It's a long day in summer. At 6:30 in the evening, the sky is still bright, and the pedestrians on the street come and go. It's a bustling scene.
  Six black bullet heads sped through the streets, honking their horns and driving into the backyard of Hellfire. The door of the car opened with a bang, and a group of young men in black jumped out of the car. Their faces were grim and their eyes were cold.
  "Wood!" Zhang Yu and Huotian had been waiting in the backyard for a long time. Seeing Lin Mo jumping from the bullet, they rushed up with a smile on their faces and hugged tightly.
  Lin Mo is also a little excited, but he hides it well. He pattes Zhang Yu and Huotian on the shoulder and nods: "I'm back."
  The fire looked at Lin Mo from the sky and nodded secretly. It seems that brother Feng's special training is very effective. In just a few days, Lin Mo's momentum has increased a lot.
  "Lin Mo, come on, let's practice and see what you've trained." Zhang Yu hugged Lin Mo and shouted. He wants to verify how much better Lin Mo can be after these days of training.
  Lin Mo shook his head and refused. He is trained to kill at one stroke. This must kill method is not used for martial arts competitions, let alone for brothers. Besides, Zhang Yu still has old wounds.
  Zhang Yu pursed his lips and said nothing more. His eyes fell on the fifty younger brothers.
  "Brother Tian, brother Yu!" The boys stood upright and shouted.
  Huotian and Zhang Yu leave Lin Mo behind and go to their younger brother. They look at the familiar faces and smile. "Very good. The first sharp knife of Tianmen will kill people tonight. I look forward to your performance."
  The fifty younger brothers did not answer, nor did they make any promises. In the past few days of training, they all know a truth. No matter how good they say, they can never compare with what they do.
  At this time, Xiao Feng came out from inside.
  "Brother Feng!" Fifty younger brothers noticed Xiao Feng and shouted again.
  Xiao Feng said hello to the younger brothers and nodded with satisfaction. It was a bit interesting! The special training is only half way through. When the special training is over, they will be transformed into real sharp knives.
  "Let's all disperse and gather in the backyard at 8:00. Remember, don't drink or go whoring! Don't be fucking drunk, or the legs of whoring will be weak, and go out to disgrace me! Tonight, when the sharp knife is drawn out of its sheath, it will see blood. I'll come back to invite you to drink and play with women!" Xiao Feng carried his hands behind his back, his legs straddled, his eyes fixed on the younger brothers and shouted loudly.
  The younger brothers smiled and nodded: "yes, brother Feng!" After that, they quickly disbanded.
  Huotian stared at the disbanded younger brother and nodded in his heart. This is the first sharp knife of Tianmen, a sharp knife that fights in all directions and sees blood when it is sheathed!
  At eight o'clock, 50 Tianmen boys gather in the backyard. Lin Mo appears, takes them all into the bullet again, and leaves the Inferno roaring.
  Huotian sat in the office, holding a roll of gauze and wrapping it around his arm so that his old injury would not affect the fire fight tonight. Beside, Zhang Yu is doing the same thing.
  "If you two have injuries, don't go. Just give it to me and wood tonight." Xiao Feng looked at the two people who were grinning with pain and said with a slight frown.
  Huotian wiped the sweat on his forehead and waved his arm: "Oh, there's no big problem. Don't worry, brother Feng, we'll pay attention."
  Zhang Yu put on his coat and pulled out the three edged army spike from his calf: "my blood is boiling now."
  Xiao Feng smiled and lit a cigarette. "Ah Tian, xiaoyuzi, you only know that the boss who moves forward is not an outstanding boss. The eldest brother of a gang should know how to coordinate the overall situation and devise strategies. It's enough to have a senior brother and a younger brother to fight."
  Xiao Feng's words are true. Triad fighting is just like marching and fighting. Who has ever seen a commander or chief of staff rush to the forefront with this guy to fight the enemy? A strong army has a military soul. And a gang also has soul figures. This soul figure is the leader of the gang.
  Zhang Yu shrugged his shoulders: "I'm not the material to be the boss. I like fighting and the feeling that the army stabs through the enemy's body."
  "Brother Feng, Tianmen hasn't reached that point yet! When Tianmen unifies four cities and twelve districts, I won't fight for the front personally." Huotian smiled a little.
  Xiao Feng patted Huotian on the shoulder: "ha ha, this day should not last long! In short, pay more attention to safety."
  "Well, don't worry." Huotian and Zhang Yu nodded seriously.
  At about 9:30 p.m., in the backyard of Hellfire, there were many people standing in the dark, chaotic and noisy, without a trace of discipline. Huotian is sitting on the steps with a cigarette in his mouth. His deep dark eyes flash cold light from time to time.
  "Here we are." I don't know who shouted. The crowd quickly quieted down and stared at the position of the door. A medium-sized small truck drove in from the outside.
  The truck stopped at the gate, and the lights in the backyard lit up instantly. Huotian extinguishes the cigarette in his hand, stands up slowly, and walks toward xiaoka.
  "God, this is the first group of guys." A strong young man jumped from the passenger seat of Xiao Ka.
  Huotian looked at the younger brother who was promoted by himself after the death of the elder brother lion at the gate of heaven, smiled a little and nodded: "thirteen, give the brothers a share."
  "Yes." Thirteen nodded, climbed into the car of the small truck with ease, took out a mountain axe from the inside, and began to issue weapons.
  In the inferno, apart from the dozens of mountain axe needed by the spectator, all other weapons were placed in a secret place. After all, it's good for everyone to mix in the underworld, but there will always be trouble if you put these control axes in the casino. Sometimes a little trouble is enough to kill people.
  With a mountain axe in hand, the cold light in the backyard twinkled all of a sudden, setting off the faces of the younger brothers with different expressions. Their eyes are all on Huotian's face. Tonight, they will follow Huotian and retake their territory.
  Huotian, carrying a mountain axe, glanced at young and even slightly green faces and sighed in his heart. How many of these people will come back alive tonight?
  Huotian never thinks that he is a kind-hearted person. There is nothing he can do. Once he succeeds, his bones will wither! For my dream, I always need someone to sacrifice. On the way of burying bones, maybe one day, he will become one of the ten thousand bones, but Huotian doesn't regret it!
  "Brothers, tonight we're going to take back our own territory. I just want to say, live hard! Those who come back alive will come back to drink, eat meat and play with women!" Huotian took a deep breath and said loudly.
  Huotian finished, looked at the time, waved his hand, carried the axe, and turned to the gate. His blood was gradually boiling.
  The reaction on the faces of the younger brothers is also different, some are excited, some are nervous, and some are afraid. However, when they saw Huotian's back, they showed pride in their hearts, which supported them to follow Huotian and march forward bravely.
  Huotian listened to the chaotic footsteps behind him and sighed in his heart. Now Tianmen younger brother is too messy. It seems that brother Feng's method should be carried out as soon as possible. After Tianmen, the family is big and the business is big. If there is a slight difference, it will be a loss of bones and muscles.
  I hope those young brothers who are afraid of tension will grow after the baptism of blood. In his wild thoughts, Huotian took his three hundred younger brothers from the path to the "Riverside Road" occupied by wild wolves in the afternoon.
  Huotian and others had just left. Zhang Yu, carrying a three edged army spike, also took his younger brother to get weapons. He went in the opposite direction to Huotian and went straight to the "Wenquan road" at the junction of Ba gang and Tianmen.
  Almost at the same time, all the senior brothers in Tianmen, such as pumas and gunners, also took action one after another and rushed to their respective goals. Only when the order was issued, they would fight for the territory, money and women!
  In the corridor outside the Hellfire office, a knife with a cigarette in its mouth knocked on the door with an unhurt hand.
  "Come in." Xiao Feng's voice came from the office.
  Xiaodao opens the door and sees Xiao Feng sitting on the sofa with a book in his hand, watching with interest.
  "Here comes the knife." Xiao Feng raised his head, smiled and closed the book gently.
  The two of them chatted a few more novels, and the topic gradually turned to tonight's events.
  Xiao Feng glanced at the time, stood up slowly, and patted Xiaodao on the shoulder: "time is coming. I'm leaving. Xiaodao, hell depends on you."
  "Don't worry, brother Feng, people are in the inferno, and people are dying in the Inferno!" The knife said solemnly.
  Xiao Feng shook his head: "no, if things are wrong, hurry to evacuate with your brothers. Hellfire is dead, people are alive! We can find it again tomorrow if we lose it today. But there is only one life. If we lose it, we can't find it." With that, he opened the door and left the office, leaving a thoughtful knife on his face.
  Xiao Feng went out of hell, sat in A4, turned on his earphone: "Xiaobei, invade the sky eye system of Nancheng, and monitor all the streets of Nancheng throughout!"
  "OK, I've intruded. Finish monitoring."
  "OK, please report to me whenever you have any situation." Xiao Feng smiled lightly, and the cigarette turned into a flame arc and flew out of the window. Starting the car, A4 roared and sped away, gradually drowning in the traffic.


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