plot. If you don't you probably won't. If you are new to LitRPG apocalypses this seems like a good place to start.

We have only met one and a half characters so far, but those are very well characterized. I already feel like I know them, and they are both likable.


If you like your rash, heavily plot armored MC then this is a good story for you.

Generic litRPG elements, pretty bog standard system so I won't get into that. 

The MC does have a very solid personality, that the author has managed to define well; unfortunantly I can't find them very likable a character. 


pros: as i say always I'm incapable of finding any grammar issues and I enjoyed the style they structured his sentences and how they describe the scenes all in all its good technically but and this is a big BUT

cons: all you get is a heart broken edgy rash mc who is undeniably full of shit in one occasion she was going to steal some human groups stock of ammo stealthly(meenwhile one of the group was going to get killed)but while going for it she decieded to save him and started demanding all their arrows and quivers and a health potion from each of them by force, later on she says:im happy they offered everything on their own and i didn't have to ask.

i don't know if its authors job and wants to tell us blair is delusional or the author forgot what arm robbery looks like, all I mean is I'm down for an anti-hero mc who only wants revenge or is selfish to some extent but why we are trying to make it look good? she simply doesn't give a f about other people surviving so why is she baby siting them and riminding the reader "look I'm doing something morally right which is pushed to me unwillingly"

lastly the hype and all the boom about the book was so maybe i was over expecting. all in all the mc is a chinese young master in term of arrogance and has been simply changed outfits so it can fit in this type of story.

hope you all the best and i will be wishing for some kind of clarification on her views or at least some character growth. cheers


Fun read, looking forward to the ongoing plot!

Reviewed at: Chapter. 1: Vestiges Of a Race

note: I've beta read the first draft of this series up to chapter 30, and I'm also a patron.

Blair is an interesting litrpg coming about as a result of multiple worlds merging. The story tells the tale of a young and somewhat naive deep dark elf whose family was taken from her in war, who finds herself in a strange environment governed by The System - an impersonal and unseen presence that maintains this trial space and seems to govern the merging itself. I like how the titular character is focused mostly on her own survival with revenge as an underlying motivation, it's a nice departure from the majority of the isekai or isekai-adjacent works I've read that always seem to have some flavor of hero or antihero for a protagonist. the side characters and antagonists aren't flat cardboard cutouts to knock down either, they're generally well fleshed out and interesting, which helped keep me immersed in Blair's world. the environment, characters, growth aspect, and fight scenes are really interesting!

Style: I found my attention drawn into scenes through the author's use of detail, the immersion is solid. switching through side character narratives helped keep the protagonist's role feeling more fresh too.

Story: it's mostly stream of consciousness, mainly the protagonist's perspective but also cycles through a number of side characters which works well to flesh them out. the ambience is immersive, and the fight scenes are particularly good - especially the one with

Spoiler :
the fire guardian
. the
Spoiler :
artificial assistant
character is particularly entertaining to me, with their, ahem, *interesting* personality. I find myself easily drawn into Blair's world, which for me is one of the most important parts.

Grammar: it could use a little polish here and there, but I also read a first draft so some of that is to be expected.

Character: the protagonist is strong-willed if naive or even impulsive at times, and the side characters and antagonists are diverse and well defined. I feel invested in seeing what happens to them all going forward. I already mentioned it, but I like how the protagonist isn't another cookie cutter would be hero or villain, she's just trying to survive and get her revenge if she can. she's got a ton of flavor and I'm looking forward to see where it all goes for her!

bottom line: my reading background is mostly translated light novels, and from that perspective this is a solid and entertaining read that I'd recommend.


This is an interesting story.

sidestories / interludes are used well for giving some extra context

some difficult questions are asked but so far no easy answers are given (this is a good thing it helps people think with their own brain)

the mc plot armor is at a believeable level and no absurdly easy fortunate encounters have occered


Apocalypse, with a battle crazed dark elf girl.

Reviewed at: Chapter. 21: Carbonized

This is a really entertaining story, it's packed with action and the writting never gets messy in the fights makes it really dynamic andpicturable.

The story is set in a universe where humans are just a speck of the intelligent beings existing wich is really refreshing, even more so than some of the other civilizations are lored \(^^) /

We follow a dark elf girl awakening to a battle crazy behavior and her little guide in that new world an classic but still nice little guy.

Well all that being said thanks for the work boss ! 


Before I preface this review, I'd like to state that this story is something that I'd give a "chef kiss," but if you're not a fan of action, it probably won't be for you. The story and characters are excellent, though the action makes it top tier — one of the focal reasons to read. However, I'll get into the other aspects as I review them. 

Okay, the style, as mentioned in the title, it's first person (Mostly MC but also SC). Well, if you're wondering about the more intricate aspects, such as sentence length and pacing, this has to be Azrie's best story regarding style since the readability is pretty immersing. Being able to zone out and immerse yourself into the story is an important aspect of enjoyment. At least for me. Azrie's sentence style allows that, so good stuff in that regard.

The story is about a litRPG apocalypse. This is where I'm a little iffy because too much murder for no reason is nonsensical to me. But the author makes a great effort to flesh out the story by introducing pivotal points, be it through side characters or even the world that the story takes place. Right now, the MC is more worried about surviving the area they were placed in, and that's totally fine. Mainly because side character and main character progression are taking place, so the story will become deeper as it progresses. (Duh)

The Character is very reasonably made for the world that she's in. The reason the MC knows how to survive isn't out of sheer luck, but rather they were born for such a task in their previous life. It's reassuring to know the author cares about realism to a degree. 

As for the grammar, it's very readable. Not much else to say in that regard. 

So? Read it. You'll enjoy it if you're a LitRPG Apocalypse fanatic. 5/5