Blair - A LitRPG Apocalypse

Blair - A LitRPG Apocalypse

by Azrie

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A LitRPG Apocalypse from the perspective of a Dark Elf

The elves took everything. Following a bloodied slaughter of her whole race, and struggling to stay alive, she had no choice but to survive on her own. That was until the world changed. Her entire planet; a whole cluster was introduced to the vast universe by The System, or perhaps God. A universe filled with endless beings and civilizations that fought for power and dominance. 

After the integration, Blair finds herself in a forest surrounded by unknown beasts, peril lurking, alone. Alone and with nothing but the mentality to survive, she will have to get stronger in this new unforgiving world of numbers and power.  

With nothing but the capability to get stronger, her distant dreams of revenge might just become a reality. 

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Cover art by FuyuDust commissioned by MelasDelta.

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Crowned and Fitted, Beautiful Jewel

Word Count (15)
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
129 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter. 1: Vestiges Of a Race ago
Chapter. 2: Everwood Moose ago
Chapter. 3: Glim ago
Chapter. 4: Stat Distribution ago
Chapter. 5: Secrets of Secrets & Broken Promises ago
Chapter. 6: Awakening from Delusion ago
Chapter. 7: Bitter Realization: Unrequited Struggle ago
Chapter. 8: Interlude: Glimmering ago
Chapter. 9: Skills & Mana ago
Chapter. 10: Mana Manipulation ago
Chapter. 11: Interlude: Grand Empire Of Arkaram ago
Chapter. 12: Mana Enhancement ago
Chapter. 13: Training & Learning ago
Chapter. 14: Facing The Guardian ago
Chapter. 15: Loot ago
Chapter. 16: Everwood; Everdead ago
Chapter. 17: Interlude: Dark Elf ago
Chapter. 18: Tepid ago
Chapter. 19: Scorched ago
Chapter. 20: Incandescent ago
Chapter. 21: Carbonized ago
Chapter. 22: Penumbral Sense ago
Chapter. 23: Interlude: Grind & Conquer. ago
Chapter. 24: Humans ago
Chapter. 25: Human Things ago
Chapter. 26: Guardian of the Osthus Tree ago
Chapter. 27: Family & Blessing ago
Chapter. 28: Interlude: Calling Of The Stars ago
Chapter. 29: Terms and Conditions ago
Chapter. 30: Kill ago
Chapter. 31: Prophecy Secured ago
Chapter. 32: She Who Knells ago
Chapter. 33: Blossom ago
Chapter. 34: Interlude: Demons ago
Chapter. 35: Prophecies & Mistakes ago
Chapter. 36: Introspection ago
Chapter. 37: Interlude: Elves ago
Chapter. 38: Demon Or Elf, All The Same ago
Chapter. 39: Despicable ago
Chapter. 40: The Emperor ago
Chapter. 41: Beatdown ago
Chapter. 42: Interlude: Nightmare fuel  ago
Chapter. 43: The Secrets of Piercing, Sort of ago
Chapter. 44: Caves, Quests & a Screech ago
Chapter. 45: Nest Of Frost ago
Chapter. 46: 16 hours ago
Chapter. 47: Report In The Chamber ago
Chapter. 48: 2 In 22  ago
Chapter. 49: Offering From The System ago
Chapter. 50: Frictionless Shock ago
Chapter. 51.1: Grinding Opportunity ago
Chapter. 51.2: Grinding Opportunity ago
Chapter. 52.1: The Queen of Crystal ago
Chapter. 52.2: The Queen of Crystal ago
Chapter. 53: Monarch ago
Chapter. 54.1: Interlude: A Path of Roaring Flames (1) ago
Chapter. 54.2: Interlude: A Path of Roaring Flames (2) ago
Chapter. 55.1: Interlude: A Path of Roaring Flames (3) ago
Chapter. 55.2: Interlude: A Path of Roaring Flames (4) ago
Chapter. 56: The Illusionist & Trial ago
Chapter. 57.1: Abnormal Trial ago
Chapter. 57.2: Abnormal Trial ago
Chapter. 58: Trauma & Insanity ago
Chapter. 59: A Blooming Prophecy ago
Chapter. 60.1: Small Tour ago
Chapter. 60.2: Small Tour ago
Chapter. 61.1: Mythical Will ago
Chapter. 61.2: Mythical Will ago
Chapter. 62.1: Arrow Creation ago
Chapter. 62.2: Arrow Creation ago
Chapter. 63: Deepest Desire ago
Chapter. 64: Chain-Reaction ago
Chapter. 65.1: Armor ago
Chapter. 65.2: Armor ago
Chapter. 66: Five of a Kind ago
Chapter. 67.1: Loot: Verex ago
Chapter. 67.2: Loot: Verex ago
Chapter. 68.1: Flashbang & Trivia ago
Chapter. 68.2: Flashbang & Trivia ago
Chapter. 69: Visions of The Stars ago
Chapter. 70.1: Treant ago
Chapter. 70.2: Treant ago
Chapter. 71.1: Interlude: Searing Blood ago
Chapter. 71.2: Interlude: Searing Blood ago
Chapter. 72: Insanity ago
Chapter. 73: Vol. 1 Epilogue: Victors ago
Chapter. 74: Continental Challenges ago
Chapter. 74.5: World Quest ago
Chapter. 75: Settlement Attack ago
Chapter. 76: Nest Discovery ago
Chapter. 77: Moonfang (1) ago
Chapter. 78: Moonfang (2) ago
Chapter. 79: Lower Moon, Upper Moon, Sun and Blood ago
Chapter. 80: Pact ago
Chapter. 81: Memories ago
Side Story 1. Here be Dragons, Here be Humans, Here be Me ago
Chapter. 82: My friend, the Man-Eating Tendrils ago
Chapter. 83: Bodily Enhancement ago
Chapter. 84: Under The Moonlight ago
Chapter. 85: Parents ago
Chapter. 86: New Goals ago
Chapter. 87: Ascension ago
Chapter. 88: Enhancement Mimicry ago
Chapter. 89: Fei ago
Chapter. 90: Evolution ago
Chapter. 91: Evolutionary Herald ago
Chapter. 92: Supreme Moon ago
Chapter. 93: Interlude: Help & Indecision ago
Chapter. 94: A Vision of Wings & Flames ago
Chapter. 95: Monolith ago
Chapter. 96: New Supreme Moon ago
Chapter. 97: Trust  ago
Chapter. 98: Interlude: Apathy ago
Chapter. 99: Trial Of Will ago
Chapter. 100: Forest of the Dark ago
Chapter. 101: The Fruit of Sangir ago
Chapter. 102: Revelation ago
Chapter. 103: The First Seed ago
Chapter. 104: Unnecessary Mystery ago
Chapter. 105: C Grade Prophecy ago
Chapter. 106: Blight Corruption ago
Chapter. 107: Interlude: Bonds ago
New Cover + Thank you! ago
Chapter. 108: The Light Maker ago
Chapter. 109: Quarantine Zone ago
Chapter. 110: Treant Connection ago
Chapter. 111: Interlude: Grievances ago
Chapter. 112: Essence ago

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pros: as i say always I'm incapable of finding any grammar issues and I enjoyed the style they structured his sentences and how they describe the scenes all in all its good technically but and this is a big BUT

cons: all you get is a heart broken edgy rash mc who is undeniably full of shit in one occasion she was going to steal some human groups stock of ammo stealthly(meenwhile one of the group was going to get killed)but while going for it she decieded to save him and started demanding all their arrows and quivers and a health potion from each of them by force, later on she says:im happy they offered everything on their own and i didn't have to ask.

i don't know if its authors job and wants to tell us blair is delusional or the author forgot what arm robbery looks like, all I mean is I'm down for an anti-hero mc who only wants revenge or is selfish to some extent but why we are trying to make it look good? she simply doesn't give a f about other people surviving so why is she baby siting them and riminding the reader "look I'm doing something morally right which is pushed to me unwillingly"

lastly the hype and all the boom about the book was so maybe i was over expecting. all in all the mc is a chinese young master in term of arrogance and has been simply changed outfits so it can fit in this type of story.

hope you all the best and i will be wishing for some kind of clarification on her views or at least some character growth. cheers


There isn't any huge errors in the grammar or anything that I have noticed.

The world and the way the system works is definitely interesting and pretty unique. One of the more interesting things about this story in my opinion.

The characters are where this stories falls flat to me. The mcs entire race has been hunted down, but she honestly seems to just wander around like a gypsy. Her decision making is, awful. Like at this point I've had to wonder if she fully understands the words or the meanings of what the system is presenting her. There was something hinting at them eventually building a city which seems incredibly unlikely by someone who has absolutely no support other than her sponsor. The mc of this story should just be some nobles guard or something. She just is that dull. The most interesting thing so far character wise might just be the system helper.

Pedro Arthur

Honestly, not that good, world merging is just a worse version of the one made in Defiance of the Fall(don't know if the author takes ispiration from there), the MC is really frustating to go with, the other characters are not that good either tbh.

Disapointed and frustated, not the kind of story for me, i hate the reasoning behind the Atribute points distribution and i hate even more that it works, i saw that some people got frustated at the skills selections and i kinda had already stoped caring about her decisons at that point.

Not puting a single point in Agility or Perception as an Archer and still being able to hit where she wants and react to everything as if she was fighting the same monters from chapter 1-2.

Puting almost all the the stats gained in Vigor in order to survive, being an Archer atacking from far away and suposedly being the class that needs the least amount of health,  if this is true the whole universe is made of people who with the same stat as the higest and no variations, cause you can't kite or dodg.

Doing damage with magic.



I started reading Blair because I love system apocalypse stories. Its well written , but the story and characters are too simple and dry for my taste.

You have an uninteresting system, a bloodthirsty MC going nowhere , most fights are shown almost to the death , but the oponents have no weight or relevance. 

Its a decent try , but after a little more than 40 chapters I simply decided its not good enough to keep reading. 


Style, awesome world building, action packed and descriptive fight scenes. And a consistent tense atmosphere even in the humourous bits. The author is really good at doing this.

Grammar, spelling mistake here or there, author is fast about weeding them out, after the first few hours of chapter release it isn't a burden to the experience. As an edit as of chapter 70: 5->4 stars on that front. I would like to firstly preface that grammar mistakes are still extremely rare and extremely minor, but some chapters especially around 67-68 seem to be a bit rough, mostly in a lot of repetition of words, something like 'I had to choose between my arrow and some random rock, so I decided on the rock, I rummaged through the debris to find a rock that fit into the palm of my hand, and I held the rock in my hand' . Slight exaggeration and this is by far the worst example of this but it does happen every once in a while.

Characters, the side characters are 1 dimensional. Blair is reckless to a fault, although there is a bit of character development going on, I can't lie there isn't much. In terms of personality, everyone except Matt, and glim is kinda predictable. I can get that balir being reckless is a racial quirk, but growth needs to happen.

Story, oh boi, I want to rate it higher, but I can't. The premise is actually really good. The execution is even better. But the plot armor. Every single fight that this girl gets into is a hard fought battle to the death. Every fight goes down to the last arrow, every single heal used up, and blair throwing up due to mana loss. Every fight is a last ditch, I sure hope that the enemy falls after this arrow otherwise I die. and Blair keeps throwing herself into these situations with no regard for her own life. She is the chosen one, destined to be great, and noone will stop her. I guess I'll see where it goes from the second arc of the book


Overall it's a very fun read, I recommend because of it's amazing style, but expect plot armor, expect dumb characters to remain dumb, and expect Blair to have lots of plot armor

For personal keeping track of things

Review made chapter 50

Edited chapter 72, 10/31:Grammar down 1 star







If you like your rash, heavily plot armored MC then this is a good story for you.

Generic litRPG elements, pretty bog standard system so I won't get into that. 

The MC does have a very solid personality, that the author has managed to define well; unfortunantly I can't find them very likable a character. 


For the good points, the world building is ok, classical take on a system that forcefully merge words and thuse create conflict between the denisen, simple but we'll executed. I liked the concept of the last survivor of a race being thrown in a lit-rpg Apocalypse. Same with the system, nothing to complex, nothing that contradict itself, fun progression curve... Good overall. Can't really judge on the grammar with my level but seem impeccable to me. And lastly the author is super regular with it's shedul so far. 

Now the bad points, first all the characters are one dimensional, with the worst being the MC, she just wander around killing things without thinking about it to much, and even bipolar sometimes. Then the story is not that compelling. We are just following the MC around, so we don't get a strong driving plot, at least for now, some plot points other than killing an obese worm have been teased but nothing concrete from were I'm writing. 

Overall I'm rather disappointed with the story, it's ok but nothing special except for the consistency of quality writing, most authors that write that much ofen have awfully grammar even for me. If you are satisfied with a simple story that doesn't go to deep in a slight darker tone go for it. I will personally stop it here.


Few things before reading my review. First, I'm not native English speaker, so I'm sorry in advance about any mistakes in this review. Second, all scores are my personal view of this story. This review is not intended to offend the author.

4 stars. All good, but nothing to write home about.

4.5 stars. Considering that I'm born and living in not English speaking country, grammar is good. No mistakes were found (well, not that I really tried).

3 stars. It has somewhat normal execution. It is pretty entertaining in the beginning, but after some point I started questioning why exactly she is the MC of this story. Sure, she had done some impressive things, but they are not THAT impressive considering overall situation and her choices. MC had some lucky encounters, but they are minor things in my eyes. I cannot belive that there are no more than few people who are as impressive as her if not more so.
Also, it has some problems with pacing, but nothing major.

1 star. The main reason why I'm dropping this story is because of MC. She is really impulsive and dumb. She wastes resources, takes unnecessary risks, cannot follow basic logic and has no imagination whatsoever. I'm sure many people will tell that I'm wrong, that she had reasons to be like that. BUT, it does not change the fact she is braindead murderhobo, who doesn't know what she wants.
The only reason it is not 0.5 star is because MC is somewhat believable with her emotional swings after family tragedy.

2.5 stars. Dumb, impulsive, murderhobo MC, who also has emotional issues, survives *system integration* and somehow she is very impressive.


I wanted to read a story about an elf, not a human

Reviewed at: Chapter. 39: Despicable

Sorry for my mistakes :)

I really liked the beginning of the story. Reading about Blair's adventures was fun. 

I also really like the way the system is described in this book. While it's somewhat banal (standard stats, level, race rating), there are also some very interesting new things, such as the use of certain skills 

Penumbral Sense. I really liked this skill.

or prophecy.

All problems begin when Blair begins to "communicate" with other intelligent races. 

All these moral dilemmas seem very strange to me. After all, this is "human" morality, Blair for some reason begins to think like a human at this moment.

It is not shown that Blair is an elf. We do not see any cultural prerequisites and racial characteristics, 

except for the "birth of children".

In theory, elves should have a completely different mentality if they live long 

(children under 25).


But this is not shown to us in the example of Blair. The structure of the society of elves is not described in any way (they live in the forest (?), do they have cities?).

I think these are very important things that we need to know. After all, we were shown "human morality" in Blair, who is an elf. She even acts and thinks humanly in some situations, but no prerequisites for such actions were shown. 

I wanted to read a story about an elf, but I end up reading a story about a human.


The overall story isn't bad, the writing is pretty good, and the plot seems interesting; but the characters fall flat for me and there is a lack of tension. Which is a real shame, because I could see this being a story I really like.


The MC seems one dimensional and the supporting characters aren't any better. This could be something that just resolves itself with more time to flesh out the characters.

The tension in the fights didn't grip me either. There doesn't seem to be any real chance of the MC failing in a meaningful way. To be clear, this is obviously a power fantasy story so an OP MC is normal, but I find that there still has to be a meaningful possibility of loss or all the tension in the fights just goes away. Normally this becomes an issue much later in these types of stories which is why it is so concerning to me that I see it now.


It might get better later on, and maybe I'm just sort of jaded. I'll keep this in my read later list, but I'm dropping it for now.