Lethian Countryside - Town of Ellex

State of Esuvia

February 25, 2083

Four White UNPC IFV's passed through the town's roads, as civilians went through their daily lives.

Civilians were practically used to the human patrols, and while tensions can be high for some people, especially from the Nationalistic and Xenophobic Lethians, to most they were still on the fence in regards to UNPC Peacekeeping and UNE presence.

While Lethian Nationalism is widespread in major cities, it is practically devoid in the less developed towns, which was recently under the abusive Aristocratic Lords, and as a result UNE propaganda supporting their actions worked a little better in these regions.

"Humans coming through again," one civilian chuckled as the UNPC Convoy drove through the streets.

The Convoy however stopped in the Townsquare, gaining a few raised eyebrows.

The backdoors of the IFV's opened, and Blue Helmeted armored soldiers disembarked, their faces hidden by the Grey Visor of the iconic Blue Peacekeeper helmet, which covers the entire head of the troops.

One of the Blue Helmets removed his Helmet, making a hissing sound, revealing a human face.

He walks towards the center of the Town, where a podium used for announcements is placed.

He pulls out a megaphone and began speaking to the crowd.

"Attention Citizens of Ellex, I bring an announcement from the United Nations Peacekeeper Corps. Right now we suspect that this Town has been infiltrated by rebellious elements."

The citizens stopped and began listening to the UNPC Peacekeeper. Murmurs began rising amongst the crowd, rebels?

"Last month, an attack has occurred in the Royal District in Lethia, and multiple Lethian Cities by a group named as the Lethian Purity Front.

"Our investigations found out that some members of said organization may have taken refuge here and in the outlying towns in the Lethian Countryside.

"We urge to report any suspicious activities, and avoid interaction with such groups. We warn that the LPF has shown a general disregard for civilian lives.

"As such, to keep yourself safe from this vile terrorist organization, you must all stay vigilant and alert. Do not go out alone at night nor travel in the countryside without armed escorts.

"LPF Militants has been reported to be ambushing traders and travellers in the countryside, as such, traveling will be a dangerous endeavor for unarmed civilians. And follow the orders of local officials and UNE Forces.

"Expect UNPC Forces to conduct routine inspections and investigations in this town until the LPF threat has been stamped down.

"It's an inconvenience, but it is a necessary inconvenience for public safety, that is all, thank you."

He stepped down from the Podium, leaving the crowds to themselves, discussing to each other. Multiple UNPC Officers are also seen to be speaking with Local Officials, while the Esuvian Security Force began dispersing the crowd.

As the crowds left, Civilians discussed the recent announcement to each other in hushed voices.

"Rebels? I thought we already surrendered?"

"Must be dissatisfied aristocrats."

"I thought the rebels was only in the land of the Darkies?"

"The rebels are apparently Lethians."

"And they attacked the Royal Palace? That's pretty worrying!"

"I'm more worried at how the humans will pacify them, I heard civilians kept getting caught in UNDF Pacification campaigns in Alteria for example."

"Bah, who cares about those Teratan monsters. They can all be bombed to smithereens for all I care."

"I just hope we won't be hit by their indiscriminate bombing because of a few rebels."

"Nah, don't worry about it, I doubt their as bad as the aristocrats years ago."

In one of the corners of the streets, 4 Civilians sat eating in the streets.

"Human bastards," One of the figures silently hissed in anger. "Their lying to our very people."

"Don't worry brother, we'll get back at them. She already assured it."

They figure grinned as he nodded in agreement.

"Indeed, we merely need to wait."


Ellex - Later in the Night

03:22 AM

February 26, 2083

Near the Town Center, an apartment is approached by UNDF Troops and Armored Vehicles, while the streets themselves are currently devoid of civilians. Still Infantry began spreading out to create a perimeter in the possible combat zone.

But the rumbling sounds of APC's and IFV's certainly disrupted their early sleeps, leading to some exiting their homes to investigate, only to see the start of a full blown raid.

An armored figure placed an explosive to the front door.

"Stand Clear!" another warned as beeps sounded. Multiple figures lined in the sides of the Building.


"GO! GO! GO!" Their leader shouted as they stormed the house.

"Hostiles spotted!"

Silenced gunfire began firing inside, as the blood of the surprised LPF militants splattered the walls of the LPF Hideout.

Multiple Theikan Militants recovered and began fighting back with magical projectiles, ice spears, lasers and magical bolts and orbs began flying towards Armored Troopers.

"Take those guys out!"


Unlike the UNPC however, these troops had better equipment and training. Their blue energy shields lightened up every time they were hit.

The UNDF Troops returned fire after fire on the Lethian rebels, giving them no quarter. Eventually the area was cleared.

"Hallway Clear!" An armored figure shouted as they began storming clearing floor by floor.

"Hostiles, second floor," The radio sounded as the UNDF troops began climbing the 2nd Floor.

A flashbang is thrown, blinding multiple militants, before silenced gunfire silenced them as well.

"Clear that corner!" one of the UNDF troops ordered, as two soldiers began firing at it, killing the Theikan militants in that direction.


"Glory to Lethia!!" A shout was heard from the left as a door from one of the rooms opened and multiple rebels attacked.

UNDF guns silenced most of them, but gunfire erupted from the Lethian line.

Exploding magical bullets hits some of the UNDF troopers, disabling their shields and forcing them to duck down for cover.

One of the UNDF soldier was hit hard, knocking him down in the process. His comrades simply pulled him to cover.

But others fired accurate fire on the Lethian Rebels, putting them down in a few more seconds. While some of the LDF militants utilized magical energy shields, the common grunt didn't really have that strong magic to take more than a few bursts of the UNE's superior rifles.

"2nd Floor Clear!" They shouted, as all remaining LPF rebels were eliminated.

"Moving in the 3rd Floor!" One of the troopers shouted as the soldiers piled up in the stairs.

"Unknown Hostiles spotted in the rooftops. Be very careful."

"Roger, any visual on the package?" The leader asked.


The troopers moved up the stairs, as a loud shriek sounded. The lead trooper found himself being pounced by a young Teratan woman.

Pink bolts of magic impacted him, disabling his shields, before she pulled out an oversized sword, cutting him in half before he could react.

Crimson human blood sprayed the walls and the ground as the human body fell in half. Those behind him immediately reacted by firing their guns.

"UNKNOWN TERATAN IN THE 3RD FLOOR!! AHGHH!!*****" Outside of the house, multiple UNDF soldiers watched the BatNet as the Microphones and Body Cam footage of their comrades was cut by an unknown hostile.

Civilians in the Town is now fully alerted as automatic gunfire blared out, those near in the combat zone immediately evacuated and ran away from danger, some of the curious ones were simple dispersed away by the UNDF troops.

The compound near the hideout is now filled by APC's and UNDF soldiers who began firing at the figures inside the house, while multiple UNDF soldiers rushed inside to reinforce their comrades.

"WE NEED BACKUP!! THERE'S TWO OF THEM! ONE IS USING AN OVERSIZED SWORD-" More and more UNDF soldiers were cut down, as loud gunfire erupted from the inside.

"Contact High Command, situation is FUBAR," An officer in a Command APC ordered as he stared at the screens of the Body Cam footage from his men, half of which are already replaced with the 'No Connection' screen.

The house went deathly silent later on, while outside the UNDF armored forces stopped providing fire support. No more assaults were sent as all screens in the BatNet of the body cams of the soldiers sent to the house went dark.

He simply sighed in frustration and anger, more than half of his Platoon...was dead.



"Aghhhh!!" A UNDF trooper screeched in pain as half of his left leg was blown off by a magtech pistol.

A Silver Haired Theikan smirked at him as he dropped in pain, around them, bodies of brutally killed UNDF soldiers filled the house.

"Would you look at you humans, so weak and so pathetic when your big warmachines are taken away..." she taunted in a sinister voice.

The man dragged himself to the blooded walls in fear.

"NO NO NO! GO AWAY, YOU MONSTERS!" He screeched at her in pain as he pulled out his pistol, and began firing at her.

A magical pink energy shield simply blocked off his pistol rounds, as she stared at him dissapointedly.

"A simple gun like that won't scratch a Royal such as me Mister."

"R-royal?" The man spoke in fear and confusion.

She smirked at him vaguely. Turning around to a Black Haired Teratan besides her, she spoke.

"Beth, you can have him as meal, just do it quick, we're leaving in 5 minutes." The White Haired Theikan spoke in a neutral tone.

The trooper stared at her young face, and to her golden halo. She looked almost the same as the Empress they installed.

"B-bloody hell! I must warn them!" He activated his BatNet and began speaking through his helmet.

"STRYKER 2-5 TO STRYKER ACTUAL, THE REBELS, THEIR LED BY A THEIKAN ROYAL!" He shouted, but only static came out.

She simply stared at him blankly.

"You poor humans truly have no understanding of our magic, no? I'm jamming it, fun isn't it?"

The man went wide eyed at her, then he frantically tried to troubleshoot his device through his PDA attached in his armor, specifically his left hand, pressing multiple things in his touchscreen to fix it.

But it was all in vain.

"Beth, we're leaving, just end him." She repeated, while the Black Haired Teratan teen pouted at her.

"B-but I wanna toy with him." The Theikan simply glared at her.

"T-toy with me? Also who the hell are they, wait a minute, that Black Haired girl...s-she's Leader of the Grand Alliance Remnants!

The Black Haired girl was that same girl in the Battle of Oldoi, the capital of the Kingdom of Alteria. She must be the missing child of the dead Alterian King and Queen.

And the infamous leader of the Grand Alliance Remnants.

But what was she doing in Lethia, and why is she with a Royal Theikan? Both of these countries and races are bitter rivals.

Until it dawned on him.

It only meant one thing...the rascals teamed up.

The Black Haired Teratan walked towards him in a regal manner, he aimed his gun her and fired off his pistol in a feeble attempt to defend himself, unlike the Theikan she simply took the bullet in her chest, leaving a blooded hole.

But it immediately closed. She just smirked devilishly, while the man metaphorically died of terror.

"I heard humans fears Vampires," the Teratan Princess spoke, as she revealed two sets of razor white fangs.

"Fortunately some of us Teratans resembles them. And perhaps we really are the Vampires you humans fears."

She rushed at him and began pulling his helmet. The trooper tried to resist but her physical superiority made it pointless. The Helmet snapped out of his face, as he screamed hysterically.

"HELP! HELP! HELP! AGHHHH!!!" 2 fangs bit his neck as he tried to pry her off.

Only a minute lasted before he slumped dead as his blood was drained off from his body.

The Teratan stood up, satisfied from her meal.

"Humans tastes good," She commented as she begun following her Lethian Counterpart. Her Theikan counterpart simply sighed in slight disgust.

"I still think you Dark Races are horrifying," the Silver Haired girl mumbled.

"You literally shoot them with exploding magical bullets, that's not more terrifying?" The Teratan snapped.

"Hey we don't suck them dry of their blood or something!" The Young Theikan retorted.

While they both had a common ground, which is kicking off the Human 'Imperialists' the Holy Races and Dark Races are still natural rivals.

The Teratan's face simply dropped to neutrality, as she looked at the bloodied human corpses in the ground.

"Our job here is done, let's just go," the girl requested in a low tone.

The Lethian Princess didn't want to argue any further.



Ellex - Under UNDF Lockdown

06:22 AM

February 26, 2083

Civilians watched as human bodies were taken towards heavily armored trucks from the house where a UNDF raid occurred hours ago.

It was horrific, and many feared that the Dark Races infiltrated them, especially when they saw corpses that got drained by blood, leading to uneasiness in the town.

UNDF and UNPC forces on the other hand kept the Citizens in line to prevent a panic, as a full investigation was enacted in the town.

An ONI field agent walked inside the apartment. with UNDF troopers as escorts. Inside the building UNE specialists were checking and investigating the scene, with blood and guts of their deceased men still in the apartment.

The Agent closed his nose slightly due to the awful smell, but kept moving anyways.

"So what do you think happened here?" The Agent asked the Commanding Officer of Stryker Platoon, the group that assaulted the House.

"Obvious evidence of Teratans, Vampire subrace, also possible Lethian involvement. We found evidence of magical bullets, and Theikans and Felines likes to use magically modified UNE guns or domestically produced magtech guns."

"Goddammit, this is the worst time for hostilities to escalate here." The ONI agent groaned, while the officer simply shrugged.

"Worst time?"

"Don't ask," the Agent replied. Reports of what was happening in the Outer Colonies is currently limited even for ONI members.

For the general public and the military, it was almost completely unavailable, outside of rumors of strange fleet movements by the UNSF and Sectors being temporarily 'locked down'.

And it's being done for good reasons. The people must not panic for whatever is happening in the distant colonies, the UNE cannot afford it.

The UNDF Officer motioned him to follow, as they moved through the house's hallways, the Officer presented a part of the wall with a graffiti of dried human blood.

It was a simple message, but its implications was worrying to the ONI agent.

The enemy must have joined forces, it seems that the United Nation's headache in Esuvia has only gotten worse.

The graffiti was but a simple 5 words.

'Esuvia will rise as one.'


City of Lethia - Royal Palace

February 27, 2083

Captain Dawson dropped the files of yesterday's after action report from the UNDF towards Amelia's table.

She is once again wearing her simple red Lethian Military Officer uniform, as she stared at the 4 Agents she is meeting.

"Raid on Ellex LPF Militants yesterday, tell me Your Majesty, you wouldn't happen to know who this girl is?" Dawson pulled out a blurry picture from yesterday's engagement.

His face stayed neutral as she stared wide eyed at the picture. While it was not perfect, she was sure of it. It was her.


"Your Majesty?" Dawson spoke in a low tone.

"Yes that's her, I-I can't believe this. She joined those rascals?" She muttered in shock.

She pulled out the After action report, and read the file. It was horrendous, the small Special Forces platoon was almost wiped out by two exiled Alterian and Lethian royals.

She was pretty sure they could have both wiped out all UNDF troops in Ellex with ease, but it seems that they withdrew instead.

Dawson sighed as she read the reports.

"Your Majesty, you must understand, we are suspicious of you as of now. As such, the ONUE requests an investigation in the Royal Palace." Dawson spoke in a neutral tone. He is already eyeing all of her movements as a part of his 'investigation'.

Amelia simply frowned at the four agents, they really are suspicious of her, well except for that British guy it seems.

Again, she couldn't deny the UNE's request. It would look bad for the public, as she would look like an actual traitor to some, but so is accepting it. She would end up looking like a puppet to some, if she's not yet already one.

But denying it when she has nothing to hide anyways would be idiotic, she needs to clear her name, but in a way that doesn't make her look like a puppet.

"I do not know why you would come to the conclusion that I would collaborate with rebels against my rule." She replied.

"Your Majesty, you do not understand. This is not a request." The Agent retorted.

"I know, doesn't mean I'll agree to it."

"I will agree with an investigation in one condition." She replied to the Agents.

"What condition?"

"It will be done covertly, and only here in my Chambers, and only you the ONI agents already in the Palace is allowed."

The agent nodded, it was a reasonable request, something which the ONUE leadership can accept.

While fully going with an investigation sounds nice in paper, it would only make the UNE as a puppeteer in the General Public, leading to more outrage that they do not need anymore.

Still it would have been nice if she freely agreed to a full scale investigation, but they can't have everything they want.

"Alright Your Majesty, I'll relay this to General Deville."

She smiled a bit in satisfaction. Another small victory!

"Good, now is there any more you gentlemen needs? I have work to be done."

She still needs to contact the Parliament and the Esuvian Security Forces to begin investigating and tracking down her sister.

And more Procurement Papers, it seems that the UNE is now starting to send slightly outdated weaponry to them. While it was technically not as good as modern UNE weaponry, they could be enhanced by Esuvian Magic, creating a stopgap MagTech weaponry, which is usually better than UNE's magicless but more modern weaponry.

It's a bit weird that they would now start trusting them on outdated but pretty advanced weaponry for Esuvian standards, but then again the UNE has been acting strange since last month.

Apparently the new UNE government wants to begin a policy of utilizing Esuvian Local Forces to fight back in the war and start pulling out troops.

Another thing is that her spies reported that UNE Defense Contractors has been covertly setting up Orbital Defense Systems in UNDF Bases, and there seems to be an uptick in shipments of weaponry to Esuvia, which was weird since they seem to be pulling out.

Just last week the UNSF Battlegroup 20 Disembarked from Esuvia according to her sources, leaving only Two Battlegroups in the Esuvian Orbit. Even the Third Fleet left earlier.

Why they left so suddenly? She didn't know yet, but she has a bad feeling for it. Something must be happening over there that's making the UNE act weird, and that is an uncomfortable thing, especially since their not even spacefaring yet.

Dawson replied in his almost natural emotionless tone. "Nothing more Your Majesty, we bid you a goodnight."

"I would have a goodnight if you apes stopped trying to break in my rooms without my permission when you pathetically fail anyways." She thought in annoyance, but she simply gave them her trademark smile.

"Thanks for that, anyways be careful out there, my sister is still a dangerous girl. Even if she's younger."

The four simply gave her a nod of acknowledgement before leaving her room. She simply sighed.


"Yo, you guys read the reports?" Paul asked as he puts his beer down in the table. The 3 sat and ate in a deserted and silent corner of a Restaurant near the Palace for dinner, silently discussing their current situation.

Their Captain on the other hand went straight to the ONUE Headquarters, leaving the 3 free for the rest of the day.

"Yep, horrific shit as always. One of the corpses was dried of blood, euggh..." Tommy almost choked as he remembered the pictures of the reports.

"Yeah no shit, Magic is nasty, especially if the fuckers got modern UNE weaponry, even rifles, they can easily turn it to an overpowered kill device." Rick muttered silently.

"I do wonder why we aren't employing our own MagTech yet." Paul mused as he ate. It was a smart idea really, especially since the UNE's main mission is to protect themselves from the Nagyar Horde, which could attack any time.

Afterall, the only reason humanity is still alive and kicking is that the Nagyar's they faced is a bunch of Lost Pirates, and they are pretty much still hidden from the rest of the Galactic Community.

"Imagine how nice would it be, Magically enhanced ship railguns/coilguns. While we did get almost the same tech from captured Nagyae Ships, I'm pretty sure if we meet them our ships would be hopelessly outnumbered." Paul continued.

"Well UNE is already trying, but it's too risky for now with the current tensions, they could easily sabotage our weapons if we use them to enhance it and their angry at us." Rick cautioned in an unsure manner.

"That's a good point," Tommy nodded i agreement.

Minutes passed as they continued to dine in silence, before Paul spoke.

"So what do you guys think about the Empress?"

"Oh she's cute and hot!" Tommy responded with a grin. "Angelic even."





"You dumbass, I wasn't talking about that, I'm talking about her connection to the rouge princesses and the LPF." Paul blankly stated in disappointment.

"Well what I said is still true."

"Yeah but it's not the topic you moron," Paul snapped at him in a condescending manner. "Anyways I think she's suspicious as fuck." Paul calmly criticized. I mean seriously, all those fake smiles, and that personal meeting.

"Well, to be fair, it wouldn't do to just allow a bunch of foreign investigators barge in the Palace. Allowing us in as 'guards' was already bad enough." Tommy reasoned.

"Yeah that's true, but notice how she acts, it's like she's one move away from stabbing us in the back."

"I don't know, I think she's more of a opportunistic collaborator. She follows us but she sets lines and rules for her people, and takes opportunities to strengthen their independence." Tommy retorted.

"Tommy, tell me are you hard right now? The horny must be clouding your judgment," Rick teased.

"No mate, I'm 100 percent serious," he snapped defensively as the two chuckled a bit.

"Though I gotta admit if you consider her trying to make her country more independent counts as being a traitor, she could count as one. But then you have to remember, our mission here is to establish a friendly independent state anyways." Tommy added.

"Well she's failing hard at the friendly part," Paul argued.

"Well, she's friendlier than the other ones, I'd personally just take that." Tommy argued back, which managed to convince Rick.

"Yeah, you know, Tommy makes a good point. She's the best candidate for a leader here, unless if the investigation shows that she is infact stabbing us in the back." Rick said in a low tone.

"Alright, you both make good points, but she's still suspicious as fuck though." Paul ended as he finished the food in his plate.


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