Dawn of the Void - a LitRPG Apocalypse

Dawn of the Void - a LitRPG Apocalypse

by pwtucker

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Tragedy had reduced James to a nobody. Washed up and homeless in NYC, he thought his life was over.

Then a message appeared in his vision:

60,000 year countdown has ended
Nemesis 1 released
Please acknowledge

As the world falls apart, as billions die, as society collapses and all hope seems lost, James discovers a powerful truth: he was wrong to think himself a nobody.

With the dawn of the Void, he'll become the most important person to have ever lived.

Release Schedule: 5 Chapters a week; Mon-Fri.
Dawn of the Void is ONLY published on Royal Road and my Patreon. Please notify me if you find it elsewhere.

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5th Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Top List #50
Table of Contents
114 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Nemesis ago
Chapter 2: This Makes Total Sense ago
Chapter 3: Arete ago
Chapter 4: Two Million Dead ago
Chapter 5: Honey, guns cost money ago
Chapter 6: Stay informed. Watch the news. Stay alive. ago
Chapter 7: I want an 8 Ball ago
Chapter 8: Sexy Lumberhomelessjack Dude ago
Chapter 9: What a shit show ago
Chapter 10: The National Guard is here to help ago
Chapter 11: No time for this BS ago
Chapter 12: Kill zones ago
Chapter 13: Monitor ago
Chapter 14: Power ago
Chapter 15: Don’t you go dying on me ago
Chapter 16: A Lot of Important People ago
Chapter 17: The Keys to FAO Schwartz ago
Chapter 18: Avengers ago
Chapter 19: Smitey smite ago
Chapter 20: Fourth Wave ago
Chapter 21: Brutal lessons ago
Chapter 22: Go Time ago
Chapter 23: Nemesis 2 ago
Chapter 24: Order from Chaos ago
Chapter 25: The Big Guns ago
Chapter 26: Learning to Optimize ago
Chapter 27: Por que no los dos? ago
Chapter 28: Sacred Strike ago
Chapter 29: Get Some ago
Chapter 30: Trust ago
Interludes ago
Chapter 31: Getting our own crew together ago
Chapter 32: A speech to give and a war to organize ago
Chapter 33: Band of Killers ago
Chapter 34: Esprit de corpse ago
Chapter 35: Into the Hive ago
Chapter 36: Crown of Flesh ago
Chapter 37: Black gem ago
Chapter 38: Decisions ago
Chapter 39: Iron ago
Chapter 40: The Bear of Wall Street ago
Chapter 41: Aura Mastery ago
Chapter 42: Bureaucratic bullshit ago
Chapter 43: The major’s offer ago
Chapter 44: Cowardice ago
Chapter 45: Blue Light ago
Chapter 46: Hard Sell ago
Chapter 47: Ma Deuces ago
Chapter 48: Big axes work, yo ago
Chapter 49: Montecristo's ago
Chapter 50: The ashes of everything now ago
Chapter 51: Divine death machines ago
Chapter 52: Trauma ago
Chapter 53: Manhattan ago
Chapter 54: Fuck you, Jobu ago
Chapter 55: Gloria ago
Chapter 56: That's All You Got? ago
Chapter 57: Upgrades ago
Chapter 58: Is a knife evil? ago
Chapter 59: Wealth and power ago
Chapter 60: Lies ago
Chapter 61: CSM ago
Chapter 62: Shield of Faith ago
Chapter 63: Smite ago
Chapter 64: Bless ago
Chapter 65: The leader of the free world ago
Chapter 66: Situation Room ago
Chapter 67: Angel Wing ago
Chapter 68: The secrets we carry ago
Chapter 69: As close to family as I’ve got ago
Chapter 70: 3-Day ago
Chapter 71: Nemesis 3 ago
Chapter 72: Get there fast ago
Chapter 73: Elmsford ago
Chapter 74: New Haven ago
Chapter 75: Temptation ago
Chapter 76: Harsh Lessons ago
Chapter 77: Old Crow, Yukon ago
Chapter 78: Sola Anima ago
Chapter 79: Imbuing ago
Chapter 80: Count Down ago
Chapter 81: Red Line ago
Chapter 82: Ethics. Or a crude attempt at ‘em ago
Chapter 83: Someday. Not today. ago
Chapter 84: Interviews ago
Chapter 85: #dontlookdontdie ago
Chapter 86: Gearing Up ago
Chapter 87: Third Wave ago
Chapter 88: Arete 100 ago
Chapter 89: Bronze ago
Chapter 90: Inside ago
Chapter 91: Crisis ago
Chapter 92: The System ago
Chapter 93: Canis ago
Chapter 94: Apparatus Bellicus Prime ago
Chapter 95: Inspiration ago
Chapter 96: BRRRRRR ago
Chapter 97: Dikastís ago
Chapter 98: Hive ago
Chapter 99: The Virtue of Justice ago
Chapter 100: Old Friends ago
Chapter 101: Jersey ago
Chapter 102: Star Boy ago
Chapter 103: My kind of terrible ago
Chapter 104: Bouncy castle from hell ago
Chapter 105: Old Crow ago
Chapter 106: Jaywick ago
Chapter 107: Defiance ago
Chapter 108: Belanger ago
Chapter 109: Demon promises are shit ago
Chapter 110: Kumite ago
Chapter 111: Light Eternal ago
Chapter 112: Reservoir Cube ago
Chapter 113: 2,315 Unspent Points ago

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I like a lot about this story. I like the world building. I like the main two characters. 

I hated the pacing and the way the characters were inconsistently written. 

The main dude is a heavily damaged homeless guy unable to function in society. I had to quit when the story turned into a management story where MC reads like a normal, highly competant, cool leadership guy. It just doesn't work. The first ten chapters of the story are just lies based on the following chapters and the cool damaged characters we met in the beginning just get erased later. 

Pacing: The story is supposed to be about the frantic adjustment to the end of the world. The pacing feels like a sedate slice of life story. The whole thing should have been sped up drastically. When there is no time to steal a golf club out of a ransacked apartment then there is no time to sit around saying "Thank you" for scones. 

My recommendation for the author would be to republish the story with the character identity and internal pacing fixed. Either make the character a cool leadership dude (boring MC) from the start and focus on the boring management stuff or take a page from Zogarth and Rhagar and focus on the progression of the Main Characters. Serenity needs some love man. 

This story has potential but it will get choked out by its own internal inconsistency and exhausting pacing. This can be fixed and better now than later when it goes on hiatus at chapter 109. 


I love this. Its a gritty realistic story. The reactions of everyone, from the MCs to bystanders to the government looks just right. 

The fight scenes are very good so far. Very realistic.  I enjoy the mc. He is acting consistently so far. 

I like the little twist of having the apocalypse not start for everyone all at once. Having it be staggered isnt something ive seen before. 

I would like to see whats going on in the rest of the world though.  Thats a little thing for me, and isnt enough to take away any ☆. 

Very much recommend 


Being woken upfront his cold sleep on a bench in the subway system by a glowing message hovering in front of his eyes James Kelly was just hoping to get some sleep.   Instead James is going to be attacked by a monster that he wishes was just a nightmare.  Instead it is a Nemesis and his fog of sleep may just cost him everything. 

Survival may just be about navigating this new Nemesis system of monsters appearing all over the world, and helping others in his downtrodden part of New York that may just become a slaughterhouse. 

The story, grammar, and characters are  awesome and feel like the kind of survivor you may actually see in something like this.  The reactions of the news and government is also spot on and really grounds the tone of the story.  The Nickname James gets is great as well and is absolutely something you would find on the internet. 

This is an early review because I do like the gritty new world and the awesome characters that feel like fully realized people that have flaws and are not hidden masters or kids that just happen to have a their parents collection of medieval armor and weapons to help them through this.  

I will update at various times as I feel are needed.


Very well done, some cons but mostly pros.

Reviewed at: Chapter 58: Is a knife evil?

Overall, this is a really good read, interesting take on a genre that got so cliche they could practically be considered tumblr posts. 

The characters and plot are well put together, an eclectic mix of different types of characters, a plot that's interesting and engaging. 

The problem arises a little over chapter 30, the pacing drops drastically, it's almost glacially slow. It's all exposition and introspection, over and over and over and it accomplishes very little as far as plot progression, world development or character development. It's just there to be there and it fills remarkably like filler. I'd read five chapters, then go back and skim/skip huge chunks and I missed nothing. 


As a whole this is great work, it falls into common traps of telling and not showing, plot quicksand and overly explaining character traits, but compared to other stories here it handles it better. 


Tried this because I really like Skaldi's Saga. 

This work is excellent, one of my favorites on royal road but I prefer Skaldi's Saga. 

Starting with a homeless guy was a interesting idea. My favorite character is the mayor assistant.

I'd like to see more on how the characters relationships become more intimate. 

The pacing to date has been fine and given a us a insight into the characters. 

Yes, with the hard deadline imposed by the opening of the pits. The characters have a reason not to focus on this...

Anyway loving the story more please!


Good enough to pay for the patreon. That is pretty much my standard. Intersting stories are followed, but great stories, and their author deserves support. I'm in a position to do that, so I will. Typing this mostly to meet the 50 word requirement. Which is kinda stupid, but understandable.


Great out of the gate with a flawed hero

Reviewed at: Chapter 34: Esprit de corpse

I appreciate that the hero in this is flawed but not broken.  I think that probably fits many of us right now.  

I think that the writer's got a good talent for creating characters with real depth versus a Mary Sue With Incredible Luck, and I'm really curious as to where this goes.

Plus, I'm a sucker for a good apocalypse.


Loving it so far. Non OP mc but still kicking ass. Great story and character development. I especially enjoy how it's all realistic, useless politicians and arrogant military just like real life

If you're a fan of shadow sun by Dave willmarth I think you'll enjoy this. Have a crack at it anyway, you won't regret it. 


Fantastic Apocalypse/System Series,

Reviewed at: Chapter 103: My kind of terrible

Five stars on all fronts. Characters are solid and realistically written. The story is still very early, but so far the character arcs seem well thought out. No harems or smut, which is a plus in my opinion as that's usually a crutch or the main focus. 

So far only one main POV, helps keep the story grounded and flowing smoothly in my opinion, although I wouldn't mind seeing other POVs to expand the global setting. 

Setting is very well thought out and highly detailed. Story takes into account government and military action in such a setting, without diving in too deep into either territory. Just the right amount to make the story realistic without turning it into a military fiction. 

Fight scenes are intense and put you in the action. Monsters are original creations, can't wait to find out what new types of Nemesis the author creates. 

The System is unlike most others I've read in other LitRPGs. Very unique with various religious themes. 

It's great to see an apocalypse series that starts right at the beginning and takes you through everything. We see it all. No timeskips with 90% of the world already dead. 

Grammar is great. No major typos to my eye. 

Overall a fantastic and extremely entertaining read. Give this a shot if you're looking to scratch that apocalypse or litrpg itch. 


Honestly I love the Story so far. One of the only draw backs is it feels both rushed and slow at the same time. The characters feel well fleshed out and nice interactions between tech and magic. There are some wierd Power spikes but its not unreasonable. 4/5 just because of minor issues